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I bought Forest admin Theme, but there is no explanation for the installation. Thank you kindly help me.

I’ve replied your support email. Thanks

Is there a way to disable this from showing up in other wordpress Roles? I don’t want editors, for example, to be able to see this on the Admin Menu.

Hi, thanks for using our plugin.
By default, Forest setting’s only visible with Administrator level. If your author can see it, it might be a bug. Pls give us more info via support tab. We will try to check


Is this plugin will continue to be updated?

Because I want to buy

Hi, we still update Forest if there are bugs or we have new feature ideas. Thanks



I’m french and I have the french version of Wordpress. If I install your plugin, do I still have my French version?

Thank you!

Hi, Forest won’t affect your admin language. You could use it with French language. Thanks

Thank you. With your plugin I might remove references to wordpress? Bors to have a table in white label?

You could use custom CSS option to hide what you want in admin dashboard. Thanks

Hi does this plugin have the option to add custom admin menu tabs with custom URLs. I would like to remove most admin menu tabs and add my own custom menu tabs and links? Is this possible?

Thanks for your time, Fish

Hi, you could use Forest with https://wordpress.org/plugins/admin-menu-editor/ it’s powerful admin menu editor plugin :) Thanks

Hi, i want to ask if it works for any theme and for the last version of wordpress?

Thank yoy.

We can’t test with “any” themes, but I think almost of them do not have CSS in admin dashboard, so our plugin will work well. And Forest work normally with latest WP version. Best Regards

When using Visual Composer the Theme will not remove “modal-backdrop fade in white” Making it impossible to add new elements to page. Any chance of a fix?

Hi, thanks for using our plugin. Could you give us admin login info (via support tab)? We will try to check and help you. Regards

Hi, Can I use this them on a multisite wordpress installation for it to on the main site and sub sites?

hi, you could use it in multisite, but if they’re on different domains, you need to purchase multi regular licenses, or an extended license. Thanks

Hello, beautiful plugin! I’ve a problem, could you help me? After plugin installation the text area has stop working in the “text” mode (but work in the visual mode). If I insert for example in text mode or use my quicktag I can’t see it in the text, but it’s render normally in the “visual”. Best regards

Hi, thanks for using our plugin.
Pls send us a support message via Support tab, our supporters will try to help you.
Best Regards

Hi. I activated this plugin and then P3 Plugin Profiler and this plugin is causing slow load times. It is taking aroun 18% resources

Hi, pls send us a support message with more detail. We will try to check. Thanks

I was quite excited when I first saw this and tried the demo… but after installing and even just loading the add new plugin screen seeing white text on white boxes… spent an hour writing custom CSS things but just constantly finding small annoyances… the plugin needs more options for more granular control… don’t get me wrong it is a nice looking interface but I’m a little gutted I spent money on this as I have now disabled it and don’t see myself using it again in the future unless there is far more granular control over font colors… half my screens were unreadable, having to ctrl+a even to disable the plugin was case and point… there needs to be a warning for these issues before purchasing, not happy.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. May be you’re using a light background, that might not fit with plugin style. If you need help with custom CSS. Pls send us more detail via Support tab. Our supporters will try to help you. Thanks for understanding.


We’re extremely interested in this theme for using on our website. We’re using Wordpress 4.3.1 and PHP 5.4.4

But we’re also using BuddyPress(nothing extreme, just standard usage of buddypress) with KLEO theme and I was wondering if Forest is compatible with BuddyPress. If it’s not compatible %100 with buddypress, do you provide support for this? Because in the support section of the theme, it says support for customization services won’t be provided but i don’t think that my case fits the description.

Also just to be sure, is there any chance – even remotely – that this theme is gonna be effecting front-end’s theme? I’m asking because appearently some plugins does that.

Hi, thanks for contacting us. Our plugin does not affect front-end theme. If you have any issue in admin dashboard with Buddypress, we will try to fix it with custom CSS. Thanks

why there is no update from last 1 year ?


jf Purchased

is it compatible with the latest WP version?

We’ve checked and see no error with WP4.4. Best Regards


jf Purchased

Awesome news – Thank you! :)

Hello after applying the theme, my all wordpress widget tabs and menu tabs are greyed out! They are hardly visible. The tab and text color has become very light and is unable to read. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1i8-DOHCVJ1dGhYQW11U1RsWlE/view?usp=sharing Eagerly waiting for your response! Thank you

Hi, thanks for using our plugin. Please send your message via http://codecanyon.net/item/forest-revolution-wordpress-admin-theme/7095485/support
Our supporters will help you. Best Regards

does this theme still work? looks great but has been a long time since it was updated.

Hi, it still works. If it has bugs, we will fix it. Thanks


Thanks for this awesome theme! What font is used for the left panel?

Hi, thanks for using our plugin. That’s “Raleway” font. Thanks

You guys did a really great job with this plugin. I purchased it to use on my site


and all of my blog writers absolutely love it!! It also goes along quite well with the overall industry we cater to. :-) Thanks again guys!! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for you kind words :)


handy44 Purchased

Looks beautiful! Gives a clear view on the Wordpress UI, creating better usability

Thanks for your kind words

Hi Did support RTL, for arabic or hebri Wordpress?

Hi, our plugin does not modify Wordpress core layout much, so it works with RTL admin normally. Best regards