JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin

JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin

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WP Job Search brings you the most simple solution to display jobs on any type of websites. You may already know, some really big Job Portals provides the option to use their database and extend your website with job offers. This plugin can make everything automatically, some job providers also pay commission when any of your visitors click on the job links.

Demo Users

Demo User Employer

USERNAME: zeeva-hiring-co
PASSWORD: demo12345

Demo User Candidate

USERNAME: peter-peters
PASSWORD: demo12345

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eyecix JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin

  • Highly Customizable
  • Extensive Admin Interface
  • Demo Import
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Page Templates
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Large collection of useful inner pages
  • Choose your grid size
  • Boxed layout option
  • Powerful typography options
  • Translation ready
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • WPML Plugin compatible
  • Powerful sorting options for job listings and resumes
  • Multiple ways of showcasing job listings and resumes
  • Listing List shortcode
  • Listing Search shortcode
  • Listing Advanced Search shortcode
  • Listing Simple Search shortcode
  • Resume List shortcode
  • Resume Advanced Search shortcode
  • User login
  • User Dashboard page template
  • Enable users logging in via Facebook and Google accounts
  • Pricing Tables shortcode
  • Comparison Pricing Tables shortcode
  • Smooth Page Transitions
  • Fontawsome & Flaticon
  • User Login Form

Change log

12 October 2018 Version 1.2.6

Added : Woocommerce Subscription Compatibility with Packages
Added : Filters Sorting In Job Search Options For Jobs, Employers and Candidates
Added : Job Contact Form Without Login JobSearch Options
Added : Job Applicants Added Grid Style Employer Dashboard
Added : Uno Options in Applicant From Rejected Candidates
Added : Review On/OFF for Candidates and Employers
Added : Added Profile Image Delete In User Dashboard
Added : Compatibility Icons Manager with Wp Bakery Page Builder
Added : User Statics On/OFF in User Dashboard
Added : Applied Jobs on Back-end Now admin can see which jobs are applied by Candidates
Added : Assign Package to Employer From Back-end
Fixed : Featured on Top In Jobs listings Elements
Fixed : Locations Importer for All World Data
Fixed : Indeed Jobs Import Based in Keyword's
Fixed : Password Change
Fixed : Find On Map on Backend Locations with country and city name

19 August 2018 Version 1.2.5

Added : Autofill Geo Location
Added : Locations Suggestion By Google On/OFF
Added : Autocomplete Countries List For Geo Location
Added : Radius Settings ON/OFF
Added : Default Radius 
Added : Maximum Radius
Added : 3 New Packages Styles For Jobs Employer, and Candidates
Added : All in One Package can use any style for Employer, Candidates, Job Packages,
Added : Featured Jobs With Job Packages
Added : Job Excerpt For Listings 
Added : Total Review for Candidates
Fixed : Job Alerts With Cron Jobs
Fixed : Applications Counts, Job Detail
Fixed : Fixed Sectors Icons For Listings
Fixed : Instant Featured job while Create New Jobs

19 July 2018 Version 1.2.4

Added : Applicant For Jobs For Admin
Added : Employer Manage Jobs For Admin
Added : Search Background Color and text color in Advance Search
Added : Jobs Advertising Repeat Adds ON/OFF
Added : Email template for Apply from Email 
Added : Filter Compatibility with Wpml
Added : Job Alerts Save with Wpml to any Language
Added : Counts For Pending and Approved in Admin Dashboard
Added : Sort by Date , Featured , Status , for jobs Admin Dashboard
Added : Sort by Date , Featured , Status , for Employers Admin Dashboard
Added : Sort by Date , Featured , Status , for Candidates Admin Dashboard
Added : Filter Posts Counts in Jobs Listings
Added : Filter Posts Counts in Employer Listings
Added : Filter Posts Counts in Candidate Listings
Added : New Designs WooCommerce Check Out
Added : Direct Signup for Packages to Checkout
Added : Featured job Package with Post New Job
Added : Featured Job Package with Price in Manager Jobs on Star ICON
Fixed : Email Job Jobs Detail Page
Fixed : Job Post Time
Fixed : Custom Fields Required For Signup Form Settings
Fixed : Employer Email Warning on Detail Page
Fixed : JobAlets Wp-Cron Running Always
Fixed : Job Alert Styling in User Dashboard
Fixed : YouTube video for candidate Portfolio
Fixed : Message Successfully Remove after add , Educations, Experience in Candidate Resume
Fixed : Page Speed and CPU Usage to 100% for Low Resources Hosting's

14 June 2018 Version 1.2.3

Added : Top Map Listings Jobs
Added : Top Map Listings Candidates
Added : Top Map Listings Employer
Added : Top Search Candidate
Added : Top Search Employer
Added : Salary On/Off JobSearch Options to remove from Every Where
Added : Google Address Suggestion At Location
Added : Live Search For Candidates Employers, and Jobs
Added : Advance Search in Search Element
Added : Featured On top Always on Job Listings
Fixed : Multi Filters

Version 1.2.2

Added : Candidate Contact From on/Off
Added : Employer  Contact From on/Off
Added : Job  Contact From on/Off
Added : Listing Restriction For candidates
Added : Applications Dead Line On/OFF
Added : Apply Job Form with Email
Added : Job Publish Date On/Off Added
Fixed :   Post   Jobs Button with Terms and conditions Post

Version 1.2.1

Added : Profile Delete Button For User Profiles
Added : Complete Check Boxes For Terms and Conditions
Fixed : Minor Styling issues

