Discussion on Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields

Discussion on Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields

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The instruction states the following:

“Async mode still adheres to the view permissions settings, so a user must also have view permissions to the specific data on top of having the async password.”

I have a problem setting this up correctly. Async is on, Limit User/Role View Permission Lists is set, I even tried to set a User Lockout List: lockdown

Doesn’t matter what settings I tweak, any logged in user that has Encryption password is able to decrypt all fields. It seems like Async Encryption password overwrites all view permissions. What am I missing?


Have you checked the dev site for any plug-in conflict in error reporting when generating the pdf?

We can verify that the custom user tags function the same as other custom tags in pdf generation.

Be sure to update to latest GF and latest gravity PDF and our plug-in version 5.9.1

The problem resolved by unchecking the “Admin Area Only Viewing” checkbox. FYI, Viewing/downloading PDF is done from the Admin area.


Yes, this would make sense. Although pdf links are in GF admin area, the page they link to in order to view or download which processes/generates the pdf is not an admin area page. The normal decrypt tags function because they are not permissions based, while the user tags do not because they add permissions, which includes the admin area only permission setting for all users.

Generally speaking leaving permissions available on the front end is perfectly fine as devs have full control over what is displayed or accessible from the front end.

Hello. I have to keep reactivating the license on this plugin. The client keeps emailing me saying the fields say hidden. I have to go in a reactivate the license and I’m not sure why this is happening.


Please update to latest plug-in version 5.9.1

We have a need to collect uploaded images of voided checks and driver license which needs to be protected from public view so we are compliant. I see that you are not encrypting uploaded files and we do not want link a third party service like drop box adding an additional step to retrieve files then match them up manually which with our volume is not feasible. Are you planing to make this feature to encrypt uploaded files? Do you have any custom development options available to protect uploaded files with encryption or password or hid from public securely so search engines do not index? Can we be compliant without protecting the uploaded files?


This pdf feature as described are accomplished through the gravity PDF plugin.

did you write custom functions to accomplish this or was it built into gravity pdf?


It is a very simple custom template for a PDF that can embed/php echo uploaded images to PDF from a multi file upload field. Then you can attach the PDF file to the notification email (or save it to the server.. see their docs for this) and can set the file uploads to delete from the server after submission with our plugin. you cannot regenerate the PDF from there as the files are gone. Please refer to the gravity PDF plugin documentation and support for help with this. There is an example of embedding uploaded images to PDF. ..see the “file upload” section for some sample code for custom template where field ID 48 is a multi file upload field /* Add images to PDF */ if ( is_array( $form_data['field']['48_path'] ) ) { /* make sure you use the PATH */ $allowed_extensions = array( 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', 'gif' ); foreach ( $form_data['field']['48_path'] as $path ) { $extension = strtolower( pathinfo( $path, PATHINFO_EXTENSION ) ); if( in_array( $extension, $allowed_extensions ) && is_file( $path ) ) { /* verify path has an image extension and it exists on the server */ echo '<img src="'. $path .'" width="200" />'; } } } the PDF security options are then directly available through the PDF settings for the form.

Hi! We are wanting to be able to encrypt/hide the html block content on the front end, from dev tools and source code etc… We are wanting these fields only to appear in the generated pdf based on specific conditional logic – which is working fine, except that all the html block text is viewable in the main page code and we want to hide this. Is this plugin able to do this? Thanks


Set a CSS class on the helm field and hide it with css . Our plug-in does not hide fields , it encrypts submitted data

Hi – I am getting an error message when trying to submit my license code.

On the “LICENSE REGISTRATION” page, I enter my code and click “Submit Purcahse Code”. I get a message that says settings saved but then a red line of text appears under the license key saying “Failed to connect. Please try again”. It maybe that our hosting firewall is blocking the request. Can you help me explain to them what to enable in the firewall if you think that’s the issue?

Possibly related yes.

