Discussion on Heroes Assemble - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Heroes Assemble - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

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I was trying to access the tutorial at but it is giving the following error:

There has been a critical error on this website.

Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.

Is there somewhere else we can view the tutorial until this is fixed?

Thank you!

My bad – should be ok now

This plugin is really superb. I am wondering, however, if you have code so that I can make the modal, particularly the centerered modal a box instead of full-length. The bios we use are short so we just want centered rectangle in the lightbox modal. Can you please provide me code to do this and where and how to change it? I read a thread about changing the view.php file and created a CSS class file but it broke the site so if you could walk me through it that would be enormously helpfu. Thank you in advance!

The development site is here: However, what I am looking for is where to insert the dimensions to shrink the lightbox – exactly where. I had tried and as I said locked up the entire site.

Also I am aware the top row on the page is NOT your plugin. I was testing options but Heroes is really a superb solution if I can modify the lightbox popup to be more like the plugin at the top. That is what I am trying to get to… thanks in advance Nathan.

Please note that the top row light box layout is not possible with this plugin.

However, My suggestion would be to use a landscape ratio image for the light box only. At the moment, all your image are in portrait ratio. Hence why it taken up all the space. If you convert it to a landscape ratio image, then it wouldn’t taken up that many spaces, which will make it looks smaller.

Hi, is there a way to have more than 4 columns?

Yes – the settings can allows you to up to 6 columns. If you need more, you can use CSS to adjust it.

What css is needed to force the images or columns to be the same size?

Hi, I have pre-purchase question: it is possible to import a list of members from an excel or xml? because I have 500 employes to show. Thanks!!!!

There is no built-in import and export function in this plugin.

However, heroes is a custom post type. Which means you can use any import/export plugins that support custom post types to do the importing process.

You might not be able to importing everything. But, it should import enough to get you started,

Hi. really nice plugin, thanks :)

I’ve been using demo 6 layout ( and it appears to be kind of masonry so if an occupation spills onto more than one line then the person underneath is longer horizontal aligned with the rest of it’s row..

Would it be possible for each line to start on a new row?

I’ll need to see your site in order to give you a proper suggestion. Please submit a ticket here: so that I can work with you privately on this issue.

I see the code you gave to make the entire image clickable – but – once you close the module, the image disappears until you scroll back over it. What adjustment needs to be done to fix that issue?

Here’s the css you need:

[id=”lhea-heroes”] li.lhea-hero .lhea-member-hover .lhea-external-link { display: block; width: 100%; height: 100% }

[id=”lhea-heroes”] li.lhea-hero .lhea-member-hover .lhea-modal-trigger { display: block; width: 100%; height: 100% }

[id*=”lhea-heroes”] li.lhea-hero .lhea-member-picture .lhea-member-hover { top: 0 !important; left: 0 !important; margin: 0 !important; width: 100%; height: 100%; z-index: 100; }


Amazing plugin!

Any possible way to add a custom, transparent icon on hover or do we need to modify the code directly?

Hello – Great plugin, I’ve got it installed and looking good. But my VP of Marketing is wondering if there is a way to make modal’s active for certain team members and not others. I do not see that option – modals are either universally on or off. Could this plugin be modified to accomplish my VP’s ask?

It depends on how your site are setting up.

Please submit a ticket here: so that I can work with you privately on this issue

We are looking for a team plugin like this, but need to be able to filter based on skill rather than on department as in your demos. Is this possible?

The department / team is based on category. You can change it to whatever you want (skills, etc). However, please note that you can only filter one category type. So, if you want to use Skills as the filter, you can use it to filter team anymore.

Hi, is it possible to use a larger size image in Style #6? We’d like something like 350px, or a responsive % value, vs a 150px. thanks, and I love the plugin thus far!

Just replied to your ticket.


Will this plugin work with my version of Divi? I can’t update my version of Divi anymore so it is stuck at version 4.10.8 I believe. I just want to check I won’t be wasting my money!

Regards, Chris

1. Is it possible to have the image of the slide-in to be a video. 2. Is it possible to enter HTML / iframe video / shortcodes into the details 3. Is it free-form, or always has to be in the format of previous jobs with dates?

Thanks Tim

1. No. But, you can convert the video to gif.

2. Yes

3. Not sure what you mean about it. Can you elaborate?

Thanks for you answers :)

What I mean is that all of the details are in this format – is that fixed as in….

Company (date until date) details. Company (date until date) details.

Or is that just what you’ve put for the demo?

Hope that makes sense


ABC Company ( 2013 until now ) Curabitur ullamcorper euismod sem pellentesque facilisis. Mauris porttitor dui nec odio pellentesque, sed sagittis risus lacinia. Morbi vitae facilisis odio. Praesent odio tellus, porttitor quis hendrerit vitae, tincidunt sed lectus. Aliquam rutrum ultricies lectus, sed ullamcorper mi. Nulla non tempor erat. Maecenas et molestie odio. Phasellus vel porttitor massa, ac porta nulla. Mauris sit amet bibendum erat, nec egestas sapien.

DEF Inc ( from 2010 until 2013 ) Sed non felis ac elit molestie egestas. Cras adipiscing laoreet volutpat. Pellentesque non scelerisque tellus, at pellentesque ante. Nulla in dolor quis arcu commodo imperdiet. Vestibulum vel eros ac tortor interdum ultrices et vel turpis. Ut pretium egestas erat, nec faucibus justo congue eget. Aliquam a augue ac quam bibendum scelerisque quis vel massa.

No – it’s not fixed. That format is up to you

is plugin compatible with latest WP 5.8.1 ?

Can this app be bridged in a ground up Larvel build?

Nope. This is a WordPress plugin

its doesnt install, i downloaded the file and uploaded to my plugins section on WP but it says no plugin was found from the zip file?

don’t worry found solution online

You might have used the wrong file for installation.

The plugin file is within the main file you downloaded from CodeCanyon.

Once you un-zip the main file, you should see two folders, one PDF file, and a zipped file called

Use that zipped file for installation.

Is it Polylang compatible ?

Not sure. I never tested before.

However, the plugin is compatible with WPML.

Hi, how could I move skills to the top just after image on the popup? It seems there is no option to control the layout of popup.

It requires some customization of the plugin. Please submit a ticket here:

Hi I was wondering if the plugin now has two filter levels? As the last mention of it was 2 years ago and my client is requesting it. Thanks great looking plugin btw!

How can I change the circle color of the icon?

Please refer to the documentation at Admin Dashboard > Heroes > Help > 3. Customizing Heroes Assemble Style with CSS > View Custom CSS


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