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Is there a license that will get us all add ons for unlimited sites?

Please send a message via profile page, i can help you with a discounted bundle price as we dont have a bundle available direct via website at the moment. thanks! look forward to your message.


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Hi, with your csv importer I am guessing that you map fields on initial set up. My question is about location. I am using mostly the same locations over and over so my locations are already set up with address, lat, lon and picture so if I were to name the locations exactly the same as the existing locations would all of that data be populated? That would be awesome! Thanks

Or you can use the location taxonomy ID so then you dont have to fill all the other information and just use evo_location_id column :)

I have a couple of questions re this addon

1. Is it possible to search and add speakers? e.g. if there are hundreds of them you’d want to search rather than scroll through 2. Is it possible to get the speaker profile to launch on its own page

Good ideas, at the moment you have to scroll the list.

Thanks for your reply. I won’t be purchasing the add-on as I need both features.

“Remove image” doesn’t work when editing an event. It only opens the media modal window. Latest version.

The selected language is being ignored as soon as you hit the cart. There it’s back to the default language. How can this be changed/prevented? I want L2 as the language throughout.

Hi. I am using your plugin on one website with the Ticket and QR code add-ons running. I would like to upgrade to use it on more websites. So basically the ticket add-on costs $60 for 1 site and $110 for 2-5 sites, can I pay the $50 difference to move the “2-5 site” plan? Thanks

Hi, love the plugin so far, very nice work. One question tho: I want to create an event where only INVITED people can sign up to (as it is free). Is there a way in combination with the RSVP Extension to generate invite codes or send invitation emails? As the event is jfree i want everyone to see it, but only invited people should be able to reserve a spot. Thanks!