Discussion on grocery / delivery services / ecommerce multi vendors(Android + iOS + Website) ionic 6 / Laravel

Discussion on grocery / delivery services / ecommerce multi vendors(Android + iOS + Website) ionic 6 / Laravel

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1-estou com problemas nas fotos,nao estao carregando. 2-estou com problema no site de suporte esta dando um erro para verificar a conta e nao sai de la qual o login do usuario do site e a senha


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Estou com problemas para configurar o site, não consigo me conectar ao seu site de suporte, meu e-mail é

verified it! please login now!

i have been requesting help via email but no responce how come we terust u guys

there is a error comming in …/.We are getting some error when we execute the angular serve and build We are using nodejs 12.4.0 and npm 6.10.0 version

and about code , it is clean if i hire developer ? and easy to understand ?

yes, we have used GetX state managements that is easy to understand!

man, i am really amazed , I cant believe all of this amazing work only cost $9 ???? , i need to contact you about somethings i want , if you have WhatsApp or telegram

please drop your message at

Any news on update or any new updates

Please share your thoughts to support ticket’s

Hello author!

Someone on this comment string is talking about buying angular for which reason I just wanted to know if any part of your ionic delivery system is being sold separately.

Thank you

i did not understand your concern can you please explain it more!

Hello Team, I have uploaded api files as well in cpanel according to documentation, and also deployed angular code in server. But when i tried to add data, then all data saved either images.

i checked in cpanel this location (public_html/api/storage/app/public/images) there are all images which is uploaded by me. but these did’nt display in any panel website,admin or store. only display dummy images. please advise

Excuse me, friend, if I want to upload the application to the store for a project of mine, buy the regular license, that’s enough, or should I buy the extended one?

regular license is ok!

At the moment this app cannot be uploaded to appstore. Because it does not offer delete account feature. According to Appstore, all apps that allow users to create account must also have an option to delete accounts. Are you planning on adding this feature anytime soon?

checking please wait!

hello, good afternoon, it is the best price you can give me for the extended license and once I buy the extended license I can go to stores and make the modifications that a certain requires

sorry sir, we do not provide customisation services!

By mistake, your website has been added to my other domain, please talk, will this change be not done online yet: BS setup was tight

why its so cheap compare other products?

high competition!


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sir i am getting issue in register section in all application . please provide us solution

Ticket #417



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When i tried to upload product image on device i get this error, camera TypeError: reader.addEventListener is not a function ….please help


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I tried ur demo, the same thing, please this is urgent..kindly help

we bought this lastime, can i install it in vpc or digital ocean ?

public/install is not working when i upload it to my vps

im having issues deploying it. <my_url>public/install is not working..

Hi, I am developing PWA using the ionic 6 framework and Node.js as backend. Please suggest a theme which easily integrates in my app . Further customizations will also be easy. It is possible to work on iOS + android + desktop . I also need landing page, admin page and Maximum UI components. Thanks Aakanksha

Hello author,

Can you help in installing your nice apps on my hosting server against pay? Just asking if you have changed your mind to serve clients nicely and make more nice sells. :)

sorry sir, we do not provide installation services, only installation support!

hello author,

I really prefer this delivery software because it has gone through several updates and several comments among others.

Can you please provide practical installation support if I buy your script?

Yes we provide installation support! If you get issue while installation