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I do not get uploaded photos of the gallery, when I enter it is loading the upload gif but the photos do not appear, what can it be ??

Thank you.

Thanks for purchasing!

I need a link to your page to inspect the problem.

This is the URL:

They are the files as I downloaded them but they do not work for me

All the gallery demos provided with the package that have Youtube video items included in them need a valid Youtube API key in order to work. If you don’t need Youtube then remove the Youtube items from the gallery and then try it.

How can I make the selected album have an outline color to distinguish it from the other albums?

Do you mean to say that when you hover over an album then you want to apply some special style on it? If so then just use css to apply styling of your choice.

Hi, cosmocoder and first very thank you for you nice gallery project. I have only one question …is posible set subalbum in album (album in album)? Thank you for response. BTW Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks for purchasing!

There is no support for sub-albums in Flow Gallery, you can only have a single level of albums.

I understand. Thanks for quick response.


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Any chance I can use something other than JSON. My webserver is not finding .json files and I have verified the mime type json is there.

Sorry, that is not possible. The only thing that I can suggest is that you provide the html for the link to the zipped album files in the album title parameter. But you will need to apply some custom styling to your link.


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Any chance you have had any integrations into Drupal Sites?

If you are familiar with Drupal then you can attempt to embed the player there, but I won’t be able to provide any help for that :)

Hello, I have downloaded the files and installed them on my website. All I get is the loading icon that doesn’t stop. I checked the demos that came with the files and same thing. How do I fix this?

I created a local server on my computer. Do these files need to be online to work? Or should they work locally?

If the gallery has Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion video items then it needs to be online to get their data. If your gallery only has images then a local server is sufficient.

If you can’t get the demos to work then give me the link to page where you have embedded them and I will take a look.


I was planning to purchase your script. But before that have questions to understand that it is what I need. I already bought another script and it does not have album feature as I needed.

I will be using it on with HTML/ Bootstrap website. It has three Gallery page. Q1 . Will I be able to add 3 galleries on 3 different page with your single script?

Each gallery will have multiple Albums. I see in the demo the albums has their title. Q2. Will I be able to add title and description for Album and the image in the albums?

IF you check Gallery. I am trying to make something similar with the ability to upload an image by the school administration.


I was hoping that it will have an admin where i can upload images. I uploaded the demo file and even it is not working.

Dismiss the above query I found another PHP gallery with admin panel to upload images.

This is just a jQuery plugin and there is no admin interface for this. You can use the WordPress plugin version of the gallery, if your site is based on WP, which provides you with an admin panel.

Note that the jQuery plugin version allows you to build a gallery by scanning a folder of images.

Hi, Im getting this error on load. do you happen to have any ideas?

jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined at Function.each (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at String.<anonymous> (jquery.flowgallery.min.js:5) at Function.each (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at Object.configLoaded (jquery.flowgallery.min.js:5) at Object.<anonymous> (prototype.js:391) at j (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at x (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:5) at XMLHttpRequest.b (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:5) thanks, Sean

Hi Im getting this error on load. and ideas?

jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined at Function.each (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at String.<anonymous> (jquery.flowgallery.min.js:5) at Function.each (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at Object.configLoaded (jquery.flowgallery.min.js:5) at Object.<anonymous> (prototype.js:391) at j (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:2) at x (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:5) at XMLHttpRequest.b (jquery-1.11.3.min.js:5) thanks, Sean

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page –

i tried did you get my message?

Replied to your email.

I am having the same problem with the spinning wheel. I unzipped the package. Uploaded the entire demo folder to my public web server. Went to that folder in my browser and the galleries never load: Have I missed a step? Thank you.

If you are trying the demos that have Youtube video items in them then you need to provide a valid Youtube API key. If you won’t work with Youtube videos then you can remove those video items from the gallery items and try the demo.

I put a YouTube API key into the javascript. Same problem. It works great if I don’t link to youtube content =)

In that case there may have been some issues while generating the API key. Please check the instructions provided in the documentation on how to generate the key.


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Hello, thanks very much for creating Flow Gallery! I have a question regarding sorting. I have setup my json file to filter by category and have the sort menu turned off on gallery load. I would however like to sort by “Title” on page load and whenever a different category is selected. I’ve tried using the sort tag in the json file but have not had any positive results. Can you please offer a suggestion on how to accomplish this?

If I understood you correctly then you have the sort menu hidden and you want all the gallery items to be sorted by title. If so then you need to target the menu button for title based sorting through javascript and trigger a click on it.

Is this compatible with the current version of WordPress? Thanks

You are in the item page of the jQuery plugin version of FlowGallery. The WP plugin version of Flow Gallery is compatible with the latest version of WP.


Columns tile hide itslef when i click F12 or open it via mobiles.

i mean its will be hidden when you play with anything.

Please fix, i really like it and alot of my vistiors from mobiles


I have tried in different mobile devices and desktop browsers but am unable to reproduce this issue. Have you created a gallery instance in yours site that has this issue? If so then give me the link to it and I will try it.

i’m still getting this problem, please refund, i don’t use it anymore, i have switch to simple bootstrap gallery

This is not a reproducible problem. Even after several tries in different devices and OS’s I am unable to reproduce it.

Hello, how can i make the demo content work on the server either live or on mamp?

i dont see the images either, im running a test demo here: sorry i did not have the complete link

The demo galleries are not loading because you did not provide a Youtube api key. If you do not need to work with Youtube video items then remove those items from the galleries and then try them.

Would it be possible to get a refund for this, so i can purchase the wordpress version of this?

Please purchase the WP version and post a comment in that item’s comments section after submitting a refund request and I will approve it.


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We have something strange and can’t figure out how to solve it.

We are using stacked albums and if you click one the images won’t show on any apple device (safari). When we check the code we find out there is no height, we tried to upload the original files on our server but the same problem occurs. Only the movies show up?!

The same files are provided in the package that you download from here. Can you host the demo files in another server and try from there? Also do you see the same issue when you run the demos locally?


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We finally found a solution, it had to do with caching. When we solved it we also had to clear and restart the browser. That’s why we initially thought it didn’t had to do with caching.

Thanks for your help.

Good to know that you solved it!


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Flow Gallery isn’t working on mobile devices, why not? Only the blue circle is visible, tested on Android with Firefox and Chrome.

Regards, Boris

Please contact me through the message box in my profile page –


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I just send you the credentials through your message box.


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I’m sorry, it’s working now.

Hello, I have bought the wrong gallery by mistake, got two windows opened, just purchase the wrong one. I should buy Flow Gallery – Multimedia Gallery Wordpress Plugin instead of Flow Gallery – HTML5 Multimedia Gallery. Is there any chance to switch the licence somehow or cancel one I bought and purchase good one? Idk, please help.

Ok done. Thank you so much!

Refund approved.

Hi. The Flow Gallery – HTML5 Multimedia Gallery doesn’t work for me.

In localhost and real host

XML Parsing Error: syntax error Location: file:///C:/OSPanel/domains/FlowGallery/Demos/config.json Line Number 1, Column 1: config.json:1:1 TypeError: e.items is undefined

Since the gallery contains Youtube video items so you need to provide a valid Youtube API Key in order to pull the data required for those video items.

Thanks! Everything works.

Good to know that.

.... moving comment to WP flow gallery.