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Hello! I have a problem with resources. When I add my own image and replace yours, when I click it, the app closes and opens again. The image is with the same size. Everything is the same. How to fix?

already discussing in skype.

can you flip images from left to right? or add that ability?

Flip is not available in the app. If you want it then we can add it for you.

When you can provide Android Studio version ?

At present, this code is available in eclipse only. If you want then we can convert it into Android Studio. It will cost you small additional amount. Contact us on skype. Our skype is guru.technolabs

Hello GT. I try old demo apk (upload in 1 years ago). If i tried take picture from camera the result is a little blury. And after i save the picture, i not able to see my picture in my gallery. For try it.Please sent me, new demo apk without this problem. Thanks ptroexzsevenfold@gmail.com

You can use eclipse. But we recommend you to use Android Studio. And about the cost, please answer the questions which we have sent in the mail first. So that we can provide exact cost.

Ok GT. Thanks for your fasting response

You’re most welcome. :-)

hi, i dont have any experiences about developing or codin android. So i want to buy your app, can you help me to costumize?

We can help if there is any issue or error in our given source code. We can also customize the app for you. It will cost you little extra amount. For further discussion, add us on Skype. Our Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

There’s a problem, after i save the picture, i not able to see my picture in my gallery. What’s the solution?

Please send us your source code on sales@gurutechnolabs.com

We will solve your issue and send you the updated code.

Thank You.

i sent you the code in your email to fix the code hope to reply soon

is the code updated ? and is there an admob banner ? please reply

Yes. the code is updated and has admob banner

im gonna buy the code today is the code updated because the last one i buy it had a problem and crashes a lot !! and is it with banner ads !

the code is error free and it has banner ads also.

i wonna buy .. can the seller reply to my comment ?

Please mail us your queries on sales[at]gurutechnolabs[dot]com Or you can add us on Skype also. Our id is help.gurutechnolabs.

We will resolve your issues.

send me your email


Do you have an android studio version ?

yes. Skype me on help.gurutechnolabs

Hi I have a problem when I want to create apk file, as shown in the picture

Okay. We will solve your issue via teamviewer. Please add us on Skype. My id is help.gurutechnolabs

hi gurutechnolabs i have problem in the code source I am getting crash error when I select an object. And sometimes it returns to main screen when I select an object. I tried 5 times. note 2 i am using in android 4.1.1 it work good but 5.0 and up just crashes this is my email anibakarim91@gmail.com i hope send me update

Okay. We will check your issue and solve it if you wanted to purchase the app. For more you can also contact us on Skype at help.gurutechnolabs

i fond the probleme it about the picteurs when i resize the picteurs it woke but the Quality ITS NOT GOOD so pls where can i find the code for the apps can accepte the size

Yes. we can solve that issue. Kindly contact us on Skype. Our Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

Hi guru technolabs, i have some problem with this code. Please check you’re email from ptroexzsevenfold@gmail.com Thanks

Sure. We replied to your email. Kindly check it.

Greats support, thanks GT team.

hi whats is new on update?

It’s Android Studio version of Eclipse code and some minor bugs are also resolved.

Is it support new api level 23 or later for android?

We already done runtime permission include this project

You don’t need to provide runtime permissions.. By default permission are enable.. apis are 23 compatible..

For further support, please contact us on skype. My Skype id is – help.gurutechnolabs

hi .. is it possible to add or edit the objects like flags over face ?

yes. It is possible

1. when I add a pic from the gallery it is set wrong for example 90degres, there need to be a rotate button

2. every time I add a “sticker” and want to edit the last one, it is not possible anymore, you have to start from the beginning. The sticker you set before is not editable anymore

3. like another guy posted already, if you go to tie section and scroll down app is crashing

Do you could fix that first?

Sure. We are updating the source code on CodeCanYon. After approval you will be able to download from here.

but my app is live. i want to update immediately. Please send me update code in my email : raj1232@gmail.com

Code has been sent on given email id. If you don’t receive it. Please email us on sales@gurutechnolabs.com