Version 1.2.0

Added : General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) For EUR
Added : Registration Form Builder Added
Added : Candidate Reviews Added
Added : Bulk Approve Jobs Added for admin
Added : Bulk Approve Employers Added for Admin
Added : Bulk Approve Candidates Added for Admin 
Added : All Select Menus updated to Selectize.js
Added : Publish Date For Jobs All Styles
Fixed : Menu Hamburger Fixed in responsive

Version 1.1.9

Added : Required Skills Job Search Options
Added : Profile Competition For Candidates
Added : Candidate Status For listings and Grids Styles
Added : Minimum Required skill to apply on Jobs
Added : Google Auth Base Login to ask user for google login
Added : User Nice Name Generated from Email
Updated : Facebook Api With Restrict Https options in Facebook Apps Settings call back url added
Deprecated : Demo User From Login Settings Jobs Search Options 

Version 1.1.8

Added : Job Status for  NON-Approved Employers Users ,Jobs Listings Remove Automatic 
Added : Validation for Apply on Job Without Login
Added : Candidate dashboard -> resume tab -> Experience Start date and end date validation.
Added : Place Holder Added For Candidate , Employer , job when have no image.
Added : Multiple CV Manager add and apply job with CV upload 
Added : Email Templates with Wpml Languages 
Added : Packages and Transactions on/off in JobSearch options.
Added : Apply with google on Apply Job
Added : Post new Job button hide for Candidate.
Fixed : Apply with linkedin issue on job detail.
Fixed : In register popup form icon loading issue fixed.
Fixed : Featured In Jobs Listings on top for sorting
Fixed : Custom Fields Multi Select

Version 1.1.7

Added : Place Holder Images added by default for jobs,
Added : Email Templates For Employer and Candidate Contact Forms.
Updated : Facebook New Api Changed For Facebook Login
Fixed : Characters fixes for email Templates in MailBox
Fixed : Wpml in Post Name change from front End

Version 1.1.6

Added : Collapsed For Filter Added in Jobs Listings
Added : Team Members Added On/Off for Employers Dashboard in JobSearh Options
Added : Post Jobs With/Without Login Job Post Settings in Jobs Search Options
Added : Skills Added In Post New Jobs For Employers
Added : WPML Fixes Added 100% Compatible Post Jobs and  Profile From Front-End
Added : Apply To External Url Added in Post Jobs Settings
Fixed : Job Category  and  Job Type  are required Post New Jobs
Fixed : Candidates Stats in Applied and Favorite Jobs after Delete Still There,
Fixed : C.V Upload File Title to Place holder Every Where

Version 1.1.5

Added : Register form yes/no in login short code and also in plugin settings.
Added : Employer/Candidate Registration Enable/Disable JobSearch Options and User Login ShortCode 
Added : Map on/off in location Settings  JobSearch Option
Added : Post job Button Select Page in Theme options for post job page.
Added : Advance search ShortCode fields on/off options
Added : Applicant delete option in jobs manage. and rejected applicants moved from applicants list.
Added : Filled ajax based checkbox add in manage jobs.
Added : Default Map zoom level in plugin options. JobSaerch Options

Version 1.1.4

Added : Fixed Advertisement For other Pages
Added : Fixed Colors for Dashboard Candidate
Added : Fixed Applicants Count For Manage Jobs
Added : Fixed Delete Jobs From Applied Jobs

Version 1.1.3

Added : Advertisement included For Jobs Listings
Added : Advertisement Jobs Search Options
Added : Advertisement Employer Listings
Added : Advertisement Candidate Listings

Version 1.1.2

Added : Candidate Statics User Dashboard
Added : Locations Styles as Input Text For Filters Jobs Listings Element Page Builder
Added : Forgot Password Change Default wo to Theme Template
Added : Team Members For Employer Company Profile
Added : Jobs Attachment
Added : Search Result Page Added Job Search Options
Fixed : Categories Widgets Tag Cloud need Select Page Search Result Page Added Job Search Options
Fixed : Logo Set in Importer
Fixed : minor Styling Issue

Version 1.1.1

Added : Candidate Subscription / Packages
Added : Candidate Restricted only For Register Employer
Added : User Statics For Employer Dashboard
Added : Team Members On/Off Employers
Added : Locations Ajax Based in Filters
Added : User Redirection After Success full Registration to Account Page
Added : Bulk Actions for Applicants  Manage Jobs > Employer Dashboard 
Added : Number Photos and Portfolio Count for Users
Fixed : jobs Types Filters
Fixed : Sectors Count only 7 Shows
Fixed : Pagination in User Dashboard 
Fixed : job Expiry Date For Admin 
Version 1.1.0
Added : Applications in manage job employer dashboard
Added : Post Job In multiple currency
Added : Password field for registration form
Version 1.0.9
Added :  Multiple currency for post new job
Version 1.0.8
Added :  Filter Setting for shortcode candidate
Added :  Filter Setting for shortcode employer
Added :  Filter Setting for shortcode Jobs
Version 1.0.7
Added :  Search in job listing element
Version 1.0.6
Added :  Salary Fields For Jobs
Fixed :  Login Registration Error
Version 1.0.5
Added :  Search Bar in Job listings
Version 1.0.4
Added : Job Alerts Added
Version 1.0.3
Added : Cv Manager  
Added : Validation added only employer can download cv's
Version 1.0.2
Fixed : Job expiry date
Added :  Job deadline
Added : Salary field for jobs
Version 1.0.1
Added :  Shortcode Builder Added