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reexed Purchased

l am testing your map script on my cmspro but seems not to work after disabling the js script from cms pro any reason?

Hi! The maps are generated with javascript, so if js is disabled, the maps wont be able to render. Greetings, Carlos

Very good work!

Thank you for the feedback!


aazcast Purchased

hi. I Want to specify a different active fill to the region. is possible? i can’t find the way. there any specific class? or js maybe.

Hi! Thank you for using the generator! Write me a message via the contact form on the support tab with a link to the page where you have the map. This way I’ll able to check what will work better. The Geochart API used by the generator doesn’t have an option to set a different colour for the active region. But hopefully with some CSS we’ll be able to do it. Greetings, Carlos

Hey there, can I use this tool with my Wix website? Thank you!

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the generator! Yes, you can use the generated code in your wix website. If you have any other question let me know. Cheers, Carlos

Thanks for the fast reply. The map shows up in editor mode but once published all I see is an empty page. Is the code HTTPS or HTTP (because Wix seems to only be able to accept HTTPS codes)? Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!

Hi! Write me via the contact form on the support tab sharing the link to your page and the purchase code for the generator and this way I can check what could be missing. Cheers, Carlos

Hello, I already used your plugin and it’s a great plugin. Now, I am looking for a plugin that does the same thing of yours but in the shape of a flower (instead of a map). Do you know if it’s possible to do that with your plugin (with a few modifications) or another plugin that does that? Best regards, Samuel Chopard.

Hi Samuel! Unfortunately with my plugin it’s not possible to use custom maps. We can only use the maps provided. You’ll need a plugin that allows you to use custom images/SVG. Greetings, Carlos

hello how can i zoom the map for custom? lets say my map is only Indonesia country how can i zoom in only in Bali island? please help me

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. There isn’t a real ‘zoom’ feature, but you can use the ‘custom css generator’ options, below the map preview, to manipulate the viewport and ‘zoom’ into one of the areas of the map. It has some limitations, but it might help. Greetings, Carlos

Hello. I am finding that this plugin does not load always load correctly. When I click on the link to the page where the map is located, I get the other content, but not the map. However, if I refresh the page, the map loads correctly.

You can test this here ( by clicking Store Finder in the footer.

Thanks! James Cook

I should add that this site is a Squarespace build.

Hi James! Thank you for using the generator. Seems your page might have a ‘transition’ effect since it’s loading the pages with ajax, and this way the script to build the map doesn’t run. Is this transition something you can disable in the settings? Greetings, Carlos

Brilliant. Immediate fix. Thank you Carlos!