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Rikhardi Purchased

Hi, how can I custom cart product details on mobile? Right now it’s displaying the product details not in full width (something like in 40%) and it’s really hard to see the details.

Hello, I guess this is an issue with the theme you are using. Do you have the form online so I can take a look? Alternatively, you can send me an email at

I am having an issue with making the Price match the subtotal. For some reason, the subtotal adds everything the way it’s supposed to, but the Price ends up calculating the first one fine, then just adds the other two instead of adding the multiplied number to the total. For instance:

A= 4 * 100

B= 20 * 90

C= 2 * 400

The total for this SHOULD be $3000. And that is what the subtotal shows. However, the PRICE shows $422. Which is basically the first multiplication calculation but then the calculations for B and C are just added in, not multiplied then added in.

Can you help with this? It’s imperative that we have this calculator up and running correctly today.

Hello, well, this is a really short timeframe. There was an issue with this in previous versions, so first make sure to use the latest version (v2.9.8.3). If you do, please send a message to along with a temporary admin account so I can take a look.

Hello, I am wondering if this is possible. I have created a formula in an excel file and I was wondering if its possible to export it and upload it into an ez form to make a custom calculator?

Hello, you can create almost any math formula with the calculation section of the plugin. For advanced use, you can also make use of the custom JS element and write your own functions. However, it’s not possible to upload an excel file into the plugin.

A quick pre-purchase question:

Is it possible to create something like this image: It’s a simple dropdown that changes the price next to it when an option is selected.

hi – we are looking fo Customization services and implement the EZ Calculator in our website. the requirements are done