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Really nice work and a great game idea :) Wish you good sells with your game :)

happy you enjoyed the game!

Awesome! Simple and smart :]

Thank you very much!


Could you sell only the graphics?

all the game artwork is included in the game package if you buy it.

How to set view landscape only?

You can’t force landscape mode in a mobile browser. You can just pop up an alert to suggest the player to use landscape mode.

Thank you for this great game , I just send you a message please answer me as soon , as you can , Thanks in advance ! :)

I just answered!

replied :)

super cool game. How hard or easy will it be to change gold and diamonds to various products using transparent png files. Maybe 15 products.

How hard will it be at the end of each game to bring a div with a form above the game to have players fill some data and send it with the score. is there an endGame mechanism that i can use to do some jquery?

into the documentation you can read how to capture the endgame event with the score.

regarding the new objects you can easily replace the current png objects. If you need more objects or other customizations you need coding skills or you can hire us.

please, send all your needs to

I want to buy the code, but I find a bug in level 2, if you click on diamond or gold, it doesn’t work. and I have some questions: 1?how many levels are there? 2?how difficult to change the dimension of the game? (I want to change it to portrait). thank you very much!

What do you mean exactly for ” if you click on diamond or gold, it doesn’t work”? The objects into the terrain are not clickable, you have just to tap where you want on the screen to start the hook extraction. This game version have 4 levels of increasing difficulty. If you need some customization please contact us at info[at]codethislab[dot]com

I purchased your game … whats is the best way to scale it such that I can embed it in a webpage and not have it full screen?

you could modify the file ctl_utils.js but you require coding skills, or embed the game into an iframe with your desired dimensions, and the game fits itself.

Just wondering how to change the CURRENCY from DOLLARS to POUNDS? Great game by the way, everything works fine.

It’s ok, I’ve figured it out. ;-)