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Bought the plugin and i’m using it on one of my clients websites. I need to show the search results on other pages as well, is it possible?

No, search result show on listing archive page only.


Hi, I want to use this for a niche business directory. It would include just one type of business covering multiple cities. Could I use the categories for different locations instead of for different business types? So on the homepage users could click on their city to display the listings for that location. Also, is the plugin designed specifically to be used with the Enfold theme?

How do I trasnlate the plugin? are there any instructions? I tried with Loco Translate but didn’t worked

You need to translate string to your languages by loco plugin.


Thanks for response. Any helpfull instructions on how I do that?

Please go wp-admin -> Loco menu -> Update your languages .po file. Please check loco plugin help doc .


Is this plugin designed to be used on the Enfold theme as on the demo site?

You can use with any theme. Thanks

Could you explain to me how the messaging and appointment systems work? Are messages and appointments sent directly by email to the listing’s owner?

You need to use 3rd party appointment plugin. The message will get both listing owner & site admin.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi. I just purchased your plugin because we wanted to display a listing of doctor offices and do a search for it. I was wondering if there is any other documentation other than the one provided. I am not sure how to add the doctor information along with the address location and other information for each doctor office. Any help would be appreciated.



Please add/edit listing from front-end “My account” page.


Do you have any test content I can upload to my theme?

Yes. You can find here : http://e-plugin.com/hd/faq/


Hi, Is there a plugin I can use to manage the custom post types? I’m using the plugin for a directory of chiropractors so I would like to make a few changes.

Thanks, login details have been sent.

Fixed, Please check again.


Yes, it’s working now. Thanks for your help.

Dear Author, When a new user is try to make a registration with a fix free 3month pack, after registration the user couldn’t add new item (doctor or hospital profile ). Unfortunately, the other packages still not working because of payment problems. The problems are the fallowing: all data can be filled out, but after doing the “save” everything “goes away” and nothing appears. If (as an admin) we make a new item and we pass the access to a real user, after the user logged in, and did some change and saved it, everything (the whole profile) disappears. (we do the change in Edit Doctor Item / Claim Approve / User ID change) Site URL: www.jodokik.hu

There is a change, now it does not work as an administrator. Please help because this system is useless. I sent the admin username and password to the requested address.

What is your email address ?


Would this work better for a business executive directory than your Lawyer plugin? It seems that it may allow companies to be listed (instead of hospital) and business executives (instead of doctors)?


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Hi. Thanks for the help previously. Can you help me with getting the map and advanced search to display by default when the page is loaded without clicking the buttons to load them? Like in your demo?

Thanks in advance.


Please go wp-admin dashboard > Hospital Doctor Directory -> Settings> Directory


Pre Sale Question: Is This Responsive?? Bidding option usage and in demo not displayed.could you please explained this feature.In live demo i didnot find any where??

One More Suggestion: Zipcode manually entering is not good option rather than google map key integrated then best

1. Yes, It is responsive

2. For bidding : you can check the FAQ : http://e-plugin.com/directories/faq/ -> How Bidding Works

3. For Search : Zipcode is auto complete dropdown

For Add/edit doctor/hospital : Zipcode will auto collect by google map API.