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Well, is it possible to add fields in the front end on demand? For example, I am building a form in which I am interested that users can add a list of information, if necessary add more fields. It’s possible?

Yes it’s quite easy to do that with custom fields. If you go to the form settings you should see a small form on the right side of the screen that you can use for creating your own fields.

Not without editing plugin code I’m afraid :)

It will be an easy modification or not?

Changes to the actual plugin code not advisable. Sorry I was not clear in my previous answer :)

hi as example I need to create form to submit product i need this product to be downloadable so I need to create product submission form contain checkbox and to give it meta key of the downloadable checkbox of woocommerce product I need to give fallback value to checkbox to make it automatically selected as downloadable

first question how to get woocommerce product checkbox meta key ? second question what is the right value to add to fallback for the checkbox is it true or yes or what ? regards

Hi, to find the meta key you can try to follow the steps here:

The fallback value for checkboxes should be 1 or 0

A pre sales question….

I want to create a front end submission form for the users of my office’s site, BUT I want to include a custom metabox (screeshot that exists in the regular back end posting and it allows users to attach files to a post.

Is it possible with your plugin?

Thanks in advance

Can you tell me what value is saved against that key? By looking at how the value is saved, I can tell whether FEP will save in the save format :)

The respective meta_value is:

a:1:{i:3694;a:4:{s:7:"file_id";i:3694;s:9:"file_date";s:19:"2019-09-21 22:00:48";s:12:"file_exclude";b:0;s:12:"file_user_id";i:1;}}

I really don’t understand what this means. The only thing that makes sense is that the file_id of the above meta_value is extracted from the _wp_attached_file meta_key

Thanks again….

“I really don’t understand what this means.”

It’s a standard serialized array.

I’m sorry but this format is not supported by the plugin.

Would be nice to have the ability to have min. no follow and max dofollow rules to make SEO easier. We don’t allow paid posts to have more than 2 do follow links and it’s helped SEO tremendously but to make them all no follow isn’t good for paid posts because you at least need to make their target URL dofollow. Please do let us know if you add this feature. Thanks.

You could create a meta field, add a max links validator to it and allow dofollow links. Then add the nofollow sanitizer to all other fields.

This way the user can only add a limited number of dofollow links.

Good idea. Didn’t think of that.

Glad to help :D

Can we limit the size of images they upload? This would be pretty standard I’d think but don’t see this as a validator. If we have an image optimizer that optimizes on upload, would this activate by default on image upload?

Hi, yes you can limit the size of uploads. There is a setting for this under the media tab on the plugin settings page.

Ok, must have missed it….thx.

Hi, Before buy. I want to know something. Suppose I am frontend user. I uploaded images. I am able to delete my uploaded images? So I can only see my own images. Other user don’t have permission to view my uploaded images on his Post form? So he can manage his own? So every user have own images gallery? Hope you got my point. Thank you.

Yes the user can only see their own images in the media library :)

Can I create accounts and packages for people to upload products to my site

Hi, could you elaborate your requirement a bit more? What do you mean by accounts and packages?

If you want to receive different payment amount based on the user’s role then this is possible.


can i add variable woocomerce products with this plugin? thank you for your answer

We haven’t tested with variable products unfortunately. It might work but I can’t say for sure :)

Thank for your answer but in most of cases, (clothes, shoes, accessories, food, seeds, electronics etc) products are variable.

If is not supports this type of producs, functionality in limited.

But thank you for your answer.

I’ll try to do some testing and let you know :)

Hi, I’m still struggling to make your plugin works in an affiliate only environment even with forgetting payment. So no payment at all, just the form. I have finally found the external link option in form but it works only if user click on “buy product” at sub-category level because in the product page there is no more button or link, just picture and description. What am I missing, again ? :) thanks

Hi! The screenshot links are not working for me. Also, have you already purchased the item or are you just exploring?

1. Does this have support for PODS, ACF, TOOLSET, CPT-UI and all the other major players for post creation? 2. Also does it allow for Parent & Child Taxonomy selection example car Dealer site select parent tax MAKE then select child tax MODEL? 3. Address location submission format?

