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Discussion on ImportWP Pro - WordPress XML & CSV Importer

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May i also ask something more, i have another xml that gets the availability status in text (high,low,unav) is it possible to set up your plugin to show stock levels in that way? here is an example of the xml

<table1> <ProductID>010003</ProductID> <BarCode>6923520262335</BarCode> <Category1>28</Category1> <Category2>2802</Category2> <Category3/> <Category4/> <Eisfora>0.16</Eisfora> <WholesalePrice>0</WholesalePrice> <Suggested_x0020_Retail_x0020_Price>0</Suggested_x0020_Retail_x0020_Price> <Suggested_x0020_Web_x0020_Price>39.9</Suggested_x0020_Web_x0020_Price> <Description>Speaker Edifier M1360</Description> <DetailedDescription>M1360 2.1 multimedia speaker Wooden MDF enclosed, 4 inch subwoofer with front bass reflextion port Uniquely designed downward angled subwoofer Two compact, upward angled satellites Magnetically-shielded satellites and subwoofer Wired volume control with audio mute button 3.5mm auxiliary input and RCA input</DetailedDescription> <DetailedDescriptionPre>Total power output: RMS 2W x 2 + 4.5W x 1 THD + N (testing level): 10% Signal to noise ratio: 85dBA Frequency response: Satellites: 150Hz – 20kHz Subwoofer: 20Hz – 170kHz Distortion: 0.5% Input sensitivity: Satellites: 350mV ± 50mV Subwoofer: 250mV ± 50mV Input impedance: 10KΩ Audio Input Type: 3.5mm Stereo line-in Adjustment: Wired remote Subwoofer / bass unit: 4 inch (106mm) Magnetically shielded, 6Ω Tweeter unit: 50mm x 90mm, magnetically shielded, 4Ω Remote control: Wired: Volume control, headphone jack, mute Dimensions: Satellites: 64mm x 140mm x 112mm Subwoofer: 158mm x 225mm x 252mm (WxHxD) Weight: 2.50Kg (net) / 3.20Kg (gross)</DetailedDescriptionPre> <Category>SPEAKERS</Category> <SubCategory>SPEAKERS 2.1</SubCategory> <Maker>EDIFIER</Maker> <MakerID>M1360</MakerID> <ProIDLink></ProIDLink> <ImageLink></ImageLink> <ImageLink2></ImageLink2> <ImageLink3></ImageLink3> <ProductPdf></ProductPdf> <Availability>UNAV</Availability> </table1>

If you can let me know what fields you would use to show these stock statuses in WooCommerce’s Edit product screen, then i can tell you how to set it to import into those fields in the format you require

About the stock management. i see that the plugin ask me to select if a product is in stock or out of stock but im confused on how i have to setup it. from my xml i get quantity 1 if is in stock and quantity 0 if is out of stock. how i have to setup the plugin to automatically show products in stock or out of stock? i would preferably want when the xml says a product has quantity 1 to be setted as available (with unlimited supply, i would prefer if a customer buy one product to not show the product as out of stock until i refresh the data from xml) and when it has 0 to be seeted as unavailable. is this possible? thanks

Hi, can you create a support ticket , what are you importing that relates to stock, e.g. do you have the stock level?

i only have stock 1 when its available and stock 0 if its not. i don’t get any other data from xml


I know my support has expired but this is not what I am requesting here as even my support has expired, I am still supposed to get access to the latest version (updates).

However, the current version is quite confusing!

On my website admin, it’s saying that I need to update to latest version from 2.6.1 to version 2.6.2.

When I download the latest version from Codecanyon, it’s still the 2.6.1 version.

But, when I go to the ImportWP Pro website it says the latest version is 2.6.5

I would like to know which version is the latest one and where I can download it to get it updated on my site so I can remove this warning message as I would like to keep my site health status clean please.


Changelog found here: was previously showing the changelog for the core plugin and not Import WP PRO, this has been updated to show the correct changelog.

v2.6.2 is the latest version of Import WP PRO , this is currently awaiting moderation via codecanyon before it is available for download.