We have checked and I ur license server is up and responding to all requests.


hatchitco Purchased

The certificate problem was the issue. I had to manually update the crt file in our Wordpress install with the one here and everything is working again.


visionww Purchased

Hi, I just purchased this plugin but when I try to enter my license registration (purchase code) I get a red error “Failed to connect. Please try again”


It is likely that your firewall or any proxy server is very likely the issue. You need to allow bi-directional curl/WP remote requests. you will likely find other licensing communication issues with plugins without allowing normal WP functionality.


jbhsde Purchased

Hello, I like to pass encrypted values from an external PHP Site to a GravityForm. I can see in the features List that you support something like this on the same webpage from on form to another form. Is it possible to encrypt the query string on the external PHP website and decrypt it while accessing the form. I am aware the external site needs to know the secret or public key. What would be the PHP-Snipped to encrypt the query string on the external site?

Thank you for your help, before buying your plugin.


This is something you would need to hire a developer for.

However, Our plug-in does allow directly for the gravity forms web api V1 to remotely access encrypted values from entries directly while logging in with a user who has appropriate permissions.

I need help deactivating this plugin Purchase Code from two websites (one localhost and one a development server) where those sites no longer exist. How can I correct this?

We have two different clients using this plugin. This client’s is activated. For this client, I do see the Deactivate button with one of the two sites listed but when I check the checkbox and click Deactivate, nothing happens.

Please send us an email. (Click our username and use the contact form) . In the private form email please include your purchase code and the website(s) to deactivate.

you may find that if the remote deactivation is not operable as you describe that activating is also not possible. this is due to server setup (firewall, proxy, potentially blacklisted server) . If you cannot activate you can always request a refund through your envato account. That process will also invalidate the purchase code for activation.


hatchitco Purchased

Will do, thanks


jbhsde Purchased

I tried to translate the Plugin, but it seems it is not translatable, will you support translations?


Not currently. Only few items in plug-in can be translate


justmind Purchased

Are there any known issues with using Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields and connecting it to ActiveCampaign? We have a form that collects PHI and we want to make sure the data is encrypted at rest but it will also transmit the data properly through the Gravity Forms for ActiveCampaign plugin through their API. ActiveCampaign is HIPAA compliant, so I believe this should be okay.


You can choose to encrypt after feeds and add-ons are processed, so all data is passed normally to them and then encrypted for at rest storage.

Hey We have 2 identical forms. One is with encrypted fields and one without. At the end of a form you have the option of downloading your entries in a pdf file. If the plugin is deactivated, the generation and download in the first form without encrypted fields takes 2 seconds. When the plugin is activated, it takes 18 seconds. The form with the encrypted fields takes 25 seconds. How is it possible that the first one takes longer to generate although the fields are not encrypted but the plugin is activated? Can I reduce the generation of the second form? Hopefully you can help me.

- Nico

The pdf has to be generated before the entry is deleted. Once deleted, there is no entry to create a pdf from. This means it should be auto created and attached as a file to a notification email which can be sent out or not conditionally. Once the entry is deleted after initial submission/add-ons/feeds/notifications. You can no longer then choose to generate a pdf from that entry.


adverticde Purchased

First there was a PHP-error on the settings page but now its working, thank you!

It is unsure of how much this may affect performance yet for your specific use case, but the new release today aims to cut our unnecessary processing for forms not using decrypted merge tags during both PDF generation and otherwise. It is just a few small checks added, but hopefully they will be a start to cut down on anything process heavy running which does not need to.

New in version 5.9.2
  • Performance improvement with decrypted merge tags unlocks for forms not using decrypted merge tags.
  • Added checks for the entry object already being deleted by third party plugin prior to running after submission processes.
  • Tested on WP 5.8.1

Hello, I am on version 5.8 of the GF encrypted fields plugin. Today, I noticed the advanced field functionality where you can click radio buttons to encrypt certain fields is not working. Only the “Delay Field Encryption” Checkbox is kind of working. If a field was encrypted prior to today that Checkbox is completely filled in as Blue, but the radio buttons are unresponsive. Also, some fields in my forms are getting encrypted on the front end when they were not supposed to be. It was working perfectly for a while and then I just noticed this change today. Is this because there has been an update to the plugin? Any insight you can provide would be helpful. Thanks.

Current version is 5.9.1 Please update and notify if issue persists