Discussion on jQuery Drilldown Menu

Discussion on jQuery Drilldown Menu

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Hi, Update details please?


Under this link you will find the changelog information.

Thanks, createIT

Perfect, thanks.

i was wrong. I have bought this menu instead of wordpress menu. How can i solve the question?


You can request a refund for this item (click here to get refund) and then purchase the correct one.

Thanks, createIT

Hi, a question, it is possible to show the back button with the fade effect AND the breadcrumbs ? Im tryng to get it but I can

it is not possible or it is not included? it can be done somehow ? Do you customize ? We can arrange something.


It’s not included. I believe that everything is possible with javascript :) Though I’m afraid that customization would cost much more than the plugin itself. Feel free to contact us via with more details (site url and what exactly should be changed) if you would like us to prepare the quote for you.

Thanks, createIT

Guys I have send the files… please check your email

Hey there. I am using your plug in in conjunction with Bootstrap and want to use Bootstrap’s collapse functionality with some of the links (that don’t have any further lists nested within them).

I want the collapsible content to be hidden on default and only shown when the corresponding link is clicked (it expands vertically). The problem is the way the height of the outer #drilldown div is being calculated doesn’t account for the possible expansion of anything within, so even when the link is clicked and the Bootstrap functionality is toggling it to be visible, it doesn’t show (if I use developer tools and increase the height of #drilldown then I can see it).

I am wondering if there’s any way to change how the height is being calculated in the JavaScript. I wouldn’t even mind if it was like a fixed minimum height.



Thanks for contacting us! I believe that for sure we can at least define minimum height for the links, though we will be able to give you more complex solution if you send us url with example of the issue. Can you please start a new ticket about that on our support forum Our team will be more than happy to help you there.

Thanks, createIT


Thanks for letting us know. Someone from support team will contact you shortly.

Thanks, createIT

Hi there, I have some presales questions… It is possible on the menu and breadcrumbs to load a link to a webpage even in the parent UL´s ? Just like the facebook help center… when you go inside from a parent UL it charges a page on the data area, and you can navigate back from the menu itslef and from the breadcrumbs and grab and show the page called… got it ? Is that possible ?

And, another one.. Is possible that when you click on “start” returns to the main page on the iframe, and second, it is possible that whan you drill on the menu you check a link without children, the latest deep and shows on the iframe where you are i.e. (1 > 2 > _)


Indeed I can see that some iframes does not load properly, though it’s some issue with iframe code (it’s blocked because of mixed http and https content), not the script (other examples work correctly). In default plugin settings we don’t have option to reset iframe after clicking on Start button. You would need to call some additional event for this. I’m not sure if I understand the second question – do you mean to display breadcrumbs inside the iframe?

Thanks, createIT

Okay, thanks for answer… the second question is just to show on the breadcrumbs the page you are on, like parent(linked)>chilren(linked)>grandchildren (not linked and current page) just to emulate a server side breadcrumbs for example. is that possible? and finally, as you said that I have to call some aditional events to reset the plugin on start, would you help me to achieve that ? Sorry but Im not a programmer.

Thanks for nice code, desire to help me to have an awkward problem and another not so much:

1. When I browse (minimal code) eg level 5th, and clickeo an external link, (I could not put transition effect to this change abrupt), and when I give BACK, not let me trace the history of the 5th level it was unfortunately sent me to the 1st level home.

2. Personally I have approximately 500 items listed, and when I opened it I not fast loading CSS, and observed for a few seconds the ugly skeleton of that tree.


Can you please contact our support team at with access to your website with examples of these issues, so we could check this? Our team will be more than happy to help you there.

Thanks, createIT

I like the idea, how will it handle 100’s of categories and can the search be as you type, which is even better than pressing a search button. I’m interested but concerned with the above, with no changes in years? Thanks


We prepared the update with several improvements – it should be available in few days.

Thanks, createIT

4 months? Any updates? Thanks


Sorry about the delay! We’ll try to release new version this week.

Thanks, createIT

Hi, Is it possible a “Not Found” message in the search?

Thanks, best drill down menu i ever seen!


Please try to modify ctDrillDown.js file, on the line 394, add the following:
if(results.length == 0) {
        $resultsContainer.html("not found");
So it will look like this It should resolve the issue.

Thanks, createIT

It works perfectly, thank you very much for the quick response.


When the user resizes the window, the width of the menu doesn’t update when the container is fluid. Putting !important on the css for the ul and the parent works fine. Any drawbacks that you can think of?

Hi! 100% width should solve the issue. I think there should be no negative effects.

Thanks, createIT

This is, from the demo, the best of the drill down menus. Have you thought of making it MIT licensed, sticking it on GitHub, and getting donations?

Are you supporting it still?

