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im using staff images exactly same size for each profile but the showing up different sizes on frontend, where is it getting this size info from?

Just replied to your ticket

Hey.. Its almost working 100%.. whenever i put a picture in i am unable to view the card.. also when i put an external link its unable to work.. only after i remove the picture everything is working as it should.. can you fix this..?

im willing to pay extra as well. hook it up

I don’t want to discuss the details of custom project here. Please use the contact form in my profile page to email me directly.

send me en email @ .. jaynurrun@gmail.com

Is this plug in compatible with WPML?

Haven’t tried it before. So, I can’t really say it would work. But this plugin does support translation and contains PO file that would helped you do that.

Okay, thank you!


This is the page I’m edditing:


I’m using the seawolf colorset. I want to be able to customize every color. Can you send me the necessary css i can edit for seawolf so i don’t have to find it all separately?

Also, theres a white line on the modal before the content. How do i get rid of that?


Please list down all the elements you want to customize, so that I can pin-point you to the correct css. As for the white line, It’s just a css conflict. You can use the following css to fix it:

.lhea-modal-contents .lhea-modal-post_contents .column { float: none; color: #676767; }

Are you able to remove the skills section from the display? For my website, skills don’t need to be seen.

Yes, you can hide the skills section.

I’m using BeTheme and having all kinds of problems integrating this plugin into my site. Weird spacing (while lines in between photos once clicked), square boxes showing up on hover around the round buttons, adding duel scrolls on the side of my page, text is super tiny and almost unreadable.


There, it’s purchased

Please submit a ticket here: https://smashingadvantage.zendesk.com


Hello. I have a pre-purchase question. Are you able to drag and drop in order to reorder the team members? Please let me know asap. Thank you!

You can set attribute to each members – as just like a wp page. Then, using the sorting option to sort the arrangement according to the attribute inserted.

how do you change the (left slide-in) pop up to have above the header (higher z index)? currently the X button gets lost under the header navigation.

sorry for the response delay (was sick)....i added it to the site and did not fix. the header is still above the modal

I couldn’t find any of the css I provided in your site. You must have enter it at the wrong location. Please use this plugin to insert custom css: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/

ah that worked! instead of the child theme, i added it to the made custom CSS on divi customizer and that worked! thank you so much :)


dibson Purchased

This is a presales question. Am I able to embed youtube, souncloud etc in the pop-up window?

You should able to embed youtube. But, I can’t say the same with soundcloud (since I’ve never tried it before)


dibson Purchased

Can you try that and let me know please? You can get any soundcloud embed.

Pre-sale question, I like this plugin but I want to ask if it will be compatible with Genesis framework and Studiopress Infinity pro child theme, also it has not been updated in a while, are you still actively supporting this plugin?

As long as your theme support shortcode, then it should be able to work with your theme.

As for your second question, yes I’m still supporting this plugin.