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Hi. I’m having an issue with the Encrypt/Decrypt tool and it seems to be throwing some errors directly related to the plugin (see screenshot – ). The error is “Notice: Undefined variable: lead in /var/www/html_dev/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-encrypted-fields/gravity-forms-encrypted-fields.php on line 526”.

My system check passed ok, i’m using version 3.4, and here is a screenshot of my configuration –

I’ve tried this on two web servers (local WAMP and production NGINX) but the same error persists. I’ve also tried disabling all plugins except Gravity Forms and this one. Please let me know if you can help resolve this or if i’m doing something wrong.

Also – i saw the user ‘cdisend’ had a similar error message (undefined variable) but i can’t reply to that comment to see what they might have done to fix it. I don’t know if the two errors are related or not but i’ve tried everything i can think of.


Thank you for reporting this! It seems there is an unused line of code for future production that had snuck through there. This has been corrected and is included in version 3.5 now currently awaiting approval for release

The tool will likely still run fine for you although I noticed you do actually have encryption turned on for any fields within that form you are processing in the screenshot, so no fields will actually be encrypted unless you selected the “ALLOW ENCRYPTING FIELDS WITH ENCRYPTION CURRENTLY TURNED OFF IN FORM” option to encrypt all encryptable fields whether or not encryption is turned on for them individually. ..which is generally not the desired behavior.

Encryption is turned on for fields in their advanced tab in the form editor.

Thanks for the quick reply. You’re right, i didn’t have encryption turned on for the field i was trying to encrypt (68). I did have it setup correctly in my other environment and it still was not encrypting field 68 as expected. I just changed the setting and i’m still getting the same error and the data is not encrypted. Here’s a new screenshot –

For the heck of it, i tried checking the setting you mentioned (ALLOW ENCRYPTING FIELDS WITH ENCRYPTION CURRENTLY TURNED OFF IN FORM) and that also did not help get the data encrypted.

Do you know how long it will be until version 3.5 is released? Could you send me the current version of 3.5 just so i could see if it makes any difference?


We have tested the tool functionality with the fix and have not encountered any errors or notices and would be happy to send you an advance copy. Ver 3.5 should be released in a couple business days but in the mean time please send us an email here to receive that advance copy.

I have a client that just purchased your plugin and we are working on trying to get it all configured and set up. Our scenario is that we would like to encrypt two fields in form ID 1. The fields are IDs 30 & 32. On the form fields, we have gone into the Advanced settings and marked them as encrypt this field.

In the plugin settings under “System Check” we still have a red X for PHP version – we are working on that. But we do have all other checks green. We are using OpenSSL and we have set our Encryption Password. What else needs to be done to have this data encrypted in the database?

We are also working under the assumption that only certain accounts will be able to view the encrypted data. Can we just specifically call out certain users that we want to be able to view the data? Will they have to supply a password to view the data or when the view the form results will it simply decrypt the data and show it to them?



Thank you for the purchase and we are happy to help :)

If you are running PHP 5.4+ everything may work just fine at this point, but versions previous to 5.6 are not supported as future development will be looking at newer versions. It is strongly recommended that you set up the site on at least 5.6.

To get started you should read over the full instructions at the top of the settings page that expand when you click “show/hide full setup instructions”. The content there should answer a lot of the basics about how things operate.

Data encryption is performed when the form is submitted or when the entry is updated if the specific field data has been changed on update. so turning encryption on does not encrypt past entries. in order to do that you would use the “encrypt/decrypt entries” tool at the bottom of the settings page. full instructions are on that tool.

in order to view the encrypted/hidden data a user only has to have permission to do so and it is automatically viewable as normal for them in all gravity forms entry view and export options. By default when you encrypt or hide field data ALL users that can view entries or entry data will have access, but as soon as you restrict it to a user or role than only the users/roles you’ve given explicit access will have it. Other users without view permissions will see the “restricted display” for either encrypted or hidden data. By default the restricted display is blank so nothing will display. Entering something in there helps to determine (for setup purposes anyway) when a user is getting blocked/restricted to the data or when theres just no data to show.

To control which users can access specific data you can use a variety of access controls.

In order to control which users/roles can access the encrypted or hidden data there are a number of controls to do this. In the fields advanced settings there is the “User/Role View Permission” which is the most basic way to control which users/roles can view any specific field if it is hidden or encrypted. hovering over the “help” icon next to this settings will display an explanation of how the setting works and points to the other settings on the plugin settings page for further access controls.

Is it possible to have the Gravity Forms Entry search not case sensitive on encrypted fields? When I am searching an encrypted field, I do not get the result returned that do not match the exact case. If I search on an unencrypted field, I do get the results back in any case.

Example: If I search an encrypted field by “Test”, I do not get back any results like ‘test’. I would like to get these results back. Is this possible?

If I search an unencrypted field by “Test”, I do get “test” back.

What version of the plugin are you running?

The native search feature of encrypted values was expanded to include varied capitalization as of ver 3.1

  • Expanded Native Search Feature to attempt finding the entered search term(s) with varying capitalization automatically.

Current plugin version is 3.5 The full change log for all versions (including any versions currently in development) is on this plugins details page at the bottom.

If you are still running 2.9 be sure to follow all update instructions to change to version 3.0 or higher in the newer versions .readme file.


hatchitco Purchased

I haven’t upgraded yet, but I will try the update. Thanks