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Frontend Publishing Pro gives me a lot of problem on PHP 7.0.1 or PHP 7.0.14… exhausted member errors and/or redirect loops when trying to access WP-Admin.

Any idea why ? Any update that would allow me to reactivate Frontend Publishing Pro on PHP 7 ? Because right now, I feel like I just wasted my money and can’t use it anymore.

Hi. The latest version works with PHP 7. There must be something on your environment causing these issues. Have you tested the plugin in isolation? With nothing else active on the site?

Probably a conflict with another plugin, I’ll do some tests

Okay. Let me know how it goes.

Prepurchase question. Is it possible to hide specific elements within the MCE editor tool bar on the frontend? For example, I’m using a few plugins that add elements in the MCE toolbar that i wouldn’t want users on the frontend to have access to. So i’d like to make sure to disable them only on frontend post submissions.

Hi. This is not available as an option right now. But you might be able to hide the buttons by adding a snippet to your theme.


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All the time I leave the page where my froentend for is, I get an error message: “An error ocurred” . Any tip?

Hi. This means that there is was an error on the server side because of which FEP couldn’t make sense of the server response. If you open your browser’s console and then try to submit a post you should be able to see what exactly went wrong.

I’m working on a client’s site that uses your plugin & I’d just like to confirm that the conflict with wp user avatar noted in this comment from last year, still persists with ver3.4.1 of FEP.

When wp-avatar is activated, users that aren’t Admins are not able to upload any media using the front end form and receive a permissions error.

FEP is great, but considering WP User Avatar has over 200k downloads while FEP has less than 5k (that’s combining the premium & free versions), i feel the impetus of responsibility in fixing this bug falls on you. Please consider adding a fix in a future update.

Hi. Have you tried the upload fix add-on that we have available on our website?

hi khaxan awesome plugin i just wandering if it support the custom post type field (build With ACF plugin) i hope to hear from you soon thanks

Hi. Yes it is possible to add custom post type fields. However you will have to create those fields in FEP separately.

Custom post types and taxonomies are also fully supported.

Hi Again is it possible to setup multi form each form submitted in just the taxonomies that i want for Example i want my user can chose Between electronic , sofa and Carpets in form 1 and submit in laptops , tablets and phones in form 2 like combobox or selectbox

In the form settings you can specify the taxonomy terms that you want to include and the form will only show those terms. So you can include electronic, sofa and carpets on form 1 and laptops, tablets and phones on form 2.

Hi there. I’m trying to do a really simple thing and I seem to be stuck. I have a license. I’m trying to set the default content of the text editor text field. I’ve used the default_content filter and it’s not taking in my FEP post form. Is there a trick that I’m missing?

Thanks for getting back to me. My goal is to pre-fill the text editor field with the author name. I was hoping I could do that by setting the default content value for the editor form field using the WP default_content filter ( That doesn’t work.

Let me clarify – I want prefill the form field for a new post, not an existing post so there wouldn’t be current values.

In that case you should try using the filter the_editor_content:

It doesn’t look like the tag field uses Wordpress’ autocomplete tag ui and I couldn’t create new tags in your demo..?

Tag auto-completion is available but it looks different from the UI in the admin area. Creation of new tags or categories is not available yet but we plan to add this feature.


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Hi, is featured image mandatory? I checked demo mode and was unable to add post without adding featured image. Can this be changed?

+Can you provide an example to real site where your plugin is implemented? I would like to test front end publishing in real life circumstances.

Featured image is not mandatory by default. But you can make any field mandatory if you want to. On the demo site the real plugin is implemented however we have added some extra restrictions to prevent misuse.


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What is the best way to show user posts on site? If I choose to show the under Publish tab it seems weird.


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Is it possible to add recaptcha or any other form for spam prevention in user registration form?


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Have you any sites you can show as examples? P.S. Who is supporting me? I see green icon – supported here..

I’ll setup a better demo for you and let you know. I’m the plugin author and I am supporting you :)

I just sent you a new demo website where you can play around with lesser restrictions.


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Hi!, is compatible with Avada?

Hi. Yes it is compatible.


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Thank you


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another question.. I use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, can I use the fields created there with Frontend Publishing Pro?

You will have to recreate those fields in FEP but the content will automatically stay synced between ACF fields and their corresponding FEP fields.


