Discussion on Gravity Forms Timed Entries

Discussion on Gravity Forms Timed Entries

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H There, could I use your plugin to send an email after a specific amount of time to a user? I,e. the user fills out a gravity form saying that they will do a task by a date and time and once that date / time has been reached an email is sent to let them know that their time has ran out?


The plugin does not include sending timed emails.

ok thanks for the quick response – really appreciate it…can you suggest an alternative? I basically want to be able to set a date and time that will trigger an email if a stop button isn’t pressed…so basically a countdown timer that sends an alert when its end date time is reached unless its stopped prior – hope that makes sense


It sounds like you require some custom programming. We’re not aware of any plugin with that functionality


I need to buy 5 licenses of the plugin, I already bought one. You have some kind of discount for buying many licenses of the plugin or some license pack.

Thank you very much

Hello Unfortunately we do not have the ability to bulk discount through envato, and the licenses must be purchased individually.

By your plugins now we can show timer. But if the quizes is perform in online then we can not know who perform the quizes. So can we capture automatic image of the person who perform the quiz at the time of performing quiz and also the screenshot of whole desktop. How can we get this?


Is this a custom fiend type? It does not have encryption and is not suppprted for it. If there is a conflict with our plugin and this custom written field type it must be resolved in your custom code. Normally you can use the”no duplicates “ feature with any Non encrypted fields

I did not get clear idea how can make a field to Non encrypted. Can you please tell how can get this? Also if I use the No duplicate and required field to any other filed then also it is not working.


Unless the field is is of supported type, you cannot turn encryption on, so it does not need to be turned off As it is not operational on the field. Your listed field is not of supported type. Please refer to the plugin setup snd operation Instructions on the plugin settings page to turn encryption on or off for fields of supported type. It is done in the fields advanced tab, and is only an option if the field type is supported.

In regard to your not being able to use any fields for “no duplicates” you may have a plugin conflict either with our plugin, another, or custom code. Our plugin does not modify the “no duplicates” functionality check outside of the fields potentially being encrypted as described previously. if this functionality works without our plugin activated, you can check your site for operational errors while our plugin is active and let us know of any errors or conflicts found. use of your development version web site and WP error reporting can inform us if this is happening with any reportable errors. Please refer to WP documentation for using WP error reporting.

Will this plugin work in cases where a user starts filling in the form, but then goes off the site or navigates away to a different page, and then returns to the form? Does the timer keep running in this scenario? eg. We want to give customers a 20 minute booking window. If they go off and don’t complete the booking within 20 minutes, we want the form inputs all to reset to blank values and force the customer back to the first page of the form (it is a multi step form). Thanks



The visible timer runs locally and may be off (for under a second) due to the browser JS slowing down when the page is only running in the background. When the user returns to the form, the local timer would then update within a second to accurate time and you can use the custom page load action available when the time runs out to simply reload the form page which would clear all current input.

In this scenario you may also want to use our Auto Formatter plugin which can prevent the fields from using autocomplete when re-filling it out…as well as many many other useful options of course :)


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How can use Auto Submit. Before it is working for me, but now not working. If I also check the “Block Editing” then is it make any effect of Auto Submit? Another thing the “Required” and “No duplicate” is not working in the form field. So is the “Auto Submit” option is prevent that?


Please refer to instructions on the plugin settings page to use the auto submit feature. If there is an issue, can you describe what is happening? First thing to check is for JS errors by inspecting the page. If your site is having JS issues it could prevent our scripts from running.

You can use block editing and auto submit together, it does not matter. Editing will be blocked and the form will be auto submitted.

For required and no duplicate fields you should not be using the auto submit feature, auto submit can strip any form validation as it has to in order to be able to auto submit. It couldn’t submit if fields not validating were stopping it from submitting. This is covered in the instructions for the feature. you cannot require fields and stop duplicates while simultaneously auto submitting the form. You can allow for corrections of required and no duplicate fields by only blocking the editing of certain fields when the time is up , or you can auto submit which has to bypass form validation to be able to submit automatically. This means required fields and duplicates won’t be checked.


dfpedus Purchased

Hi there, How can I use Auto Submit of your plugins and No duplicate option of field at the same time. Because I use it in a quiz and students need to allow submit the form in one time by “No Duplicate” and also need to submit it automatically submit. Now both of (No Duplicate and allow submit ) are not working.


