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Dear Keksdieb,

first of all: GREAT update.

I LOVE you that you fixed the saving issue I LOVE you that you enabled batch import for conditions. That saves me a lot of work!

Awesome support :)

I have another bug for you:

You know I add a lot conditions to a couple of fields (around 100 each). From time to time, when using the batch input, the popup with the batch data is behind the field options window.

The buttons of this window are in the bottom right, so it´s not possible to click with mouse.

I am using a workaround “tabulator from content and spacebar”. but would be better when the batch input windows is above the options

Thanks for your kind words! This is likely an issue with a theme or another plugin. Please add this to your (child-) theme’s functions.php file:

add_action("admin_head", "ezfc_override_jquery_ui_dialog"); function ezfc_override_jquery_ui_dialog() { echo "<style>.toplevel_page_ezfc .ui-dialog { z-index: 9999999 !important; }</style>"; }

Hi, I’m planning to have pricing information in my posts custom fields (using WP Types from Toolset). When I create the form is it possible to use the pricing data from the custom fields? Each pacakge/post I have costs differently.

Hello, yes, you can retrieve values from the current product / post / page / custom post type like this:

In any element’s value field, set the value to postmeta:yourfield whereas yourfield is the name of the custom field.

Hi can this plugin achieve the same as this website:

Hey, so if all the fields was on one page this would be possible, is that correct? Thank you

Hello, yes, this would be possible!

ok, thanks for your reply.

Hello. I bought this plugin and I was wondering if it’s possible to show the checked options in the Price summary. Please let me know if that’s possible.


yes, this is possible. You can enable the summary option in the form options -> form -> Show summary.


I’ve already done that, but still doesn’t work. Can you give me an email address so II can give you login access to have a look and activate this feature yourself?


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I’m building product rental form and I can’t figure out how to achive following.

For example I have product for rent. First and second day price is 70 EUR per day, from 3rd to 6th day price is 60 EUR per day and from 7th day price is 45.70 EUR per day.

It can be done by using “Date range” element and this example so no problem so far.

But I have also several additional equipments for product and for that I’m using “Checkbox elements”.

Equipment 1 Equipment 2 Equipment 3

Each element has different price and price should depend also on number of days like main product.

For example “Equipment 1” price from 1st to 2nd day is 10 EUR per day, from 3rd to 6th day price is 9 EUR per day and from 7th day price is 7 EUR per day.

It’s easy to multiply number of days to initial checkbox value (10 EUR) but how can I achive discound like this from 3rd day? I can send my existing form, if it helps.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, if the discount prices for the checkbox element can be calculated with a linear function, i.e. subtract 20% for each option from 3rd – 6th day, 30% for each option from 7th+ day, you can use the discount function. If this is not the case, I recommend to use a custom JS function to achieve this. Please drop me a line if you’re interested in this.

Hello, sorry for the late reply. Do you want to show the submitted values on the submitted page, the redirected page or any other page?


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I want to be able to add a link that will be created by the results on your form. If you enter a number on the form in the link above. You will see a button below that links to properties based on the form… “Find a new home within budget”.

Yes, you can use the GET element option to retrieve values via the GET parameter. Please see the documentation page here and see “Retrieve value from GET parameter”:


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Love the plugin works great for my client order forms, I have one issue trying to get taxes to work correctly. I essentially need 2 tax brackets, one is simply a tax of 8.5% and the other is a surcharge of 3%. the issue is that when I have 2 tax fields in my form the 2nd surcharge calculations include the first tax amount, in turn creating an inaccurate final total. how can I have to separate tax fields each individually calculating off the subtotal, then adding to the final total? Thanks for your help

Hello, you would have to add a separate Subtotal element before the tax and surcharge calculation, then add them together in the final calculation.

Hi. We rent cars. Is it possible with your plugin to calculate a total sum with different months and different prices? E.g. 4 days in august for 150€ and 12 days in september for 120€?

Hello, this is only possible with customization. Please send a message to so I can get back to you.


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We have the last version 2.6.2 The ReCaptcha solution for EZ-Cal. use de V1 ReCaptcha

This version of ReCaptcha are discontinued since Mars 31 of 2018 as you can test!

Can you anticipate us a date for release fix?


Hello, the latest version is Please download the latest version from CodeCanyon which uses the updated ReCaptcha module.


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We have a huge forms work created. To make this Upgrade, how can I ensure that I do not lose the current forms?

thank you very much for the support!

You can backup all your forms on the Import / Export page. Due to the huge version difference, I recommend to also backup your database as well as the old plugin.

Hello, your plugin looks very good, but I want to make suer this which will match I needs, I am a small tours company owner, can I insert the forms to woocommerce and using woocommerce price, because there are more than 3 thousand SKU, so I wanna set up sever templates for the several tours, if the tours are the same attribution, otherwise I have to set forms for each tour, it is so horrible. that means it must use the woocommerce price whatever these are simple products or variations products, is it possible? Thank you for this great plugin!

external-value, it seems I found the good way, can I set some custom fields for product, and enter the value for each product post, and get the external-value for caculation form, if so I just need build a form for several products which are the same logic,is it possible? if so, that is just what I need! is it possible? Thank you!

It is the qustion which I still want to know currently :)

You can retrieve any custom field from WooCommerce in the value option field like this:


or if it’s a post custom field:


I have to say, Great Great Great plugin, I will buy it again, but could you please answer any question more quickly when you have spare time? :) thank you for you great plugin!

Hi , this plugin can accept woocommerce payment like credit card , bank transfer thanks

Hello, the plugin has integrated PayPal and Stripe payment. You can use all WooCommerce’s payment gateways, too, if you set “WooCommerce integration” to “Yes” in the plugin options.

Hello, i have a problem. I want to have 4 Posts in my Calculator and trigger them with checkboxes individually to be shown in the summary form and in the email. They should be visible all the time, but only the right checkbox triggers the right post in the summary or email. Thanks

Replied to your support ticket.

Hello, Is it possible to add input field (where user can put number/amount) to every option in check-box?

Hello, this is only possible if you added a numbers element for each checkbox option and show them conditionally.


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Hi Guys,

Look your plugin seems great, however it is randomly deleting my conditional settings, under the target element.

I would love to update, however that fails when I try.

I would also love to insert my License Code, expect your plugin says this cannot be installed when working from Local Machine.

Its is not installed on a Local Machine and this is the only plugin where I have these issue(s), I would put it down to a buggy plugin, but Theme Forest ONLY has the same version so I cannot reinstall.



dcsharp Purchased

Thanks for the assistance. :)

You’re welcome!