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Very nice! Which is the minimum jQuery version required? How big are the CSS and JS files for the responsive Version?

Thank you Makaay

It requires jQuery 1.7.2 and higher. Css folder of about 32 kb and js folder of about 350kb.

Can you use turn 4?

Support is only for turn 3rd release

good morning

this does not seem to work on the iPhone or ipad, it shows you just cant turn the pages

any suggestions


It works on the iPad and iPhone. In the preview on codecanyon work?


I need book a-like design… (trying to make a virtual book for kids).

is it possible with your code?


What is the difference between a virtual book for children from this?

hi, just something I have noticed, the full screen button does not show up in internet explorer 11, it does on google chrome etc also I want to move the bottom menu to below the pages not to overlay them , is there a simple way to do that?

thank you in advance


In the description book :
“icon fullscreen ( only works under FF and Chrome )”

Internet Explorer does not support fullscreen.

Hello, I have a problem with the thumbnails navigation. It only works until page 30. After page 30, the query bug… Any idea? Thanks for that item, it has been really usefull for an urgent presentation.

I forgot to mention, I talk about that code : “li class=”32”> img alt=”” src=”pages/thumbs/32.jpg”> /li> in “BEGIN ALL PAGES”

(I have deleted all < voluntary for the message)


Send me a private message and provide a link to your project (link to zip)


May I include videos (from vimeo, youtube, etc…) in the pages?

Thanks in advance


You can add youtube video above book.

solved :)

If I’d like publish a content in two joined pages? Is it possible? I’d like insert a iframe who show my blog, using two page…


Sorry…This is not possible.


I want mouse also to flip the book.

Like pressing n holding on mouse.. to flip the pages.

- thanks


I have not tested the script, on tablet, mobile and ipad. The thumbnail view.. does show the pages, but when I touch a particular page, it does not work.

Only on laptop mouse works



It was tested on the iPad and it works. Send a private message and show a link to the project.

Hi, can I apply an <iframe> in a page? I’ve just tried but I can’t see the external url that I desire…


There is no support for iframe.

it’s possible to add lazyload for images? can u help me?


Sorry. There is no such function.

Hi What is the difference between your 2 products: http://codecanyon.net/item/exclusive-flipbook-jquery/6940060 and http://codecanyon.net/item/diamond-flipbook-jquery/3146425?

Do they both do the same thing? I couldn’t see any difference other than the design of the footer in the preview. Could you please clarify?

Thank you.


Main difference is in appearance. Many sites have similar features but they look different. The main difference is that Diamond has support for PDF files.

I’m looking for a page flip option for a client. Unfortunately she has a WordPress site with WooCommerce and wants her WooCommerce pages to page flip. I like your Exclusive flip book look the best, as does she, but it appears that it’s self contained.

Any way to get this to work with WooCommerce? I looked at your WordPress version of this, but the links didn’t work. I tried to click the fruit image on the page opposite of the lion and it didn’t work on the WordPress version but it works here, leading me to believe that the WordPress one won’t do what we need with WooCommerce.


Preview WordPress version works:

Send me a private message.

hi i would like to get this template, but before that i want to ask you that. i need this book to be flip from back side to front.

hope you may know that arabic people read from other way around. can we do that easily ?


This function is available – reverse flip book for the eastern countries.

I have bought the software. How can I install it?? It doesn’t work.


The system shows that you did not buy this product.
Send a private message and give me the purchase code.

For your jQuery flip book software… If I am converting a PDF, does the external links in the PDF work or do I need to add external links to the program once the PDF is converted? The reason I am asking is that I am looking to purchase flip book software and I have PDFs with a lot of links that I would rather not have to relink.


For those flipbook is support for the pdf: