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taip14 Purchased

HI am trying to create a crop on the South Africa, im having some issues ,

Can anyone help?

Hi! Can I make a totally custom map with Your plugin for an imagined fable world?


InfoVL Purchased

Hi, I recently purchased Interactive Map Builder, it is for a client’s website. The client had it on their previous website so I exported the previous map but when I import it into the new map builder and click on “Add map” it just keeps on loading. I have tried to manually rebuild the map but the same problem occurs.

As mentioned above it is for a client so I need help with this ASAP! I have sent you mails but I am not receiving any support.

Hello! I have a problem with the plugin. I can’t make any changes and I can’t save the maps or create a new one. Can you give me a solution ?

Pre-sales question – how flexible are the regions? we’re looking for a plugin to offer clickable regions on a world map – these will go through to separate landing pages for each region. The regions could be continents or sub-continents and may need to be mixed and matched depending on client requirements. Is this doable? Also do the maps include Antarctica? Thanks!

Pre-sales question – Hi, I can also create tooltips or links to the provinces within regions?

Is the plugin no longer supported? So far I have received no replies via email, contact or the comments section. The performance is currently very poor on a large map. Might need to move to another plugin? Or is there a big update coming?

Hi, meisterpixel. Pre sale question. Map Builder have Ukrainian map? How create regions, or customised this map? Thanks

Plugin does not seem to work in IE 11. Just a head’s up!

Im trying to get support since 2 weeks. Would be great to get an anwser.

Hi, is it possible to custom our own Sub-Continent? I live in Canada, want to sell our current license right base on cities or region as we can custom design…possible?


Is there a way to open a map in open lightbox?

Can you open the world map on and click on Africa in Open lightbox?


Unfortunately, this plugin does not properly work on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad). Click_value : Show html above map – works only on desktop browsers. On mobiles additional div doesn’t show up after click on map region. The author of plugin has not responded to the request for help for 2 weeks.

Hey there. I like your plugin but unfortunately you almost have all the countries with provinces borders except Iran ! I would like to buy and use your plugin if you have any plan to add Iran’s Map too. Please let me know :) Thanks in advance

Hi again. I’ve found Iran provinces on the map. sorry about last comment. but still the map is not updated! for example, Alborz Province is not there. please check it and let me know about that. Thanks

Dear all greetings,, I used your demo but couldn’t create areas of Libya ?


vajarvis Purchased

I am having trouble getting the plugin to create new maps or import maps on a multisite website. I can create them on the parent website but the subdomain installs will not let me create maps. Looking through the questions I see this is a common issue and there is reference to a multisite version of this plugin. Does anyone know if there is a multisite version and where I can get it?

Hi! Please check your email. The multisite compatibility has been added in an earlier version and it should work fine. I have sent you an email with more information to resolve the problem.

Hi, Does the plugin support RTL design? Can I use Arabic with it?

Hi, Is there a way to JUST display the map of australia and no surrounding countries like NZ etc? There is also a large white space at the bottom of the map that will not decrease not matter how much css I try. I think this is a part of the svg image in the code? Can you please assist?