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I have a customer who has bought your plugin in her website. I don’t understand how you can add a gallery? I have created a custom field with meta-key ‘gallery’ . On the front end I can select images, but I dont see them back in the post? What do you exactly mean with meta-key?

This should tell you about meta keys.

You have to choose to display the value in post. There is an option for that in the field box.

Thanks for your reply! But I still don’t understand how to display the images I have added in the gallery field, to display in the post.

Do I have to use a external gallery-plugin, and use the id in FEP? I have read all your tutorials on your website, but seem to miss this info.

Thanks again

Never mind! Found the solution, had to update.


danrdven Purchased

One question… which plugin can you recommend (or you use) for Front End Login to be used with your plugin? Thanks,

Hi. Thanks for buying the plugin. I really like Theme My Login. It’s simple and reliable:

when post in front-end by adding media’s url , the prevew is find, but after press “insert” into post. it’s only hyper link left. But it’s all fine when post in back-end, the media content can be shown as preview

i m sorry but its ok now its [embed] , sometimes it becomes a href that all what about so just ignore the above questions

Hello, How do I allow users to upload multiple images in the form? The image field in the form only takes 1 input (image).

Try using the gallery element type.

Hi. I have a pre-sales question. Is it possible to add a google maps “location” field to a form via your plugin? We’re a nonprofit that is looking to create a form that our partners can use for reporting on their progress and we’d like to provide them with a simple way (simple for them and for us) for associating their content with a specific geographic location. Thanks.

Hi. Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t support location fields just yet. I’ll let you know if that changes in the future.

hi, pre-sales question can i use this form for bookable products in woocommerce? also can i show the products on dashboard? i tried the free version but it can not add product category. i noticed the product category is not under meta_key its in the wp_term_relationships table. also even if i set the default category in the form edit it does not work. with the premium version will it work?

Hi. Thanks for looking at the plugin. Yes it supports WooCommerce product post type and product category.

¡Hi! Its possible to hide empty fields on frontend publish.

For example, if an user dont write on a field, the tittle of this field hide on the frontend publish.

I hope you can understand me…

I ask for custom fields

Unfortunately not in the current version. I will make sure it is included in the next version.

Hi Khaxan,

I’m working with the gallery custom fields. Everything works fine, only one thing. When I want to select multiple images with the gallery, I have to press CTRL+ the images to select them all. If not, I only select can evey time again. On the PC this is not a problem, but on a mobile phone, you can hold CTRL + select more images. That results you can choose only one image on a mobile phone. Do you have a solution for this?

The media library on the frontend is supposed to work exactly like the one in the admin area. Is the behavior different in the admin area?

Well, it’s indeed the same media library like in the admin area. Only you can’t upload multiple images on your mobile phone, even if you’re using gallery. Because on PC you can press CTRL + the images you want to select. Is there any possibility for this to update in the future?

I’ll try to look into this when working on the next version.

Hi there, I did a search but haven’t seen an update on a certain feature in over a year. Wondering if you ever added the duplicate entry feature for users submitting content? Thanks!

Hi. You can use the CopyScape feature to look for similar content on the internet but you can’t look for similar content within your website.


I only want to let clients edit posts I create and assign to them.

For instance I will create a few Sports Club pages and want them to edit those.

I will create a few Business pages and let the Business owner edit those.

I want the Sports Club & Business to log in and be taken to their page to edit.

Can this plugin do this?

I was using Ninja Forms Front End Editing before this.

Please take a look at my comment below.


very impressive plugin! I have a question regarding to user specific categories: Is it possible to assign categories to single users (in user panel?) and not only whole roles without creating a unique form for each user? Example: User 1 (Role: Author) automaticaly create posts in category A, User 2 (Role: Author) in category A also, User 3 (Role: Author) in category B and so on. Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for looking at the plugin. Unfortunately the feature you are looking for is not available at the moment.

Hi. Thanks for looking at the plugin. Unfortunately the feature you are looking for is not available at the moment.

I am very interested in this plugin.

I want to create posts for clients and enable them to be only edited by them.

They should not have access to the media library….only an option to update the featured image, excerpt and text from the front end.

I do not want clients to be able to create posts themselves….only edit posts I assign to them.

