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Plugin causes WP 4.6 to crash on the back end when activated. Please advise.

Hi. Can I get some help please?

Please share all details at as that is the perfect place for technical issues. My team will review & update from there.

Importing all the events of my choice to my WordPress website has never been so easy. The best part of this plugin is that the users are allowed to import the events both manually and automatically. Looking ahead for more nifty features like importing events from selected Facebook pages.

Thanks Dear :)

Works like charm! I am now able to display all the events on my website with a few clicks. A lot of filters provided in the plugin let me choose the event that I wish to show and discard the unwanted ones.

Thanks Mate :)

I have not yet bought the plugin. So, before I go for it, I have some queries that I wish to put forward.

  • Can I filter events in cron import?
  • Can I search for an event without the event id?
  • Can I display the event anywhere on the page?

Hi Dear,

1. Can I filter events in cron import? —> If you are a programmer then you can add filter conditions.

2. Can I search for an event without the event id? —> yes

3. Can I display the event anywhere on the page? —> You can use short code for that.

Just emailed you via your profile – but my city isnt listed in the timezone section. How can I add my city?


my team will send you reply from the ticket system

Presale Q: Can those events i collect on my page also automatic be published to a FB group or page i own?

One more: can i just disable calender and just show all fetched events (local)?

1. No, currently this feature is not in our plugin. 2. Yes you can.

any way to change the format of the event date that it’s uploaded as????

Currently there is not such way to choose date format

Hi! A pre-buy question. I checked the demo page. It does not display a link on the event page to join the event. Is that just disabled on the demo page? How is the link displayed? I would prefer a button that can be found easily. Thanks!

Oh well, I had to change the code quite a bit, but I got everything working. Now the events are listed asc. I would like to list them desc, the most recent first. If there is no such setting, would you please tell me which file to modify.

I do not understand, why to set the cron to events by their ID. Why to re-add the same event?

Hi Dear, Please send all concerns at as from there you can get quick & perfect reply.

The plugin shows some numbers with the events, “Interested” and “Participants”, for example. As I understand, the amount is imported to the WP database, so it does not update?

Yes, currently we are not updating events after one time install.

Why would anyone like to show wrong information about participants on their website? Also I do not undestand the purpose of the cron. If I can only import the events once, why would I add their ID’s to the cron, so that it tries to import them let’s say hourly?

Hi, have how to show just recent events?

Right now we are fetching all events & from your WP admin you can disable past events.

Trying to activate the plugin and getting the following errors

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Warning: Unexpected character in input: ’\’ (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home2/ultrablu/public_html/_SCT/wp-content/plugins/facebook-events/includes/fbe.php on line 14

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home2/ultrablu/public_html/_SCT/wp-content/plugins/facebook-events/includes/fbe.php on line 14

Please share FTP, admin details at then my team will be able to look on the issue.

I have problems to instal, fb token ect… is there a video tutorial around? thanks

Hi Dear, Please share all details at

It seems it does not work so well. It is not automated. I thought it syncronizes events with wordpress, but there’s no such option. And the manual import is crappy. Any refund policy? :) It should work like that one: and I am really sorry i bought your plugin not the events importer.

This plugin doesn’t work. I followed the exact instructions with api and I get this error: Warning : Facebok User Access Token will expire in 0 days. Please extand your user access token to import facebook events successfully.

Then I follow the exact instructions to “extend” it and that doesn’t make a difference.

Even if I do get it working how would I sync events from a facebook page I manage?

id like a refund please

Please share FTP & admin credentials at My technical team will check & suggest you solution.

Will you make it responsive soon? If I choose calendar it pops way out to the right off the screen, not ideal.

sure we will check & resolve the problem

Quick question… is there a way to have past events auto-delete themselves and images… I use another plugin and the images/pages are taking up a TON of space… thanks!

Hi Dear, There is no option to delete events. Yes if you would like you can write script to delete records using cron script.


does this theme bring all events on fb ? can users login via fb


Amazing work done. It’s a wonderful plugin.

Thanks Dear :)