HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist

HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist

HTML5 Video Gallery with a cool ‘Live playlist’ feature could be used as video gallery, video player or any kind of video showcase. All demo examples included in the download package for easy setup.


  • Only mp4 video format required for all browsers and devices
  • Responsive layouts
  • Multiple instances in same page supported (example included)
  • Youtube API V3
    • Single video
    • Youtube playlist
    • Youtube channel
    • Youtube user channels
    • Youtube video search
  • Playlist types availabile
    • HTML markup
    • XML playlist (example included)
    • Read folder of videos
  • Mix together Youtube and MP4 videos to create any kind of playlist
  • Optional deeplinking with jquery address
  • Optional automatically generated video thumbnails and description for Youtube
  • You can use your own thumbnails and video info for Youtube as well.
  • Video subtitles, captions support in srt/vtt format for html5 video.
  • Wall layout features
    • Optional Lightbox attached to videos
    • Optional web links attached to videos
    • Empty video click actions (run your own actions on video click)
  • ‘Live preview’ feature is optional (automatically play video on playlist item rollover)
  • Optional right click context menu
  • Optional video download (specify your own path)
  • Youtube video search option for Youtube
  • Optional Youtube suggested video quality
  • Video quality option (for youtube grabs all available qualities automatically, for mp4 videos any number of qualities can be set)
  • Optional pre roll ads with skip advance and link settings (video adverts)
  • Video adverts can have optional quality, subtitles and description as well like the main video
  • Video aspect ratio (original, fit inside, fit outside)
  • Optional video autoplay
  • Optional random play
  • Optional video looping
  • Optional auto advance to next video
  • Optional auto hide controls
  • Optional description
  • Optional auto open description
  • Optional player logo with link
  • Public API available
    • Play media
    • Pause media
    • Toggle media
    • Next media
    • Previous media
    • Destroy media
    • Destroy playlist
    • Seek
    • Toggle description
    • Get title
    • Get description
    • Load media or playlist
    • Get playlist data
    • add Track(s) to playlist
    • remove Track(s) from playlist
    • Skip Intro
  • Callbacks available
    • Setup Done
    • Playlist End
    • Playlist Loaded
    • Item Triggered
    • Video Start
    • Video End
    • Play
    • Pause
    • Playlist Item Enabled
    • Playlist Item Disabled
    • Playlist Item Rollover
    • Playlist Item Rollout
    • Playlist Empty
    • Fullscreen Enter
    • Fullscreen Exit
    • Caption (subtitle) change
    • Quality change

Special Thanks to dorde for sample videos used in the demo.

Updates / Changelog

UPDATE 4.8 [9.12.2017]

  • [UPDATE] update to jQuery 3.2.1

UPDATE 4.65 [12.6.2017]

  • [UPDATE] bug fixes
  • [UPDATE] some code improvements
  • [UPDATE] Youtube api improvements

UPDATE 4.6 [10.4.2017]

  • [UPDATE] some code improvements

UPDATE 4.5 [11.3.2017]

  • [UPDATE] some code improvements

UPDATE 4.4 [18.12.2016]

  • [ADD] added inline video playback on iphone

UPDATE 4.3 [27.9.2016]

  • [UPDATE] update compatibility with jquery 3


version 4.25
  • updated folder parsing for mp4 videos


version 4.2
  • some tooltip updates


version 4.15
  • fixed deeplink active item (start video)


version 4.1
  • updated subtitles to srt / vtt format
  • updated big play btn over video area
  • updated youtube suggested quality


version 4.0
  • only mp4 video format required for all browsers
  • update to Youtube api V3
  • updated live playlist layout


version 3.65
  • only mp4 video format required for all browsers


version 3.63
  • updated youtube for http and https


version 3.62
  • fixed some bugs with ios (_youtubeStarted, mediaPath+=”?rand=” + (Math.random() * 99999999);)


version 3.61
  • Updated captions to load single xml file
  • added HTML5 fullscreen for IE11


version 3.6
  • subtitles / captions now available for html5 video and youtube
  • added optional right click context menu
  • many overall improvements


version 3.51


version 3.5
  • added optional video download (specify your own path)
  • added youtube video search option
  • added video quality option (for youtube grabs all available qualities automatically, for mp4/ogv/webm videos any number of qualities can be set)
  • added optional pre roll video adds with skip advance (video advert)
  • added optional timed html elements over video (mid roll adds)
  • added optional chapters through video (specify video time and chapter caption)
  • new improved API methods
  • new callbacks
  • new demos
  • improved wall HTML markup
  • lightbox changed to fancybox2 in wall layout
  • added database playlist option (+ examples included)
  • added media_id identifier in settings for multiple players (automatically pause/play multiple players in same page)
  • added button tooltips
  • multiple players in same page supported (example included)
  • updated flash embedding for multiple players
  • fixed caption menu position
  • fixed safari jquery address back from first item issue
  • many small improvements


version 3.12


version 3.1
  • added HTML5 captions support
  • redesigned player controls (+ font awesome icons)
  • added timer for hiding player controls in fullscreen
  • added social icons
  • updated youtube mobile playback
  • fixed webm support query


version 3.03
  • changed autoplay to on after first play
  • added click touch on video


version 3.02
  • update to jquery 1.10.2


version 3.01
  • fixed youtube tooltip value
  • playlist reordering and process important fix for mixed playlists


version 3.0
  • whole layouts made completely responsive
  • other minor overall code imporvements
10.7.2013 version 2.3
  • added XML playlist
  • added folder playlist (automatically load videos from folders)
  • added option to choose between ogv and webm video format


version 2.21
  • added youtube fullscreen button in all browsers
  • added youtube option to play highest video quality available


version 2.2
  • update to jquery 1.9.1
  • update jquery address (for deeplinking) for jquery 1.9.1
  • update prettyphoto for jquery 1.9.1
  • removed mini toggle button (w_toggle) in widget example (was causing unwanted problems on mobile with video)


version 2.1
  • improved youtube filtering (private, deleted, restricted videos)
  • video paths separated in index files (mp4, ogv, webm)
  • local video fullscreen improved
  • video updated for IOS 6
  • improved flash backup for older browsers
  • optional playlist
  • new layouts included (no playlist example, widget example, video wall examples with optional Prettyphoto)
  • overall bug fixes and code improvements