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I dont want to use a slider, instead I want to use a single image in the background, can I do that?

Yes, its pretty simple. Instead of putting many values for the slides, just enter first value with the image you want to show in the background and update it options. That will now work as a background image rather than a background slider. :)

I want to disable the slider for my page, how can I do that?

Under the text editors on the edit posts/page section, you will see an option to disable the slider for that particular post/page. Just check the checkbox saying disable FWB for this post/page and you are done :)

What size images do I need to use ?

This plugin will stretch the image to fit the screen irrespective of the size of the image or the screen. So its up to you what size you want to use but you should be careful using pretty big images as it will increase the page load time.

I want to use the Full width slider on just one or two pages and not the complete website, can I do that?

Yes, you can!!

Uncheck all the options in the Display Settings and the slider will be disabled by default. Now you can enable it for a particular post or page by checking the checkbox just under the text editor and making the settings there.

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