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Hi, I installed the new version but I’m not seeing the custom fields on the admin edit screen. Do I need to activate in the settings for this feature to work?

Hi. Yes you will have to change the settings. In the form fields tab, each field has a setting called “Automatically Display”. Make sure “Admin area edit page” is selected for every field that you would like to display on the edit screen.

Thank you!

It include user dashboard where user can see that blog post is approved or not. Can he login into its own control panel and not in default wordpress backend

The user can view all his/her posts in a list. Please take a look at the demo.

We want to use it to make contributor blog will it work if so I will buy just now

Yes you can make a contributor blog. Have you checked out the demo?

Hello, the redirection after submission does not work. I have a valid URL. Please help.

There are no JS errors. What is the workaround? I need this to work. I bought this plugin because I need authors to post. It looks odd when they see a blank page after submission.

Do they not see the big green box containing a success message and a link to the post? If not then there are definitely JS errors on the page.

Have you checked the browser’s console?


Duangmal Purchased




Duangmal Purchased

Hello I really like your plugin; I have thought about buying it many times and now I have made a decision to do so for my new site but please let me know if these few things can be possible.

1. Can the users select multiple images from his computer without going to the media library, I don’t want users having access to the media library and

2. Can I restrict the number of images to be uploaded?

3. My only main issue with your plugin is the category selection options; I just want front end guests to have access to few categories, can this be possible?

4. Can they choose more than one categories from the list?

5. Can I create two forms with different fields and options, one for registered members and another for guests?

I am using Extra Theme from Elegant themes and the site I want to use it for is a simple travel blog site where users can go and share their travel experience, do you think your plugin will be good for this,

Finally, your plugin looks a bit complicated in setting up, so if it becomes hard for me to set up and if I need your help on that will there be a problem?

If all is okay I will buy your plugin not just for one site but for another am presenting having member publishing issues with.

Please you can also respond directly to my email Thanks

Hi. Thanks for considering this plugin for your website. Most of the things that you are looking for are available in the plugin.

1. Registered users are shown their own media items only so I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

You can also add multiple image custom fields and the images will be added below post content automatically.

2. One custom field can have a single image so the user can only upload as many images as you want.

3. You can exclude categories or choose to display only certain categories in the form. No issues here.

4. Yes

5. Yes

I think the plugin will be great for your travel site.

It is not complicated at all. You will be up and running in 5 minutes tops. If you need any help I am just an email away.



Duangmal Purchased


You have convinced me, i just bought it today, hope all goes well, most plugins i bought never do what i expected.



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Hi, I was checking out the demo for the back-end, and I just have some questions regarding some of the features.

1) What does “rich text editor (sandboxed)” refer to? Is that a safer method for having users submit their content?

2) What is the exact functionality of the “Strip tags” sanitizer option? To what extent can it help prevent malicious scripts from being uploaded? Does it remove all traces of code (html, java, etc) in the text?

3) For media restrictions, where exactly can we specify the exact file types that we want allow for upload via the media file upload field? And if specific file types can’t be specified, is there a way to block all file types except images?

4) Finally, do you have any additional suggestions for optimizing plugin settings to maximize website security with the form, and to prevent any malicious content/spam/code from being uploaded?

Really interested in purchasing your plugin, as it seems to offer everything I could ask for. I’m just looking for something that’s really secure, as this will be a key feature for a high traffic site.

Hi. Thanks for looking at the demo.

1) A sandboxed rich text is opened inside an iframe so it doesn’t conflict with any other scripts or stylesheets on the main page. It is not meant to be safer.

2) It removes all traces of code (html, java, etc) in the text.

3) In the “Media” tab in plugin settings you can block all file types except images.

4) In addition to what you already have in mind, I would suggest using Google reCaptcha with the form. Also, you should show users their own media items only. This can be configured in the media settings.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


PRE sale: Is it possible to have any other payment solutions than Paypal? For eg Stripe. Q.2. Can the payment be recurring payments ?

Unfortunately neither one of these things is available right now.

