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Hello, i have an issue that the gallery is not loading (only the laoding sign is shown) in this thread i found an entry:

“Please apply an id on the gallery container and initialize the plugin using that. Right now there is a small bug that prevents the plugin from using “columns” mode when the gallery container does not have an id attribute. Note that you can initialize the plugin using your current code, as long as the gallery container has an id attribute present.”

How can i set this “id id on the gallery container”

Best Regards Arne

It seems you purchased the WP plugin version of Flow Gallery. Please post your comment in that item’s comments section.


I purchased your Flow Gallery today. It works great on my local computer. I’ve removed all references to audio and video in the config.json to avoid the error of the blue spinning circle.

When I move the files I’ve adjusted up to my server, all I get is a blue spinning circle.

Here is a link to that page:

I’ve limited the number of photos in my config.json file to 5.

The page I’ve provided a link to is your columns-tile.html file, so there’s no additional javascript running.

My hosting space is with Godaddy and i’m using PHP v 5.6.33

Can you help please.

Thank you.


Thanks for purchasing!

The gallery is not loading because it can’t locate the config.json file and the browser is returning 404 error for it. If you moved the location of the config.json then you need to provide the new path in the gallery settings.

Hi Cosmocoder

The config.json is in the same file as the .html file. I did an experiment, I copied the application to a different hosting space and all worked, including being able to URL directly to the config.json file.

Must be a hosting issue.

Any ideas about what I might need to change in my config?

You mean so that it is supported in your old hosting? Maybe that server doesn’t support json mime type. It is best if you ask your hosting provider.

How should the config.json file look if you want to use the feature to scan a folder for images?

Thank you!


You need to enable some settings (check the documentation) and pass an empty string in plugin settings for the path to the config.json.

by mistake i download the html version instead the WordPress version, what can i do?

Please purchase the WP plugin version and then open a refund request for the jQuery plugin version.