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feyruz Purchased


When I click second or third step title, send the user to the top of the page instead of going to the section.

Can you help me pls


Hello, please send a message to along with the page URL.


interested in the plugin. Having the following presale questions:

1. Can I offer the user to send the final calculaiton they see on the webpage via email (like Simple Text for example, or HTML, or PDF) if they give their email address to send it to?

2. Can I position the top and the bottom current calculating amount somewhere else (for example to scroll down/up in an additional div while the user scrolls up and down in a very long form – it should still change via dynamically)?

3. Can I hide the calculated amount till the user hits a button “Calculate amount” for example?

4. Can the plugin generate a PDF from what the client is surrently calculating on the website?

5. Can I use collapse fields for every question (like this very long forms can become very compact)?

Thanks, IDS team


1) Yes, you can send emails to the customer. PDFs can be generated and attached to emails automatically as well as manual attachments.

2) Yes, please see the following example:

3) Yes, please check FAQ #14 / #14a here:

4) Yes, see #1

5) Yes, please see the following example:

How is the target email conditional field used?

Hello, please see the following post, section “Conditional email targets”:

And this will occur during the submission, correct?

Yes, that’s correct!

Is there a way to call this <$filename = “submission-{$submission_id}-{$seed}.pdf”;> to the summary on the success message? We need a PDF link straight there.

Hello, technically, this would be possible. Please send a message to so I can get back to you.


Ryan53 Purchased

Hi, Do you have an Amortization Calculation I can use..