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1.The following themes are job themes. Can I use this plug-in in the job registration form here?

2.And do you support Korean language?


Yes. For both answers. Once you install.. let me know if you face any issues..

so i downloaded the codecanyon zip and there was just one file in there – address-autocomplete-gf where do i post that file?

Hi sorry I was away on the weekend. Please share site details via email so that I can help you.

Hi sorry I was away on the weekend. Please share site details via email so that I can help you.


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the city field is populated twice with the name..

Please send me the site details at I will fix it.


Looks really nice ! I have a question though. Can I use it with standard text fields (that will display same fields as preformated adress fields made by Gravity Forms). Sounds akward, but unfortunately, GravityForms doesn’t allow conditional logic notifications with adress fields .. So if it is possible, I could use autocomplete adress and then, use the zip code for my conditional logic notifications.


Hi, Thanks

I can customise it to suit your needs.

Regards, Bhagwant

Ok, Will I pay extra charges for that ?

Thanks by advance

Thanks. Please let me know whenever this needs to be done.


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I just sent you an email as requested… Thank you for your help

Hi, What is your email id? Is the issue sorted out yet?


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No this has not yet been sorted, we have been waiting on you guys. Please send an email to these 2 email ids as we are both working on it: bpojunis (at) and gheinemann (at)

Thank you very much!

I have done the needful! Do mail me in case anything else is required!

Like others on this thread I installed the plugin and got a Google API but the form stops working after I try to type in a single digit.

Please email site details.

Thank you for your prompt reply – it is all fixed now :)

I am Glad!


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I have installed the plugin and got a Google API but the form stops working after I try to type in the first digit. Is there an inherent problem with the plugin as I see others have had the same experience?


wagwag Purchased

Or is the problem to do with some other aspect?

Hi, I received the site details that you sent and I am resolving the issue.

Hi :) Your plugin looks very good. I have one question:

In my country the numbers is placed after the road name. Is that possible in your plugin? “Example 2”

Okay thank you for your answers


As I see it is a woo commerce plugin.. My current plugin is for gravity forms. If you need a version for woo commerce, I can build it for you..

Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to remove the county from the city field.

Thank you.

I was able to modify it.

Thank you for your prompt response

Is there a way to search only by zip code and auto complete city and state only? If so do you offer a modification service?

Yes. I can make the modification for you. You can email me the details further.

I have added the API key, but it’s not working. I have changed fields to: 1 Address line 1 2 Address line 2 3 Suburb 4 State 5 Post Code 6 Country

Would that cause the it not to work?

Please share website details via email. I would look into it.


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Hello ! Thanks for your amazing plugin. It’s perfect for full address but now i want to use it for my clients to enter only city/country of birth. Is that possible to enable autocomplete for these 2 fields only? I guess no?

Please email me via support page . I will send you a file that does that.. But plesae email me.


deefuz Purchased

Done :)

Sent you the file. I am to help further..

Good morning. My form keeps populating the City and County. Any way to turn that off?

Can you please email me through support page? I will send you updated file.

Hi, When I add a address in the street field I have have autocompleted the city field with the name of the city and the state in the same field. It’s a really problem for me. Can you fix this issue.

Hi Please share website details via support page.

Same thing here. Getting city field populated twice with the city name. Also, is it possible to just use one field to get info. All I just want now is an easy and quick way for my visitors to say what city/state they are from (I don’t want theirs street name at this moment). (BTW, your plugin seems to be compatible with Gravity forms 2.2, took the chances and yey!)

Please send an email thru support page including site details.

Could not be easier to use, loving this! The issue I am noticing is that it populates the County WITH the City in the City field. For example “Atlanta Fulton County” – Atlanta is the city, but Fulton is the County Atlanta is in. I just need Atlanta. Make sense?

Hi Apologies for a long delayed reply. I wasnt well this week.

Anyways, please send me site details through support page. I would help you quickly.

Regards, Bhagwant


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This author is by far one of the best on code canyon. Especially, when it comes to customer service! I made a request for an adjustment and without asking for payment or anything the new code showed up less than an hour later. Wow! Other authors take note. You know who you are. You’re the ones that take 7 days for simple explanations or other help issues. This is a great plugin as well. Simple and well programmed. Thank you bhagwantbanger for everything. I look forward to purchasing your next plugin(s).

Thank you so much for your appreciation. I will keep up the good work!

hi…I would like to know if this plugin is compatible with classipress wp theme and about the the gravity form plugin,which kind of license I should have to this plugin work with?Thanks

Queries replied via support email. Thanks for contacting.