Hello, i haev a woocommerce eshop and im seachng for a plugin that will import all the products from a provider from xml. thousands of products with their atrtributes images categories and i want to check often if anything has change in the xml since the xml is daily updated. is this plugin the right one for this job?

If a product record has the categories “cat1” and “cat2” , when imported you want them to appear under a main category of “Shop” so when imported they would be “Shop > cat1”, and “Shop > cat2” ? if not could you give me an example

a product that is on cat1>subcat2 i want to be put customcat>cat1>subcat2

Yes, this should be no problem, there is a built in helper function to prefix items like you are suggesting.

If you had a product importing the categories like:

Clothing,Clothing > Tshirts

Using this custom method (replacing {66} with the column or node selector value): [iwp_fn_prefix_items(“{66}”, “customcat > “)] , this would transform the categories to be:

customcat > Clothing,customcat > Clothing > Tshirts


free version is 2.6.5 and what is the pro version number , are they same ?

Hi, no they are not the same version number however they commonly share the same major and minor version number, Import WP Pro is 2.6.1

Hi, I might have missed it but where it says :

WooCommerce Product Importer Add-on

Is that included or is that extra?

Hi, All addons are available to be downloaded here

Can I Import products from CSVs sourced from Amazon or Shopify…?

Hi, Import WP can import csv files from remote urls. What are you importing the CSV to, is this a custom post type or are you using an wordpress ecommerce plugin?


I have question before buying your plugin.

A read plugin documentation, but there is now information about mapping category in feed to my taxonomy terms on my web.

For axample in feed: Product is in category “Electronics > Mobiles and navigation”

But on my website I want insert this product into “Electro” instead of “Electronics” and subcategory I have just “Mobiles” instead of “Mobiles and navigation”.

Is it possible to insert products into categories as I have them on my website? And how?

Thank you.

Hello, can you add to your plugin possibility for category mapping like you advice here

Wp All import do it great. Can you add this to your plugin too?

Thanks, i have added this suggestion onto the roadmap.


I want to buy your plugin, but I have one question.

I have my custom function which assigns posts to certain taxonomy terms, when posts are created or updated. This function is executed on action hook ‘save_post’.

I need to know if my custom function will execute when feed will be updated with your plugin.

In other words, when feed is updated, is it something like update posts with action hook ‘save_post’?

Thank you,


Hi David,

The importer used wp_insert_post and wp_update_post to create/update records, these should trigger the save_post action that you mention.


Is it possible to use this to mass import articles, then schedule them to publish x number everyday?

Example. 1; import 100 articles, then set it to publish 5 articles everuday.

2; Possible to set to publish 1 of these 5 articles per hour (or publish 1 every x hour)

3; I will lobe the imported articles to be shown as “scheduled”, so that I can edit them as I want before they auto publish

Hi Dannyogolo,

By default this is not possible, but you can write a custom function and use that as the published date of the article to set a future date, making sure you only have 5 articles published per day, and seperating each by an hour. If you need help writing this custom function let me know and i can help you out.



Perce2 Purchased

Hi James, hope you are well?

Is it possible to truncate the “product_name” (unique identifier) of the import file?
Need to update existing WC products that were already imported, but not with IWP.

Import file “product_name” = Specialized Tarmac Sl7 Pro Sram Force Etap Axs Carbon Road Bike – 2022 56cm – Silver
Existing “product_name” = Specialized Tarmac Sl7 Pro Sram Force Etap Axs Carbon Road Bike



Perce2 Purchased

Hi James, hope you are well?

Is it possible to truncate the “product_name” (unique identifier) of the import file?
Need to update existing WC products that were already imported, but not with IWP.