Thanks! We are selling exclusively on ThemeForest so we will not publish it anywhere else. We have dedicated support forum here but I see that you have found that already.

Thanks, createIT

Is this possible to do this horizontally and with drop downs on each subcategory. Click on a parent and have the subparent with a drop down (parent disappears or becoming a link next to it), then click on a sub and have this with a drop down, etc.

Hi createit-pl. I found out that it was a relative position on another plugin.. Thanks for offering :)

Is it any possible to change the breadcrumbs to ul li ?

And one final question. I need to have two drilldowns next to each other. Two columns next to each other. What’s the best way to get round to it. Change the id=”drilldown” to class maybe? Is this possible?


I have purchased this menu, and I have one quick simple question. If you would please take a moment to answer.

I am trying to use the menu on a mobile site. As such, I need to be able to “toggle” view of the menu so that it can be shown on some pages, and hidden on others.

I know how to accomplish this, but I have run into a problem. If I set the div that contains the Drilldown menu to “display:none;” the your script then sets the height of the menu to 0px, and it’s height remains at 0px even if the div is toggle expanded.

This is troulebesome, as it means I am unable to “toggle” the view of the menu using conventional means. Do you have a suggestion as to how I could accomplish this? I have a running thread on that gives more details:

Thanks for looking into this matter. Alex

Hi alexman03,

I see what you mean. FYI, support thread for this issue is available here:

Thanks, createIT

This is lovely; very sophisticated too! Nested lists are something even jQuery Mobile has said they are giving up on in the next version :)

A couple of questions:

1- do you know the easiest way to disable the “match” CSS once the person clicks, either on the found element, on the breadcrumbs, or on another node? I see the “match” class resets if they do another search, but if they click on the match, or anywhere else – it does not. The item remains green (or yellow, as I changed it :) until they search again.

2- I’m using this to search categories of word decks. Like this, for example:

Languages > English > Verbs > here is the wordlist of 20 words Math > Multiplication > Times Tables > here is a wordlist of times tables

Your search function is fantastic. I’d love to extend it to search the wordlists too (I’ve thought of making them reside in a hidden list, then have the script navigate to the parent in the case that this is where the search result is found…)

Could you do this for me, as a custom job? I can email you about this, but I wanted to post it here in case anybody else is looking for a similar function.

Thanks for a great little script!


Looks like we need to talk with jQuery Mobile, so that they include our script into their lib :)

ad 1: well, not going to much into details, I think it would be easiest to add something like:

$(“some-other-element”).bind(“some-other-event”, function(){ $(”.match”).removeClass(“match”); });

so, to disable this class when someone clicks anywhere in the menu, the code would be:

$(”#menu-id”).bind(“click”, function(){ $(”.match”).removeClass(“match”); });

hope it’s clear enough?

ad 2: so the effect you’d like to achieve is that whenever someone looks for a word “X”, appropriate category in the menu gets opened? If so, I think it’s doable :) Sure we can do that for you as a custom job. Please get in touch with me at, we’ll discuss further details there.

Thanks! createIT team

hi createit-pl… I want to ask you a question … This script is a load on demand? Or everything is already preloaded? I need to know because my utility is to load certain things at the time of the click, and not all preloaded..


Hi mikdalex,

This plugin can work with a complete ul/li list or it can load steps dynamically (ajax). In ajax mode all you need to do is provide a list for the first level and then next steps will be loaded from ajax requests.

Example 8 is what you are looking for.

Thanks, createIT

Is there anyway to drilldown to the next

  • ?

    As in

    • List item one
    • List item two with subitems:
      • Subitem 1
      • Subitem 2
    • Final list item

    After Subitem 2, there is another link to go to Final list item. Does that make sense?

  • Hi jaymee34,

    I don’t entirely understand what you mean. Could you please add new support question on our dedicated support forum: so that our support team will be able to ask you some additional questions?

    Thanks, createIT

    Hi, on IE 7 your menu call 3 errors on firebug console… is it possible to solved this problem

    Hi there, I’ve tried to implement your plugin using the examples provided but it is not working as expected. If I place my html in your example it works, but not in my environment.

    I notice your examples are using jquery 1.7.2 – I am on 1.8.3 could that be effecting it?

    You can find it here:

    I have a client waiting to see the work tomorrow so need to make quick progress on it – please reply ASAP .

    Many thanks


    Hi Jamie, Yes, your jquery version seems to be too old. If you have any other questions or problems, please do not hesitate to use our support system:

    Thanks, createIT

    Hi, I haven’t received a response from you. The shortcode works, however it will not go into a table or column and is defaulting to the top of the page. I am using Version 1.0. Please advise asap. Thanks, h

    Hi psadi, Please check your email. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


    jQuery Drilldown Menu – I also sent you a message through the system. Please advise. Thanks Heather


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