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Hello, I have reached out via your site to request assistance with an issue we are having with the galleries but did not hear back. The first gallery image is not appearing on the gallery page. You can see an example at https://www.artbeadscenestudio.com/imagepress_image_category/abs-challenge-august-2017/. Please advise on how we can correct this issue. Thank you!

Hello and sorry for the delay. I can’t see any ImagePress gallery on that page.

Is there a way to send you a screenshot? There is a gallery on that page and we just set up an additional gallery page today. Neither will show the featured image. See – https://www.artbeadscenestudio.com/imagepress_image_category/abs-challenge-september-2017/. Thanks for your reply.

PLEASE REPLY TO THIS REQUEST!!! We have been quite patient but your support team seems to be very inadequate.


cikmi Purchased

Where are you? Please at least reply the email, omg…

Hi, I must have missed your email, can you try again?


cikmi Purchased

Hi, just now replied to your email. Please check, thanks.

Checked and replied.

Where on earth are you???? I bought this item thinking I will have support and I am having a problem with it from the very first day but no word from you even after two whole weeks!!!!!!

Hi. I have replied to both your emails, we had a payment processing issue on our side.

while activating the plugin, it is showing error: Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/cubesqkn/public_html/wp-content/plugins/imagepress/imagepress.php on line 203

please help me to fix.


You need to upgrade your PHP to version 5.5 or higher. You have a very old version, most likely 5.4. Please contact your host or check your hosting panel.


mlxllc Purchased

I purchased the full version about 5 months ago and just got around to installing it today (ver 7.4, fresh download from CodeCanyon) Once I install it, there is no ImagePress menu at all. Tried deactivating every plugin except ImagePress and still no menu. Refreshed permalinks and still nothing. Even tried switching themes, nothing. Please advise.


mlxllc Purchased

In looking at the database, I see a bunch of trash left behind by _BWG, which is https://wordpress.org/plugins/gallery-plugin/ I had been testing other galleries before finding your so maybe deleting these unused tables will help. Those plugins no longer exist and left behind a mess.


mlxllc Purchased

That wasn’t it…and it look like those tables were from a webdorado gallery. I also had a bunch of tables left over from Wordfence and removed all these unused tables…problem persists.

Hi, I replied to you via email, let’s take it from there.


cikmi Purchased

New plugin; Fatal error: Cannot redeclare imagepress_widget() (previously declared in /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/imagepress/imagepress.php:1061) in /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/imagepress-7.4.3/imagepress.php on line 1054

Help please, thank you.

It seems like you have the plugin installed twice. Please remove the old version.


cikmi Purchased

Yes, works after remove old plugin. Btw can help me fix the theme for mobile please…. I’m still not advertise my site because of waiting for mobile support.


MBadsey Purchased

It seems your website form doesn’t work, so I’ve had to paste it here!.

Hi, purchased your ImagePress plugin however, im having an issue with the Portfolio part, I’ve uploaded images to my account to test the feature but when i access http://admin.stocker.today i see no images, same applies to when viewing the portfolio option in the profile, And i haven’t see an option to add to portfolio either.

Would like some clarification on how to sort this out.

Also some suggestions: -the tags should be a text box not a drop down. -could you update it so it shows exif information -Awards should be automatically applied to accounts and not manually

apart from that seems like a great plugin!


Hello! I have replied to your email.


cikmi Purchased

Could not fully remove the plugin(s) imagepress-7.4.3/imagepress.php.

Any help? Thanks :)

Use SFTP and remove the folder.


cikmi Purchased

And may i know how to make the image automatic publish please?

Check the Settings section and remove image moderation.


cikmi Purchased

Ok got it


cikmi Purchased

May i know why author login URL not same as setting? Current setting for login URL is “Note: Your author login URL is https://mydomain.com/login/" , but on the index website show “mydomain.com/login/”. It should be “https://”, may i know how to fix it please?

We are not available for custom customisation work.

