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Great, but how can I expand? change? can you elaborate?

Thanks for your comment :)
We added more details in the description, please read it and let me know if you have any questions.

hi, has this been coded using any sort of JavaScript framework (phaser or impact etc) or is it pure JS. Cheers

Hi, We didn’t use framework for this, we created our JavaScript to make the interaction. Regards

provides some version for android?

Do you mean an application? I’m afraid no!

Hi, We do custom work as private freelance work, please email us through the contact form here for more details.

Hi I need a file an app builder like appery can use. Can you please send me an unminified file.. I understand your need to obfuscate but I am unable to use the files in my app.. thanks.

Hi, Please be informed that the purchased files include unminified HTML/CSS/JS files. Only the jquery.js file is minified and you can replace it with an uncompressed version from https://jquery.com/download/
Note: I have no experience with appery and I don’t know how it works. Thanks

Hi. Do you have a full body version of this?

Hi, I’m afraid no.

Do you also support for female body

Hi, We don’t have a diagram for female body, but we can create one for you as a freelance project, please email us for more details.

Hi, we need a full body version of this, I did sent an email request. Please reply

Hi, I got your email and replied, please check now. Regards


g781 Purchased

Hi, we need a full body version for male and female, I did sent an email request. Please reply.

Hi, I got your email and replied, please check now. Regards

Hello my friend excellent work I am a traumatologist and I would need to know if you have any projects made with bones? And / or if you can easily customize In my case I would put it on a web page and patients would indicate in a click the pain area to access another section for an online attention best regards German Pace

Hello, Thanks for your comment.
You can have some information with images in the hover popup and you can link each organ or clickable spot to any webpage. I wish that’s what you are looking for, if you have any questions, please email us directly.

Is there an event model associated with clicking area or spot on diagram? Don’t want to link to another page, but do want to capture area clicked without postback.

Hello, each area or spot is designed to have a hover content and can be linked to a webpage. Changing that requires editing its JavaScript code and that would be out of our support. Regards