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I find a small margin at the bottom of the page but only (from what I know) on an iPhone 5 and newer. You cannot even use an emulator online to see it. Here is a link to my development site.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Sorry I had to move the site, it should be working now. I didn’t think it was going to take 9 days to get a return follow up.

Ok it has been 17 days now since I first posted. I know the site was not up when you looked (it was just down for 5 hours, out of the first 12 days before your response). It now has been back up 8 days since you last response and I have heard no reply. Please follow up.


First of all extremely sorry for late response because we were busy to catch up with upcoming techs so that’s why we could reply you on time. Anyway, are you done with your issue or you still seeking help??? Please let us know??

Looking forward for your response?? Cheers!!


It seems in FireFox and Safari out of nowhere I am suddenly getting a big white background and then the slider begins. This was not the case and I think the only thing that updated was WP from 4.0 to 4.1. Any idea what is causing this?

Thank you George


Thanks for purchasing our product. We have checked your site and found you have use large size images(more then 1 mb) in slider so it’s take time to load. Please reduce the size of images(in kb) and upload them again.

Let us know if you have further issue. Thanks

Ok will let you know how that turns out

Hi, this plugin is great and is working perfectly… except for two issues.

1. The slider does not appear at all on one page on my site:

I have tried turning it off/on, resetting, adding specific images to only that page, and I can’t understand why it doesn’t work. This is an automatically generated Jigoshop page. Individual and category pages do work, just not this main page.

2. On the first visit to any page of the website, the image doesn’t appear at the top of the window – it shows a large gap. Navigating to other pages makes it work properly, and then navigating back to the page that didn’t load will have it work properly also. Very strange and confusing!

Please help.


Thanks for purchasing our product. We have gone through your issue and fixed it in our next version which is under review at this point. You’ll get this update as soon as it is reviewed and available for public. It would be great if you can wait for it otherwise if it is something critical you can contact us at wpfruits[at]gmail[dot]com

Best, WPFruits

That should be fine, thank you! ... unless you anticipate that the review process will take more than a few weeks.

Thanks for the response. :-)


Plugin update is available now. Please update your plugin for resolution of your issue.

Best, WPFruits

Hi, I search the different versions of this plugins, and what are the update between two versions. Where are this informations ? Thx


Thanks for contacting us. You can find that info under changelog.txt file within plugin folder.

Best, WPFruits

Thx, i will see that. Why the updates can not be done on the wordpress site ? We need to download the .zip, and copy the plugin via ftp. Some plugins works automatically. It will be on the next updates ?

I have an other question, can we desactivate the plugin for mobile version (responsive) ? And a last question : can we delete on the post editor, the option FWB. I configured the plugin, I don’t need this on the post editor. Same questions for Custom Posts Type. Sorry for my english. Thanks for your response.


We have release a update recently. Please download new version of plugin and upload it via ftp. Currently ,there is no option to deactivate responsive feature and to hide FWB post meta in the post editor use below CSS code in very bottom of style.css file of your theme:

#fwbslider_post_metas { display: none !important; }

Please let us know if you have further issue.

Best, WPFruits

I installed the plugin and set it up. However, it is now adding a vertical scroll on the page I am using it on. There is not any content on the page so why if it adding that scroll and how can I eliminate it? Thanks Sylvia


This is due to the content which is under #content-container-slide but its visibility is hidden by CSS. It is causing this issue.

To fix this issue put this CSS code at very bottom of your style.css file
#content-container-slide {
    display: none;

Best, WPFruits

Hy there. I’m having an issue with the plugin from time to time, when the image of the slideshow starts at the half of the window size. It happens some times when navigating, sort of randomly. I’ve tried with different themes, and it happens anyway. As I’ve searched here on the comments, woerdhvd had the same problem. What is the solution for this? Thank you in advance, Sardinha.

Hi, Would you please provide url of your website as well.

Here is a website in development where you may see the issue. Remember that it happens randomly, so you might have to navigate a little to see the problem:

Hi same issue as Sardinha17 and woerdhvd,

From time to time the slide show starts half way down the screen leaving a black area at the top. My clients asking me to get this fixed. What is happening with this?

Thanks Tom

No reply from Author page or comments here it seems… Beware don’t buy as there is some bugs that they have yet addressed. until then I can’t recommend this product.


Sincerer apologies for replying late. Can you please send me screenshot of your issue because we have checked it at our side and didn’t found this issue. So it would be great if you can provide us screenshot for the issue you are facing.

Best, WPFruits

Even though I have selected only the front page to be switched on, it is still being shown across every page on the site? Any reason why this is not working

Please post your query here

Great, I have done!

Hello, got an pre-buy question: Is it possible that when i klick the full screen toggle, that the menu is visible? i just want to hide the content when i klick the toogle

I have left a support request on your website but haven’t heard back yet. This is for a client and need it resolved quickly because the site is live. Just like tombyrom, on initial load, the background images start halfway down the page in safari and chrome. What is causing this? Can you please help out? Thanks a lot.

It’s been 3 days since I posted asking for support on your support site and no answer. Can you please assist? The problem seems to be happening with multiple people.

Hello There,

We had already fixed your issue in at Can you please let us know about all the issues you are having on another site??

Best WPFruits,

Your plugin does not work, it shows white page on half the screen, What can I do to fix this?


Please update plugin, this issue is fixed in updated version. If your issue is not resolved, please send your query with wp-login details at

Best, WPFruits,

Hi, some of my background images are distorted – although they have all the same size. What can be th problem??

Hello There,

Please send your query with site URL and wp login details at

Best, WPFruits,

In Chrome, the image loads half way down the page.

Any idea why this is happening? I have tried other themes and the same thing happens.

Thanks San

Hello San,

Greetings of the day. hope you are doing good. We have already posted an update(v2.5.5) for this issue. It may be live anytime. Please update your installed version of plugin once update is live. Do not hesitate to ask further queries, in case if you have any. Cheers!

Best, WPFruits

thanks for your answer, i will try the update. San

Presale question. Does this plugin work with every Wordpress theme? We are currently using Nouveau theme and would like to purchase this plugin. Need to make sure it does not conflict with our theme beforehand. Thank you!

yes It does unless the theme has a full width background setting. If so it can be easily changed

Hi, can you tell me what tag the images are being assigned to as a background, is it the html page, body tag, or other? Also how can I select which tag or modify the code of the plugin to select which tag the images area assigned to? Thanks.

Hello There,

Sorry we didn’t get your words.

There is one global setting which works on all pages/post/category/tag you can configure FWB Background Image for particular page/post.

If this doesn’t helps then please enunciate further.

Best, WPFruits

Hello is working whith last version of Wordpress?

The plugin is working fine with all the WordPress versions after 3.8

demo is not working I get blank images

Hello infotainerdave,

Thanks for the info. We have fixed it, the demo is working now.

Best, WPFruits

Do not let me tick the “Add FWB Slider to this post / page” option on an X page

Hi, I know, the problem is that it does not let me mark that box to personalize each page with a different background. As if the box did not work ….

Apparently, the problem is the template that is installed in wordpress. I tried somewhere else and it works fine. The problem is not wordpress because both sites have the same version 4.5.9

Thank you

Hello Slange,

Okay, please let us know if there is any issue with the plugin.

Best, WPFruits