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I bought the player but it does not work on iPad. Local files are in mp4, and they can be seen directly on iPad but not with your player, or even get the button “play”. Any idea what I can do or what is wrong?

Many thanks

No solution yet? I need your mp4 player display in Ipad. It is urgent!

Please post on the support forum with a link.


I already do but take too long to answer and do not give me solutions. I have detected more faults but do not know if it’s worth repeating.

Hello, is there any easy to hide the video link in the page source code form?   Thank you!

Everything was working properly but suddenly, after the latest Chrome update (for smartphones) videos do not reproduce although not get any error. This only happens in Chrome, other browsers no problem.

Is anyone in the same situation?


I think I’ve figured out why it does not work properly on smartphones if the video contains advertising: advertising blocks video controls as the browser waits you press play … so never works. Is there any solution?

Thank you

Best Regards

I somehow someone to answer me ??? It seems that is not important because I’ve already purchased

Sorry for the delay!

Just got my xperia back for testing

I’ll post a update for this Monday – Tuesday

Hi, yes: http://europalau.tv/carta.php

I’m pretty sure that the problem comes from Chrome in its latest update on the above looks good, and in all other browsers. As I said, it’s not your fault, just wondering if you are aware of this and if there is any solution. The problem is only for smartphones, in computers looks fine




Replied below :).


I somehow someone to answer me ??? It seems that is not important because I’ve already purchased

My customer is waiting impatiently, it’s too long without running the apliacación. Thanks again

Okay after some debugging on iOS safari and Android Chrome I managed to port ads on mobile devices.

PM me via my profile and I will send you the update on your mail


Ok, thanks!

mybe im little stupid but can u give me html for youtube.

i have some youtube videos i want to use your gallery

Hello menno23,

All information you need in order to setup our gallery can be found on our docs in the readme folder received when purchased the plugin.


can u tell me please how to use it with youtube videos

<script type="text/javascript" src="videogallery/vplayer.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="videogallery/vplayer.css"/>

<div class="videogallery-con currGallery" style="width:100%; height:auto;">
                    <!--START VIDEO GALLERY-->
                    <div id="vg1" class="videogallery skin_default" style="width:100%; height:300px;">

                        <div class="vplayer-tobe" data-videotitle="YouTube Video" data-type="youtube" data-src="7Ab7UOUtN_Q" data-adtype="youtube" data-adsource="RFZrzg62Zj0"><div class="menuDescription">{ytthumb}<div class="the-title">This is an YouTube video</div>The thumbnail can autogenerate... an ad will play before this video</div>

                    <div class="preloader" />
                    <!--END VIDEO GALLERY-->



Hello, Does it works well in wordpress blog or joomla,prestashop,drupal,magento ? All the best


Yes. it can be integrated in joomla – read about integrating in joomla – http://digitalzoomstudio.net/docs/zoomsounds/ ( different component but same procedure )

You can include it in any cms as long the cms accepts html code

Hello,Sorry to ask you that i m a newbie ! does it work into html templates too ? All the best

Sure, that’s what it’s for basically


The examples are not in separate folder. it’s really not easy

I’ll separate them in next update


I purchase your html video player. Would you be interested in modifying my existing html5 video player. I would like to remove the video gallery list scroll bar and replace it with scrolling using the mouse pointer. How much would you estimate to complete this task? Thanks, Henry

Isn’t the default example scrollable with mouse pointer ? - https://0.s3.envato.com/files/87681587/index.html


Yes your default example is scrolled using the mouse. I was asking if your interested in giving the same functionality on a different separate html5 video player. Let me know how much it will cost for this project?

Aw ok,

About 2 hours of custom work. You can see the rate on my profile page.


It is possible to set the volume down so that it is silent unless the viewer wants to activate it with the button?