Why can’t you download? Can you log into your account?


cikmi Purchased

Not available for custom work? Your theme not display menu on mobile, thats u said it was custom request? Seriously? Now 2017, not 2007.

Btw, i gues you never read the email hmmm… I can login, but when i tried to download i got this error; “You do not have permission to view this file.”

I will check your profile and see what is going on.


cikmi Purchased

Hello, may i know how to fix author profile? When im open author link, its display “You are already logged in.” I cant even view my own profile.

I see. I think I missed the author link for collections.

I will get everything fixed. Sorry for this.


cikmi Purchased

Thanks for the update, really awesome now. Just some of function not working properly now:

1 – Plugin 1.1 – Notification page returned into “Not Found” https://pixalshare.com/notifications/

1.2 – Default role for user is “Author” right? As author they can access Imagepress from wp-admin and delete the image, how to blocked them from deleting the image?

2 – Theme 2.1 – Seem like theme now support for mobile, but login button not display include the menu on mobile display because currently login button at seperate place. https://i.imgur.com/fbiIHes.jpg My suggestion, it can be done without editing the theme? Just make user can login on upload page if they are not loged in yet. Currently https://pixalshare.com/upload/ display “You need to be logged in to upload an image.” So i think for user who are not loged in yet, on that page got function for username and password.

2.2 – May i know how to make the menu full with width display using PC? https://i.imgur.com/3Aknchk.png

Hi great plugin any plans for Buddypress version?

No native integration, but the plugin should work with BuddyPress.

I have my site set to not allow new registrations via WP General Settings, however, the cinnamon-login shortcode seems to disregard this, offers new signup link, and then sets them immediately to “Author” state without email activation.

Hi, I know, this is how it works.

You are right, though, I need to take into consideration the General -> Settings option and close registration. I will do it for the next release, next week.

Ace – thanks…

It’s done. Let me know how it works for you.

Very much appreciated Cheers!!! :)

You are welcome!

It does not work on my site, I’m disappointed. I’m struggling all day with this thing but it’s not working ….

Can you see the featured image in your WordPress Dashboard? Those links don’t help.

You don’t have featured images. You need a featured image for each of those posts.

can I add tags to photos? where to see the demo admin panel?

Yes, you can add tags to photos, just like a regular post. There is no admin demo panel, the images are just custom post types.

Is it just a plugin for Wordpress? Or a template with a set of plugins for Wordpress?

It’s a plugin for WordPress which works with all themes out there.

How do you update this plugin? Do you just upload the new version so it overwrites the old files or is there an actual update function?

It would be helpful if you added the exact steps on the PROPER way to update the plugin to the documentation. Can you list the exact steps I should take to update this plugin in order to avoid potential loss of data? I have a lot of images and I don’t want to lose them, and restoring from a backup would be a real pain.

Custom CSS section from ImagePress or from your theme Customizer? If it’s from ImagePress, then it’s an old version and you should copy it to your Customizer -> Additional CSS section.

You need to delete the old one first.

Or, if you use SFTP, then just overwrite it.

The proper way to update the plugin is:

1. If you have a Custom CSS section in your ImagePress Settings, save them locally. 2. Copy your CSS to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS. 3. Deactivate and delete old plugin (make a local copy for safety). 4. Add and activate new plugin.

That’s it.

Images are saved as custom post types, so they don’t get lost.


JTC1966 Purchased

Does anyone know how to display a page of “most liked” images. I can display links but not the images, I’ve been through the documentation to no avail.

Quick update: it’s done. I will release it later this week.

The shortcode will look like this:

[imagepress-loop sort="likes" count="10"]

JTC1966 Purchased

yes, I’m using Noir UI. As I said, I can display a list of links to the most popular images, but a gallery of most liked is exactly what I’m after.

Thanks very much for getting onto this so quickly. I’m very pleased to see that additional features such as this are receiving such prompt attention. A massive thumbs up from me.


Yes, it’s done and I want to also add a “most voted” shortcode before the release, this week.