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Would be interested but if run at 100%, is that when the little picture is placed on the right in small , right out on the main screen is not enlarged to view the note, also contains monetization that is admob , please can fix it and put admob ? a greeting

We can add admob for you in free but for other changes you will have to pay very small amount. Please add us in skype. Our skype is guru.technolabs

Hi there, looks great! Just one issue… when viewing some of the brighter coloured notes such as yellow, the white text can hardly be seen. Do you think this can be fixed?

You can change the text color from code.

can change font in the app?

You will need to make changes in code for changing fonts.

I need monetization that is admob , please can fix it and put admob ? a greeting

please add us in skype. Our skype is guru.technolabs

As you have mentioned, it is admob integrated, can u explain what type of ads appear and when in the flow of the app?

we have integrated admob banner ad in the first screen of app.

does not prove to the list screen

We are not getting your problem. Please explain more about your problem. Add us in skype for quicker chat. Our skype is guru.technolabs

Hi can you do iOS version? I’m willing to pay

Please reach us on skype. Our skype is guru.technolabs

Is there any plans to update script in the near future?

Please reach us on skype. Our skype is help.gurutechnolabs

Why? Do you plan to update this script?

Not now. we will update it in future.

hi i am interested in buying this app but just need to ask if text is available in other colors? i mean can user select color or it is just white?

If this feature is not available then can you add?

It is just white for now.

If you want the feature of color selection for text then we can add it but it will cost you a little extra amount.

For further discussion, you can add us on Skype. Our Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

Hi. After installing apk if i press check button app exit.

Yes. It’s because you are clicking on “x” button. It means you want to close that sticky note.

No. i cant open. am not pressing x button presses check button . ok then again if i open app it won’t open

Can you please share video or screenshot of your issue to sales@gurutechnolabs.com

Or you can also add us on skype: help.gurutechnolabs

After updating the compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion to 27, I can no longer use the following code:

notification.setLatestEventInfo(c, contentTitle, contentText, contentIntent);

If I comment out the entire method “public Notification getPersistentNotification(int id)”, as in remove it, then the app works. How would I modify this method to work with the updated SDK versions so I don’t have to remove the entire method?

Also what does this method do? Does it make a notification appear after a certain time period?

This method is override method of StandOutWindow (StandOutWindow is library for sticky pop-ups). We didn’t use this method in our code and it will not affect any functionality so it’s fine to remove it.

This method is deprecated in api level more than 26. so if you want to use it then you can modify it as per api levels. But there is no need to do that because no use of this method.

Oh alright, thank you, that’s good to know

I seem to get a lot of errors and crashes. Would you be able to update it to work on android studio 3.0?

It will work on 2.3.3 properly because android studio 3.0 is not a stable version yet. Please add us on skype for further help.

Skype: help.gurutechnolabs

Problem was fixed, support was a huge help!

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