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Address text gets auto removed from address field after selection of address from suggestions. URL is :

Please help.

Support ticket replied.


guilamu Purchased

Wondering what’s new in V3? Any Changelog?

I added an option for single line autocomlete. You may have a look at the FREE DEMO by clicking the link in the description. The changelog is also available in the description.

Please post changelog!

Hi, The changelog is available in the description.

Edit: Never mind, I see it in the example now


wdvegas Purchased

First of all I love the plugin and it works great! I am using it on the home page here: it seems to be causing some sort of js conflict with the themes map markers on this page Usually you can click on the green map icons and it pops up a little window with info about the home. Similar to their demo here:

I can’t figure it out.


I am glad the plugin work great for you. Please email me site login , so that I can fix the conflict.


wdvegas Purchased

You got it, can you email me at, so I can send you the login?

Can this plugin be modified so that you can search by a business name or a place, rather than an address explicitly? I want to use this for a business search, and no one will know the address, but everyone will know the name of the company they want to find. In the demos, it seems that it has a lot of problems finding something by name. Can the plugin be modified to work by name as well as address? I want to use it to get results. This form is ALMOST what I need. This form uses a find button, but I want autocomplete:

If there is a way that this can be customized, I’d be very happy to be a customer as soon as its ready. MY goal is to use a business name to populate a series of fields, placeID, lat long, city, state, zip, address. Thank you!

I can implement the solution site specific. Please email me via support page . I can share more details there.

It can be implemented in a couple of hours.

I have installed the plugin and got a Google API but the form stops working after I try to type in the first digit. Is there an inherent problem with the plugin as I see others have had the same experience?

Hi, Basically that issue comes up when 1. Your API is there 2. You have not enabled one of the APIs 3. Your domain is not added as a referer in google credentials

Send me a support message with site details. I will fix the things for you .

I can’t use the form because it doesn’t fill out the city, and then puts the country ‘England’ in the County input. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, Please send me a support message. I will send you the file for UK.

That file still doesn’t work…

Sir, Kindly send a support message. I cannot exchange files in public comments

How do you get the single line address to work? It keeps cutting my address to just the street address?

scratch that…I got it

What is going to happen on June 11, 2018 with the “New pricing and product” changes for Places API for Web ?


Use this tool

The first $200 of monthly usage is free. You only pay for what you use. You can review rates and access your spending any time in your Google Cloud Platform Console, where you can also set daily quotas to protect against unexpected increases. You can also set billing alerts to receive email notifications when charges reach a preset threshold determined by you.

Thank you for this!

is it possible to filter results so that just the results for a particular country is displayed?

Hey there! The plugin supports restricting results to a country.


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The plugin has stopped working for me, the same as others, enter first digit in address field and then it stops working.

Please share your site details via support email. I am here to help you


BSHosts Purchased

I have just sent a PM

I just purchased and installed, added Google API key however when entering an address I get a grey circle with exclamation mark.

Please send site details via support message.

It would be really cool if you could use the Advanced Fields > List options as single field address autocomplete.

Hi, Please send details through the support email. I will have a look at it.

Where in the settings do I enter the Google API key? – I cannot seem to find this anywhere??

Please go to WP Admin Dashboard > Forms in the Left Nav > Address Autocomplete Settings

Ahh… There it is! – Thanks :-)

Hi again…. When doing address autocomplete, it formats the address with the number first, and then the street. Here in Denmark, we use the streetname first and then the number – is it possible to change the way the field is formatted?

Please send me an email with site details via support . I will send you the updated files for europe.