Discussion on Flat Form with Bootstrap 4

Discussion on Flat Form with Bootstrap 4

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Can you make css looks good on javascript print..?

Please describe in more detail what you mean.

Hi I just brought flat-form-with-bootstrap and is trying to integrate it in to my current website .css file. Are you able to advice me how to do it for a start ?

my current site .css file define the elements as such



/* display:inline-block; */
background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #ffffff, #d3d3d3);
border-width: 1px;
color: black;
padding: 4px 12px;
text-shadow: 0 -1px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25);


How do I integrate the styles from flat-form-with-bootstrap into it ?

oh I see. may I know if you have any youtube video to demo this? I cant find any video that demo this method

Sorry, I don’t have any video.

i see. ok then


kvea Purchased

Click on select fields on my mobile not working


kvea Purchased

Hello, Any datepicker for Flat Form with Bootstrap 4 ?

Hello kvea,

Sorry, there is no date picker.


kvea Purchased


I just purchase this product..any code for pagination ?

Hello kvea,

Thank you for the purchase. You can use the default pagination of Bootstrap:

have sent you a mail

Can we use this Plugins for google mobile friendly test too? Leuchtbuchstaben

Hi dg9ban! Yes, you can use it.

Can I use the software in 2020?? Thank you !!

Hi dg9ban!

Thank you for the purchase. Yes, you can use.


Purchase code f90c9d0c-6131-454d-b565-bd0460a1eb3e


I just want to make 2 forms: One a simple contact form that has the following: Name Email Mailing address Home phone Cell Phone Text Box (comment area)

The second form I want to make should have the same but I want to add a few radio buttons

Please advise

Hi samdk!

Thank you for the purchase! Please send me your email address, and I send you that forms. But do you know that, this is only HTML/CSS form? If you want the form to work, you need to program with PHP.

Heya, I have totally no clue on I use the contact form on my website.. I’m a noob in that direction. Would you mind giving me a little tutorial or so on how I can get it to work like a contact form?

Hi flogisch!

It is only a HTML/CSS form, you need to write the back-end with PHP.

Hello, I’m newbie this form include documentation to understand how install it ? thanks

Hi vincentbx!

It is not an installable plugin, it is only HTML/CSS form. You need to write the back-end.

any updates for Bootstrap 4

ok that is great :)

Updated. :)

thank you :) :) :)

hello, I bought Flat Form and like it very much, great works! But I am not sure whether it has some conflicts with jQuery? Wenn I write something like:

$(’.custom-select’).change(function(){ alert (‘Hello’); });

And after I clicked the select und chosen an option, but nothing happened. It will be very nice of you, if you could give me some suggestions.

Thanks a lot! Yan

Hi wangzhan!

Thank you for the purchase. Use this code:

$('.custom-select').fancySelect().on('change.fs', function() {
    alert ('Hello');

Hi! #Select# not working on Windows phone 8.1


Thank you for the remark. I fixed it, just have to wait for the approval.


pre sale question, can I select a template or easly change font and colors? thx



If you have some CSS knowledge, you can change the style in the “flat-form.css”. But if you want, I help you to change font and colors.

how to send the form with data to a email address?

Hi! This form is a HTML/CSS script. If you want to send data to an email address, you need a PHP script for this form.

Hello I have a wordpress bootstrap based theme. Is this ok to use it with Gravity form ? Thank you

Hi. It is a HTML/CSS form. You need to use HTML class-es. Not compatible with the Gravity form.

Hi, how can I define the width of the select element? I’m trying to have inline text to the left and right of the form elements, and need to define a fixed width to all form fields. I tried in the CSS, but I guess I’m missing something.

Thank you! A


1. You can to define the width with the grid of Bootstrap 3. Example:
<div class="row"> <div class="col-lg-2 col-md-3 col-sm-6"> <input class="form-control" type="text" /> </div> </div>

2. And with a custom class and CSS. Expamle:

CSS file:
.custom-field { width: 150px; }

HTML file:
<input class="form-control custom-field" type="text" />

If you send for me your site address, I can to help more.


I like your Flat Form with Bootstrap 3 verry much!

I have a question.

I need this plugin for hotel and restaurant reviews. Now, can i put that into my page that promotes rooms and accommodation?

What happens after someone fills in the review form? Can i give him a coupon? Can i invite him to share review on G+ of FB page? Can i have a rule like “if there is more than 3 star rating, offer to share on social” “if there is 3 or less, dont offer it”

Also, please tell me, can i translate into Serbian?

Thanks! Tomislav

Hi tomislavm021!

Thank you!

This is a static (HTML/CSS) form, not a plugin. You need to create the back-end (PHP).

How does it cost if i told you to do that for me!!? for today! please!


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