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Hello, I have a Test site with a domain ending in .es and it is not local for testing. There is a way to activate the license for one for testing and the other in production, which is a totally different domain


The domain does not matter for the testing site. You can activate it if you have a production / test activation available. You can see all current activations in the licensing section up top on the settings page.


canicg Purchased

I am having difficulty getting the fields of a nested form to decrypt on the when using the Gravity Forms PDF plugin. Is this something you would be able to assist with?

Hello Nested forms are currently not fully supported by the plugin. You may find that some features work, but we do not officially support them.

G’day mate,

Looking to encrypts some uploaded patient forms. Is this the plugin?



Yes you could encrypt the stored field data with this plugin. Encrypting the form page transmission is done with SSL


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Hello sir,

May I please have your assistance. I have implemented your plugin. When I receive the Gravity form notification in the inbox, all the customer info say its encrypted. How can I read patients answers and uploads?



wasrat Purchased

Oh, man – we have tried for 2 days. Need some help please.


Without any specific question as to what exact part of the setup instructions you are stuck on, I am not sure what we can share that would explain setup better than the setup instructions or video on the topic, but we can try.

1. Have you watched and followed along with the Merge tag setup video to setup Your notifications? It allows you to see and follow along in detail to set this up. the link is at the bottom of the #11 in the setup instructions. After clicking the link , click on “merge tags” to watch and follow the video to set this up.

2. If #1 does not work, What is the exact step of the instructions in #11 that are you experiencing an issue with so we may assist?

The shorthand written Guide of #11 and the video would be: 1. If you have not already done so, click the button in the decrypted merge tag setting on the plugin settings page which reads “unlock all decrypted merge tags”, then save settings.

2. Use the DECRYPTED merge tags from the now Available merge tag drop downs in the notifications message area to put decrypted data into your Notifications. You need to scroll down past the standard tags to the CUSTOM section and use the ones that say “DECRYPTED”. The “DECRYPT: All submitted fields” tag is the basic standard. If for any reason the tags don’t show up, just manually type The tag in: {gfef_decrypt_ALL+}. ..or use other tags as desired. Save your notification.

3. You are done.

Let us know if there is something not working correctly.


A new “quick setup” video for this has been added to follow along to on the plugin documentation website. The video can be reached from the same link at the bottom of setup #11 instructions.

Hopefully this video better visually explains the shorthand guide above :)

I updated Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields, and now I can’t see any of the encrypted fields in my existing entries. New entries work fine, but when I display older entries, none of the encrypted fields show up.


The only other possibility is that you upgraded from a very early version before ver 3.0 from years ago. the encryption changed post 3.0 and per documentation and upgrade notice required decrypting entries prior to upgrade for re-encryption under the new algorithm.

you could just restore the previous plugin FILES (You only need to restore previous backed up plugin files ..not the DB unless you upgraded from prior to 3.0) to either decrypt entries if you upgraded from previous to 3.0, or just check (and back up) your website key from before and check if it is the same as auto key by clicking on settings instructions. It displays the current key vs auto key.

You should check the current website key to see if it’s the auto key first before doing anything further though. Click on the settings instructions button, or look for message saying it’s the auto key under the setting. if you happened to migrate websites (or change your WP security keys) at the same time Or previous to the upgrade you would need to use your old auto key as a custom key unless the migrated site is an exact clone.

As a note, per Setup documentation you should have a backup of your keys accessible without having to restore DB or files, so please be sure to back them up once they are determined.


If you need further assistance with this, please contact us via the contact form on our author page (click our user name) so we can assist if possible.


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I just installed and set up this plugin. Testing it on my first form on my local WP server and this notice was echoed in the response 32 times:

( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: gfef_asynch_auth in /var/www/web/app/plugins/gravity-forms-encrypted-fields/gravity-forms-encrypted-fields.php on line 237

Any thoughts about that?


kplwebdv Purchased

And the notices are multiplying for some reason. The first page view had 32, now I’m up to over 180 of these notices I have to scroll past to get to my form submission confirmation…


If you were continuing to submit more entries with encrypted data on the entries screen subject to the function which produces the notice, and staying in error reporting mode this would occur.

