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PseT Purchased

Hello, Did you see my paging problem, Same as PosterSpy?


I want to implement a different pagination system to allow for different pages using native WordPress functions. This would probably be released in version 8 and it will lack some of the current filters and sorting features.

Nice news, Do you have an idea of the release date of version 8?

If the plan goes as it’s supposed to, this pagination feature will be released as an addon, and I’m hoping for a month or less.


I have few Query.

I’m using Noir UI theme version 5.0.0 and ImagePress plugin version 7.0.4

1: I can’t see Upload Button Link Filed in Imagepress Plugin setting? As i have upload Button on Top left Side in Noir Theme.

2: Want to Give Awards to User as Contributor or like Artist of Month, How can I set this please help me in this. and Where Awards will display.

3: I have LightBOX problem. I have installed jQuery colorBOX , Now what to put Lightbox integration rel=? .


Persie J

Please update the theme, as the upload button is now gone. You can set awards in the Users tab (check the awards button). The awards will be displayed on the user’s profile page.

Regarding the lightbox, for jQuery Colorbox you don’t need any special configuration. it should work out of the box.

Hi there, is it possible to allow users to rotate the image when they upload? This is the most common request I get after integrating ImagePress. Thx

No, it’s not. Do you know any plugin that does that? I could take a look and see how other plugins are doing this, as it’s browser dependent.

Does this support AWS S3 Offload by DeliciousBrain?

I don’t know what that is, but ImagePress does not have Amazon S3 support.

Hi, I have Imagepress and will be buying Noir UI. 1- I need to know if these two are enough to produce images showing in a popup like the showase website you show: https://posterspy.com/ or this needs further hand coding? 2- If no.1 is doable, is there a ay that users can navigate through images using swipe on mobile, or arrows on desktop, instead of opening every photo then closing it then opening the next one? thanks

Hi, it would require additional coding.

Hi, can you do this at additional cost? or this has to be done completely outside butterflymedia? thanks

No, I am not available for freelance coding.


lady1178 Purchased

One of my favorites. How about some audio and video add for direct uploads? ☺

You want to add audio and video files? How would you show them? As download links? You could use custom fields and add links to your files.


orange3d Purchased


I’m using Noir 5.0.5 and image press 7.0.4, I have a problem with Download button after clicking it’s showing this error.


is there any modification needed in ip-download.php or in function.php

Please help me in this.


What error is that? I can only see the download path and it looks correct to me.


orange3d Purchased

can i send you email?

Done! Replied.


lady1178 Purchased

Hi i’m trying to verify if a feature is missing that i thought was previously there but i can’t loggin to your Noir site.


lady1178 Purchased

Hi, i got logged in, thank you! I decided to purchase your noir theme as it looks really nice. I noticed on your demo site when logged in, I am unable to follow users. Same issue on my site with noir theme. Also on your demo site there is a menu button on the left and on the right there is a notification button and user icon on the right. Should this also be on my site? Thanks!


lady1178 Purchased

Ignore the menu comment, i figured that part out. :)

The current release of Noir UI is a beta release. I will fix the follow bug tomorrow morning and re-release it. Thank you!