Yes, go to vplayer/vplayer.js replace the contents from the contents of vplayer.dev.js

On line 3099 you will see

                if (localStorage != null) {
                    if (localStorage.getItem('volumeIndex') === null)
                        defaultVolume = 1;
                        defaultVolume = localStorage.getItem('volumeIndex');

replace with

                if (localStorage != null) {
                    if (localStorage.getItem('volumeIndex') === null)
                        defaultVolume = 0;
                        defaultVolume = localStorage.getItem('volumeIndex');

Send me a PM via my profile and I can send you latest update on which you can apply this modification.


On my site http://www.telewizjawarszawa.pl/ is a problem with the video gallery on main site. When play the movie and stop it, and then switch to another and run it, and when we go back to the previous movie, we can not run it and in the background you can hear the second movie.

Please help.

Can you change data-sourcemp4 with data-source here :

<div class="vplayer-tobe" data-type="video" data-videotitle="Konferencja Wellness pt. Jeste? tym, co jesz" data-img="http://www.telewizjawarszawa.pl/modules/video_news/files/339.jpg" data-sourcemp4="http://www.telewizjawarszawa.pl/modules/video_news/files/339.m4v" data-sourceogg="http://www.telewizjawarszawa.pl/modules/video_news/files/339.ogv" data-sourcewebm="http://www.telewizjawarszawa.pl/modules/video_news/files/339.webm" data-sourceflash="http://www.telewizjawarszawa.pl/modules/video_news/files/339.flv">
            <div class="menuDescription">
                <img src="http://www.telewizjawarszawa.pl/modules/video_news/files/339.jpg" class="imgblock" />
                <div class="the-title">Konferencja Wellness pt. "Jeste? tym, co jesz"</div>

Let me know if it works


Nothing has changed :(. See test here -> http://www.telewizjakielce24.pl/_test/index_tw.html


Send me FTP login here


I’ll have a look



vcech Purchased

Hello, I have bought your HTML5 Blue Video Gallery. Please could you advise me how to play local mp4 video files on it? I am not able to play them in any of your original installation examples. You can try it on my web site here: http://test3.os10.cz/source/index.html I have uploaded there the full original ‘source‘ folder. Because I need the video player just for playing of local mp4 files saved on my web (no YouTube, Vimeo, or other shared videos now), it would be appreciated if you could send some very simple working html file as an example / template for this purpose. Thank you in advance. Regards, Vladimir Cech

Hi Vladimir

Seems you did everything correctly. I’m sorry I think this is a bug.

I submitted the update and should be available tomorrow

Thank you!


vcech Purchased

It works now. Thank you for your prompt response and fix.


vcech Purchased

Hello, I reclaimed mp4 playing tomorrow. It has been fixed and it works now. However, it seems that Javascript Video Player settings in html files do not work correctly. For example, if I change the controls opacity in the original index-onlyvideo.html file nothing happens. Please could you tell me if I am wrong? If yes, please describe shortly based on some original index file from the “source” folder where and how to change parameters as controls opacity, autoplay, hideControls etc. to be working and influencing Video Player behaviour. Regards, Vladimir


vcech Purchased

Sorry, of course Windows 8, but not 9. However, the behaviour is even stranger on Windows 8.1 with IE 11 today. The fullscreen icon is not active at all, just displayed, as well as the volume controls. But it might be by some security restriction in the IE there.


Sorry for the delay – I had to find a windows 8.1 laptop

it’s fixed

UPDATE 9.05 [ 05/03/2016 ]

  • [FIX] ie11 on windows 8.1 fullscreen event
  • [FIX] other small bugs

should be available for download tomorrow



vcech Purchased

Thank you very much for your support. I have tested the player on all needed OS (Win 10, Win 8.1, Android, iOS) and it works OK now.

hi are you there?

i placed h265.mp4 to slider. But there is only audio.Screen is not visualization

Can you show me a link ?



JorgeGR Purchased

I have problem, the source´s carpet have html´s but don´t run correctly. The pages don´t run in Firefox, Chrome. The examples don´t run. ??? I never have this experience in codecanyon. Do you have other zip/rar with files ok ?

Hello Jorge

Send me a PM via my profile I’ll send you zip.