Import file “product_name” = Specialized Tarmac Sl7 Pro Sram Force Etap Axs Carbon Road Bike – 2022 56cm – Silver
Existing “product_name” = Specialized Tarmac Sl7 Pro Sram Force Etap Axs Carbon Road Bike


Hey, could you help me please by rewrite This Value: ”<rehub_offer_coupon_date> 2022-10-23”

To Value: 23.10.222”

And on top the Code must specified Look if the value is filled, if Not ITT should use “Date” Field. <Date> 2022-08-10 19:21:31 </Date>

So i think on this example:
[IF({/rehub_offer_coupon_date[1][.=""]})][date( "d.m.Y", strtotime(str_replace("-", ".", {/Date[1]}) ))][ELSE][date( "d.m.Y", strtotime(str_replace("-", ".", {/rehub_offer_coupon_date[1]}) ))][ENDIF]

But it want work. So please could you help me, please.

Hi, so that i can help, can you please create a support ticket here:


vacdk Purchased

In the free version you can import data to the post field, but can you add data to your on created (cpt) custom post types with Pro version ?

Hi vacdk, yes the pro version allows you to import into custom post types

Do you support JetEngine CCT (Custom Content Type)?

Hi Idealabs,

At the moment we currently do not yet support Jet Engine CCT, as this is the first i have heard about this.


Ok, Crocoblock claims it is standard JSON format for import/export of CCTs. Might be a clue if you want to add it to your product.

Hi. Possible to save custom post type custom fields data in custom database tables?

Hi, it is not possible to save data into custom data tables without some custom coding.

Hi, I’m looking at your product and would like to know if it works with features especially with the custom tables feature Thanks.

Yours sincerely Luiz Araujo

Hi, sorry i have not heard of metabox before, or that extension, i doubt it will work out of the box with importwp as plugins like that require some kind of integration, i will have a look around and see what is possible to see what is involved with the base metabox plugin.


Hi im Buyer of Rehub Theme an had Problem by using Hierachy. I inserted ” > ” and in other Test ”>” but no one want import the Categories as Parent and Child Categories.

Could you check it please,

That link takes me to a google maps???

I’ve send you an pm.


Perce2 Purchased

Hi James,

using ImportWP with Rehub theme, after updating to 2.5.0 imports no longer work!
Getting error message – “Unable to locate importer template: woocommerce-product”

Rolling back to version 2.4.10 imports resume to work.
Please advise.

v2.5.1 has been released and restores the old method of loading extensions (specifically yoast and woocommerce addons) , please note this was originally removed due to errors being thrown during WordPress plugin update / file replacement process.


Perce2 Purchased

Thanks James, have now uploaded latest version of import woocommerce.

Why was there no notification showing that a new version was available?

The version of importwp woocommerce addon you had installed did not have the update checker code installed, this update code is only in the most recent versions.

Hi, ive tried creating a support ticket on your website and also through envato but it says my support is expired.. However, i see many people have the same problem as I do.. So please be so kind as to assist as we supported you and bought your item long ago even when we didn’t need to use it immediately.

1) Images and attachments /files won’t download from the remote xml file into the images or featured image WooCommerce fields. (I am however able to download them into the product description in the details about the product as can be seen in the attached pictures to this ticket)

2) brands and categories are not importing into the brands and categories taxonomies even though they appear to be mapped correctly.

3) How do I set a markup to be automatically added or adjusted onto the price of the imported products (for example, markup of 10 percent)

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

please assist.

Hi SalSync, your comment is in a queue, please note we do not work the weekend.

If you are unable to create a support ticket, please email me via the form on my codecanyon profile, with a little more information (this will allow communication via email):

1) how have you have configured the importing of images / attachments in the importer?

2) can you give more information about this?

3) Import wp allows you to use custom methods to modify data, you should be able to add a function to your themes function file or via a plugin allowing you to add x% to the price, if you need help with creating this function let me know and i can make it for you.

Are you able to export your importer via Tools > Import WP > Settings / Tools > Import / Export and attach the file.

It would also be helpful if you can attach your xml / csv file (even if its just the first row/record) so that i can better understand.



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