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MWNS Purchased


Hi, How can I add the featured image field thumbnail to the edit page? I am using the theme Rehub which has your plugin bundled in

This is not possible in the current version.


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Buddypress Compatibility? Are there any news on integration with BuddyPress? I would def be interested and pay a more premium price for this feature. Cheers, Brian

I’m sorry but there’s no news yet. I haven’t had the chance to look into buddypress profile tabs for FEP but in case someone stumbles onto this comment in the future, the forms still work on regular pages with BP.

Content text doesn’t work in FREE mode that is using for testing.

Please make sure that there are no pre-existing JavaScript errors on the page. JS execution stops as soon as the first error is encountered so FEP forms can’t work on pages with errors.

Hey so when a user attaches a PDF file it says it cannot upload because it says “This file type is not allowed for security reasons.” how do I get around this?

Hi. In the media tab of the plugin settings you can decide which file types to allow.

Thank you! this is a great product btw.

You’re welcome :)

Hello – The Author of Post Status Notifier has recommended this plugin for front end posting as compatible with his PSN plugin. I have a concern with a possible conflict with posting code in my theme for CPTs as a couple of free front end posting plugins I have used will not work and lock up the posting form driven by Advanced Custom Fields. The theme is CouponHut (ThemeForest). Do you have any knowledge of this theme and compatibility with your plugin? Do you happen to have a scaled down free version I can test? Thank you.

Please send me a support request.

OK.. done. Please let me know what other information I can provide you. I do like the look of your plugin and am interested, if I can know it will work for my project. Thank you very much.

Hello I have asked this questions to another frontend plugin author but did not get the responds I was expecting, now Looking at your frontend plugin it seems to be my last option, but recently I have bought 4 plugins from Envato that turned out not to be what am looking for and ended up not using them, so please kindly help me with this few questions.

1. In your categories how many category can a quest select?

2. Did you set up the categories to have a hierarchy, (meaning parent and child) I am building a site that guests have to select the State, District, and City, if you don’t have it yet is it something you plan to do soon?

3. If I want to use it on my lyrics submission website, will it be possible for quests to associate the submission to a particular post, (such as correction of lyrics on a post)

4. Will there be conflicts using it with user pro?

5. Where will the submitted images go? Will they be added directly to WordPress?

6. Is it possible to direct the images and post to a private email?

7. Can I setup the number of images that is allowed and can I charge for an extra image?

8. Allowing image upload can be a big security issue on sites with a bad plugin, how secure is your plugin on this.

My apology on the many questions is really important for me to get it right this time Thank you

Hi. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. The user can select as many categories as you like. You can put an upper and lower limit on the number of categories selected by adding validators to the field.

2. If you are expecting the category field to be split into multiple sections where the first contains parent categories and upon selecting a parent category the next section is populated with its children then I want let you know that this is not available. FEP shows all the categories in a singe dropdown. However the user can search through this dropdown easily.

3. I am not sure how that association would work. I don’t think WordPress offers a mechanism to allow connecting one post to another and then showing that association on the website.

4. None that I know of.

5. Directly to the WordPress media library.

6. No

7. No

8. You can disallow file types that you are not comfortable with. You can also limit the size of uploads. In addition, FEP uses the standard mechanisms provided by WordPress for uploading so security issues can be avoided.

I think that the things you are looking for in a single plugin are too many and too specific. It will be difficult for you to find a ready-made plugin that does all of it.

Hi, tell me please, is it possible to select custom categories : not the classic wordpress posts categories, but a knowledge base category, for example ? (I need it for the “HelpGuru – A Self-Service Knowledge Base WordPress Theme”) Thanks.

Hi. Yes you can add any custom or core taxonomy to your form. What you want is a custom taxonomy.

Hi, khaxan. Two questions: 1. Is it possible to add several images? 2. Is it possible to grab first image as featured image?

Hi. You can allow users to add multiple images in the content area or save the images in a custom field. You can also use the featured image field to assign a featured image to each post. However, you can’t automatically use the first image entered in the content as the featured image. I hope this answers your question.

1. How to allow to add many images? 2. Any chance to force wordpress to grab first image as featured image (with any other plugin or other methods)? I allow users publish their content instantly.