Thanks for quick reply. Maybe I find a workaround. I have one specific project in mind. So I could do the paying outside of this. What will the documentation of your plugin be? (to which extent?)

I have tried to cover most of the scenarios on the project blog:

The basics are also covered in the documentation in the download package.

In case there are any holes in the documentation, I’m always just an email away :)

Hi, I’m using your plugin but I don’t know how to add custom html and create a dropdown list. Can you tell me how to do, didn’t found it in the documentation. Thanks!

But I want to add my own html (add text into my form to separate sections of my form), add title with the right tags.

Have you tried adding that HTML in prefix text section?

Great! About classes, how can we add a class to a field?

I want to purchase your plugin after trying the free but I have some questions. 1: Can I use add custom post 2: How will the custom post file display on frontend of the post, I mean the values that has been inputted, will it show up with other post details? 3: Can I add a slider gallery, embedded content, drop down and select in custom.

Thank you.

Thank you for your prompt response. I want users to input a YouTube link or map.

Yes WP embeds work in custom fields. Actually this feature was introduced recently:

Okay I will purchase it. Thank you.

Hello, Presale question: could we create a custom field in your plugin, to add feature video in a custom post type, using the Feature Video Plus plugin ( ) ? Regards


I have last minute request from my client… so I have last question: could We create a special post wich could be edit by any user, not only the owner ? I would like to create a public media upload area wich will be moderate by admin. Regards

This is not possible unfortunately


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Thank you for the good work

Is it possible to use a blog in addition to the form fields Add an article?

And selection by Categories Category originally added by the site manager?

Hi. You can create forms for any post type you want. It is not limited to article only.

Yes categories are also supported out of the box.


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Hi Khaxan I like your plugin,awesome work. Before I purchase the pro version, am i able to use your plugin to display my clients/users submitted content on my review page? I want to be able to display latest submitted content and be able to show name of user who submitted the content too, and also be able to submit images if images required/desired.


JoulMe Purchased

One more thing, is the $29.00 a lifetime payment (one time payment)?



JoulMe Purchased

Awesome plugin, loving it…!!! Keep up the great work and awesome customer support.


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Hi! I have a problem using the newest version of you plugin. If i place the form element “thumbnail image” in the form, the form is submitted but the “weel” next to the submit button stays and doesn’t change to a check-icon. Any suggestions?

Hi. This sounds like a JS issue. Please send me a support request with your site’s details so I can take a look.

I allow front end editing and draft saving. My edit page, however, isn’t working after the last update. I’ve deactivated all plug-ins except from FrontEnd to see if there was a comflict but nothing changed.

The save button is missing, the content editor won’t switch between “visual” and “text” editing. The advanced select fields aren’t working.

I run this plug in on a test site as well—the funny thing is that on the test site the error didn’t show up and they’re virtually identical right down to the wordpress theme.

Edited to ad: also the wordpress bar across the top of the edit page disappears (and this only happens on the edit page).


Just ignore me all together actually—it turned out to be a Custom Category plug in which was adding a field to the front end form that I didn’t notice at all. I have the plug installed on the test site as well but it wasn’t activated. SIGH.

Ignoring :D

Glad you got it working

Hi a few questions.

Can a user embed a hosted video i.e they upload the video and it will embed? Can a user upload an mp3 and it will embed? Can a user upload an image and it will show on the post?

Thanks for your time

Hi. Since FEP allows the use of the native WordPress media library, you should be able to upload any type of media that is supported in the back-end.

Is there a demo I can look at to test this functionality?

On the demo site there are several media custom fields that you can try.


Would be great to have a location picker (Ggoogle Maps) field. Which would store the lat/long into a custom field.

I agree. I have been thinking about adding such a field for a long time but a location picker field presents some technical issues that need to be overcome first.

Hi there,

Great plugin. Quick question

1. Is possible to create a field of “Similar posts” and have the user in the front end populate the field by choosing existing posts in the database? They would see a drop down of all public submissions.

Thank you in advance.

Hi. Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t support this functionality at the moment.

Best plugin, fantastic support. Can’t go wrong with this plugin and developer.