Interactive Human Body Organs Diagram

Interactive Human Body Organs Diagram

Interactive Human Body Organs Diagram

This is an interactive human body organs diagram coded in HTML5 based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) utilizing a high quality image as a background. So it can be scaled to any size up to 840px X 1200px without losing its quality

It can be easily customized through 2 Javascript files; “organs-config.js” to customize the general organ colors, links, and hover description. And “hotspots-config.js” allows you to put customizable clickable spot anywhere on the diagram.

This diagram has 18 clickable human body organs including:
  • Digestive System: Stomach, Liver, Intestine, etc
  • Respiratory System: Larynx, Trachea, Lungs.
  • Circulatory System: Heart, Major Blood Vessels.
  • Urinary System: Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder
  • Other Organs: Diaphragm, Spleen, Thyroid

If you want to add other organs to the diagram, or create a new diagram from scratch, please email us for a free quote.


  • Easily customized and NO Javascript knowledge required.
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) based, so it can be enlarged to any size up to 840px X 1200px while preserving the quality.
  • Works perfectly on desktop along with mobile devices including Smartphones: iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc.
  • Responsive and resizable.
  • The diagram has 18 clickable organs and option to add unlimited number of clickable hotspots anywhere on the diagram.
  • Each organ or spot can be linked to any web page.
  • Each organ or spot can be activated/deactivated.
  • Each spot can be customized individually (size, position, colors, hover content, URL, etc).
  • It has a transparent background so you can use your website background or any background color.
  • Easily customized through simple JavaScript files ( NO Javascript knowledge required ).
  • Not a WordPress plugin but can be integrated in WordPress website using HTML Snippets plugin. A step by step installation guide is included in the documentation files.
  • Small file size > Faster load speed > Better for SEO and Google ranking.
  • Compatible with all major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Safari and Opera.

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