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Love this and will definitely use it in the coming year!

We are glad you like it :)

Hi, is it possible to display thumbnails, generated by WP instead of PDF icons?

Hi, at this moment it’s not. We will think about adding that.

How do you show just the page’s attachments? (I appears this is what you are showcasing on the sales page).

Hi, when clicking the “Add Docs” button choose “Custom Selection” and then select what documents you want to display http://plugins.apalodi.com/fivo-docs/documentation/#insert

I was under the impression I could show “All Documents Attached Current Page”... maybe this could go in the next version! Thanks.

That option will definitely come in the future.

Hello, 1) is it possible to set for certain documents to download registered users only? 2) Is there any download log in the admin area of the plugin? 3) Is there an option to update an uploaded document earlier? thanks cstibi

Hi, 1) there is no option to select who can see the documents 2) no 3) there is no option for that but there are wp plugins that are made just for that, to replace media files with the new ones.


arndtk Purchased

Hi. One question before i buy: i have more than 80 pdf files. Is it possible to make an mass import and give them all together a category? Or one by one? Regards from Germany, Arndt


arndtk Purchased

Found it on page one, thanks.


arndtk Purchased

Is it possible to have the list without the category heading? Regards, Arndt

You will need to add this CSS
.fivo-docs-category-title { display: none !important } 

shiroko Purchased

Hi there, Do you plan to add a search (ajax preferably) any soon ? I have 3 pdf file per product and 50 product per category (20 categories total)... It would be a great enhancement. Cheerz


shiroko Purchased

This sounds great ! Can’t wait to see it. Another question : are the file sizes and dates automatically added or it requires manual action ?

They are automatically added.


shiroko Purchased

Ok, that convinced me, I really enjoy your responsiveness. Looking forward for the ajax search feature ! [Purchased]

Hi, we don’t have that plugin so we can’t confirm that. Fivo Docs displays your files that are uploaded to WordPress so there shouldn’t be any problem.

Hi. Prepurchase question: Is possible to password protect the docs, or assign a specific folder to be consulted to just one user?

Hi, sorry for the late response. No, there is no option to password protect the documents. You can select specific categories but all users can see those categories. Fivo Docs is used to display your documents publicly.

hi, work with wp 4.8.x?

Hi, yes it works with WP 4.8.x. Demo site runs at the moment 4.8.1


mebomi Purchased

Hi There,

Overall it is nice plugin, maybe you want address the followings in your next updates:

1- You should consider to have a BASE FOLDER for the documents, as right now all files are mixed with other media files and it is a nightmare to maintain.

2- The box where categories and document are shown does not seem to be responsive as it does not adapts various sizes (try also with page editors).

3- Also you should make the color of the box header (the blue) configurable, so people can change it.

By the way, where and how do I change it ?

4- If one or more categories are empty, then the plugin comes with errors in shortcode.php line 406.

When you put an item in all empty categories, the error seems to be gone.

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for the suggestions.

1. When you put your document in some category there are filters in the media library that you can use to show only documents from that category.

2. They are responsive. Can you show me your page where they aren’t.

3. It’s in the plan.

To change it add this custom CSS

.fivo-docs-boxed-title {
    background-color: #9373DE;
    color: #fff;
    border-color: #9373DE;

4. We will look into it.

can i add different custom document (pdf, doc, excel, jpg, png, .max, .dwg. obj) for per any page?

For example: i share the new post per day. This posts is learning post. I share documents with my post, can i use your plugin?

I mean: can i share some document list for Per different page?

Hi, you can add only documents not images. There is a custom selection where you can choose for every page what documents you want to show http://plugins.apalodi.com/fivo-docs/custom-selection/

Hi. How much documents it can shom on the page?

Hi, there is no limit how much documents. By default it shows all documents that you have selected.

If this possible to get pagination inside block for a lot of documents?

Hi, you could get pagination but not by default. You would have to do some customizations.

Hey, I read that you have plans to add a “description” option. Is there any estimated time for that update?

Hi, that option is coming this weekend.

Hi there, I sent two support requests last week but have not heard anything back yet. Can I confirm with someone if they were received?

Hi, we answered you email. Sorry for the delayed response.


Spagrand Purchased

Is this compatible with Visual Composer?

Hi, it doesn’t have its own VC element yet but you can add documents by using the “Text block” element and adding docs there.

hi,can integrate with drop box or google drive ?

Hi, at this moment it works only for files uploaded to WordPress.

Can you make discount ? 12$ ? Thanks


smdgfX Purchased

Hi nice plugin, is there a way to assign a category to multiple files at once? I have a big file library…

Do you think integrate to Google Drive, Dropbox and Yandex.Disk ?? i need them