If you try to to just double click the index files, it might not work – you might consider uploading to a server or setting up a local server.

Place it online somewhere please so I can check

Thank you!

Hi, I am interested in buying this. I have few questions before that.

1. does the backend portal is provided along with this purchase? if not where to purchase?
2. Can I have categories to the videos? 
3. DZS Video Gallery will come with the purchase? if not where to purchase?



This is the plugin complete with backend – https://codecanyon.net/item/video-gallery-wordpress-plugin-w-youtube-vimeo-/157782 ( for wordpress )


Thank you for the awesome viewer. I have 2 questions: 1. How do you make the viewer a fixed value. videoWidth: 800, videoHeight: 600,

2. How do I make the menu items start at the top of the list. Currently, If there are 3 menu items in the gallery then they will be centered vertically and then the menu will gradually move down and disappear.

3. During a search, is it possible to move the results to the top of the list? Currently, there are just highlighted. Also, how do you make the highlight brigther? Thanks


1. Make sure in the videoplayer settings that responsive_ratio is set to default

var videoplayersettings = {
        autoplay : "off",
        videoWidth : 500,
        videoHeight : 300,
        constrols_out_opacity : 0.9,
        constrols_normal_opacity : 0.9
        ,settings_video_overlay : 'on'
        ,settings_hideControls : "off" 
        ,design_skin: "sameasgallery" 
        ,responsive_ratio : "default" 
        ,action_video_view : window.dzsvg_send_view_view

In the videogallery div then, you can set any height

For example

<div id="vg1" class="videogallery skin_pro" style="width:100%; height: 400px;">

2. you can write this css anywhere

<style>.videogallery--navigation-container{ top:0!important; }</style>

3. I just submitted update that hides the non-search items completely



vcech Purchased

Hi, Please could you fix a small bug. If I open the video player on iPhone and switch to full screen mode, the native iOS controls appear instead of my skin (I use Skin_Reborn). It is OK with me, but after return to the fixed width mode the video playing stops, however the play button displays incorrectly the pause icon (play icon should be there). Maybe, a principal solution could be to use native video player application for iOS all the time. You can fix it for this case now but Apple can change their API in next upgrades and any problem is here again. Thanks.


vcech Purchased

If I open your web site “index-one-video-reborn.html” in iOS, the correct reborn skin with the preview image displays. Then, if I click on the PLAY button (or on the FULLSCREEN button), the native iOS player starts playing the video (it could be). Than, if I click on the EXIT FULLSCREEN button in this native iOS player (the video is still playing), the reborn skin displays back, but the video stops (correctly it should stay playing) and the PAUSE button is displayed (the displayed PAUSE button would be correct, but in the case, if the video is still playing). The issue is in the return from the native iOS fullscreen back to the reborn skin with the playing video: either the video should continue to play with the PAUSE button displayed, or, in our case, if the video stops after the return, the PLAY button should be displayed.

I tested on my iOS 10 and Android 5.0 and both seem to work fine – test here – > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mlk2jk6xAo < -

We’ll fix the fullscreen out event to display the play button in the next update



vcech Purchased

Yes, Android is fully OK, iOS is mostly fine except “the fullscreen out event to display the play button”. I will appreciate if you fix it.

Hello i need help, because nothing works. I use Divi from “elegantthemes”.

I put your folders in webspace: www.sta-sendling.de/wp-content/gallerie/source (source ist the last folder)

Than i put your “head” code in the head area.

Third. I put the two “body codes” in the builder area of the Theme with the “module” code to get it in the bodyarea. But nothing happens. What did i wrong? I’am no Worpressprofessional and i was very surprised, that your plugin ist not very easy to install via plugin install. Now i have problems. Please help.

kind regards Mario

Hello Mario

This is not wordpress plugin – it’s javascript plugin

You are better of purchasing https://codecanyon.net/item/video-gallery-wordpress-plugin-w-youtube-vimeo/157782?ref=ZoomIt for wordpress and just pasting the shortcode in a divi builder text block – very easy