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Hi there. Do you have a known issue of the Pending and the Draft tab going to 404?

The form and the post list initially shows ok based on the permalink set on the wordpress page (, but when I click pending or draft tab, it tries to take me to link ( where i’d be greeted by a 404 page. Couldn’t find anywhere in settings to set my own permalinks for the other tabs so also wouldn’t like to see the word “frontend-publishing” to show on page permalinks.


Hi, thanks for using the plugin.

Have you tried to reset the permalinks on your site? If not please switch your permalink structure to default and then back to your required structure. This might fix the issue.

As for frontend-publishing in the URL, we don’t have an option to change it right now.


smk224 Purchased

Hi, yes I have tried changing permalink back to default (plain) and then back to custom permalink again but same issue.

Also thought there was a potential workaround when I saw a setting called Hide Tabs so that you can create separate pages for posts of different status (such as status = pending, or draft) but can’t figure out how to work this either.

Please send me your site’s credentials in a support request and I’ll take a look, thanks

can you make compatible your free plugin to the latest version of wordpress and also add excerpt field in the free version so by which users can fill excerpt field from the frontend.


I am creating a website where users will be able to post their travelogues / trips / rides.

1) While posting the same, they will have to create a gallery of images of their trips. While they click on “Add media” does the plugin restrict them from viewing or using the media uploaded by other users.

2) Is there any option to create a user profile page or an authors page, if no do you suggest any plugin to achieve this?

Also, can we integrate it with buddypress and in the profile of the user?

Hi, thanks for considering this plugin for your project.

1) Users won’t see media items uploaded by other users on the site.

2) WordPress has it’s own author page which lists all posts by an author. If that doesn’t work for you, can you tell me your exact requirements?

It can’t be added to the buddypress profile section yet.

Post Limiting for Users….........ONLY WORKING for WP-ADMIN style posting… user front-end plugins will work…......... this might need a fix or an edit….....this plugin is to good NOT to have this built in….

We don’t have post limiting built in :)

lol…..I know…....that is why I post tis suggestion…......but thanks for playing wizard..

Can I usethis to submit to woocommerce and charge for packages?

Sorry I don’t understand the question. Can you tell explain which packages you are referring to?

Hey there, is it somehow possible to select an user to post it from in the form? I have to post content but I want the user that posts it to be randomized between a number of different profile names. Is it possible to have some sort of dropdown with specific usernames to post content from in RH Frontend Publishing Pro?

Hi, we don’t have this feature yet but we’ll try to include it in a future version. Thanks!

Thanks for getting back to me and great to hear 5hat it’ll get included in a future update. I’m wondering if this will also get updated in the Rehub version as I have that one running on my website

Hi khaxan

Pre-sales question here. I’ve read through the comments here re metaboxes / custom fields and I’m still a little confused.

I am looking to build a frontend form that allows me to use the standard post form, but have custom fields (which I can create / configure using my theme’s features).

Although I believe your plugin will work – I’d like to be 100% certain before I purchase it. How can I make sure the plugin will be compatible with what I’m trying to build on the frontend?

Some advice would be welcome – or if I can show you, it would be even easier.

Hi there,

If you haven’t looked at the demo yet, please check it out. It will help you understand how custom fields are supposed to work. If it’s still not clear let me know. Thanks

Hi khaxan

I’ve looked at the demo – and played with a few frontend submission plugins. I struggled (although pretty competent with setting up wp sites / plugins) to understand / get clarity on the fields that can be created.

The fields I’m looking to create need to be configured for every post (screenshots attached). I want to make it easier for my authors to simply fill in the fields on the front end rather than having to ‘technically’ create these metaboxes / custom fields in a wp post.

If your plugin can do this – then your plugin is exactly what I’m looking for. Maybe I need some additional configuration – possibly need to create a template first before using your plugin – but that’s something I may need to upskill my self on first.

Any help would be welcome :)