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I have upload all file in my server, but some icon not display of the youtube player. I use index_buttons2_100.

Here is screen shot of the video player



Can you provide a live link to your wege? Here or privately: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact


I am sorry i can not provide the url. What is common issue with the problem? What is css that related to the problem?

I can only advise of the problem if you provide live page.

HI one quick question… I purchased this script from you a while ago and I have a minor issue I would like to ask… How can I fix a tiny bug to ENABLE using both mouse or touch screen on my HP pavillion X-360 PC computer. Since I cannot move the playhead in any direction (scroll bar horizontal) with my mouse so that I can skip the movie to another section of the file being player? Please help


On touch screen monitor, touch currently works, this will be updated in future updates.

hi, how do i get the interface (the bar with the play & volume etc) to be loaded before the video. currently the video has to load before it appears, I need it there before the video appears: www.seenoequal.com/tv

No, its not possible without code modification. I cant make you quick change in jquery without deep testing, but if you want proper modification I can provide the the quote.

so whats the quote for modification?

As I said, I will quickly modify it for free, send a private message so I can give you the modified file (it it still doesnt work properly in all circumstances, mobile / desktop etc… I can provide you the quote).


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I would like to know how to embed Youtube videos. Also, I would like the bottom bar of the video to be the default of Youtube.

The format I like is that of index_scroll_100.html and I would like to know how it could be done to display the full text of each video.

Thank you very much and greetings,

Alba Molino


Which youtube video type do you need?

Help documentaion can help / Using Youtube video can give some guidance, also index_buttons.html demo example has listed all Youtube example, just serach for ‘youtube_single’ or ‘youtube_playlist’ and you will see them.

Video controls in this plugin can only be custom like they are shown in the demo previews, which means you cannot use Youtube default one.


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The new update at 9 march is not working.

That is weird, I will repackage the item again and re-upload.

Thanks for the input.


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the jquery.vplp.min.js isn’t included at zip.

I have noticed this, thanks.


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Hi, the toggle Full Screen is not working correctly. The archives that yours are facility are not working. we up or samples on our servers and not work at fullscreen. Any solution?


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with the new update, it’s working correctly. Thanks!.

Hi, i have problems to show the complete Content inside an IFrame. The DIV-Tag has these sizes (1024×600). But allways when i change this content the content flow to the left or to the right. Can you tell me, what i must change, because i like show the complete content in the middle of my homepage Please help !!

Hi. Now i have edit the doResize Event and also i have correct the size both to 1024×360. Thats enough for the View.. But the view is the same. I dont know why.

OK. Thanks. So i must look whats the mistake. I think its the contentbuilding inside flash-mc. I tell you when i found the error. Thanks !!

1 – Is there an option in the player to let the viewer choose the bit rate on a self hosted video? 2 – Can I upload the same file with multi quality 144, 360, 720, 1080 etc? 3 – Is it compatible with VAST, Google ads, etc. 4 – Is it possible to use it in ionic or frame 7 framework or angular js or with nodejs basically with Cordova. 5 – What kind of DRM support this player can provide? Can It block downloaded from browser apps like downloadhelper, IDM etc. 6 – Subtitle support possible?


Some answers below:

1. No, its not possible to choose bitrate

2. Its possible to choose between different video qualities for the same video if multiple video qualities are provided.

3. No

4. No

5. No, it cant block downloads

6. Subtitles are available for html5 self hosted video in webvtt format.

does it support mid roll and post roll ads

No, but I have the plugin that does that:


Sorry. I must come back. I think the DivClass is the problem because the size are not all ok. For check i have set the IFrame to this size (1720×360) The mainWrapper size are 1720×360 The componentWrapper size are 640×360 The playerHolder size are 0×360 and so only the Buttons are showed If you want i can send you a Screenshot.

I cant see what you are doing in your flash website. I have provided the iframe example:


If you want some other example let me know.


I downloaded the latest version of the HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist but noticed that the change log does not match the previous versions.

There seems to be some major changes with this one but it seems to work for what I am using the player for except the, Youtube without API code.

I also checked the help documentation and it doesn’t mention the data-noapi option anymore.

Is this a new product change or is the download from envato incorrect?


The “Using Youtube without API” option does not seem to be available anymore with the newest version.

Is the “Using Youtube without API” option something that you are considering adding back in a future update?


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Okay, I’ll let them know to renew it.

its possible make a one xml playlist personalized per user?


