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Just downloaded this plugin and it is working great. One question though, is there a way to create regions? For example, grouping 10 or so states into one clickable region for Southwest region? Please advise, thanks!

Why is the Canada map no longer available?

I just downloaded this and I’m so excited to use it, but I don’t frequently use XML and was wondering if there is a specific way that I should refer to it in my HTML


You don’t need to refer the xml file in html, just use the same setup provided in your download and follow the instructions in the help file.

just downloaded it and it does not work. I open the index file (unmodified) in chrome and it’s a blank page


Chrome might be blocking some svg features locally but it will work online, use FF locally for example.

Hi, anyone. Before i buy this map, i want to make sure first. Is this map can be use for make simulation US Election Map, so when I click one of the state, it can be change to red or blue or grey ? Please, I need the answer ASAP. Thank you so much for help and kindness.


Not sure what you mean sorry, everything the map can do can be seen in the preview.

Thanks, Greg


I’ve noticed that several people in this forum over the past few years have had problems after clicking on a state while using Chrome. After clicking, nothing happens. I’ve had users write to me with the same complaint. I’ve tested on several different set-ups and was unable to reproduce the problem until I tried my wife’s laptop. She has Chrome 49.0.2623.87 m with Windows 8.1 (64 bit) and nothing happens after clicking on a state while in simple mode, text on right, or text on bottom. This is not a local problem as some others have had with Chrome. I am testing from the web server and I have even tested (remotely) the original package I downloaded after purchase. There are no errors in the firebug console. Have you had a chance to look into this issue?

Any help to solve this would be much appreciated!!

Thank you, Todd

Hi Todd,

Sorry but I could never reproduce this and so could not fix it. I now have windows 10 which I believe everyone should upgrade too anyway so let me know if that happens on windows 10.

Cheers, Greg

I am considering buying this. One quick question: Would it be possible to combine states into custom territories that I want to label? e.g. Instead of 50 US states as we know them, I can make 10 sections by combining certain states?


It is possible but would require work on the svg paths and xml file, so you would have to combine them manually.

Thanks, Greg

Just bought it and took a peek at the code. I was more or less expecting an actual SVG file, but I see it’s drawn inside of a JS file. Do you have any recommendations on how I could combine the state lines in a more visual way? Or am I stuck with the tedious method of fiddling with the path code?

I presume that the states were drawn in some way, rather than someone writing all that code by hand.

If you prefer to use an svg you can copy/paste the paths into a blank svg file. However it is not that tedious to do by hand as the paths are named, so you must know which states you want to combine, so just find the paths by their names.

Hi, I am trying to iframe this map into my existing Wordpress website, and I am only getting the first 100px or so in the iframe. I tried several things myself but was unable to get it to show the whole map. Do you happen to have some insight for me on how I can add to my website? It is really not useful if I can not add to my existing website.



Send me an email with a link to your website and I’ll have a look.

Thanks, Greg

I was able to find a fix for this. It was in my iframe code, and not anything regarding the SVG map. Thanks for your response however. Great Map!

This worked great for me. It was easy to edit, and allowed me to manually edit custom text areas for each state. This was great considering we needed ultimate flexibility.

However, one thing I have a question about is the state URL link in the XML settings.

I am trying to add an anchor link to automatically scroll downward to the text area after the state is clicked. Unfortunately, with the text on bottom, ir requires that you scroll down below the fold to view the text (maybe only on mine with the lengthy text). So, I would like to add anchor links to the lower text so when you click the region on the map, it will use the URL ="" in the XML to go to anchor.


URL=”#state-info” (in XML)

(in Text Area)

I tried and was unable to get the link to do anything when I click, it doesn’t appear to attempt this URL / anchor.

Any insight would be helpful, thanks.

See here:



You should be able to do this in init.js, inside the hitArea.mouseup function:

$('html, body').animate({
  scrollTop: $('#text').offset().top
 }, 1000);

Is Puerto Rico not included as part of the USA—or have I missed this part of the documentation? Thanks for the reply—other than this oversight (most likely mine)—I have this working well and easy.


No Puerto Rico is not included in this map.


Is it possible to have map to change text color on hover as well as the background color at the same time? I’ve tried to write some custom JavaScript to the purchased plugin, but didn’t have much luck.

Hi. Some people have been complaining about the states not being clickable in Chrome. I’ve solved the problem. For some reason, the mouseup event is not working on the hitAreas. There could be a conflict somewhere else in the code or there could be an issue with chrome, but if you go into the init.js file and change “hitArea.mouseup” to “hitArea.click”, it should work in Chrome.

I get a blank page when I open (launch) the index file in Safari or Chrome, or even from Bbedit. What am I doing wrong?

Hello, do you offer customization for this map? We would like to use it to highlight regions in the US and other countries and not just states. Please let me know what customizations and pricing you offer!.Thank you!

I was also experiencing issues when using chrome on mac osx. I believe I found a workaround/fix.

The first click on a state does not produce text results in chrome. The state must be clicked twice to produce a result.

For some reason, leaving the tag < br / > after the state name in CDATA fixes this.

Example: <![CDATA[< h1 >ALASKA< /h1 >< br / >

Note: Remove spaces in the tags if you copy the code from here. Comments will not allow tags so I added spaces.

Hope this helps someone.

I’m having the same problem some others have. I just get a blank page when I open the index page in any browser.

Never mind. I’ve got it working on the test page. No luck integrating it into the CMS, yet. But we’ll see.

I love this thing, but would anyone know how to add Canada to the map? Does it have to be drawn using coordinates in the paths.js file? I could really use a hand here.

Is there a way to add 5 US territories to the map?

Hi, Can I use custom pins on this? Thanks.

How do you get the text to change when you click on the different states. The default text is always showing, what am I missing?