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Does the plugin work with other add-ons or plugins like user registration, or product purchase/payment/donation forms?

Yes, you can use this plugin along with payment and user registration forms. However, in general, you should NOT encrypt fields that get processed by these actions or that some other plugin needs access to. Those plugins will likely not be able to properly decrypt the data they are trying to process. Encryption is NOT available on any standard pricing or product fields to allow for normal payment processing. If you are registering users or performing other actions with the field data it should also NOT be encrypted to allow for normal processing by the add-on or plugin. Encryption may work in some use cases, but It is recommended that it be left off for these types of fields. You can however use the “hide field value” option on these fields which will still hide any normally returned submitted field data from anyone without permission without actually encrypting it. The great thing, is that while some information on forms needs to be kept unencrypted like any fields being used to register a user, you can still use encryption on other fields in the same form!

Is the encryption quality?

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields uses AES-256 bit type encryption which is considered bank or military level encryption. Built in passive security measures also help against possible data breaches.

How hard is this to set up?

It’s very easy to implement into your WordPress site in just a few minutes. Just install the plugin and follow the instructions in the settings->GF Encrypted Fields options page.

When I turn encryption on, does old data get encrypted?

No. Old data will be hidden in admin for users without permission to that field, but the data in the database is still human readable. If you have old data that was not encrypted at submission, its best to do one of the following:

1. Use the batch or custom entry encryption built into this plugin on the settings options page to encrypt old entry data.

2. Go through and update the old data with new data.. add a space or change it then change it back, which will cause it to save on update and use encryption. (not good for a lot of data)

Can it add encryption to previous entries?

Yes. *Ver 2.3 introduced the ability to encrypt or decrypt specific forms, entries, and fields, so you can add encryption to previous entries. You can even add it just to specific fields on specific previous entries for a specific form!

Since the encryption skips already encrypted data, and decryption skips unencrypted data, there is even a report displayed after the processing is run to let you know what forms entries and fields were encrypted or decrypted!

Is the encryption removable/reversible?

Yes. Ver. 2.3 introduced options to remove encryption on a user specified form and entries and fields!.

This allows for not just viewing decrypted field data, but completely removing the encryption from the specified forms entries. Or you can just specify a form and remove the encryption from a single, multiple, or all encrypted fields on a single or multiple entries all at once!

Option to remove/reverse encryption on specified forms, entries, and fields. This can also be run in batches on all a specified form from newest to last entries to completely remove encryption from ALL fields of a forms entries.

Since the ‘admin only’ access options settings page can be password protected, this is done through the options settings page.

Since the encryption skips already encrypted data, and decryption skips unencrypted data, there is even a report displayed after the processing is run to let you know what forms entries and fields were encrypted or decrypted!

How many users can have access or be restricted from a field?

You can give access or restrict as many users as you’d like.

Can other users with form entry editing capabilities edit the encrypted data?

Yes. If they have the capability to edit other users form entries then they can do so, however they will not be able to see what the original data was, or the updated results after their edits. The view is always restricted for users without permission.

This feature allows for admins or other entry editors to update or change information at the request of a user, without having to see or check what was originally there.

If you are using ‘User Owned Fields’ (ver. 2.0+) the operation is the same, with only the original logged in form user being able to view the data as readable.

Does the plugin keep encrypted data from being sent out in Gravity Forms notifications or confirmations?

Yes. All fields with encryption or hiding turned on only show their restricted displays in {all_fields} merge tag use by default. This can be turned off If you wish to pass the actual information to a notified email while re sending out a notification. In addition, the plugin has {all_fields} merge tag filter options to remove fields from {all_fields} merge tag results entirely to ensure no sensitive data is sent out.

Can you prevent other admins from accessing the admin options page?

Yes. You can optionally set a password on the admin options page to lock it out which will prevent anybody without that password from accessing the admin options page. to see or change settings. The password must be entered every time to enter the admin options screen.

feature requires version 1.7.2 or higher

With a ‘User Owned Field’ , If I remove encryption from that field on their entry will the user still own it?

No. The User only owns the ‘user owned’ encrypted field data for their submissions. If you decrypt the user owned field data on their submission, it is no longer owned by them and will be hidden to them using the ‘hide field data restricted display’ (since it is NOT encrypted) unless they have normal viewing permissions for that field.

Since the admin tool (ver. 2.3) allows you to remove encryption from a single or multiple fields for a single entry, you could remove it for whatever purposes, and then update that entry with NEW field data, and as long as encryption and user owned field is still on for that field in the form editor, it will encrypt the new data and assign it to the original submitting owner again.

If you only need to update the users field data, you can simply enter new field data in the entry edit screen and update the entry and it will encrypt the new data and assign ownership to the original submitting user again.

Is it compatible with the Gravity Forms User registration Add-On

Yes. It is compatible as far as it will not interfere with the operation of that Add-on if used properly. However, They should not be used on the same fields within a form. Put simply, user registration fields should NOT be encrypted.

It would be fine to collect some encrypted data from some fields on a form and register a user with other fields on a form, but because of the way that the add-on works and what it does you would really NOT want to encrypt user profile meta. That user registration data is placed directly into the WordPress user meta in the database and needs to be unencrypted so that WordPress core and other plugins and functions can access it as readable and do all the fancy stuff they do without needing to decrypt the information to do it.

WordPress doesn’t pull the user meta through the gravity forms interface and so its just stays as encrypted data. The User Registration Add-on itself doesn’t pull through the gravity forms API to prepopulate the update form either, but also pulls directly through the standard WordPress user related functions, so if you encrypt the data, you’ll just keep getting encrypted data back for the user unless you view the registration form submission data through the Gravity Forms entry view interface. And that would make the users profile unable to be used for anything normal.

What are the system requirements?


-WordPress 4.6+
-PHP 5.6+ (5.5 and 5.4 should also function but are NOT SUPPORTED)
-Gravity Forms Version 2.0.7+
-Server must support one of the following encryption methods:
OpenSSL Encryption Enabled -ver 3.0+
Mcrypt Encryption Enabled -required for ver 2.9.3 or previous

Are you adding to the plugin still?

Yes. Any new features that we find as useful or able to be improved upon will be added in future versions. Backwards compatibility is of the utmost importance to us in doing so.

Is the plugin compatible with Gravity Forms Auto Formatter?

Yes. You can use Gravity Forms Auto Formatter on both standard and encrypted fields if using Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields.

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