Is this possible with this plugin or do I need another membership plugin that assigns posts to certain users etc.


Hi. Thanks for your interest in the plugin. Here’s how you can achieve what you are looking for:

- Create a post from the admin area and set the assignee of that post as the author.

- Create a form with this plugin and use an HTML upload field for the feature image instead of the media library. This can be done easily from the options.

- Give every user a link for editing. The link will look like this:

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thanks for the quick answer.

Is there a way of restricting the size of the uploaded feature image to maintain an aspect ratio and stay within 1000px? All of my images are 1000×667 in a 6×4 ratio.

I know there are plgins to achieve this with the Media upload itself but this would be crucial for me.

Hi, i have site with WooCommerce for digital goods. My question, are this plugin can submit zip file from frontend? Thank you…

I mean like upload Thumbnail on Demo Page, i want upload zip file using “Media File”... Can?

Yes you can

Hi, are you now meta_key for WooCommerce downloadable product? Can you tell me… Can you give me demo for WooCommerce upload full form?


joeberlin Purchased

You wrote 3 years ago that you are planning an interface for approving/rejecting comments. Is this now possible? (


Hello, My blog accepts user posts and its approved by admin. I already have a plugin that will inform admin when post is pending approval and author when post has been approved.

But I need a plugin that can follow up author by sending another automatic email x-days after post approval. Possible to also set time of email being sent (Assuming post is approved midnight, i wouldn’t like the 24 hours to also be midnight, I will prefer day time house x-days later).

Is this possible with your plugin?


Hi. Thanks for looking at the plugin. Unfortunately we don’t have the feature you are looking for and we don’t plan to add it because it seems to be outside the scope of this plugin.


Duangmal Purchased

Hello Please can you kindly explain how to use the include and exclude section in category?, I have a site with over 100 main and sub categories, (A travel site) I only want to include two categories on each of my form, so I wander to exclude all other categories do I have to type each of the over 100 ID numbers, or do I just have to list the 2 AD numbers in the included space?

Please your immediate response will be appreciated

Thanks very much

You just have to add the two IDs in the include field.

Is this integrated with Buddypress yet? I’d like posts submitted to appear in the newsfeed and custom post types displayed in the profile under different tabs. Like others, willing to pay a premium for this. ESPECIALLY if it was integrated with RT Media uploads for Buddypress…


lbn2013 Purchased

Hi, When I am trying to upload images from the Media button in the Rich text Editor, it’s giving me an error “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”. But when I try to upload the same image for the same user role and user from the normal WP create new post editor page, it works fine. Can you please help me fix this issue? Thanks.

And no errors appear on the page either?

no :(

Just spare 5 minutes for me and see the problem live….

To test the issues:

1. Go to:

and sign in with these

id: pswrd: test2363

2. To check image upload issue, once logged in, go to this link: and try uploading an image from the Media button.

3. After that logout and again login once from with same id/password and try to upload an image. It will work.

4. Also, after it shows the error, if you try to visit any of the Yellow links(links which are only for loggedin users) on the menu, it shows you are logged out.

Front end editing of submitted posts is just loading a blank screen?


khaxan Author

Hi. Are you referring to the overridden edit links?

i have a page that inserts the post grid shortcode, and they display fine, admins can see all, users can see only thiers. i can show and hide the tabs and configure what links are available, the preview works fine.

i have set a page to handle the edit, and have tried with the override links on and off (i believe the override links is more for theme front end links which i dont have anyway)

when a user clicks the edit link from the post grid, it goes to the page identified in the options – but there is no content. my header, page wrappers and footer all load fine – but where there is meant to be content ( -> the form ) it is just blank

Let’s say you add the post table shortcode on page A. As a result a list of posts will appear on page A along with edit links. When the user clicks an edit link, page A will reload with a form for editing. It will not go to a different page but rather handle editing by itself.

The edit links override in the plugin settings is different. It has nothing to do with the shortcode. Many themes add a small edit link under each post. This link usually takes the user to the admin area but if you override the edit links from the plugin settings, the user will be taken to a frontend form. Therefore the page for edit link override should be different from the shortcode page.

Do you have any plans to add conditional logic to this plugin?

Unfortunately we are not planning to add it right away. It’s more of a long-term plan.