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Hi, we use this plugin in conjunctions with REHub theme. I have a question about recaptcha. How can I localise it so it doesn’t show english text? I presume I need to change the “en” to my language code. Where do I do that?

Also, I failed to find a translation for “Submit” with the form. When I translate it in the lang file, it does nothing. Thanks in advance! :)

Hi there. I am not sure which version you are on but in the latest version the “Submit” string is translation ready.

Unfortunately there is no straightforward way to localize the reCaptcha right now.


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Hi, I noticed that when I visit a frontend form (and post lists) the html loads first and then the css. This gives an unpleasant sensation that the page is being built right in front of you. After checking the page source, I noticed that both the css and js are located in the footer. I don’t know if this is a natural behavior of the plugin or some incompatibility with other plugin.



eflouret Purchased

Thanks! The resources being registered at init is a specific behavior of your plugin, or a standard behaviour of wordpress?

I think it is a matter of choice but you can see examples of this in the WP core as well.


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How can I schedule post date through front end editor? I’ve seen your demo has a date picker on it, but I don’t see that option when building a form.

Hi. The datepicker element is available for custom fields. All you need to do is create a new custom field and select datetime picker from the element type dropdown. Unfortunately scheduling is not available at the moment.

Hi. Any updates on the integration with script?

We integrated with chosen ages ago :)

But recently we switched to Select2 since Chosen didn’t allow addition of new items.

use el demo de esta pagina

y no muestra el campo Gallery por que ?

Sorry I don’t understand what you are trying to say. I tried using Google translate but that didn’t help much.


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How to add or showing third party plugin icon in fronted publishing pro like in editor backend WP, because on the fronted publishing pro can not showing.

ex: Syntax Highlighter icon in the menu editor fronted publishing pro.

Please help. Thank you.

Hi. It depends on the third-party plugin. If they have chosen to hide the button on the frontend then it won’t appear in the form.

how to allow permission for showing the button. because i need this feature.

like this

Hi, i really want buy this plugin… But i have question for you… I need create frontend form:

1. Form with title “Tutorial” and with category “Tutorial” only not other.
2. Form with title “Blog” and showing all category except “Tutorial” category.

My question, how about “Post List”, are can showing “Tutorial” category only not include other category?? Or showing all category except “Tutorial” category. Thankyou… :)


khaxan Author


1. Yes, you can create a form with only one category

2. Yes, you can create a form with all categories except for one

3. No, post list will show all posts

I hope you can create post list like what i want on next update, so i can buy it…

Hi, i’ve got a pre-purchase question. Can I set a limit of post that one user can post? I mean, I would like to set that a user can just post maximun of 5 posts per hour. Is it avaible? Is it going to be? I just need that feature :S

I read one of your replies 7 months ago, is it going to take so long?

It shouldn’t :)

In the past few months literally dozens of new features and bug fixes have been introduced. I just never got to stuff like posting limits because there was more important items on the list. But now that most of that is out of the way, I can develop this. Unfortunately I can’t give you an exact date.

Thank You! Going to buy it ;)


Presale questions.

I would like to know 2 things :

1. If we can create different user’s role, 1 per custom post type. A user role could only post on one type of custom post. Could we do that ?

2. If for one custom post type (one role) we could define several pay plans ? For exemple one Basic and one Premium, the Premium one to make feature posts. Possible ?

Excuse me for my bad english. Du you speak french ?


Hello. Unfortunately I don’t speak french.

1. Forms created with this plugin only create posts of a single post type. So you will have to create a form for each post type.

If you want certain users to not be able to post content of a post type, you will have to hide the form of that post type with the help of a content hiding plugin.

2. You can set a different price for each user role. But, on making the payment, the post will get published. There is no way to set it to featured right now.

Please let me know if you want me to clarify further. Thanks


Hopefully a quick pre-sale question:

When using this and the custom fields, could I enter the meta key for an ACF custom field and that be the item that gets saved/updated from the front end?

I guess a simpler way of saying this is, does this easily integrate with Advanced Custom Fields?

Thanks in advance

Hi. Yes you could enter the meta_key of a custom field from ACF and the two plugins would work perfectly together.