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When will the latest wersion be available for download?

Hello, the update is currently being queued for review. However, you can update the plugin right away through the WP plugin page if you have registered your license.

Hello, I would like that 1 – At the final step when the summary Total is show. Ask for the client for the 50% of the total (down payment) via Paypal for proceed with the summary order. It is possible? 2- Change the blue color on the Step Step progress bar… where I can customize this… Thanks!


1) yes, this would be possible. Add a Subtotal element to the end of the form and divide the price by 2 so users will have to pay 50%

2) this is currently only possible via the Custom CSS option in the global settings. Please look at the following code:

Adjust the colors and paste the whole code in the Custom CSS option. Unfortunately, there is no easier way (yet).

SERIOUS PROBLEMS IN v2.9.8.1: Paypal works only if you keep all three predefined payment methods active (Bank transfer, Cash on delivery, Paypal). If you delete one of the payment option, paypal stops working. Very serious problem – Under form elements – if you want to check how the form will look in live, it owerwrites existing posts.

Hello, I can’t reproduce this issue. Please create a temporary admin account for along with a description of the issue so I can investigate this. Please make sure to include your Envato username in your support ticket.


Notre Purchased

Hi, we wrote to you several times but still haven’t gotten an answer. Please take a look at our inquiry and help us resolve the problem. And also could you please write to regarding our problem?

Hello, could you please tell me your ticket ID?


Notre Purchased

I don’t see ticket id anywhere in email I received. If it helps, I received it January 18, regarding the problem:

“I’ve made so that when I pick value 1 from dropdown in 1st step, radio button 1 appears in next step and it’s working fine. Problem is that I need more conditions for other values for example when dropdown value is 2, radio button 2 should appear in next step but it doesn’t – only 1st condition works (out of 5)”

Hi, I’m interested if it can do the following (I think this website is using your plugin but I’m not sure, can you confirm):

It uses a custom form with ranges from 1 to 5000, and has a price for each individual point (1). It also features custom graphics.

Is this your plugin?

Hello, as far as I can see, you can create a similar form with the plugin. The design will not be the same like in your example, though, and needs to be customized further.

How can I insert a picture with tooltip effect? Do you have an example for this?

Hello, unfortunately, this is not possible yet but I will keep a note of this feature request for future updates.

Pre-purchase question:

A client wants to add the following functionality to their website – to allow the customer to work out the area of their garden (in meters, yards or feet) and then be informed of (a) how many rolls of turf they’d need to purchase and then (b) how much that will cost.

Is this possible?

Look forward to hearing from you

Hello, this seems to be possible with the plugin. However, it depends on the calculation, eventually.


finc Purchased

Where to change the currency sign $ to € and the Submit button text? Danke!


finc Purchased

Hat sich erledigt!


finc Purchased

Can the “Total price position” be floating right/left?

Hello, yes, you can change the total price position to “Fixed left” or “Fixed right” in the form options.


ACITech Purchased

Hello and thanks for your great plugin. Is it possible to attach a file to the email which is sent to the customer after submission ? I would like to be able to send a PDF as attachment to the customer’s email. An already existing one, not a PDF generated by the plugin. Thanks !

Hello, this will be possible in future updates.

Hello. I have question about design. Pictures in selection lists are grey/dimmed by default, showing only when selected. is it possible to show all pictures clear right away?


oskarkilo Purchased

Perfect, thank you. Follow-up question, Now it is not clearly understandable which option is selected. Is there another code snippet perhaps, that will bold the selected text or something, to identify selection better?

Hello, yes, of course. You can use the following lines and change it to your needs:

.ezfc-wrapper .ezfc-element-option-has-image img, .ezfc-wrapper .ezfc-element-optio-has-image img:hover { opacity: 1; border: transparent 2px solid; } .ezfc-wrapper .ezfc-element-option-has-image img.ezfc-selected { border: red 2px dashed; }

oskarkilo Purchased

Thank you, worked perfectly!

After two months of working with this plugin I get an error called “Unable to perform action form_get_submissions” in the form results of all forms. Version is What can I do? These forms and submissions are very important.

Hello, please create a temporary admin account for along with a description of the issue so I can investigate this. Please make sure to include your Envato username in your support ticket.


antid33 Purchased

Hi, awesome plugin to our needs.

1. Is it possible to attach a file to the visitors e-mail message? (Not the calcutation itself). We would like to attach a product information about the car the visitor is interested in.

2. Is it possible to use the linked steps in the step-indicator so they link to each step? For now I inactivated them because the all go to the first step.

3. You think its possible to add a small .js to each next-step button? We would like to Analytic each step. I have a script, just one line needed.

Please check our forms at below heading “Räkna på din S-CROSS” click “Börja din beräkning” (start your calc.).

Brgds / Andreas Tideman

Hello Andreas,

1+3) These features will be added in future updates.

2) This is a bug in the current version and will be fixed.


kreegah Purchased

Hi keksdieb. Since it’s been 8 months since I asked the last time (no hurry on my part :P) Will it be possible to add a condition to a field “zipcode” that will send the submission to e-mail A, if zipcode is in range 0001-2540, then to mail B if it’s in range 2541-3740 and so on? If this is not possible at this time, would it be possible to hire you to make such a function available for my client?

Hello, will implement this feature in the next update. :) Thanks for your suggestion.


kreegah Purchased

Ooo, great! Thanks for this, hope to see the update soon!

hi, i have a issue with pdf, I get no mail after press on send, in the server log I get the message “PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function submit_button() in /var/.../wp-admin/includes/file.php on line 1263” what is wrong here??

Hello, please create a temporary admin account for along with a description of the issue so I can investigate this. Please make sure to include your Envato username in your support ticket.

Can i with this plugin calculate i price based on length x width so i get i price per cm2? And Does the plugin also work with already made products in woocommerce. Thank you very much :)

Hello, yes, this seems to be possible with the plugin. Please check out the examples here:

You can integrate forms with WooCommerce as well.


dburgi Purchased

Issue fixed.

Hi. When will you answer my tickets. It’s been 3 weeks now. Thank you.

Hello, could you please tell me your ticket ID? Will get back to you asap.


paaaaede Purchased

I am interested in buying this plugin and have the following questions:

- Is it possible to make a form that can be answered over multiple steps and each step is a new site? For example i have 10 questions and there are 3 steps. Page 1 (questions 1-3) Page 2 (questions 4-6) Page 3 (questions (7-10) ?

-is it possible that a user can uppload images in the form?

-can i make questions which a customer can answer with clicking on an image? (for example: Body Type of your car: Image of an SUV, Image of an Convertible, Image of a VAN)


1) Forms extending over multiple pages is not possible, though there is a step function you can view here:

2) Yes, this is possible with the “File upload” element

3) Yes, you can attach images to checkbox and radio elements


oskarkilo Purchased

Is there a way to bold all label texts?

Hello, it seems that your theme overrides the plugin styling. In order to force-set all labels bold, please add the following code to the Custom CSS global option:

.ezfc-label { font-weight: bold !important; }

oskarkilo Purchased

Thank you once again!