Discussion on GoDelivery - Delivery Management System Flutter App

Discussion on GoDelivery - Delivery Management System Flutter App

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I want to purchase the flutter app today but I want to know if it is a full App with admin backend

its only UIKIT

Please when will the full application be available

Hi and thanks for the good work. Do you intend to ship for Flutter 2 because as it currently is, the project imports with errors. Does one need to downgrade their installation. If not how can i import the project and get it running because currently i simply cannot

we only have Official Support channel for getting support Submit Ticket
If you already submitted the ticket then keep patient and wait our technical team reply

Note:Please dont expect any answer via comments , we have completely stopped replying over comments

Hello, I have some questions, are you in flutter 2? Can I edit the code completely? I just need this delivery boy part, I already have a platform. Do you have documentation in order?

Good luck with your sales

This product is already a complete and ready-to-go application?

This is flutter UI only , but our android version is ready and published already

Hello, can working on flutter 2 ?

Hello, Any plan for a full app build with flutter ?

Our flutter app is in process , but if you want to use our app you can use android app as well and our iOS version is also launching

hello, when will the full flutter app be ready?

It doesn’t make sense to have 2 different source codes for iOS and Android when we can just have one flutter code. I thought you were building on flutter that’s why I waited

We are working on flutter app but we cannot provide any est date for flutter version launch

if you want to build this seriously, i advice you to focus on flutter, everyone is moving away from android and ios separate apps because its hard to manage and maintain. especially not necessary for apps like this, you already have flutter template, am wondering why you decided to make separate android and ios apps

Promises without fulfilment … No release yet


We already submitted , currently its under review of envato

Your release doesn’t have a backend and driver app?..

The driver app is in pending for approval. and backend will be available in few hours

We can keep our profit amount

Greetings we are waiting to see the complete solution, when can we try it and buy it?

Is admin panel is there to keep profit about fix

Hello dubeyorama

This is a UI kit only , our full functional app will be release in this week

Share me your whatsapp no or Skype I’d?

Hello is this still UI or it’s full app now?

Hello Sir,

Yes we are adding the signing feature from the customer on the rider’s phone, in which when rider reach to the customer , rider will show screen to the customer to sign on the screen for receive the order. this will secure every one

That is bad. That is for only the Europe app not for African and Asian App. A signature is not a prove. Anyone can sign a phone screen. And the customer can say he doesn’t sign where is the proof? Is not his fingerprint but a unique number or a confirm button just like the kind of button the driver confirm when he receives an order or a notification.

U need to think of this everyone can't make the same code in codecanyon. Someone needs to think outside of the box and make a universal app not only for Europe and America.

Hello chamdemba

We are very sorry we are doing our best to making our apps perfectly but unfortunately for we cannot make the app perfect for every one, if you want the code feature you can customize the code by your self too, code will be yours and you are open to do anything that you want.

regards, waiting for any kind response from you. please let us know if the product will be ready or not

Hi Jn_magic

Our product is in testing mode , our team is continuously testing it so our customer dont face issues

Send me the demo please to see if it suits what I am looking for and I would buy it immediately

Hello Sir

You have to wait our release that will launch on codecanyon soon

Why do you guys keep promising what you won’t fulfil.. Promised to release the full app with backend. For weeks now you’ve not kept to promise and you dont respond

Hello vetrode

We have change our app processing procedure that is test the app properly before upload on codecanyon, so that our customer dont face issues or bugs. i hope you understand it

but we still working on fixing and testing the app

Thanks and hope it gets released soon

friend if you are so kind please answer the questions, I asked you some questions about the product.

I also asked him if I can buy it before publishing it here, since I see that he has told other users that they can buy it before being published.

If it is finished I want to buy it now tell me what I do to buy it?

it support RTL and multi language

Currently its a UI Kit only , you can make modifications according to your needs

why not respond on skype either?

Let me know if the product is ready or not please

Hello Jn_magic

its completed but under testing so our customer dont face issues, we suggest you to purchase it after we launch it on codecanyon because then you will get a purchase code for the support , if you purchase it directly then you will not get any kind of purchase code that will help you in ticket submission

Ok but I would like to see if you can send the apk to test the functionalities and see if it suits what I am looking for.

For example, I am interested in knowing how the delivery cost is calculated if it is by KM or if it is by delivery area


im very sorry we cannot provide any thing before the app launch


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