The update has been released. :)

5.0.3 * Fixed possible Undefined index Notice.

kplwebdv Purchased

Excellent, thank you!

Hi there,

I’ve got problems using GF API search parameters on encrypted forms.

On forms without encryption the search string works without problems (e.g. search for a date ->,3.6,6,5,7,8,12&_labels=1&paging[page_size]=&search={"field_filters":[{"key":"7","value":"2020-10-09","operator":"is"}]}

Rest API is activated, user with proper rights is mapped. If I omit the search parameter then I get data back from encrypted form through the GF API. The actual date is saved as a GF merged tag {date_dmy}. Is this a problem?

Here is a JSON Object which is returned with the following URL,3.6,6,5,7,8,12&_labels=1&paging[page_size]=

{ “total_count”: 1, “entries”: [ { “3.3”: “Stephan”, “3.6”: “Fuchs”, “5”: “XXX , XXXX City, Germnay”, “6”: “”, “12”: “3”, “7”: “2020-10-09”, “8”: “13:44” } ], “_labels”: { “3”: { “3”: “Name”, “3.2”: “Vorspann”, “3.3”: “Vorname”, “3.4”: “zweiter Vorname”, “3.6”: “Nachname”, “3.8”: “Nachspann” }, “5”: “Anschrift”, “6”: “E-Mail”, “12”: “Tischnummer”, “7”: “Datum”, “8”: “Zeit” } }

When the full search string,3.6,6,5,7,8,12&_labels=1&paging[page_size]=&search={"field_filters":[{"key":"7","value":"2020-10-09","operator":"is"}]}

is used I’m getting an empty JSON array.

What is my mistake here?

Regards Stephan


this is addressing a NEW serach filter parameter instead of overwriting all search filter parameters. for example, we address adding 6 different search field parameters to native search with syntax as:

$search_criteria['field_filters'][] = array('key' => $variable, 'operator' => 'contains', 'value' => $variable);

the only thing of note is that we are adding a new array object to the main field filters array , and not overwriting the entire array. to note again, we do not support the GFAPI fo search, but in the interest of helping if possible, our search parameters need to be added and not overwritten. worth noting as well is that our functionality is built onto the ‘gform_search_criteria_entry_list’ hook which again, we are not sure if this is run when pulling through the GFAPI. It appears much more likely that your search likely uses the ‘gform_get_entries_args_entry_list’ hook which applies to the GFAPI.

We can look at applying our plugin filters to this hook as well in the near future and if you would like to assist on the implementation with some testing please contact us from the contact form on our author page (click our user name). This could possibly be as simple as not writing a whole additional or separate function but just by passing the search criteria from the hook to our own existing function such as this:

add_filter('gform_get_entries_args_entry_list', function($args) { if(isset($args['search_criteria']['field_filters'])) { $args['search_criteria'] = gfef_encrypted_search($args['search_criteria']); } return $args; });

..but we may also possibly look at switching searching over to this hook entirely as it appears that it is more inclusive than just the entries list screen.

Feel free to try this out if desired and let us know if it functions as we can look at adding it officially after some testing, but again, the GFAPI is not supported at this time, if you would like to help implement it please use contact form.

Update: We have spoken with gravity forms support and there is no existing filter for the GF WEB/REST API for us to tie into to enable our encrypted search feature.

We have requested the feature be added if possible to GF Core.

I thank you for your efforts and look forward to finding a solution. I think that a native API for encryption is a good selling point for GF. GF can then recommend your plugin as default for encryption :-)


tw349 Purchased

Where does the new Gravity Forms store the data that is submitted to the forms?

