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VEMEME Purchased

I tried the demo for this and after signing up it took me to the back-end of your wordpress. Is it possible with this plugin to keep users on the front-end at all times?

Also, the signup email was a plain text mail from ‘Wordpress’, does this plugin have options to design your own email that gets send to new users, or a mailchimp integration? A plain text mail is to basic for a premium photography website in my opinion.

Hope you could answer these, thanks and keep up the good work.

Hi, check the documentation in the plugin folder, or the list of shortcodes on the plugin Dashboard page or check the documentation on our site.

The signup email can be customized with plugins, I am using Better Notifications for WordPress version 1.5 (free).

To disallow access to backend, hide the admin bar from non-admins, as seen in the screenshot below:


An enhanced login option is coming in the next version.


VEMEME Purchased

Hey, thanks for the Better Notifications tip, i’ll try it.

Look at the plugin Dashboardhttps://gyazo.com/780e2b85bd878a96bc1e001bacf899ff – you need to add some pages and some shortcodes:

[imagepress-add] will add a submission form. [imagepress-show] will show the submitted images.

I will update the documentation on my site with a step by step installation, you are right, there are no basic steps there.


sashv13 Purchased

Hi there, everything works for me except when I click on the image using [imagepress-show filters=”yes” sort = “yes” author=”yes”] On the page, I can only see the image in the lightbox. there is no option to like, comment/share the image as shown in the imagepress demo or in a website by posterspy. How do I go about fixing that?


sashv13 Purchased

Thank very much for your assistance. Its working now! :-)

You are welcome! Don’t forget to rate it if you find it useful.


sashv13 Purchased


Hi there, Today I purchased your plugin and testing it on the localhost. I am facing several problems and needs some assistance. 1- Lightbox popup not working with prettyphoto even though I have added rel tag in settings and chose image behavior “Open image page”. Error message “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image is loaded”. 2- After removing rel tag image loads in its single image page(single-image template) which I don’t want to show as a page. From there if i click on the picture meta information such as category keyword, it takes me to the standard archive page. url is like “sitename/imagepress_image_category/category/ ” 3- How to remove/change the imagepress_image_category/ from the url. 4- In author profile, it doesn’t show my uploaded images. Only display the numbers “2 uploads” Kindly let me know as I am testing it locally so I cannot give you the access to view the backend.


1. Lightbox behaviour doesn’t work with “open image page” option. You either open a new page or the image media in a lightbox.

2. Categories are a theme feature, and if you want them to be displayed differently, you will have to modify your theme.

3. You can’t, that’s a custom post type feature (native in WordPress).

4. Are your images published? Do they have a featured image? Do you see them in ImagePress -> All Images?

Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for quick reply. 1- How do I achieve your demo poster spy style lightbox popup. Little detailed instructions required. 2 & 3 – Again in the poster site: If I click in the category from the lightbox it takes to the filtered category page instead of category archive page. And it doesn’t show the sitename/imagepress_image_category/category/ instead https://posterspy.com/genre/tv-shows/ 4- Yes the images are published and shown in the specific page but not in the author’s profile. I don’t have any other plugin installed except imagepress in test environment.


1. That’s not a demo, that’s custom coded.

2 & 3. Again, that’s custom coded.

4. Are the featured images big enough?

Thank you.


sashv13 Purchased

Hi there, I am having a similar issue as above with the Lightbox popup not working and getting this error message “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image is loaded”. I have enabled the prettyphoto lightbox fix, however its still not working

You advised that Lightbox behaviour doesn’t work with “open image page” option. However, where is this setting? I cant see it under imagepress settings or could there be other reason for this?


sashv13 Purchased

also I tried jquery Colorbox with custom template, it just opens in a new page. lightbox doesnt work


sashv13 Purchased

Just to summarise I am trying to achieve the below

1) How do I open a page (single-image.php) in a lightbox when a user clicks on the image, similar to poster spy. At the moment, the whole page loads.

2) I have created a notification menu item and notifications are appearing correctly. However, when there is a new notification for a user they should be alerted. How can I get the number alert to display on Notification menu item.

3) Is there a way for a user to like an image and comment on the same page similar to something like instagram instead of them going through a separate page. Is that something you have planned for a future release?


1. You need to code it yourself or hire a developer.

2. Are you using the Noir UI theme? That theme has the alerts integrated into the theme, complete with CSS styles.

3. No, it’s not possible and it’s not planned for a future release. The default behaviour is to open the images in a new page and all interactions to take place there.

I have a Question:
I need to make a web site for copyright registration of visual arts, thats mean artist do that steps:
1- register on the website
2- upload they own made images/videos in specific category (they are few category like 2D Arts, 3D Arts etc …)
3- web master check that image if confirmed will published on his/her own page artist gallery 4- this upload have limitation like upload how many uploads per month by user level (Normal, Golden, Diamond …)
5- this levels and limitation by point that user can gain or buy also could be free for basic option


1. Possible.

2. Possible. For videos, they still need an image (like a featured image, or a cover image).

3. Possible.

4. Possible, but not per month. The limits are global. You would need to code the new functionality yourself, or use a third-party plugin.

