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Hi There, I uploaded zip file contents in hosting server and extracted them. How can I see this signature pad in page?

Hi Daniel, thanks for purchasing! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work right “out of the box” in some cases, depending on your server set up. Besides, you probably don’t want to upload the entire zip content since some of it contains files you don’t need on your server. But you may be able to upload just the “demo” folder and content to get an idea of how it works. I don’t suggest using the demo files for your production files though. There’s a “Read Me” document that explains how to install in very easy short steps. Let me know if you still get stuck and I can assist.

Hi I love this signature pad script. but before purchase, 1 quick question. can I determine the name for the saved signature to be written into mysql.

2. can I determine the folder to save the signatures?

Yes, you can change the name of the generated file. But, you’ll have to create the script yourself if you wish to insert to mysql. You can privately email me if you wish for me to assist. I do charge a fair fee.

Hi, is there any advice on how to add this to a Wordpress site?

Hey Amber, thanks for for buying my web app. Technically, there shouldn’t be anything different you need to do to add it to wordpress. You can simply add the necc files and simply follow the provided guide. Msg me if you need further assistance. I do offer help for a small fee :)

Hi I Just bought it. How to keep all the generated image in the folder,Now only one image is generating and it getting replaced. Please help,I need all images to keep in the folder

Hi i send a direct message your portfolio page please check and replay me there

Hi any update

Hi i send a direct message your portfolio page any update on it please

Sent you an email regarding a modification request, please see!

Hi, on mobile my canvas is way off. I have to sign out of the box for it to appear on the box. What could be the issue?

Hello, what mobile device did you test this on? I can check for myself and see if I can provide you some suggestions for tweaking.

I have sent you an email with the link

Hi is there a way to set the background colour manually hardcoded as white as I have just tried the demo on firefox 55.0.3 and the image is downloading as back on transparent therefore it is not showing the signature. Thanks


Hi just notice that you use eval. Can you confirm that this is a secure implementation of this as I have heard bad things :-) Thanks

Well, eval is only bad if implemented wrong…. true for many things. In this scenario, the use of eval is only to build out the actual object so it’s not obfuscated. Otherwise, it has no other purpose and cannot be injected with code that can do anything negative.

Hi, I have uploaded the zip source code to my wordpress website, I know that GD library is enabled (checked) and I also have a php everywhere plugin installed. However, this plugin does not seem to work anyway… I even followed the instruction which is included in the zipped folder to “include both the CSS file “dd_signature_pad.css” and Javascript file “dd_signature_pad.js” between the head tag Then to simply add the ID “dd_signaturePadWrapper” to any DIV element and set the directory to proper read-write permissions (777)” Does this product actually work? And what am I missing? Thanks in advance for you response

Hi accountalitics, thanks for purchasing and supporting my web app. Yes, for sure it works. You can even look at my demo page here…

Here’s a few things you may want to ensure.. - The supporting file are indeed loaded properly - There are no Javascript errors showing in your browser console log - Be sure you have Imagick - Make sure your set up allows Canvas element (HTML5)

If you still have troubles, hit me up privately and we can communicate more :)

Hi do you have documentation for this as would love to know if this would work on an application I am developing for my invoicing system.

For instance how is the image saved? when a form is sent or on the fly?


Hi, thanks for your interest in my web app.

- Yes, it comes with documentation, as well as demo files

- Image is saved as a transparent PNG

- The save process is triggered via a function call. So you can call it independently or via other methods… such as a form submission (your own logic to call it).

Hope that helps!

can I create a contract and put that signature for the contract to be signed?

That depends on how / where you’re creating this contract. If it’s a web-based document that can be controlled via html/css/javascript, then yes. Since this web-app outputs a PNG of the signature, you can easily use that on some later process… such as using PHP to embed it to a PDF, which I often do myself.