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cloz Purchased

Hi, how can I customize the space between the images? Is it possible to use the whole page for the image grid? Responsive full page grid image. I hope I explained myself correctly :D

You can use CSS to customise everything.

Regarding the whole page for the image grid, I think it depends on the theme. There is no option to do it from within the plugin.


cloz Purchased

ok thanks


I purchased the plugin a couple days ago. I like the whole idea, but after reading the documentation, I have to say it is not very user friendly.

I know that everyone would benefit from a simple Step by Step setup video to show how to create the pages necessary to have the system running. For example:

1. Login page for Authors 2. Author Account Page 3. etc…....

I am sure that it is very simple using shortcodes, but it would save 200% more time having a 2 min video which I am sure you guys can create within 10min.

In my case, I am using an Uncode Theme. Can you provide me with a simple step by step of how to setup the system? I need something like: Step 1 – Create a page called X, use shortcode Y to create Z, etc…

This would be very helpful.

Thank you.


Hi, I’m currently using ImagePress version 7.0.5.
I’ve created a Custom Field with drop down options and am using it in the image upload form. Can I make this field mandatory in the form.
Thanks you,

Thanks, I’ll go ahead and install the latest updated version.
I notice that the shortcode [imagepress-show] for displaying images is now [imagepress-loop] will I need to amend that where I’ve used it in my pages.
Thanks for adding the mandatory option to you future features list. It will be very useful.

Yes, you will need to amend the shortcode.

Keep a copy of your old plugin, just in case.

Thank You.


cloz Purchased

Hi, in the documentation there is written: related images (optional, can be placed in the sidebar). How does it fit into the sidebar? With a shortcode?

Thank you


cloz Purchased

Hi, I think there’s a bug in the profile editor. If the first time you update the profile by entering your data afterwards it is not possible to leave the input field empty. You can only modify them but do not leave them empty. For example if I want to delete the facebook link you can not. This happens for all input fields.

Can you send me a screenshot? I can’t reproduce this issue.


cloz Purchased

Ok, how do I send it?

Use ciprian [at] getbutterfly [dot] com.

Hi Cip,

i am having trouble with making a random shortcode feature in a widget with 6 images. I have tried all the examples in the comments section, but none seem to work. Can you help out a brother :)

br Lars G

Hi Lars, I contacted you via Google chat.


PseT Purchased

Hi, How to hide users with no portfolio on the [cinnamon-card] page ? But actually i see all wordpress users.


A patch for that is in progress, should be ready in 1-2 weeks. Sorry for the delay.

Hi, I already have a wordpress site setup where users already have accounts etc. Will this work with the accounts already set up? Or will it end up creating a second account? Thanks

It will work out of the box. The plugin uses whatever account system you have in place.

Hi. I’m looking for a plugin that will allow me to create photo galleries and only accessible to certain users. Let’s say I’m a photographer and I take pictures at a wedding, I then want my client to access these pictures on my website. The client needs a username and password to access these and no one else can access them unless I give them permission to. Will this work? Thanks!

This plugin will work for the gallery part. Limiting access to the gallery page can be done natively in WordPresd or using a membership plugin.

your main site is down so no one can access the documentation.

It’s up now.


You’re welcome!


Mdi360 Purchased

I just bought and install the plugin and when installing it indicates : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pagination() (previously declared in /home/factuimi/public_html/clientes/plastinartepro/wp-content/themes/wplms/includes/func.php:675) in /home/factuimi/public_html/clientes/plastinartepro/wp-content/plugins/imagepress/includes/alpha-functions.php on line 305 please Help.

It will be fixed tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Mdi360 Purchased

I’m sorry, I do not understand the answer, since the problem is still happening, I still can not activate the purchased plugin.

It has been fixed now and pushed live. You should get a notification when version 7.9.3 is published. Enjoy!

I’ve created two custom fields for “image” posts (“competition_category”, and “skill_level” ) and I use them in shortcodes in page templates to filter the displayed images on a page:

echo do_shortcode(‘[imagepress-loop fieldname=”competition_category” fieldvalue=”2019_2”]’); and echo do_shortcode(‘[imagepress-loop fieldname=”skill_level” fieldvalue=”advanced”]’);

Is it possible to filter on both custom fields within a single imagepress_loop shortcode?


I want to reduce the image sizes & increase the number of images in a row. While looking at the documentation here: I found out that there should be an option for that beneath Configurator tab. But its not available there. Could you please let me know where & how I can do this?


Spev Purchased

Hi, any update?