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hi again

its all working fine, users can upload images and they display fine. My problem is that I approve each post. I can edit the text but the images don’t appear in the back end post editor even though they display front end. So how do I check what images that person uploaded and remove them if I want to ?

ah ok, its because i am using 3.6 and not 3.7. There is no upgrade option though, so do I delete and re-install? Can I do that with out losing my forms?

ok dont worry i found the info and uprade with no issues


Is there a way to allow “[” in the meta keys? I have a plugin called easy digital downloads for a payment gateway. It would allow us to use deliverable product core meta keys:

edd_download_files0 (Used for the first deliverable product file)

I need to be able to use that exact meta field in order to successfully integrate with easy digital downloads.

Thank you!

not sure what you mean by using the action? or the code following?

Also is there any way to request that we add the option to pre populate fields without disabling the field? or pulling the page meta data into the field value? is this possible already, but if not that’s a huge addition to the development of this already fantastic plugin?

Are you familiar with WP actions and filters? If not then you will have to read up on that.

Pre populating the fields in not possible for active fields but I’ll see if it can be added in one of the upcoming versions.


Prolet Purchased

Hello khaxan,

I assume you check this forum more often than the wp one where I already wrote to you. 1. Is it possible in the Pro version to hide the “Text” button and users to use only “Visual” option? 2.The link “View” your own post leads to the home page instead to the actual article. Is it a problem only on the free version? 3.Is it possible after a user publishes an article, to be redirected to another page, instead to be kept in the same one and invited to care on with editing? 4.The bar with information about the article( it’s published or whatever) uses white colour for the text and it is unreadable. 6.The last question is about tables. I would like my members to be able to create tables. Is that possible with your plugin or I have add another one? I am not looking for a free help on the free plugin. I am looking for answers in order to buy the Pro version. Thank you!

I have some questions, based on my short experience with the free version of your plugin.

Hi. Thanks for getting in touch.

1. This option is not available.

2. This doesn’t happen for me even when I am using the free version so maybe there is a conflict on your site?

3. Yes redirection option is available in the pro version.

4. Again this sounds like a styling conflict with your theme. However a little bit of custom CSS should be able to fix it.

5. Depends on how powerful a table builder you are looking for. With this plugin users can create HTML tables but that’s about it.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Prolet Purchased

Hi khaxan :) Thank you for your reply! I bought the plugin, mostly because I wanted the design and the redirect to work properly. It is a lovely piece of work. Thank you :) And yet I still have a problem with the redirection. I’d like the preview of the post to be the actual post, not the home page. Also, is it possible the categories to be show as a drop down menu, instead of a long text line? FYI I already disabled plugins, changed the theme and re -saved the permalinks to see where the conflict is. Obviously I didn’t manage at all. Will you help me, please?

Thanks for the purchase. Please send me your site’s URL and login details through the support form so I can take a look.


Ingie212 Purchased

Sent you an email but figured I would post it here in case others had same issue.

I see how to add copyscape and other stuff so you can disregard that part.

No matter what I do the email contact does not work.

The automated “Send thank you email to user on post submission?” gets sent to my email and no email gets sent for Send email to admin on post submission.

If you add an email field to the form, it will not be automatically used while sending notifications. It is just for validation.

The address used is the one available in user’s profile.


Ingie212 Purchased

I see.

Is there any way that I can get an automated email setup for users who are not logged in?

Like add in an email field for anonymous users just so I can contact them to let them know about their post going live.

Or have some way to get their email so I can atleast know who submitted the article

If you create an email custom field, the value entered by the user will be stored as post meta and you will be able to see it on the edit post page in the admin area. So you can know who submitted the post.

If you want to send an email automatically then you can use one of the actions provided by the plugin. All the actions are listed in inc/Constants/Plugin_Actions.php.

Pre-purchase questions:

1. Can you use frontend publishing by post category? (So user can only post to limited categories I choose).

2. Is frontend publishing password-protected? (so each user has there own password for publishing).

3. Can user write, edit, delete and publish posts?

4. Is this for multi-users, so each user has there own page for frontend publishing?


Hi. Thanks for looking at the plugin.

1. Yes

2. By default the form requires the user to log in so I guess yes.

3. Yes

4. I don’t understand this one. All the users can use the same pages.


Regarding point 4, here is a scenario:

1. If I have 3 different users and 3 different post categories:

2. Can each user I choose post to a certain category?
-user1 > Posts to Facebook category only
-user2 > Posts to Twitter category only
-user3 > Posts to Linkedin category only


You could somehow create multiple forms and make sure each user can access only the form that shows categories relevant to him. However you might have to use a separate membership plugin for this.


popencer Purchased

Udpated to newest version… now I have this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function WPFEPP\wp_removable_query_args() in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/frontend-publishing-pro/inc/WP_List_Table.php on line 792


popencer Purchased

I resolved this by upgrading my WP install.

Hello, khaxan. I bought plugin. I use it with WP theme Newspaper. WP release – the latest 4.7.5 I have mistakes on page with forms ( Warning: Illegal offset type in /home/olivelab/ on line 433

It’s working. We don;t have IP ban. Maybe you have some proxy settings? Can you check again pls?

My question is closed. Clean install with deleting all data in settings.

Must have been something wrong in the data. Glad you got it fixed because I am still not able to access your website. Weird.

I’d like to auto fill fields from wordpress variables like the current user’s email.

One other work around I was thinking of was to allow users to auto populate fields based on query parameters by providing the input’s with a name”

In the form’s settings it would be also great to allow placeholder values.

I found another issue. If I use WordPress’ [gallery] shortcode in a post it will only display images that are associated with that specific post. By using the Media Id or Gallery Elements in FEPP the user has the ability to add file Ids via a custom field to the post but does not associate the file directly to the post so [gallery] does not show any of the images sine they are not attached.

Do you have any examples of how users display these images easily?

You can use the custom fields addon to display the images with a shortcode.

Thanks that worked!

Is there a way to limit the amount of images that the user can add? I’ve added Maximum Count validator to the Gallery Custom Fields but it seems to be letting more than the Maximum Count be attached.

Try setting it to one and testing with 2 links.

I set the validator to max 1 link. 2 links tripped the validator. However, the user can still submit plain text urls

I set max links to -1 and it the validator tripped at 1 link. I just need to be able to remove the possibility of plain text emails and links, which I was hoping to solve through a filter if you had any exposed hooks (my comment below)

EDIT – actually -1 links doesn’t work, it will trip even if there are 0 links.

Are there any filter hooks that I can use to modify the user submitted content?

You can use the default WordPress hooks that are fired at the time of content creation. Specifically the ones in wp_insert_post and wp_update_post.

Feature request – Could you create an option for the fields to remove the label? I was looking at the label fields and their attributes are custom. There’s also this orphaned class attribute. For example:

<label for="frontend-form-2-post-data-custom-field-truck-image-2" class="">Truck Image 2</label>

And can you also put the pretext in a <p></p> element so that it can be styled?

The author has actual access to all images on the server? After clicking on Media > He’ll see Logos, patterns, featured images of others > all that styling?

In other words, is there any “by role” functionality?

If you want you can give users access to their own media items only. This can be controlled in the media settings.

Hi, I need to let the visitors of my website to upload medias : but actually only registered users can do this. Any idea how to fix it ?

Thanks, problem solved =)