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Can I make form on pop-up which help our customers calculate order? For example: our business is repairing Apple equipment. The customer chooses what he wants to repair (Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iWatch), then selects the cause of failure (Glass, Water, etc.). Output the system generates the cost of the work and offers to send a repair request.

Hello, there is no inbuilt function to show the form in a popup, though I have seen a lot of sites that make use of popup-plugins.

Hi there, wondering is your plugin allow me to achieve this,

there are 2 steps, 1st, fill up all the columns, 2nd, if said earlier number of applicants were selected 5 pax, step 2 will appear 5 pax column details to be filled up. If 6 pax, then step 2 will change accordingly.

And finally will lead your payment.

Please advise.

Hello, unfortunately, repeatable fields aren’t supported yet.

Hi team ! I have a little question : Is it possible to submit form only by email and to dont store the submission inside the BDD ? Tx in advance !

Mhh somthing like that : add_action( ‘ezfc_after_submission’, ‘my_truncate_tabke’ ); function my_truncate_tabke { ...

Yep, that’s right. You can get the name of the submissions table from Ezfc_frontend->tables[“submission”]

Oh there is dirrectly one nativ function in the plugin to retrieve the name of the table cool, i just have to put it in a var, it’s really more secure than put dirrectly the name in the php i will try and come to tell you if i have succeed or not :) thanks again. (btw it for a client that i have to do that thanks to help me here) !

Hi, having selected an option and clicking “add to cart” the form does not move to the cart, it only stays on the same page. How to make that after selecting a form option, a person is being transferred to the cart or immediately to the payment for a certain product?

Hello, you can set the redirection URL to your cart URL in the form options so the user will be redirected to the cart after submission.

I enabled PIPS on a numbers field with min value = 100, max value = 1300, steps = 100, but it only displays pips for the min and max value. No pips for the steps. When i check the source code, there are only two span tags also. Can you advise what may cause this issue?

There you go

Everything looks to be right. I’ll need to take a further look at this. Please send a message to along with a temporary admin account.

I managed to find a solution to the issue. For some reason Steps_slider gets multiplied by Steps_pips so if i want each slider step to have a pip, the Steps_pips value should be 1. While there is logic in this it is rather not understandable by default and it would be good to add a documentation for those fields. I see that you already reserved some urls for that – and

Hello. I want to buy this plugin but i wonder some features. I want to create simple form and when i click to submit button it must go payment page with calculated price. Is it possible in wordpress woocommerce? I dont create any product. It pays only calculated price.

Hello, yes, you can redirect the user to the checkout page when a form was submitted. When using the plugin with WooCommerce, you have to have a product.

Hello, I found this plugin while searching for a calculation plugin. I have a question, is it possible in some way to perform calculation based on tables.

I’ll try to explain my needs more in details.

I need to build a vehicle booking system where the customer select the departure and the destination city. But the calculation is not based on km but everything is fixed and store in some tables.

Table 1 FROM A to B cost X FROM A to C cost X FROM A to D cost X

Table 2 FROM B to A cost X FROM B to C cost X

and so on.

Is this plugin capable of manage this scenario? I tried the demo and I was not able to build something like this but maybe I miss something.

Thank you in advance for the answer

Hello, well yes, you can achieve something like this with the plugin. However, it will get tedious the more values you have. You can create as many elements as you need and show / hide them conditionally by the selection of the first element. If you need more help, do not hesitate to contact me at


I have a presale question. Is it possible to set a comparison calculator with this plugin? So that I could compare to different products?

Thanks in advance, Daniela

Hello Daniela,

yes, you can do this with the plugin. A similar example can be seen here:

I am interested in using with WooCommerce as a lease calculator. Can this plugin add a calculated form prior to checkout (or at checkout) that uses cart totals to figure out monthly lease payment based on user-selected lease term and lease type? I don’t want to do this on product page bc then user would have to make lease type selections on every product that they add. I basically want to transform the cart total into a monthly payment amount based on formula that is driven by user-selections of lease type.

Hello, unfortunately, this is not possible with the plugin.

Hi there, I am very interested in this plugin but I want to know before buying it is connected with the Google Form?

Hello, no, the plugin is not connected to Google Forms.

The author´s support is perfect! My update problems were solved very fast.

Thank you for your kind words! I’d be glad to receive a review if you haven’t already done so. :)

Is there any change to support round sliders (e.g. in the near future?

Hello, unfortunately, this is not possible with the plugin. If you’re looking for custom solutions, please write a message to

Great plugin – have made multiple purchases. Question – the csv download of the form submissions. Is there a way to adjust? I cannot easily manipulate, organize and examine the contents.

Hello, thanks for your kind words. Currently, you can only adjust the CSV separator in the global settings. Make sure to use the same CSV separator in your spreadsheet application as all elements are included as rows in the exported CSV file.

I went to global settings and I could not find the option to change the CSV separator – do you mind directing me to a more specific location inside the Global Settings? I see tabs – Customization, Price, Email PayPal, Stripe…. File Upload, Form Editor, Other.

You can find the option in the Global settings -> Form Editor -> Batch edit separator.

Hello. How do I make sure that when a form is filled out, the user registered on the site is automatically identified? And it was displayed in Show submissions.

Hello, you can use the user_* placeholders to identify a user. Please see the following placeholder list:

Hi please can you let me know if I will be able to use values from woocommerce product ‘attributes’ such as pack size. How can we do this using your plugin please? These will be different values for each product and so we need to pull this variable into one form. We will be calculating flooring area. Thanks

Hello, this feature will be implemented in the next update. The relevant option will be called “value_attribute” where you can enter the name of the attribute to retrieve the value from.


Looking at the pricing table plugin it looks great! Does this form also could have a feature with the addition of a pricing slider, for example :

3 extra plugins 4 extra plugins etc

Kind regards,