As mentioned above, you cannot use “no duplicates” and auto submit at the same time on the same form. Auto submission removes ALL form validation so that no validation issues can stop the form from properly automatically submitting.

You could however create a simple single field form that has no duplicates set on the field and says “next” for the submit button so if they enter a non duplicatable info such as an email, on submission/“next” it hands the email over to a hidden email field on the form you want to auto submit by loading the auto submitted form page by confirmation and passing the email by query string value. The user wouldn’t know it’s not a single form, and the email would be collected with the secondary form and then that form could be auto submitted with a unique email every time because you already filtered it and received it with “no duplicates” from the first form. The single “no duplicates” form serves as a gate and requirement o continue onto the second form which auto submits , and the user can’t tell it’s not a single form.

As far as auto submit not working, please be sure you have a time limit set for the form and the “auto submit” option is set. Also, per instructions, please be sure you clear your site and browser cache to update your JS after changes. Otherwise you browser or web server can hold onto old versions.

If you have checked your settings and cleared your caches and auto submit is still not working, please contact us by the contact form on our author page (click our user name) and include a url for us to check the form out.

Hello! Before I buy this plugin. May I know if it can hide the submit button when timer is running and show only if the timer runs out?


Yes. You would set this up through the “additional timed events” which can show or hide CSS classes at given times as well as block editing of inputs/fields or alert custom messages.

You only need to first be able to successfully hide the submit button with CSS in your theme etc.

(Example with specific targeting of form 27 submit button: #gform_27 input#gform_submit_button_27.gform_button.button { display:none; } ..and then set it to show at whatever time you like. This can be the same or different than the main form timer running out. Example of additional timed event line.


This would display the button at 60 seconds.

Is it possible in gravity forms time entries to set a timelimit per quiz question and to go directly to the next question if a answer is chosen? The questions and answers are hustled


No. there is no direct way to set time limits per field. The plugin does not handle auto submission per field entry.

You could handle the time limit per field by putting each question on its own form and aggregating results by passing all data forward to each next form, but it would be a tedious setup

Maybe we do not understand each other. What I mean is : With for example 2 minutes maximum per question. Is it possible to go to the next question after 1 minute bij choosing one of the answers? Does it go to the next question direct after choosing the answer?


Our plugin uses timers for the form as a whole or for individual pages , and does not currently have any direct option to set a time limit per question. (It is a good thing to consider for adding in future) - However, You can make each successive question uneditable at a specific time using the “additional timed events” to make the fields uneditable by CSS class at specific times.. So after 2 minutes the first question isn’t answerable anymore..after 4 minutes the second is not..etc.

Our plugin does not have any option to make the form tab index to the next question on input of a given question or start any new timer after input.

Hello! I’ve been setting up the Timer to be a countdown, and I was wondering is it possible to set timers per page (for instance, if the form has 3 pages, have one timer on the first page, when it runs out, block the page and move to the next, start a timer on the second page, and likewise when it finishes, move to the third?

Thanks a lot!

Hello again! I was wondering how to get the value of the page time at “x” time from the page time field (in order to add a class to block the items on that page)? I don’t seem to get it right.

The disabling of the other fields I’m managing it with JavaScript. But is it any built in functionality for that as well?

Thank you!


There is already built in functionality for blocking fields based on the MAIN form timer. See the “additional timed events” instructions on the form timer options. You add the class to the fields first in the form editor and then specify which classes to block editing at which times. This is all based again on the main form timer. The plugin does not do this off page timers currently, but I’ll send that to the devs as a suggestion.

We do not support custom dev, but Getting the seconds value of the page timer you would have to do with custom JS and you could just check it every x seconds for effeciency.

If you want to set timers for individual pages times, currently the best way is to split each “page” to a new form, and pass the values forward into hidden an uneditable fields with the merge tag values in the query string to the new form. Then your end form has all “page” values and each “page can have individual times set based on time for that specific page. Just set all but last form to delete the entries after submission, so there’s only one final form entry with all data stored in the end. It’s actually pretty quick to do since you can duplicate forms and just set the previous fields passed forward each time to hidden and read-only. (Our auto formatter plugin does this nicely :)

I’m building a multi form test where we need to know long they stay on the page. I can capture this in a Gravity Forms submission hook. The issue is if the person doesn’t submit the test.

