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Hi Just checking to see if you received our support ticket we sent last week regarding the plugin not working. Thanks

Replied the support ticket!

Hi. We want to autocomplete the fields in our current language. But you have not an option for that. It works if we add the language parameter.

As seen here:

wp_enqueue_script('BB google places',"".$bb_gf_aa_google_api_key."&libraries=places&language=el");

Any chance for an update? Would be great if the form would take the wordpress site language and respect it.

it would be also great, if you had an option to let the admin select if he wants to use the functionality for forms on the backend. Right now we use this code and it works:

add_action( 'admin_footer', array($this,'bb_gf_footer') );

Thanks for the feedback. I will add both the options to the settings.

The live preview doesn’t currently work here on Code Canyon – I get a page that says “Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue” with a padlock.

Hello, the plugin is not working anymore on any of my websites since a couple of weeks at least. I tried to make a new api key, same issue. Is there a way to fix it, please? Edit: sorry it seems to be an overquota situation. Bests.

Not working for my site. Please help me get this to work correctly. I will message you with details.

I just downloaded this and it says version 3.0 – This plugin DL page shows version 2.0

Hey there, can you please mention what a DL page is?

Download Page. The changelog for this plugin shows 2.0 but the newest version is 3.0

Ahok! Thanks for feedback. I will update the changelog with the latest updates.

The plugin works fine, however, I need to customize the formatting of both the GF form field and the individual address line.

In Germany, addresses are formatted like this:
Street Name Street Number
Zip Code City

So for example:
Friedrichstraße 123
12345 Berlin

So I need to have the address line field show the house number AFTER the street name. The suggestion always shows the right format, but when I make a selection, it pops to the “US format” with the street number first. In the settings, I do have “International” selected.

Then I would like to simply change around the order of the individual fields so that zip code is display before the city.

Is this something you can help me with?

I understand, Please send a support ticket and I would send you updated code.

Regards, Bhagwant

Hi there, is there a way for postcodes to be filled and show the suburbs (for Australia only). Type postcode 6003 for example:

Hi, By default it wont work like that. It willl have to be customised.

Regards Bhagwant

Thank you for your quick response. Would you be willing to do this custom work? If so I can PM you to discuss cost.

Is this plugin still being actively supported and developed to work with latest versions of wordpress + gravity forms? It shows the last plugin update was 2018?

Hey there,

The plugin works perfect with latest versions.

Let me know if you face any issues with the plugin.

Hi, I am looking to use GF so it will trigger to fill in a field. So when someone fills in his zipcode it will show that they are living in for example area 1. It has only to be shown. If it also can be filled in in another field it would be great! But I think this is not possible. Can your plugin do this?

Hey , that is not of box functionality, but I can customize it for your needs.

Thanks, I will take a closer look what is needed for my customer. Thanks again.

Hi we are looking if it’s possible to validate the field only if the user has selected a value in the list so the address is complete ?

For now, some addresses are partially filled.

Hi, Can you please elaborate?

Hi, Is it a way I can bulk import items items to have in the manually options?

Hi, Can you please explain that?

Hi, I have around 50.000 options I want to add to the field. And when I have try to copy paste the whole list in to de option list, nothing happening. So is it a way I can add so many options whit one click in to the list?

Can you please raise a support ticket or maybe we can connect over skype ?

Hi there, My client chooses to not use the address field as provided by Gravity Forms. – Is there any way to make your plugin work, in that case? (Any customisation you might be able to provide?) Address fields in this form are mainly “single line text”, plus a dropdown field for the states. (US addresses only) Thanks in advance!

Yes, I can write a customisation. Please drop an email and we can discuss this further!

Thank you for the prompt reply. Sounds good. – I will check back with the client and will send you an email if they want to go ahead.

do i still need the api key

Yes, API keys are necessary.

Hi, I removed the API key that was previously entered in my theme settings and only left the API in your plugin. Still not working for me. Nothing happens when I type anything in the address field. Please help.

HI, Please send me site details via support ticket. I will check out the issue.

G’day. Is it possible with your adonn to also get the coordinates from the autocomplete result?

Hey there, I can write a small customisation for you achieve this function.


stevedj Purchased

I installed the API for Google Places… and your plugin is still not working on my website. I contacted support with a video to show what is happening. Very frustrated. Please help???

You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project at


stevedj Purchased

Awesome! It’s working now!!! Thank you!!!

Glad to hear that.


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