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Reece77 Purchased

Pre-Sale: Is the latest version out (3.9) as mentioned a few comments above? Would love to make use of this plugin for a project due in a few days. Thanks!


Current release version is 3.9. I could not find any reference to 3.9 in comments.

Our “Gravity Forms Auto Formatter” plugin current version is 1.9. Is that what you were referring to?


Reece77 Purchased

Yep! I thought the bug was with this plugin, but it is a combo of the 2 together then it seems? So, it is safe to say this plugin is ready to go then.

Yes, 3.8 is the current stable version.

Changelog is on main plugin page at bottom for previous version info :)

Pre-sale question: I am looking to use this with the GF built in file uploaded. Will tris work well and secure the uploaded files?

Currently the plugin does not support encrypting file uploads, but it does have options to automatically delete file uploads from submissions after attaching them to any notifications to keep any sensitive file info off the server, as well as other auto delete options to keep things tidy.

A complete feature list is on the plugins main page here:

Does this plugin allow for Gravity Forms submissions to be sent in an encrypted email for decryption by the email recipient? If so can you please detail how the process works? Looking at this for a project. Thank you.

The plugin does not encrypt the entire email, but it has developer options to send out the individul raw encrypted field data in the notification e-mails through custom merge tags. ..the same data could be passed to a URL for processing via query string using the same merge tags.

We do not support whatever custom system developers build to handle it’s decryption on the other end, but the resulting email can be easily parsed for the plugins beginning encryption tag and have the data decrypted.


tapeter7 Purchased

Hi – I’m a psychologist interested in adding an intake form to my website for prospective new clients. My profession is governed by HIPPA compliance which requires certain security measures and signed agreements with providers. I’m not looking for that, but I am curious whether you know of other mental health or medical professionals using your plugin to encrypt intake forms. Are there any additional security measures I might should consider in addition to Gravity Form encryption? Thanks in advance, Tim

Hi Tim,

While we cannot advise you on security practices in regards to your specific profession, we feel that the plugins database encryption and access controls should meet security requirements for sensitive data storage if properly configured in most scenarios ..speaking generally.

This plugin encompasses both encryption and Data access control which is really the other major concern. Most secure data scenarios require the data be encrypted AND the access to the secure data be controlled.

Since users of our plugin do not report its direct usage or intent we unfortunately cannot state as to what purposes it is being used for.

But in general , encryption is just one piece if the puzzle in regards to sensitive data storage . Some other things to consider are control of that Data’s access, string password enforcement, server security(i.e. Private server or secure VPS) , Database admin security, email security in regards to sending sensitive data, and security of the machines logging in with admin access.

Really therexare a number of things to consider when needing to meet regulated requirements, and they are all outlined in the compliance guidelines for any regulation you need to meet. We are just trying to give you a few things to consider here as you look at your configuration overall :)

..somehow I forgot to mention the use of signed SSL, but again these are just some basic pointers for you on achieving a secure web environment for any purposes


tapeter7 Purchased

Thanks so very much for your thorough reply!

Hi, I probably screwed up right off the bat.

I set a password for the admin page. However it is not working. When I submit it does not lock anything. It does not give feedback to wether the password is not correct or correct. Just shows the screen that says locked after submitted. Is there a way to turn this back off. I have database access so I can change a database field if necessary.

Can you prevent other admins from accessing the admin options page? Yes. You can optionally set a password on the admin options page to lock it out which will prevent anybody without that password from accessing the admin options page. to see or change settings. The password must be entered every time to enter the admin options screen.

The admin pass is case sensitive so be sure you are entering it as originally entered. It also accepts spaces I believe so you might want to try entering a space after the password which covers a common typing habit.

I am unsure however what the scenario is. Your comment says that it does not lock anything when you submitted the password. But it sounds like you have locked yourself out of the admin page.

On successful password entry on the locked admin page it takes you to the unlocked settings page. On unsuccessful password it simply shows the lock screen. You need to save changes after entering the password on the lock screen.

If you did not select the option ” no password removal on plugin removal and reinstall” you can just remove/uninstall the plugin through the plugins page and reinstall the plugin to reset the admin page password to being off . You will have to set up your settings the same to recover any encrypted data under the current encryption password and website key.

We would strongly prefer to not assist people in removing an admin password, and as the plugin states on the option . You are responsible for password recovery, but if you are unable to recover the correct password please contact us through our author contact form on our author page.

In order to prove ownership of the site and appropriate access You will need both admin level website access /account file system sever access/ and database access for us to consider assisting with the password

If the settings page is not locking .. showing the “access to this page is restricted” ..with just a settings page password entry input. Page after you put in a password, it is likely because your password does not meet the password requirements . It must be min 8 chars long, and Max 16 ..normal ASCII charachters in oredervto lock the page per passwords settings instructions