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I noticed that when another user (that I set up) logs in that they cannot see the listings (doctors & hospitals) that I have posted. Can this be changed so that no matter which user logs in they will be able to see and edit any of the listings?

I have no plans to have any accounts other than administrator accounts on this site, but there may be a few administrators logging in and adding/editing the doctors/hospitals as any given time. So to have all the listings appear for everyone on their My Account page would be what I need to have.

I don’t mind editing the template files either if you know an easy fix for this.

I have figured out how to show all listing but when the other user tries to edit any listing I have added I get this message:

Please Login or upgrade To Edit The Post.

How do I get it so the other admins can edit any listings?

Admin can edit listing from wp-admin dashboard. We will add the front end admin access in the next plugin upgrade.


Nice! Thanks.

Maybe some child-theme support as well in that next upgrade.

Can I upload a CSV file to populate this directory in the beginning?

Yes. Thanks for your interest.

Please download xml files from here : http://e-plugin.com/hd/faq/


Hi there. If I were to install this plugin on a different WordPress theme, will it still function as displayed/advertised? If not, will I be entitled to receiving support to make it function as desired?

NOTE: This does not mean “customisation.”

Will I be entitled to receiving support to make it function as desired in case it didn’t within the theme?

Please check the demo before purchase.



The plugin is configured to be used on a certain theme. My question is, in the event that I installed it on another theme, does the support package allow for you to support me in setting up, troubleshooting, and debugging any possible issues, that may arise once it is set up on a different theme?

It is a simple “yes, we will offer support in that capacity” or “no, we won’t offer that kind of support” question.

Can I use this for something other than hospitals and doctors such as dance studios and instructors?

No, But you can use the plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/institutions-directory/19404510

You can add/edit/delete custom post type here.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi Team,

Iam interested to purchase your theme

Your demo site is showing error establishing database connection.

Please check and give me the demo link

Please check again.


Hi The plugin doesn’t work guy !!! I’m loosing a good client for that ! When putting category and borough (Paris) or a location (town) with for exemple 15 km (the radius isn’t accurate enough, I’ve told you about that before and nothing has change) I’ve no results !!!

I’ve been with my client now and he’s angry ! Why the support is so long ? When I’ve bought the plugin I also bought the support…I really don’t know what to do with this plugin that don’t work…

Look by your self :


Keywords : nothing Category : all Location : 75017 Paris, France Radius : 20km (even with 30 or 170km) !

Sorry, no hospital matched your criteria.

Second thing : The radius isn’t accurate at all !

Third thing : What the use of the Keyword label ? What doest it display ? In with base information it search ?

Forth thing : In the user full page, (I’ve also ask you without a response) I’ve no space between About and the name of the user. How to add space.


Hi Aktar. I’ve created a doctor to test. It doesn’t work. The adresse is good, I’ve test it on Google Maps. I’ve enter : zip code, adresse, town…

Why do you delete the radius ? This is the strong point of your plugin and this is for it that I bought it :/

Thank’s for reply

Check your email.


ok ;)


nisaar11 Purchased

When I create a page with the [listing_layout_style_1] to display hospitals with pagination, the pagination part is not working. What am i doing wrong?


nisaar11 Purchased

When I create a page with the [listing_layout_style_1] to display hospitals with pagination, the pagination part is not working. What am i doing wrong?

Please check the setting from wp-admin dashboard.

If you get any issue then send your site wp-admin access here : aktar567@gmail.com


Hello there,

I’m interested in your system. My aim is to organize your system by yourself and to set up a hotel reservation and promotion site. Can you help with this ? Can I do the edits myself? Especially the reservation feature caught my attention. I want to take this as a project in the city where I live.

If you are a developer then you can customize the plugin.


Hi, do i still need a theme such as Enfold 4.0 and WP Membership plugin when buying this plugin? How do i add buy online consultation/ call back now? Regards, Martin

No, WP Membership plugin is included with Hospital & Doctor Directory plugin.

You can use the plugin with any theme. We use enfold theme for our demo site.

Thanks for your interest.


jaypatch Purchased

I want to look at shortcodes to create home page, but your site is down

Please check again.



I plan to buy the Medicom Wordpress medical theme. I want to have a filter based on the location and area (eg. first dropdown for the state (say NY), another dropdown for all areas in NY(say I select Upper Manhattan) and then a dropdown with all doctors based in NY/Upper Manhattan.

Is your plugin compatible with this theme and can I use it for a filter like above?

Thanks, Priyanka

Thanks for your interest. Our plugin will not work with theme’s search fields.

Good afternoon, I need some help with a simple project to present at school with the following conditions: – The work will be placed in Xampp with Mysql, Html, Php, Css, etc. – The project consists of helping senior people taking medication who are in a senior center. – Register the various personal information, doctors, nurses, patients at their senior center – Register medicines to be taken (pills) and their administrative type, whether it is oral, injectable, dermal, etc., – Record how many times you should take the medicine and for how long. – Show on a console per line, which is scrolling, the name of the patients, medication to be taken, type of medication, time of medication, and ahead a checkbox that is filled when the medicine is taken and that line disappears from the Monitor when it is attached. – At the end of the day leave a report with the patients who did not take the medications, or if everyone took to say that everything was fulfilled. – Be able to do a search per patient to see their medication history and if they are taking it. – Being able to schedule appointments with the doctors and show the appointments in the monitoring console – People who manage the program, have a login in which is registered with a unique key, through their mail. How much does a project similar to this cost? I have already created the tables in the database. I can connect via php, but my knowledge is still basic for what I set out to do. Could you please reply to me as soon as possible.

Thank you, João Mota J3mota@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest. The plugin will not fit for your requirement.