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I installed the autocomplete plugin and obtained API keys from Google. When I go to type in the field, I get maybe three characters in and the small grey circle appears and I cannot type anymore. It then locks the field.


Basically , it is the API key issue. You shall generate an API key following the video in the description page on my plugin.

Let me know if this is not resolved even after that.

I have the Google API key setup for both Google Maps JavaScript API and Google Places API Web Services Private API. The API Key has been saved into your plugin.

Please send your site details via support page. I would resolve it.


ORgetUS Purchased

The city field is populated with both city name and county name, when using United States address. I don’t want the county name there.

How can I remove it?

Please send an email via support page. Thankz

Hello, the demo shows just a contact form, can you create fields? Or is everything predefined?

The plugin works for address field type. You can configure the address field to have address suggestion and autocomplete.

Hello….thats not what i mean…..can i create my own contact form from scratch?

Yes. With gravity forms you can create your own contact form from scratch. Further you can use my plugin to autosuggest and complete.

Problems with the plugin… i’ve make an update now isn’t working…

i’ve one line address and the plugin doesn’t send the address to the line where i write.

Please send an email through support page. I will send you the update.

Does this plugin work with the latest versions of Gravity Forms and Wordpress 4.8.1?


Yes , the plugin works with the latest versions of of Wordpress and Gravity Forms.

In case you face any issues I am here to help.

Regards, Bhagwant


guilamu Purchased


I have two issues:

For some reason the city is displayed twice “Paris Paris”.

The country is not properly aligned.

Please help me fix this.

Issue resolved!


AVPRS Purchased

Pre-puchase question: I have tried demo version of this plugin and would like to know is it possible to show the adress in this format: Roška cesta 2, 1000, Ljubljana AND NOT as current 2 Roška cesta, Ljubljana, 1000

Yes. It is possible. You can send email via support page and I ll send you update.