Discussion on Helpdesk Ticket System - .NET Core - Angular

Discussion on Helpdesk Ticket System - .NET Core - Angular

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webkaan Purchased

I bought this software, it seems very good and functional. also technical support very well from seller.


Hi, Could you please confirm if the Angular project is an isolated project or included with .Net Core project in one project. Also could you please share with me the project structure ?

thanks, but I did not received anything until now; could you please retry ?

bhplugin Author Team

please check sent again.

Yes, I received just an empty email without any joinned file or something !

I am interested to buy this, after buying this , do i get complete source code to customize the software.

bhplugin Author Team

Yes, you will get full source code after purchase.

Hello, I’m interest to buy and would like to see the project structure in visual studio and SQL DB Structure, Would you please send it to me at I want to proceed in ASP.Net MVC and .Net Core Thank you in advance.

bhplugin Author Team

Hi, I have sent you helpdesk structure in your email.

great, thank you so much… I have received

I’m having issues using your code. npm start doesn’t work, it’s giving errors. Please let me know when would be a good time to check it out on my end.

bhplugin Author Team


Could you please create ticket from below URL ? we will solve your query as soon as possible.

I need to integrate ticket creation with a chat system, how could that be done ?

In ticket details page you can chat with assigned manager. if you want any customization then you can do if you have experience in .NET CORE and angular.

hi, There is a big problem that I face, which is that when I browse the system, it is suspended and it can read data from the database It happens even on the current system here in the demo I think the problem is with this message Error: Connection disconnected with error ‘Error: Server timeout elapsed without receiving a message from the server.’.

and server is shared hosting, so sometimes problem from server also.

This also happens on my local machine and also on the server, and the server has a lot of space

HI, sorry for trouble. Send me on message on my personal email. later we will check using team viewer.

doea it come with full source code ?

Yes, you can modify code as per your need. Whole source code will be included in package with database.

You are free to whatever you want to do/change with code.


thank for your reply , And it can work locally on our local network right ? no need to set it up on a domain ?

Yes it can work on your local IIS server.

Please confirm if we get the complete source code so that our developer can work on it and may use to customize it. Awaiting for your earliest reply.

Just to clarify again, we donot provide any customisation service. Even paid service we will only do if we are available.


Noted…I have purchased the script…please suggest me if you can install in my existing cpanel at or I need a different server for this because I have no knowledge about this .net script

Please send email and you will get all guides.


It’s really great work, but I don’t know why the program stops so much when I add new items and then logs out and I can’t log in unless I update API Rebuild solution

contact me on

Thanks for the quick response and technical support

Is it for white label script use? Does your tool allow admin to create pricing plans for varied buyers?

does your tool allow integration with social channels to offer support to queries coming from social accounts?

No. We have not features anything from above.

Hello, I’m interest and would like to see the project structure in visual studio. Would you please send it to Do you have any projects using .net 6 with a mixture of EF and Stored Procedure? Thank you in advance.

Hi, I have sent you email with screenshot of project structure in visual studio.

Hello, is it possible to receive an architectural overview and see the project structure?

How is the DAL structured? Do we have to provide a db where to save the data, or do you already supply something out-of-the-box?

Yes, we are using Sql server DB.


My database is cloud, when I change the connectionstring for it, the system doesn’t run, could you help me? this is the connection string I’m using: “conn”: “Data; Initial Catalog=e*807; Integrated Security=false;user id=e807;password=E*9; MultipleActiveResultSets= true;”

the error is in ComUtil.cs line248: System.NullReferenceException: ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’

reader was null.

Are you using cloud database in your local ptoject? You can try this conection string and replaced your credentials. “Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;User Id=myUsername;password=myPassword;Trusted_Connection=False;MultipleActiveResultSets=true;”

If you have any permission problem from cloud then will not work with local. Otherwise will work.

I have a need to add a helpdesk, ticketing system and FAQ to new websites (a landing page and a portal that registered and authenticated users will navigate to). I have a few questions; 1. Will I need a Microsoft365 subscription for each user for your product? 2. Is there a recurring cost to licensing your product? 3. Do you have developer documentation that describes how to integrate your UI into my websites UI (such as into our websites menus)? 4. Do you have any training materials prepared?

Thank you

Hi, 1. You have not any subscription for each users. 2. There is not any recurring cost. its one time price. 3. We have developer documentation which covers how to setup, run project, deploy and explains functionality etc. This website you can not directly integrate with your existing website, you can deploy on separate and add links to your existing sites menu. 4. No, we have not any training materials. You can check online demo of application.

If you are a developer then you can customize and update as your requirements.

docker deployment instructions please!

Make sure your both containers are in same environment, are you using 2 separate container for backend and frontend? In that case may be that port is not exposed in cross containers and this can happen.

all are in one network and exposed the same ports from configuration out side the containers

Ok, send me your email, i will contact you tonight and will check.

Hi, what control you have used for displaying list in grid? Have you used any 3rd party control in this?

Its not any third party, we have made our own custom grid with all options.

Ok, have you implemented server side paging, searching, and sorting?

No, its not server side, all these features are on client side.

Error page “user_agent” in Agent List in action “Edit”. When you select a row after selecting a filter in the grid even the selected row to edit the record, a message “Please select row” appears. Can you fix it?

Its not an error. when you filter in grid, your selection will be resets to unselect all rows. you need to select rows after filter or you can edit rows directly on double click on row.

Hi! I cannot access the demo system with the admin user.

May be system is down, i will check and let you know.

When there’s another promotion of the code I’m interested. Today! When the purchase was made, the value had increased. Thanks.


Yes we have increased price because old price was too law and we have spent lots of time for this project. So that price was temporary.

Contact me at and I will setup discount for you.



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