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Looks good to me. A question: can I add a Youtube or Vimeo video to each slide? Beermatman


I’m sorry, the slider works only with images :(


Thanks for getting back to me. Cheers Beermatman

Hello, I followed the instructions on the supplied documentation, checked and rechecked that everything was done as told but I keep getting the following error (see below). Any idea why? Did I miss something?

Thanks and regards,


Unhandled exception at line 235, column 2 in http://localhost:52371/js/jds/jawdropper_slider.js

0×800a138f – Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to get value of the property ‘0’: object is null or undefined

Hello again,

I got it to work but now, I have 2 images (2 img tags) and the slider plays both images but then it stops. There are no errors and the rest of the site works properly but the slider doesn’t play anymore, even if I use manually the navigation buttons. Also, I like the lightBeam transition but I don’t see it; it only “fades”. The images for the transition are in my project in the “images” folder. The images folders in your installation files is called “imgs” could that be a problem?



Hello again and again… :-)

It does loop contineously now. I changed the transitions setup from ‘lightBeam’ to ‘fade’ and it worked. I guess there is a problem with the ‘lightBeam’ transition or at least the issue I am experiencing is related to this transition. Would be great if you can find out what it is; I did purchase your plugin because of that transition after all.



Hi Frank,

Can you send me a url or the files that you are working so i can take a look and see if i can find the problem? You can send me a email through my profile page.


I have some problem with a lot kind of slider.

I use Getresponse html code(Autoresponse email system) on slider that alway can’t show up.

Is this Slider can be support getresponse html code,please let know,thx.

this is my info below?

my text web site first page(normal page)?

my getresponse html code?

add getresponse html code backstage preview?

add getresponse html code reception(problem page)?

i want to show up like those page that opt-in box on slider? site1?




I’m sorry, but i’m think i will not be able to help you.

I know nothing about the “Getresponse”. You pointed me to 2 pages shows that it can be integrated into another slider, but i can’t tell you that will work with “jawdropper slider”.

Other possible problem is that this slider is not a WordPress plugin and judging by the screenshots you are using WordPress. So if you don’t have the knowledge to install a ‘generic’ jquery plugin in a wordpress site you shouldn’t buy this plugin.

So i think this plugin is not a good fit for you. Sorry :(

P.S.: Have you tried to find out what are the sliders being used on those pages in which the getresponse is integrated?



How can i show the images random?


There’s no built in function to do that.

You can try opne the javascript file, look for the function nextSlide and put code below :

// insert the line
next = Math.floor(Math.random()*slides.length)
// the line below already exists
showSlide(slider, next, transition);

The downside of this patch is that you get a random slide every time the slider advances, even when the user click on the ‘next’ button.



Is there a way to make the Transitions for “slide” only going to the left? Now it is going left, top, bottom and right

Can you contact me through my profile page? I will send the file with this change to you.


unavaliable demo

Hi there, I just have a question before buying this script. I noticed that the slider has text over the images; does this slider allow the text to be below the image, and without having to be moused over? I’d like to buy it, but I really don’t want to have text over any images.



There’s a configuration option that enable/disable the text over the images.

Hope that helps


Can I buy extended license for this product?


This plugin is not sold under the extended license, sorry about that.

Best regards.

Would love to see but the demo is 404