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An auto slide option would be nice for those who do not need the video option…

Otherwise a fantastic slider that is easy to install and edit.


if you do not have auto-play so I need this slider?

please i dont want to use in my videos as a slide has put self-layer?

Where can I get a screenshot generator similar to your apple monitor image on preview? Thx in advance

I have some problem with a lot kind of slider.

I use Getresponse html code(Autoresponse email system) on slider that alway can’t show up.

Is this Slider can be support getresponse html code,please let know,thx.

this is my info below?

my text web site first page(normal page)?

my getresponse html code?

add getresponse html code backstage preview?

add getresponse html code reception(problem page)?

i want to show up like those page that opt-in box on slider? site1?



hi – I had no idea it doesn’t forward automatically, I don’t need videos, just images – is there any easy way to auto slide? (I see a few requests here…)

Thanks, Gabriel

hello. There is a problem. At CMS I work with jquery 1.8.0. And the slider is not working. Tell me how to get out of the situation. 1.8.0 does not disable the option, as many functions CMS tied to it.

thanks in advance!

Slider works great; however, it pushes far to the right ONLY in Firefox. Have you seen this issue before? I’m assuming it has something to do with the margin-left: -480px and/or the overflow: hidden. Can you assist?

I can send you a preview.

If you want to have auto slide i have done it by adding a function on the same page :

<script> $(document).ready(function(){ setInterval(function(){ $(".nextArrow").trigger('click') }, 3000); }); </script>

replace 3000 by time in MilliSeconds (1000 = 1sec)