Can we capture the time they’ve spend on the page? So that when the plugin goes back to the server every X seconds, can I hook in and update a db value?

Thank you.

Hello You would likely need to write custom code for this to update the db every x seconds without a submission, but The “partial entries” plugin might also do the work for you by basically doing the same thing and would be worth trying

Hello very nice plugin! I have a problem with drop down field. I tick the ’’Keep the field editable..’’ but when the time ends every drop down field in the form is dead. Fields like text, radio and others work fine. What am I doing wrong?? Can you help me please?

Thank you in advance.


Can you please send a link to the form through our contract form (click our user name), and we can review the issue. Password: nmd

The timer is currently not working on my page. I can briefly see the time field when I load the page but then it immediately disappears. I can see an input field with a display:none parameter. Do you know why this is happening?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. The values are not being saved. I have now added the entry timer and that works, except for one issue: the page timers are only saving/submitting if I select Timer visibility. I would for the entry and page timers to be invisible. Is there a way to fix this?


We are looking into this issue. For now you can leave the timer visible and set a CSS class of gftehiddentimer in the page timers appearance tab. This should help you style your page with an invisible but recorded page timer while we resolve the issue.


The issue of page timers not recording the time when hidden has been resolved in version 2.7.1 now available for update. Thank you for the notice of the issue.

I am having problem with plugin that it does not start until you load the 2nd page on the form it should start the timer on first scree. please let me know what the problem and how we can fix it, its very urgent to get it fixed.

Please do not post your purchase code publicly.

You can send us an email through our contact form ( click our user name) and detail the dev site url with the issue. usually this is due to a JS error on the first page load. Disabling other plugins and clearing your browser cache and retrying as well as inspecting the page for JS errors can generally pinpoint the cause. Again, be sure to clear your browser cache after changes so the browser has fresh JS files from all running plugins.

Hi, I am a big fan of the Gravity Forms Timed Entries. Please have my thanks for that superb product. I want to contact the marketing team of <<website>>. Is there a way that someone from your sales teamcan contact me? Sharik khan 


You can use the contact form on our author page (click our user name) to inquire of the team.


Use the “Save in seconds only” And “Remove time text from saved value” Options.

The second option removes the plain text so you have a numeric result only. ..the text directions for this option is incorrect we just noticed and will be updated shortly.

Hello, How can i save the elapsed time in seconds? It saves the time in plain text, like “35 seconds” or “1 Minute 26 seconds” ! We want to build a leaderboard, but with plaintext values its not the best thing.

thank you


Select the “remove timer text from saved value” option to remove text. You can use this along with the “save in seconds/minutes only” options

I have your plugin installed and everything appears to be working. However, I am not sure how to set up my timer to be a count down timer for 10 minutes. Please assist.


Have you found/gone over the instructions on settings page? Settings->GF TIMED ENTRIES

This instructions cover setting up of individual and form timers as countdown type. :)

Does it calculate “active duration” of the user?

Active duration refers to the time spent using the form (and not those duration when the form started but user was not using it).

Normally, this is detected by user mouse activity over the page.

Please let me know if this feature is available or not?


This is not currently available with the plug-in. Currently, All time spent on the pages and total quiz is included if the user is moving the mouse or not, as reading, deliberation, and calculation can be performed without moving the mouse.

Hope this helps :)

Hi, Can I make the timer sticky at the top of the page? I want a user to be able to see the timer without scrolling on top of page


The CSS classes for the timer wrappers and individual parts are all listed on the plug-in settings page for styling of the timer. Setting the position to fixed for the most outer wrapper of the timer would do the trick easily. I would suggest narrowing your selector to include the specific page(s) or other container for the specific page section the timer is in as desired for the sticky timer so it does not affect all timers of the same class on the site


.page-id-YOURPAGEID# .gftetimertext { position: fixed !important; top: 80px; left: 10px; }