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Hi, need an help regarding event responsive view; mobile view of the event is not fine. Could you pls tell what I need to change in the settings?..

this is the page: and this is the mobile view at this point:


if I look in the inspector and inside the event detials its a lot of HTML generated from your fusion builder. Like I said we can not control how 3rd party code respond in responsive view, and those issues must be directed to the 3rd party plugin

hi could you pls send me a screenshot? Thanks


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Hi. We are looking to activate the Social Share buttons on our events, but we can find how to. We looked around and found that we need Single Event, but can’t find it at your website. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Single events addon has been part of eventon since sept 2016. So if you are on latest eventon version you can find single events settings in eventon settings which allow activating social share options

pre purchase question – Does the users have the ability to edit events in the front-end.

yes they do, however you would need the actionUser addon which also allow creating and editing events on frontend.


Pre sale question

I am interested in eventon api. On your dev site you have an error “HTTP 500 error” for JSON event data link:

Is this addon works?


It does work, the dev site is open to public. Might be from the content someone added, its giving the 500 error


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Before I renew support I need to ask an important pre-purchase question. I have been using Events Calendar Pro for a series of events run over a 7 day period every 2 years. So the calendar is simple but needs to be linear. ie all events to view over just 7 days. Here’s the present example : Can I achieve something similar or deliver the same information in a more elegant way with your plugin? And if so can you provide an example?

We dont offer a similar weekly view sorry. Looks like that view does not translate to mobile. What we have is more of a weekscroll view like this

researching buying your plugin but can only reach the homepage – live demo and addon pages are not accessible. e.g. please advise

Thanks guys sites are back live now! they had to restart apache server and its all good now :)


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Hi – all EventOn sites appear to be down… :-(

Thanks guys sites are back live now! they had to restart apache server and its all good now :)


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Great. :-)


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Hello, it seems the MyEventon is down and also my event page is broken!! This is extremely urgent!

Thanks guys sites are back live now! they had to restart apache server and its all good now :)

Hi, I have a compatibility problem between EventOnv2.6 and BBpress v2.5.14: When the EventOn plugin is activated, it is no longer possible to see any topics and answers of my forum. What is the problem ? How to cure it ? Is it possible ? PS: I use the theme Woffice by Alkaweb (with Buddypress v2.9.1). Thank you for your help.

We run eventon with bbpress without any issues, you will have to contact woffice about this because they may have done some mods to eventon which comes with their theme that might be causing this issues for you


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Hello good afternoon, I have a question about that I need users to enroll in the events …. and logged users register directly without registration, but unregistered users registering, using an enrollment form. Is there something that has this functionality? Thanks

I am not entirely sure what your enrollment form is, but we do have a tickets addon for eventon which allow users to buy tickets for events registered users can login and buy tickets

I already own the EventOn plugin and am considering getting the CSV importer add-on. But berore I do, can you tell me if I can import a CSV file that contains just location and address information? Before addng events, I’d like to have all my locations already added in EventOn so that I can simply select them when adding an event rather than having to type in new location info at the same time.

unfortunately at the moment the CSV file will have to have events in full, as in location for event be in the same row as the other event details. But if a location is already created then that will be used on other events using same location