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I need to create a calculator to get the next vehicle inspection date based on its registration date and tipology, do you think your plugin would be able to help me with this?

Thank you!

Hello, with a bit of custom JS, you can do this, yes. If you need any help to set this up, do not hesitate to contact me.

Hi again, thanks for he reply!

So if I buy your plugin, you’d be willing to help me achive the functionality I need?

Thanks again!

Sure, as long as it’s within Envato’s support guidelines, I’ll help you as far as I can!

How do I remove “ezfc_form_id:” at the end of order an update email. E.g.go to and place an order. and check you to the bottom of your

Hello, this is fixed in the last update (v2.9.9.3).

does this plugin compatible with woocommerce subscription plugin? if yes, then does it compatible with recurring subscription?

Hello, the plugin hasn’t been tested yet with WC subscriptions but it should work as expected. You can set the monthly price with the plugin and add the product to the cart.


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I want to make it like a link to a web page. Is it possible?

Hello, yes, this seems to be possible with the plugin. Please check out the examples here:

Few questions here…

1) Can the Form be set as a Product in WooCommerce? 2) Are we able to customised the PDF with nice design? 3) Can we store the PDF into the Member Account?


1) You can attach forms to a product, so you can create a separate product and attach a single form to it, yes.

2) You can customize the PDF text, though styling is a bit limited at this time. However, if you have some knowledge in HTML / CSS, you can style the PDF in any way.

3) Unfortunately, this is not possible as this is a unique feature.

Hello, I would like to create an interactive budget calculator for my students. I am assuming (can you confirm) that with conditional logic I can set the amount to be included in the equation – i.e. annual would be amount entered x 1; quarterly would be amount entered x 4, etc.

Meaning with drop-down options, they could set their salary entry to annual, their car insurance to semi-annual, and their groceries to monthly or even weekly. I am not asking you to customize for me, just to know if the functionality is there for me to figure it out or hire someone…

Last, can you let me know if there is the possibility for users to “add a row”? For example, if I give 15 rows for expenses but the user has 17, could there be a ”+” button that would allow them to add additional rows?

Thanks in advance!


yes, you can set the price conditionally, see the following example:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to add rows individually yet but I will keep a note of this for future updates.

Hi there. I’d like to make kinda some quotation form. Idea would be then (after some maths actions) to send by email a PDF or HTML result to my customer. Would be that possible? should I need any extra plugin? thanks!

Hello, yes,this is possible with the plugin. The plugin can send HTML emails to the customer as well as attach a generated PDF file automatically.

In regards to the checkboxes element, when multipul items are ticked the email shows the title of the checkboxes ticked one next to each other with a comma in between, but then the quantity is listed to the right in a column – is there a way to list these with the name of the checkbox item ticked and the quantity listed next to it in seperated columns like a proper table

Hello, unfortunately, this is not possible yet but I will keep a note of this for future updates. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi – i am trying to calculate the number of days from today when a user selects a date.. As datepicker is not calculate enabled, i am trying to use date-range selector but i do not want the user to select today’s day, since it would not be user-friendly. I thought of setting the “from date” as today’s date and then hide the “from date” using css and only asking the user to select “to date” from date range selector. This way it would seem like one date picker. But i could not apply the javascript code for that.. what i tried is below, any help would be appreciated..

jQuery(function ($) { $(”#ezfc-element.ezfc-element-input.ezfc-element-daterange.ezfc-element-daterange-from.hasDatepicker”).datepicker({ dateFormat: “yy-mm-dd” }).datepicker(“setDate”, “0”); });

maybe there is a problem with the id. i see a dynamic id on date selector but it is not usable since it changes everytime..



I will add an option for this in future updates. The ID doesn’t change as long as you don’t remove the form element in the backend.

hi, is it possible to present calculation to user only via e-mail? Visitor has to leave e-mail address and fill-in calculation form. System will email visitor with calculation.


yes, this is possible. Please take a look at FAQ #14 / #14a here:

Problems after update to latest version: Problem no1.: under form options /email/ email recipient – it is not working any more if I use more than one email separated with comma (like, Problem no2.: tax calculation shown under the form sometimes doest work properly (in email it is ok) what can be done?


the email validation for multiple addresses is a known problem and will be fixed in the next update.

Please send a detailed message regarding the tax element to so I can take a further look.

Hey just so you know on this update the “edit item” on checkout doesn’t work, it points to