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Hi there, just check with you is it fine if I install it on my website and let anyone use it for free?

As far as I know that is not allowed. You have to check up with Support.

LOVE THIS: Have a question. Can I use this tool to generate the HTML for your NOVA Gallery on a server?

Thanks for purchasing!

Nova Gallery actually requires all gallery items’ data to be supplied through a xml file, and only a minimum amount of html code needs to be present in the page, which does not change from one gallery instance to another. I haven’t tried generating xml code through Gallerygen but maybe you can try that out :)

hello dear can this be implement on php wowonder?

This is just a tool for developers to use locally from their machines for easy code generation.

Hello. I have this in my cart, but cannot purchase as I don’t have confirmation this will enable me to create a grid multiple galleries all showing one image, but cycling through each gallery’s images in the lightbox. Can you please confirm? I reviewed the screenshots and the video, but they did not show any instance. Nor did I see an example of the gallery in a real example. I will purchase support for this, also. Thank you in advance. —Susan

Thanks for your interest!

Please note that this item does not create a gallery for you. This item’s only purpose is to ease the process of writing the code needed to initialize a gallery for most gallery plugins. So choose a gallery plugin that you like and check out what code it needs for its initialization and then see if Gallerygen can support in generating that code for you.

Oh, get it. Took awhile to soak since that isn’t what I searched for. Thank you so much for the quick reply!