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I need a form that will multiply product A with product B but only when product C is selected. I also need discounts when…

Unfortunately, I can not create a fully working form for you for free. Please check out the in-built templates and see the Examples page (you can import the forms’ data).

I want to multiply product A with product B. How can I do this?

Please see the documentation page. Also, check out the in-built templates (e.g. Form Sample) and inspect the calculation elements.

I get the following error message: “No ID given”

Please make sure you used the correct id / name in the shortcode. Alternatively, you can add forms on pages with the “EZFC Forms” button in the visual editor.

Is it possible to limit the number of digits after the decimal?

Go to the “Global settings” page and find the option “Price format”. The default format is: 0,0[.]00 – for more formats check out

“Unable to add product #123 to the cart” when using WooCommerce

Make sure you have set the correct product ID in the form options as well as set a price for the relevant product (a value of 0 works). Also, please see the documentation page.

I don’t receive any emails!

Open up the email element and find the option “Use_address”. Make sure this is set to “Yes”. If it already was, go to the Help / debug page and send a test email to your email account. Also, check the spam folder!

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