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I have a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to show a search bar to search within the faq custom post type?

I just mail you, please check it. Thanks

Thanks. I appreciate your help. I was getting concerned without any response from you. I understand you were busy and could not get to my request.

Check your email, Thanks

hello, do you plan to come with some update soon? I see the plug haven’t been updated since a while. Thanks. Cheers, Seb

Yes, i am planning to update it soon. Thanks

hello, I’m facing a problem with the plugin its not working properly, need help here is the link of my site

Can you send me your website login info at so i can check the problem. Thanks

hi – is there an easy way I can underline text in FAQ question titles?

hi, I mean if for example FAQ title is: “FAQ #1: How do I Order” , is it possible to add code so just the word “Order” is underlined?

use code like this <u>order</u>

hi – thanks!


I have a conflict with a another plugin : “WordPress Post Tabs”

If “WordPress Post Tabs” is active, tab from the FaqPlus are not show We see only the text and if Faq Plus is active, “WordPress Post Tabs” have no tabs

Thanks san

Why didn’t you reply on my email ? I sent you email reply 3 days ago but you didn’t response. And i can’t touch any code without your permission and i asked permission in that email. Please read it again and let me know.

it’s working now

thanks for your help

You are welcome.


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Hi, Is there a search field? (Not the wordpress built in) Looking for a FAQ-plugin with a search filed that only searches within the FAQ:s and not the whole site. Grateful for answer! Have a good day!

Hi, No. It doesn’t have own search option. Thanks for your question.

I’ve looked but can’t tell, is there any option or setting to have the faq “expanded” on computers but collapsed by default on screens say 480px or smaller?

I really need this functions for a project, hoping your’e my answer!


Sorry there is no option/setting for that but you can do that by custom CSS and Javascript. Thanks

Is it possible to simply embed all FAQs with a single shortcode, rather than one at a time?

You can create a category with lots of FAQ’s. Then you can use its shortcode in pages/post. If you want all FAQ’s(all category), you have to put all shortcode one by one. Thanks

When you open and close the FAQ sections, is there a way that when the desired question is clicked, the answer doesn’t open in the middle of the content? In other words, the longer answers to the FAQ have this problem of not automatically scrolling back to the top of the newly opened answer.

I’ve come across a discussion thread with an answer in there, but I’m not good with this coding stuff? Can you help address this issue or explain what I can do?

Hi, Please mail with your website link so i can check it. Thanks

It would be really nice to ‘Copy’ an FAQ group – if I want to have a group of FAQ’s that all have the same settings, it is a lot of work each time to configure all the colors etc…

Hi, Sorry you have to add those setting manually when you will create a new FAQ group. Thanks

Hi Images are not inserting into the post :(

Can you send me your website login info at so i can check the problem. Thanks

Hi, will you plugin work with Wordpress 4.5 ? thank you

Please send me your website login info at so i can check the problem. Thanks

Hi there, I really need some assistance in moving the icon from the left hand side to the right hand side – could you kindly assist? Thanks.

Hi, Please check your email. Thanks

I can’t find text editor , please help me.

Please send me your website login info at so i can check the problem. Thanks

Are permalinks supported?

You can use the FAQ as shortcode within any page, post or CPT. So for those, permalink is matter. Thanks