I’m not sure what you are referring to exactly, could you provide a link or something?

Yes the dynamic widgets mentioned in the video are supported.

Constant errors, support lacking ownership of the issue – poor responses, standard “must be a plugin conflict” response even thought it is quite clearly a JS issue with the front end submission with users who dont have authorship or admin roles.

Requesting a refund.

Hi, sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the support. The “must be a plugin conflict” response is a standard because conflicts are the most prevalent cause of the issue that you mentioned. Every wordpress site has different plugins and deactivating them is the only way to isolate the issue.

The error that you are getting i.e. “an error has occured” is a generic error which means that the response from the server was not understandable. This could happen when any of the plugins generates a PHP warning or error. So, in other words I am certain that this is not a problem in the JS. It may appear that way but it’s not. Moreover it is impossible to know where the problem might be without carefully sifting through the logs or deactivating the other plugins one by one.

If you like, I could setup a test site for you to demonstrate that users without authorship are able to submit without any problems when there are no other plugins installed. Or I could do some testing directly on your site, but for that I will need full access.

Is it possible to prepopulate the content field to give users an outline that they would fill in with their content? Also on the tag field on the demo form – does that dropdown populate with all tags on the site, or do you have to manually enter a list of tags that you want to appear? My site has almost 1,000 tags – will it allow that many on the dropdown/typeahead?

When you choose Advanced Select as the element type, there are settings “Disable Search” and “Disable Search Threshold” that control the visibility of the search. Have you tried adjusting these settings?

“Disable Search” was unchecked. I tried checking it but that did not seem to make a difference. “Disable Search Threshold” is set to 0. I also tried it with 10 and -1, but neither made a difference.

Your settings seem to be correct. Please send me a support request and include your site’s credentials so I can take a closer look at the issue.

Hi, just a quick pre-purchase question. Does the plugin allow editors to create and edit the CPT custom categories and tags?

Yes custom post types and taxonomies are fully supported :)

I want to use a few other plugins that notify by push or email when a post is updated.

Does this plugin have the ability when we edit posts to change the date on those posts to make the notifications wirk??

Hey! Sorry I don’t understand the question. Have you used the email plugins and run into issues?

thanks for your reply and sorry for not explaining clearly.

You know when you update a post in the back end?

There are some plugins that can send a push notification or an update by email to a subscriber.

This only works though because it recognises that post/product has been updated from the back end.

What I am asking is if your plugin has the ability to update and show that post is updated so that those plugins can send automatic notifications for the post/product update.

FEP uses standard WordPress functions for updating posts so I think it should work fine with your email plugin.


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In the add-on, there are “custom fields”.

—This is the shortcode of the form? or —is it to display the fields on any page via a shortcode? (If yes or find the shortcode?)

Thank you

The purpose of that addon is to display the fields with the help of this shortcode: wpfepp_custom_field

Pre-purchase question: I did look through all the comments, but the answers are several years old, so I’ll ask, again, today: 1) is it Buddypress compatible now, showing up on profile page? 2) Can we restrict limits e.g. 5 posts per member? 3) can I restrict all files types from being uploaded and just allow ONLY pdf files? Thank you in advance, sincerely. J

Hi JohnnyNW, thanks for checking out the plugin. Unfortunately we still don’t have any of the features that you are looking for. I will let you know if this changes in the future.

I have 2 question before I buy. Can I use with 2 websites? I want visitors to put there URL in different box after the post box. Is it posible? Thanks.

The automatic updates work on a single site. It is possible to put the URL in a different field.


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Some questions: 1) how can I insert a fixed text in the content field? 2) How can I tell him not to show author in the result post?



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Also set post attributes and no Allow Comments pls


1) I am using newspaper theme, is your plugin compatible with newspaper theme?

2) Once the user submits the post, how will he be able to edit it again. Is there a page where we can show the posts submitted by the user so that they can edit it from the frontend.