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Hey, I love the plugin and I would like to buy it. With the new update it says mobile friendly. Does that mean it is responsive? Thank you!

Hi. No it’s not responsive, but if includes libraries for touch events.

Can more than 1 Timeline Slider be placed on a page? Is there a limit to how many photos used or how long the timeline can get?

Hi. Due to the html DOM elements needed for the timeline it could need some code changes to have several on the same page. Basically change some IDs to classes and the correspondent changes on the js and css.

There is not limit on number of photos on content.

The Demo for the jQuery Timeline Slider control is down. Is the product still available? Any other location where I can view the demo? Thanks!

Hi. I’m moving my server machine. Demo will be available as soon as possible. ;)

Hi, does this template work in Adobe Muse?

Hi! Never used Muse but as long as you can integrate a jquery plugin, guess it should work. Anyway, the contents will never be editable through the Muse admin panel, if that’s your concern.

hi there,

i noticed this timeline doesn’t work in safari / iPhone/ipad, it just stuck on the loading phase.

will there be a fix to this?

Hi. Are you sure you have the latest version? I’ve just checked again on both Safari and iOS (also 8.3 on iPhone6 and iPad), all seems to be working just fine. If you have an old version, i recommend to upgrade to latest package.

Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

hi pezflash, yes i am using updated safari and iOS. 8.3, still stuck with the loading icon

Hi. Did some new tests. Is strange, on my side works. Are you checking my file samples or your frontend for testing? If so, please send me your front url through my profile form so i can take a look. Thanks.

Hello, is it possible to have vertical scrollbar at the READ MORE modal window? I need to have a text with many lines.

Hi. Yeah, that’s possible. Just assing css to the hidden div where the popup content is placed. Following the provided sample:

<div id="extended_text1" class="hidden"> </div>

Add these css:

#extended_text1 {
   height: 150px;
   overflow: scroll;

Depends on your content, maybe you will need to add some more css, like width, or even position. But that should work.


Can you tell me how to make this auto scroll? Also, can I get customization to make this responsive?

Hi. There is no built-in option for autoscroll, some JS work would be needed. This goes beyond the support i can give with the file, as it requires customization to match your needs, but if you have JS knowledge, the easiest way will be controlling the dragger element x position on a setTimeOut() function.

About responsive, sorry but there is no responsive version for this timeline, as shown in the demo. Managing the overall container width with CSS could to the trick, depending on your DOM structure.

Hi pezflash, is this plugin compatible with joomla?

Hi pexflash, Noted, thank you!

Hi again, can this plugin be used in various websites after purchasing it?

Hi. All Themeforest and CodeCanyon licenses are per use on 1 domain/project. More details about Envato licensing here:

Hope this makes sense. ;) Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Hi, love the slider. is it possible to make it a vertical slider?

Hi. This is the first request i get for turning this timleine into vertical. Not possible with the current version, but it could be interesting for future upgrades, if i get more requests from interested users. There are some options on Codecanyon based on Facebook timeline scheme, maybe you can check them out. ;)

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.
Let me know if i can be of further assistance.

Hello is there a wordpress version of this or some support material that would allow for easy integration to a wordpress install?

Hi. There was a WP version, but the author i partnered with for this integration has removed the plugin from Codecanyon. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to integrate on a WP admin, unless you use any iframe plugin to embed the HTML version of the timeline on any WP page/post.

Hope this makes sense! ;)

Yes makes sense. Thank you (hope u can find someone or I will in Jan)

FWIW, I just purchased this the other day based on the belief that it does have a WP plug in. :(

Unfortunately is a common issue. Although Codecanyon is well categorized, if you come from an external link, some people think all here are WP plugins.

I’m sorry you had the confussion. I just want happy customers, not unsatisfied ones even if is not my fault. :(

Anyway, if you finally use the plugin, let me know if i can of further assistance.

Can I use this with WordPress? Do you offer instructions for doing that?

Hi. This is not a WP plugin, just a jQuery plugin. Consider it before purchasing. I cean’t give you support to integrate it with WP, as depending on your end, it could be a heavy task. ;)

Hi there! I like to know if there’s a way to disabled the mouse wheel. It turns out to be very uncomfortable when you are sailing down and be interrupted by the banner. Thank you for your help.

Hola David! ;)

Yeah. it’s easy, just open js/jquery.timeline.js and change to “0” the mouseWheel value on line 238. As i think it could be useful for others, i’ve created a FAQ with this thread.

Un saludo y gracias por la compra! ;)

Hello, I am looking for a timeline component for my A.S P application M-V-C, with both large and mini-sized horizontal options.

Is this able to do multiple instances

Can I use this with A-s-p will you be able to guide me through the integration.

DO you also have any updates coming with simple horizontal timelines, I need to show library books checked out by user and returned


Hi. I’ve replied this question by email, as i’ve it duplicated. Let’s follow the cinversation by email. Thanks!


I’ll be out of office till sunday 14th August 2015. Any support request will be answered after that date. Try to contact me through my profile form. It’s probably i’ll be replying urgent emails before my return.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
I want to install this on wordpress this theme will it work..? Also.. Can i remove the bottom once i have it on my page?

I can pay extra if needed.. Let me know i want this to work on my page

Hi. This is not a Wordpress plugin, so it can’t be installed on WP as a normal plugin through admin. Although it can be added using an iframe. But as said, is not a WP plugin, which is on the way. I’ve the WP version on 80%. I hope to have it ready within a month or so. In case you could be interested, you can subscribe to this emailing list:

Kind regards and thanks for your interest in my portfolio.

Hello, I am interested in this product and i see you have a wordpress plugin coming out soon – do you know when? If i have this hardcoded into my theme is there a front end interface that i can update on my own?

Hi. I expect to have it finished within a month or so, hopefully. The project is around 80% but i’m also busy with personal projects, so it’ll delay a while. You can try to include the jquery pluign by your own, but note there won’t be any interface to manage the contents through UI in the WP admin. Obviously depends on your code skills, but the easiest way to include it is using an iframe and placing in it the html file with your timeline created separately in html5.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if i can be of further assistance. ;)


I noticed you said 4 months ago that the Wordpress Login would probably take about a month (back then) to be finished. Is there any update on this? I’d really like to include it on my Wordpress website as well.


Hi. Personal projects (and also personal issues) have delayed that deadline. Sorry about that. I’ll do my best to have it finished this month. If you want to stay alerted, please, sign up on the newsletter you will find on file page (maybe you already did). Thanks for your interest in my files, and your patience! ;)

I did indeed sign up :) Looking forward to it!

I’m on your newsletter and waiting for this as a wordpress plugin also.

Hi. Thanks for following this up. I’m doing my best to have it finished and published at soon as possible! ;)

I really appreciate your interest in my files…

Hi! I cant install the plugin. What I have to do?

Hola. Disculpa el retraso en contestar, he estado unos días fuera. Lo primero, es un plugin de jQuery, no de Wordpress, no sé si ese puede ser el problema que comentas. Si no es así, dime exactamente qué problemas tienes con la configuración del mismo.