grocery / delivery services / ecommerce multi vendors(Android + iOS + Website) ionic 6 / Laravel

grocery / delivery services / ecommerce multi vendors(Android + iOS + Website) ionic 6 / Laravel

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ionic 6 capacitor grocery / delivery services / ecommerce / multi vendors (Android + iOS + Website +Admin Panel PWA) full app solution with PHP Laravel

ionic 6 capacitor grocery / delivery services / ecommerce / multi vendors is fully functional and ready to use app with Laravel backend, you will receive 5 main apps(User App, Store App, Delivery App, APIs) including Admin Panel with support of PWA. App is regularly tested with Androird and iOS.App supports multi vendors, multi stores, multiple cities , multi languages and multiple payment gateway. the app is well documented with installations guides and online documantations.

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  • Fully functional.
  • 6 Main Apps (User App, Store App, Driver App, Administrator Panel, Store Web Panel) PWA supported.
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Shipping Methods
  • Printing Invoice
  • Referral System
  • Wallet System
  • Location-Based
  • City Based
  • Zipcode Based
  • Order Tracking
  • Push Notification
  • Email Notification
  • SMS Gateway (Firebase, Twillo, MSG91)
  • Multi-languages.
  • Multi payment gateway (Cash on Delivery, PayPal,Stripe,RazorPay,PayTM,Instamojo,Paystack,Flutterwave)
  • Multi-currency
  • RTL support
  • Unique and Attractive UI
  • Reviews
  • Many More

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User App

Store App

Driver App



Update Logs

Version 2.0 Release on 3 October 2020

What’s New In this Update?

* Store Web Version Added. now you can add/manage the store from the website as well
* Product variations added, now you can add variations in a product like 1kg,2kg

What Fixed In this update?

* Product Stoke Management
* Driver Current Status Issue
* Order Status issue Fixed
* Store App Vendor Profile issue Fixed
* Toast Message Issue Fixed
* COD amount in Driver App Fixed
* User App Back button issue Fixed
* Documentations updated

What is Upcoming Updates?

* Firebase OTP Verifications (issue with iOS. we are not adding this feature)
* New UI for User Web

Version 3.0 Release on 12 October 2020

What’s New In this Update?

* Google Maps Added for Location tracking
* Notification Alert Added For Driver and Store Whenever Order Status Changed
* Store Web Version Translations and currency added
* Video Installations guide added

Bug Fixed

* Payment Status hide disabled
* Admin profile edit on admin panel
* Add new contact button
* Store stats only Online Payments
* Full Address Field user and driver order details
* Order issue
* Driver Available Status Manual change

Update version 4

Whats New In this Update ?

* Orders Pull to Refresh

Bug Fixed

* Documentations updated
* Fixed Paytm mobile callback bugs for the mobile
* Delivery Boy SMS bug fixed

Update version 5 : 25-01-2021

Whats New In this Update ?

* Multiple Login on User/Driver/Store/Store-Web/User-Web version
* NEW UI for User-Web version
* Cart Bug Fixed
* Added Translations on Store-Web and Admin panel
* Lazy Load Orders on Driver and Store App
* Documentations Updated

Update version 6 : 10-06-2021

Whats New In this Update ?

* Enhanced API Security

Update version 7 : 17-06-2021

Whats New In this Update ?

* Bug Fixed in API,Admin Panel,User App

Update Version 10 26 Feb 2022

* Migrated From CodeIgniter to Laravel
* Migrated From Cordova to Capacitor 
* Referral System Added
* Multiple Mode of Finding Stores Location Based, Zipcode based, City Based
* Firebase SMS Integrated
* MSG91 SMS Integrated
* Replaced Onesignal to FCM notifications
* Multiple Login / Register UI
* Wallet Integrated
* Update System
* Driver Self Registrations
* Store Self Registrations
* User Easy Billing Informations
* New and enhanced admin panel
* Complaints Module added

Update Version 11 28 Feb 2022

* Bug fixed on admin panel and in API
* Change logs are added with source file