5. See #4.

Thank you.


sashv13 Purchased

Are users able to delete their profile if they wish to from the front end?

No, they are not. This depends on each site’s profile, some admins allow it, some don’t.


sashv13 Purchased

Hi what is this function used for? ip_notifications_menu_item();

I am trying to display a count on top of the bell when there is a new notification. Any help on how this can be achieved will be much appreciated Thanks in advance

Not yet, it’s still in progress.


sashv13 Purchased

Any update on this please?

Hi! I’m trying to find out how to make Imagepress display larger thumbnails. Whatever I do, it keeps showing the same size (which i really, really small). I’ve tried changing the settings, but when i I try to select a size from ”other registered sizes” – it switches back to ”thumbnail” when I save. I’ve also tried changing the general thumbnail size i WP’s media settings – but to no avail. I use a shortcode called [imagepress-show] to display the pictures. I would like the thumbnails to be apps. 250×250px :-) PS – I’m working in AVADA theme :-)

Thanks a bunch :-)

The version on Themeforest has not been updated. You still download Version 6.8.2 when you download from Themeforest :-D

It should be live now. Can you confirm?

hi bro. your plugin is great. the idea behind it is great. i do have some question and i could not find the answer in documents or comments.

1. is there any option to set a page as main page of images? the plugin used the page that I could not arrange it throw normal page building. its need coding.

2. witch lightbox you suggest to have description an … on the box? the free one only shows image. or need a lot of tweaking.

3. is custom fields available in back end? its now visible on the form. i dont want the front end uploading form.

hope in feature release the running of the plugin would be more easy or the document would more precise and

1. How can I have most veiw images (with tumbnail) at widget area? You already said in comment it would be in version 6. Image text list is useles I think.

2. The same question for most liked or voted.

You don’t need to set anything in jQuery Colorbox, it works out of the box, just set it to work with all images.

You can only see an image list for now, I will add more widgets in the next version, next Thursday.

So. Waiting for the widgets…

Looking forward for the ‘Slideshow’ feature.

Show me an example of a slideshow you like. I will work on this feature this week.

waiting for the widgets….

Hello, I set up the plugin and my pages. When testing them out some of them required me to refresh the page in order for it to load correctly. Those pages being: 1) Whenever an image is clicked 2) After editing the profile 3) Accessing a user Profile Is there a way to fix this?

Maybe you have a caching plugin that’s acting up. Did you try with no active plugins and the default theme?

any news about the update? widgets?

No updates yet, version 7.0.0 is still in development.

The demo would not let me post a pic. Is it broken?

Please explain “would not let me”. Do you get an error?

Can’t access the demo at this time to retest.

Is it still down for you?


tlemmy Purchased

Any decent widgets or a good way to display the pictures on a home page?


You can put the [imagepress-show] shortcode in a widget.


tlemmy Purchased

How about a slider though or a rotating image of some sort so it changed for the people that are viewing them. Does this work with any of the sliders out there? This setup is really nice but this seems to be very limited on front end display options.

A slider extension is in progress. It should be done by next month.


We are trying to build a stock image website with Download feature. We will be having a paid and a free section. For selling we will be using a different plugin as i understand that imagepress cant be used for selling images. Hence for the free section we will use Imagepress. We have the following questions before we purchase.

1. Does the plugin have any compatibility issues with Themify themes? 2. Is there any feature where we can add a “Download image” button with the images? So that visitors can download images with the click of a button? 3. Are there features to display only selected details of the images, eg we do not wish to display exif etc.

Waiting for your reply. Sangramsingh

Inside the plugin’s settings, you have a Dashboard section. You have all the shortcodes there. Also, there is a PDF included in the /documentation/ folder. Also, there’s a link inside the plugin’s settings leading to the official documentation page.



I have done everything else except for the following:

Error: Your author profile edit URL is not set. Go to Users section and set it.

Is there any way you can point me to a page or instructions to go about it please?

Also is there any way i can add a download button everytime any image is displayed in the lightbox please?

Thank you

Hi. Go to the Users section in the ImagePress settings and add it. It should be “user” or “author” or “artist” or whatever you need.

Depending on the lightbox plugin you are using, it might provide you with a download button.


PseT Purchased

Hello, My author page url is /portfolio/pseudo, the page works perfectly. But all link in imagePress are /author/pseudo. What is the problem ?


I think 48.000 images are too many for the loop to handle. I don’t have a demo that big, but I’ll set up a server and add 50.000 images and see where the bottleneck is.


PseT Purchased

If you need, I open an access to my website

That would be good. You have my email.


wspc Purchased

I have been using an old version (2.3.4) of ImagePress for some time now and only just downloaded the latest version so I actually get two versions of ImagePress in my Dashboard. When I activate the new version, the photos disappear – no one to blame but myself really, but was just wondering if the images can be transferred to the new version?

Yes, they should work out of the box, nothing was changed from an image behaviour point of view. Contact me via email and we’ll take it from there.