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How to install the plugin?

  1. Download the plugin zip archive from CodeCanyon.
  2. Log in to WordPress admin area and select Plugins » Add New in the menu.
  3. Click Upload plugin button.
  4. Select the downloaded plugin zip archive.
  5. Click Install now button.
  6. After the plugin is installed click Activate button.

I have installed and activated the plugin. How to use it?

How to use the plugin?

Financial news headlines can be added to a WordPress page or post by using the following shortcode:

[financial_news symbol="<SYMBOL>" source="<SOURCE>" template="<TEMPLATE>" items_per_page="<ITEMS_PER_PAGE>" items="<ITEMS>"]

<SYMBOL> – public company or financial asset symbol (code). Can be looked up on Examples: AAPL, MSFT, EURUSD=X, ^DJI, BTC-USD.

<SOURCE> – comma-separated list of sources to capture the news headlines from. Supported sources are: financialcontent,yahoo,seekingalpha. You can specify one or all of them at the same time.

<TEMPLATE> – template code. Supported templates are: basic, basic2, box, box-black, centered, striped.

<ITEMS_PER_PAGE> – number of news items to show per page (optional).

<ITEMS> – total number of news items to display (optional).

Example shortcode:

[financial_news symbol="AAPL,MSFT,EURUSD=X,BTC-USD" source="financialcontent,yahoo,seekingalpha" template="basic"]

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