Gravity Forms User Registration and Login

Gravity Forms User Registration and Login

Now with 20 custom Fields and settings for every form!

“Gravity Form Create User & Auto Login” is all about making your members, visitors and users register in the most simple and effective way possible. With Gravity Forms you create a powerful registration form and with this plugin they get a user account and gets logged in right away. Without delay.

When activated it creates a new user and log in that user when a form is submitted with Gravity Forms. In the settings page you can set the field from the form to use for Username, Password, E-mailaddress, First Name, Last Name, User Role and 20 custom field! You can choose to let the new user set their own password or you can generate a secure one for them. You can also turn off the auto login function and only create a new user. You can use conditional logic to only create a new user if the conditions are meet.

You can use native Gravity Forms to send emails to the user after submitted as usual.

Available Fields:

- Username
- E-mail address
- First name
- Last name
- User Role
- Password (If this option is selected)
- 20 Custom fields that you customize for your site - Conditional Logic

Supported Gravity Form Fields:

- Single Line Text
- Paragraph Text (With formated text)
- Drop Down
- Multi Select
- Number
- Radio Buttons
- Website
- Phone
- Email
- Date
- Time
- List


4 april 2018 (3.0)
Completely rebuild New settings page inside Gravity Forms
20 custom fields
Conditional Logic
New documentation inside the plugin
20 september (2.0)
- Added functionality for 5 custom fields
- Cleaned up code