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hello, I created the front end form with custom fields, but those fields don’t show in the post, please help.

Hi. Custom fields are only shown in the post if you choose to show them in the form settings. Please take a look at the settings for your custom field.

Hello. I am doing a wordpress Site which contains your plugIn. Another developer purchased t a time ago. I unfortunately cannot contact him, but I need some updates which you did on your plugIn. I do not know his envato log In data, so I can not update the plugIn.

I would like to know how I can implement star rating and diagrams which visualisize the data from the formular. Could you help me:)? I would pay another time if this is needed.

King regards

Hi. Unfortunately there is no way for me to verify your purchase. Do you have a purchase code or anything?

“diagrams which visualisize the data from the formular”

We don’t have any such feature in the plugin.

Hello, Can I make “edit button” appear in each post for login users?

Hi. It depends on your theme. If you already have an edit link under each post then you can override it to point to a frontend form. This can be done in the plugin settings.

Alright, so which theme do you recommend cos my current theme don’t have that functionality and I really need this plugin for my project. Thanks.

Hi. There are plenty of themes that have an edit link under the post content. The choice is yours :)


I am going to buy your plugin. But I need a few questions to ask before buy it.

1. I want to add Google map location also fronted. Seems like that fields not there in your plugin. Do you provide any action hook or filter to add that type of thing?

2. Seems like your plugin does not have member profile page.. I can use external plugin… Do you know that any plugin which is, 100% compatible with your plugin?

3. Do you provide any action, filters for developers to modify your plugin?

Hi. Thanks for considering this plugin for your project.

1. Yes there are actions and filters using which you can add a new field. Do you have any development experience?

2. “plugin which is, 100% compatible with your plugin” what kind of compatibility are you looking for? A member’s profile can be on a completely different page in which case the two plugins don’t really have to interact with each other. If this is what you are looking for then you can use any plugin you like. However if you have something else in mind you will have to let me know.

3. Depends on what you are trying to do. Like I said in point 1 there are some actions and filters that you can use to add a field.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks Khaxan.

Yes, I have build a few some basic WordPress plugins.

I want to add filed for Google maps (

That is for a business directory. Business owners should be able to set the location using Google map.

Is it possible using action and filters?

If it is possible, I will try to add it using action and filters… Or do you have any plan to add this feature?

Thanks :-)

Hi and sorry about the late reply. It definitely sounds possible with actions and filters. We don’t have any immediate plans to add map fields.


We keep getting this error when trying to submit a guest post.

“You don’t have permission to edit this post.”

Also when trying to attach a Thumbnail image.

“An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”

Our settings within the plugin’s control panel are pretty basic, and nothing too crazy.

So what gives.. ?

Sorry about that. I just haven’t had a chance to write that snippet for you yet.

Hi. I’m sorry about the delay. I’ve finally had a chance to look at this and I have found some technical complications. I will try to implement something in one of the upcoming versions but a snippet doesn’t seem possible.


mzimzi Purchased

Alright… Thanks for the update. Hope the feature makes it in a new version sooner than later!

Hello Mr Khaxan

Regarding our last email communication, i have just sent you an email. please do take a look at it.



I have a presale question. Its possible to order by name, id or other method the taxonomy terms on frontend form. I see demo examples and think that plugin show terms by random order.

Hi. Currently the plugin orders terms by ID. This ordering is the same as date ordering.


i have some presales question, hope you can help me.

1) Can i preset in which category the post will be submitted ? Users will only have the right to submit it in a specific category..

2) Will the admin of the site notificatet when a post is submited ? I want that i manually can approve the post

Thanks in advance.

Hi. Yes and yes :) Both of these things can be done from the settings.

Is there a way to create a Free Trial period, so the post is published before paying for a fixed period of time and then user has to pay in order to keep the post published?

Hi. The plugin does not have this feature.


armgardt Purchased

Can a guest create a post and pay to submit it using PayPal? When I am logged out and testing this as a guest, I only have the option to preview the post, not to finalize payment. I need guests to be able to buy the ability to post, not registered users.

Hi. For several security concerns, guests are not allowed to make payments. Unfortunately there is no easy way around this at the moment.

Hi, I’m really interested in your plugin but I have a question before I buy it.

My users are submitting posts with Gravity Forms and I’m looking for a front-end dashboard where they could view, edit and delete the posts that they have created with Gravity Forms.

To make it clear, will I be able to create an edit form that match all custom fields that are populated with Gravity Forms? My user will submit a post with GF and the status of that post will be pending until I approve it. Will the post appear in the pending tab of your plugin i.e. are you using the native status system of WP so it’s compatible with other plugins?

Thanks a lot.

“are you using the native status system of WP so it’s compatible with other plugins?”

The short answer is yes.

However gravity forms might be saving custom fields in a different format and those custom fields will not work with FEP.

Hi. I want to know if your plugin can do this: A registered user will create a custom post using a form not created by your plugin. For example: a listing in a directory. After that, I want to allow the registered user to edit additional custom fields associated with their listing using your plugin. I plan to create a form containing only the additional custom fields with your plugin to do this. If that is possible to do, how do I associate the form created with your plugin to a particular already created custom post (ex. listing)? I will create the additional custom fields with a pluging such as “Advanced Custom Fields”

Hi Khaxan. I am using a themeforest theme and the listings submission are tightly integrated with the theme. Replicating the submission listing template with your plugin would bee too much of a work

Okay but FEP will still try to use its own form for editing of posts so at that point you will have to translate the fields anyway.


fadli_tn Purchased

can’t show menu tab awaiting payment? where i can set this featured? thx

Hi. You will have to use the paypal addon available here:


elmoshir Purchased

everything is great but the design. i love your plugin its perfect put the form itself needs some work or i have a problem at mine see screenshot for my form here lots of white why the category, upload and tags specially cant be simple or a little modern like the title. please advise how it can be fixed and thanks for the good job.


elmoshir Purchased

like your demo is perfect, i want it like that

Hi and thanks for using the plugin.

The form does look weird on your website and I think the main reason is the background. Have you tried changing the background of the form to white?

Hi I have a pre-sales question. As I understand it, your plugin cannot allow guest posters to make payments for posts right. Therefore, is there a way of automating the deletion of guest posts after a set period of time? This would mean that logged in and paid posts would be permanent (or for a longer set time) and would offer a reason for paying and signing up as opposed to non-paid.

Hi. The plugin doesn’t have such a feature. However you may be able to achieve this result by experimenting with post expiry plugins.

Hi, I have bought and started using your plugin. All looks good, however, I seem to be having issues with Paypal.

1. I’ve added all the necessary API and pages needed for Paypal integration. I’ve noticed that when a post get added there is no Paypal note on the green area at the top of the page.

2. In the backend, there is no awaiting payment button in the Quick Edit area.

3. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but I take it that anonymous posts can’t actually be charged for can they?

Hi. Thanks for using the plugin.

1. Do you mean the form collapses and no success message is shown to the user?

2. In the quit edit area there is a dropdown labelled “Awaiting Payment?”. Maybe you didn’t notice it because you were looking in the status dropdown?

3. Unfortunately not. The user needs to be logged in.

Would it be possible to PM you my Wordpress login details for you to look? If so where do I send them?