Playlist can be loaded for xml, but this is jquery plugin, so there is no user section.

I just purchased the html5 Video player (af21d56c-61bc-4208-874d-45e5bfddcf56 – 28 Apr 2017 )

I’d like to know how to create a Youtube playlist. I have the API key.

do you have a working example I can look at for a Youtube playlist like: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZvG5aEEhKw4Rx9UL8cBgEROJVkzcMDYL

Thank You


If you look in index_scroll.html demo, you will see Youtube playlist example.

Dont forget to create Youtube api key and enter in settings.

I am looking for a video gallery template to use on Shopify. Would this video gallery work?


This is jquery plugin, made with html, css and javascript. I hope this helps.

After upgrading to the latest version, the player is not sizing correctly. It worked fine in previous version. See what I’m talking about here: http://pridenation.com/channel/pnnews.html


Last update didnt include any layout changes. Maybe you meant to embed videoGallery_noPlaylist_100 demo? (or copy its css)

That was the solution. I changed css to “videoGallery_noPlaylist_100” and it fits again. I’m not sure why it changed when upgrading but that was an issue on our end. Thank You

Is there a way not to have the Advertise preroll only play once at beginning of youtube playlist? Right now, the advertise video is playing at the beginning of every youtube video and it’s annoying to viewers.


Since you are using youtube playlist(which is treated as multi video group) then all the data attached to it (in your case Advertise preroll) is attached to every video inside that playlist. Its not possible otherwise currently. You could achieve this is you were using youtube single videos.

But I see this option (to attach data to first video only) being useful, so I will see if this can be added in future updates.


This support is getting expensive. I spent over $50.00 this weekend. You response time are pretty good, but it still expensive. Anyway, on to my problem. Just like with the audio program I am having the same problem with the Video program in that is want to keep looping at the end. I am using the single popup. I have one video only. When clicked on the video plays, but when it get to the end it then plays it again.

I have turn looping on and off and it does not seem to do anything. I have autoPlay, LoopingOn, AutoAdvanceToNextVideo all set to false.

How and whey does the program loop. I would think the default should be off to begin with.

Please tell me how to fix?

autoPlay: false,

/* loopingOn: on playlist end rewind to beginning (last item in playlist) /
loopingOn: false,
/autoAdvanceToNextVideo: true/false (use this to loop video) */


I just test with following and the video stop at the end:

loopingOn: false,

Do you have a different setup?

My setup had autoAdvanceToNextVideo set to false. I have changed to true and all seems to be working correct. Some are the setting are a little confusing to understand. But that being said, the program is great and Support has really been good.

I have the video play working great and all issue I thought were resolved. Today, I received an email that told me the video did not work on their Iphone 5. I check the issue and sure enough, any mobile device it appears not to work. FYI—Work great on desktop. Any idea what the problem is with the mobile?


Both the icon and the image should work when click upon.

Thanks in advance.

Not sure what os is iphone 5 running, but I can confirm video works on apple latest ios 10. This can be tested in my demo examples:


If videos on my demo play on your side, then try changing video encoding.

You can always test with included videos as well.

I tested things per your suggestion—Your video has not problem playing on my iPhone. Therefore, it would my belief that I have something setup incorrectly. You suggest changing the video encoding. How is this done?

Try encoding videos using handbrake: https://handbrake.fr/

Hi, just a quick and simple question….

How can I disable the TOUCH enable feature on desktop laptops which have touch screens?

For us at work it is quite annoying since we have to get up from our desks and walk over to the computer to touch and drag the timeline.

I prefer to make the usb mouse the default interface on laptops in order to drag the progress bar.

I will appreciate your feedback.


Hugo Barbosa


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Please tell me what is the main difference between




And please tell me which of the scripts is more promising and which one will you update more?


I would say that the main difference is that first plugin support video, audio and images, while second just video files.

Its hard to say which one will get more updates in the future.

Hi. I see you have a very nice plugin there!! I have one question i need to get answer for before buying it. Is there any option to open/close the list with videos on bottom or right side? If not, is it easy enough to be implemented such functionality?

Thank you!


Tean Author

This is much newer plugin with new code and lots of more features and options.

Great! One thing i noticed that it is missing is the functionality for the ads. Will you support this in future update of the “Ultimate Media Gallery” ?


Tean Author

Its hard to say, but depending on the demand, we might add this feature as well.