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Hi Cip,

i am having trouble with making a random shortcode feature in a widget with 6 images. I have tried all the examples in the comments section, but none seem to work. Can you help out a brother :)

br Lars G

Hi Lars, I contacted you via Google chat.

Hi, How to hide users with no portfolio on the [cinnamon-card] page ? But actually i see all wordpress users.


A patch for that is in progress, should be ready in 1-2 weeks. Sorry for the delay.

Hi, I already have a wordpress site setup where users already have accounts etc. Will this work with the accounts already set up? Or will it end up creating a second account? Thanks

It will work out of the box. The plugin uses whatever account system you have in place.

Hi. I’m looking for a plugin that will allow me to create photo galleries and only accessible to certain users. Let’s say I’m a photographer and I take pictures at a wedding, I then want my client to access these pictures on my website. The client needs a username and password to access these and no one else can access them unless I give them permission to. Will this work? Thanks!

This plugin will work for the gallery part. Limiting access to the gallery page can be done natively in WordPresd or using a membership plugin.

your main site is down so no one can access the documentation.

It’s up now.


You’re welcome!

I just bought and install the plugin and when installing it indicates : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pagination() (previously declared in /home/factuimi/public_html/clientes/plastinartepro/wp-content/themes/wplms/includes/func.php:675) in /home/factuimi/public_html/clientes/plastinartepro/wp-content/plugins/imagepress/includes/alpha-functions.php on line 305 please Help.

It will be fixed tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m sorry, I do not understand the answer, since the problem is still happening, I still can not activate the purchased plugin.

It has been fixed now and pushed live. You should get a notification when version 7.9.3 is published. Enjoy!

I’ve created two custom fields for “image” posts (“competition_category”, and “skill_level” ) and I use them in shortcodes in page templates to filter the displayed images on a page:

echo do_shortcode(‘[imagepress-loop fieldname=”competition_category” fieldvalue=”2019_2”]’); and echo do_shortcode(‘[imagepress-loop fieldname=”skill_level” fieldvalue=”advanced”]’);

Is it possible to filter on both custom fields within a single imagepress_loop shortcode?



Spev Purchased

I want to reduce the image sizes & increase the number of images in a row. While looking at the documentation here: I found out that there should be an option for that beneath Configurator tab. But its not available there. Could you please let me know where & how I can do this?


Spev Purchased

Hi, any update?

You can use CSS to override the current design. I’ll release a new version tomorrow morning which includes a new, Flex-powered grid.

Hi there, are you still offering support? I emailed the support address on your website about 2 1/2 weeks ago and haven’t heard back. Please let me know if there’s a different way I should be requesting support. Thanks

Yeah, sorry about that, the plugin is not a priority for me right now. I’ll check my old emails and see if I can help with something.

We need to upload and display pictures in directories set up under the uploads directory. Is this plugin usable for images located there?

We need to mange our pictures in directories set up under the uploads directory and not in wordpress media location. As this is a requirement for us, we cannot buy unless we have support to specify the file system directory for all the shortcodes. Several groups keep and show thumbnails of galleries of pictures associated with events. Each group has it’s own location under the wordpress uploads directory. If we are to replace our custom PHP code, we need to get to those pictures and upload to those locations.

The plugin uses the same system as WordPress. If you change the upload path in WordPress using hooks, it might work.

Pre-sale question I have been looking forever for a gallery that my members can upload their images to without my intervention. Something that can display their photo and have those photos associated with their account (so everyone would know that Photos A, B, C are from member A, and so on). Looking at all the screenshots, I don’t see how a member can upload their image. Is it just not shown in those screenshots or is it a gallery where the admin has to add those images?

Great. I’ll wait for that release and look into it over the weekend.

Any update about this? I would love to see it in action as i have been looking for a “front loading gallery” for a long time.

I’ve been considering updating it in the past months, but I haven’t had time. I’ll try to push for it in February.

How to we obtain/purchase the addons that are advertised in the ImagePress Settings admin? The links to not lead to pages where I can download or learn how to purchase them.


The addons are now integrated in the main plugin. I will push a release tonight and it should be live by tomorrow morning.

Hi, does this plugin support direct downloads by users. If so, does the system support vector images (at least for download, but perhaps using pixel image within thumbnails and lightbox)?

It does support direct downloads, but it only supports web format images (JPEG, PNG, GIF).


We are going to build a page like:


The right side of the image with the special font title and content.

Is it possible to create a album or portfolio layout like this?