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faissou Purchased

You never reply when we need HELP !!!


Sorry for the delayed response. Can you maybe send us a link to your map? A temporary login would also be helpful. Please use our contact form to send us url, username and password. Thanks!


faissou Purchased

Hi thanks for your reply. I’ll send you by your contact form all needed info. Best regards


Can I create a custom map of a neighborhood in my city for example?

Hi there,

I am struggling with zooming in.

The map styling options (width and height) only make the frame bigger but it does not allow for the map to be more centralized. South Africa (my map) for example, has a lot of negative space surrounding it.

Your plugin leaves me (the user) to either compromise with a small image of South Africa or I have to create a massive styling frame (leaving my site with a lot of negative space).

I have also seen a lot of your comments on your site have requested this (without an easy option).

Otherwise, on a more positive note, the functionality and the easy editing ability is awesome.

My only concern, which leads me to question feasibility, is the zoom ability.

Please help.


kcudb Purchased

Is it possible to show only China? Thanks.


kcudb Purchased

I just found out some regions of China is missing of choosing “Province borders”. This is more serious bug, please let me know how to fix it. Thanks.


kcudb Purchased

I solved it by myself.


jmdp87 Purchased

Is there a way to combine US states into one region? For example if I wanted Washington and Montana to be one region how would I go about that? Thanks!

How can I get a large modal window to open on click ?

Hi, my name is Andrea, I bought from Envato the theme Kingsize for photography. My site is non properly a photogrphy site, but is a photo travel site. I need to create a blog where I write my post of the locations that I visited and the post that my readers write for me of their locations. So I can publish not only my places, but also theirs. So I need to create a page where I can put a map with all the destination that are discribe in the blog. Or put directly the map in the blog page. Is this plugin the one that I need? Are you sure? I both sometime in envato product that after I didn’ t use. Please help me.

Hello. How can I add a region from Romania? For example, Bucharest..

Thank you!

I solved this problem..

Hello. I’ve setup the regions of Romania map, but how can I make the title of each region visible on the map. (Not tooltip, but the name of each region) like here:

I’ve tried several settings, but it’s not working..

Thank you!


I have just sent you an email which should solve your problem. Please have a look at it and let me know, if there is still a problem. Thanks!


I am having an issue with the preview in the admin. The front side is working just not the admin. In the debug console I get this Uncaught ReferenceError: ajaxurl is not defined b={settings:{url:ajaxurl,type:”POST”,response:”ajax-response”,what:””,

I deactivated the plug and that error is not on any of the other admin pages. I have also updated the plugin to the latest version. I am running wp version 4.6.2


Can you maybe send me a temporary admin login to your site? It’s difficult to say where the exact problem comes from. Please use our contact form to send the username, password and url of your site. Thanks!


flacnvinyl Purchased

I have solved the problem. Here what I had to do. In wp-content->plugins->InteractiveMapBuilder->views->preview I had to comment out the wp_head();

It was being included twice. I have not seen any issues with doing this.

Your thoughts of why I had to do this?

Hello I just purchased your plugin and created a map but it is taking for ever to create after i click add map

i’m trying to create a world map for a translation site with these regions or countries

I would like for them to be labelled with Text and then have a hover over with some additional text and be colored different color for each area

Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan Burundi Central America Congo Eritrea Ethiopia Egypt Jordan Iran Iraq Kuwait Laos Liberia Malta Morocco Pakistan Palestine Rwanda Saudi Arabia Senegal

How long should it take for a map to create, as it has been 20 mintues

Ok why is no one responding

Does anyone know of any alternatives asking codecanyon for a refund

Hi! I have just sent you an email. If you are still interested in solving this, please let me have a look at it. It’s possible that there is a conflict with another plugin. It shouldn’t take 20 minutes to save the map.

“I would like for them to be labelled with Text” .. That’s also my problem..

( Two days have passed, and no answer from the author. What kind of support is that? )

Hi! Please have a look at my answer to your first comment above. I hope this will help.