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I just buy your plugin (with another account). I just have a quick question : could I set the post submission form only submitable by specifics users’ role?

Thank you

I think maybe a hide/show plugin will do the job? What do you think?

Hi. That should work fine :)


lbn2013 Purchased

I just purchased and configured the plugin.

I can’t see the PayPal tab and the option to check Copyscape. Am I missing something?

Hi. You will have to use addons for that. Don’t worry, they are free :)


lbn2013 Purchased

Ah! Got it. Thanks :). Great plugin. Simply classic.

Hi Khaxan,

I’m going to purchase your plugin. But I have some issues about the plugins and will you work on these for the near future updates?

1) Can you make the fields be able to add custom class for css styling? 2) Give the option setting in custom field to hide its label in frontend displays. 3) The checkbox or radio button field, In the demo I don’t see any option field to set keys|values for user’s input. Because my website would need many fields using checkbox and radio buttons.

I’m waiting for your response, because I really want to use your plugin to work on my project. Thanks.

Hi. I could try to incorporate some of these things into the plugin but I unfortunately I can’t provide a timeline. However if you face an issue with an existing feature, I’d be more than happy to help you out.


altalhi Purchased

I have a word Summary how to hide it ?

Hi. Where are you seeing the word “Summary”?

For translation you can use the pot file included in the languages folder.


altalhi Purchased

Hi. Where are you seeing the word “Summary”?



“Yes” is not a helpful answer.

HI, is it possible for people to have a ‘credits’ system for payment? Ie tokens where 1 token equals one post submission. Then they buy x number of tokens via paypal and then don’t need to pay per submission?

Hi. Unfortunately, only pay per submission is available right now.


Pre-sale question

1.- Can users use shortcodes in their content in front-end editor? For example a shortcode to block content for a like or share? (for example if as admin I installed this plugin

Thanks Javier

Hi. Yes shortcodes work perfectly when inserted through the frontend form.


what is the format thing in the demo ?

Is it possible – instead of featured image, if the post type is video, at place of featured image, the video will be displayed ?

Can i get your email address. Want to send screenshot of what excatly i want.


Hi there.

The format thing allows users to select a post format. Post formats are a standard wordpress feature supported by many themes.

Unfortunately the featured image is just that, a featured image. You can’t display a video there.

Feel free to contact me through the item support form and we can exchange emails.

Thanks, Hassan

Hi !, first thing, great work. I have some questions:

You can add photo files individually. , in direrent input fields. ?   For Example: Photo 1: upload photo (thumbnail) Photo 2: upload photo (attachment_1) Photo 3: upload photo (attachment_2)

With a woocommerce input form for example. Can you hide some fields with default values? For Example: _featured = ‘no’ _virtual = ‘no’

Thank you.

Hi. Sorry about the late reply. Both of these features are available in the plugin :)

Hey there, ist it possible to use the gallery upload without the media upload? because i don´t want the front end user to use the media uploader. Thanks!

Hi. Galleries can only be created using the media library. However, you can disable access to other people’s media items if you like.

Hey khaxan , when using (Embed any document plugin) , the button don’t show in Frontend Publishing Pro , can you help me ? and thanx in advance

Hi. If that plugin’s developer has only added the button to the admin area then there is nothing that can be done in FEP to enable the button.

Hi. I have Buddypress installed. I want do know if your plugin does this: can a subscribed-user post an article to a category, choose a featured image, add more images to the post, and publish? then also edit/remove the article? and find it in the Buddypress profile.

Quick Pre-sale Question: Is it possible with the paypal add-on to set a specific price for each form? e.g. I need two different prices for two different forms.

Also, where can I see or demo the paypal addon so I can see how the payment proces flows?

Thanks in advance.