I am trying to see how your plugin stores the encrypted and hidden data in the static database and how it gets the data from the database with different options and 3rd party software?

Thank you


Data storage in gravity form no change from earlier version. Data stored in WP database. Our plugin based on data written to and from the DB using the Gravity Forms API. ( GFAPI methods ) to hook into and modify with plugin. Third party software should using GFAPI provided by gravity forms as standard.


tw349 Purchased

I have tried looking in wp_gf_entry wp_rg_lead but no luck?!?

Hello Customer

We should refer you to Gravity Forms Core plugin support to better works with them about the where and how data is being stored in DB table and how the GFAPI methods work with saving and retrieving data from and to the DB. All of our plugin functions through the GFAPI as we do not call any custom database function so this is a question for Gravity Forms support about the working of their plugin.

Hello. Thank you for a great plug-in. I have a compatibility issue. Gravity View can access the encrypted data (if the user logged in has appropriate access rights in your plugin). However. Gravity View cannot search or sort this data on its View pages. i am also directing this question to gravity view support team.


Search functionality is only supported within the gravity forms entry list view. We do not offer this functionality within gravity view. We have worked with gravity view on a possible extension of search functionality to their plugin before, but no resolution was reached. Previously they did not have an appropriate hook to add the full functionality. We can check back with them on it.

Thank you very much. Also, you guys offer the best support I’ve ever seen for a Wordpress plugin (or any software !)

For a new project, I want to create a form with file upload. With gravity form dropbox add on the data should be transfaired from server to dropbox. Only the link to the data at dropbox is stored on the server, correct?

Is it possible to encrypt the link on the server to the file at the dropbox server?

Secound is it possible to encrypt by user role? Or something like that? I mean if I have more than one user who should have acces to the data?

Third does this plugin work wordress multi-side?



1. It depends on how your dropbox setup is configured, but yes, this is possible and this would be a normal operation of the dropbox add-on.

2. Our plugin does not support file field encryption. You could use our plugins developer functions to write custom code to encrypt the link and perform decryption as needed, but is your Dropbox upload folder where the files are sent public anyway? This would normally require authenticated login to dropbox to access the file regardless of having the link pending the upload locations sharing settings.

3. You cannot ENcrypt by role. You can give DEcrypted access by role instead of user name. This is done either at the field level with the filed view permissions, or at the global level with the user/role access list. This is covered in the setup instructions.

4. The plugin will run within a multisite environment, but it is not a multisite plugin, and each individual website/domain will need its own active install/license.

Hello. Just one quick question. I have searched but I can’t find the answer. If I do not select any option for encrypting or hiding a field , but I do place user roles / usernames in the permissions box, what is the expected outcome ? Will the field value only be shown to those who have permissions ? What will other users see ? Thank you.


It sounds like there may be a plugin conflict for the display, but for any testing, please first update your old plugin version. The current available version is 5.1.

hello. I have updated but still the encryption checkboxes are blank despite the fields being either hidden or encrypted. I have some screenshots but i dont see any way of uploading them here


It sounds like you may have a plugin or theme conflict. Have you tried disabling other plugins or changing themes on your dev site to see if the issue persists ?


3rFocus Purchased

I am having an issue where every submission appears as Spam in the form entries, and therefor are not being delivered to my email.

Other solution to switch to honeypot or recaptcha instead of akismet. First be sure all plugin are up to date with latest version.


3rFocus Purchased

Ok #3 did work. I turned off every plugin except Akismet, Gravity Forms, and Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields and it was still marking them as spam. But by selecting the “encrypt after submission is processed” option as you mentioned before they are now landing in the entries area. Thanks.

Good to know is working. You can use that setting for anything possibly related to initial or updated submission for feed/add-on/confirmation/notification. our plugin then leaves data alone until all other things are finished because other plugin (like akismet) may not always know what to do with encrypted data and could possibly think it spam or not function as intended.


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