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Hi, is there a way I can be alert when you come out with the Buddypress add-on? I like your plugin but that is a must for me. Thanks

yes you can sign up for our newsletter at

Please, take me a doubt, with your plugin, is it possible for the client to submit a movie (project in the events) instead of being the purchase of a ticket to the events?

I am sorry i dont understand fully what you need? submit a movie?

What I would like to do is something similar to this site Instead of buying a ticket, he could submit the film to the event, as if it were an inscription


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Is it possible to include events in the default Wordpress search results?

I am facing issues with rsvp addon when showing in calendar mode – working fine in event list mode. using latest version of both solutions.

please send us a ticket via

I’d like to buy the full calendar (FullCal Addon : and I was wondering if it is available to be translated into French.

fullCal can be translates just as how the rest of eventon is translated