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is it possible to assign to a user the possibility to edit,create and delete only specific category events?

If you use actionUser addon. You can assign users to events invidually and then only those users can edit those events. Does that work for you? otherwise there is no option for this based on event category.

I have a few questions about the RSVP add-on. With recurring events, when a user RSVP’s does it default them as attending each session, or do they have to RSVP every week? Can a group of users be added to an event RSVP at once?

I am working with a recurring fitness class that has the same attendance over 14 weeks. Will this plug-allow me to add users to each class and so that they can adjust their RSVP status based on their availability?

Thanks! Really difficult to find a wordpress plug-in that does this well.

You can enabled capacity for RSVPs be separated per each repeat in RSVP settings for the event. And yes you can allow multiple capacity for event and collect names of each of those attendees.

You can create RSVP’s to an event from backend. However it does not associated the RSVP any user accounts and the user can change his RSVP using email address from frontend.

Was unable to find a recent answer to this, can you add exceptions to recurring events? If not, are there plans to add this?

Oh yea you can do this easily. check under custom repeat. So basically you switch the repeat type to custom and then you can edit or remove each repeating instance :)


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I’ve purchased 3 copies of this plugin for various customers. Every time it upgrades, all of the custom css (colors mostly) disappears. This is very disappointing to them. Is there some way to update the plugin without losing customizations?

I am really sorry to hear this. The way I’ve coded it, it should not delete the custom css. Can I ask how you upgraded the eventON plugin on your customer sites? (what method)


PintSized Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply. I updated the plugin through the WP admin dashboard Updates section. If I make one little change to the styling and resave it, the styles come back.

Sorry just trying to understand what exactly you did, so you did auto update via wpadmin or did you delete old version and uploaded new version?

Also if you go to settings and dont do any change and just click save changes that should do the same thing. —but this is suppose to happen when a new version is installed.


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where in the code can I set a thumbnail image size for the event card or the tiles? I have read in the past comment to upload the correct default size, but I have many images already uploaded and would like to specify in the eventon code which thumbnail dimension to use otherwise….


rulley Purchased

ok thank you.. I meant the larger size image used on the event card or tiles view.. I know that these use the original upload size image… Where in the code/classes can I set it to another size ie large or a custom defined size within media settings…

eventon/includes/class-calendar_generator.php line 1665


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thx! had just found a little bit ago… for tiles… 2276 line insert your new custom image size from line 1665 ie. $img_red_feat_scr = wp_get_attachment_image_src($img_id,’img-840-430’);

for eventcard image … line 1676 and 1677.. ‘img’=>$img_red_feat_scr, ‘img_id’=>$img_red_feat_scr,

would be great to get these as variables in eventon settings page

For the Seats addon, is it possible to save a seat map to use for multiple events at the same venue? The web site makes it appear this step is required for every event.

On the Stripe Connect/Split Payments topic: YITH recently announced a new Stripe Connect for WooCommerce plugin that looks like it should work for accomplishing this. If I proceed with this software on my project, I will test this and let everyone know.

hello unfortunately you will need to create seat map per each event at the moment we are planning to import and export seating maps in the future updates.


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I have added Tickets to my events and I’m having trouble where when the event start time has passed the tickets are showing as “Not Available.” I need the ticket sales to continue until the actual end of the event. Is this a setting somewhere that I have missed? I cant find it anywhere. Please advise.

Thanks, Angela

actually this is hardcoded eventon-tickets/includes/class-functions.php line 762 you can edit it for the moment and I will make sure to add this as an option in the next version update :)

I have a small system created in .png that consists of registering advertising agencies and or distributors for the sale of advertising.

I am a small company that is starting its extreme sports events … So we need a software that we can manage all the advertising of our events and that the advertising agencies can see the advertising still exist and can buy and pay from afar where she is.

How do I submit an image of what we need. To which email we can send. Do you make customization?

In your seat example … the only thing I need is to have more information on the toolkit and have a cart system on the side so the person can know how much it will cost automatically and I can insert this api anywhere on the page word press

Hi. I’m interested in purchasing this plugin. I have a few of questions. 1. In our current calendar, we allow general users to add events to our calendar. Is this possible ? 2. We also allow users to upload up to 4 PDF’s to an event. Is this possible? 3. I like the view “Calendar with thumbnails on eventTop” Is it possible to add a category to this page, so users can see which type of event it is eg, Tennis, Soccer, Football etc? Cheers Kate

1. yea you will need the actionUser addon

2. not at the moment

3. Yes you can add that into the eventTOp


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For RVSP backend, i created my own traduction of named : I changed in eventon-rsvp.php the callin of

load_textdomain( ‘eventon’, WP_LANG_DIR . ”/eventon-rsvp/eventon-admin-”.$locale.”.mo” );


load_textdomain( ‘eventon’, WP_LANG_DIR . ”/eventon-rsvp/eventon-admin_fr-”.$locale.”.mo” );

But it’s still no workin, what i missed please ?

the textdomain is evors

sorry, sorry, can u be more explicit about changin lang files please. If it possible to change all admin lang files too, no just edition event, but also settings of your plugin. I need what i have to change in php files, wich one and where. thx a lot.

Pre-sale q: does the plugin allow plain and enhanced listings in the same list. Looking to use something like this as a GIG listing, but some entries may be paid for. So, normal events are listed, then if a customer has paid for their event to show, it’s enhanced in some way? Thank you.

You would need to do custom codes to make those certain events stand out by assigning them a category and then using that category slug as class name for just those events.

Hi there – quick question:

We’d like to purchase the plugin but is there a way to easily manage people who have registered for an event and/or export their e-mails into Mailchimp lists?


If we use the RSVP addon – is there a way to compile that list and export the list of people that have RSVP’ed?


If you use our RSVP addon to allow people to register for events you can certainly download the attendees list as CSV file and import to mailchimp.

And yes you can add HTML into event details.

please test this out yourself at

Excellent – I appreciate the quick feedback!


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How do I get the tiles to be side by side across months? Right now only events within the same month will tile next to each other,

I read that it’s not possible to ask for multiple persons details when selling more than one ticket for an event. For instance Name, or email of the attendees. Is it possible to limit the number of tickets per sale? That a customer can only buy one ticket at a time?

Hello, I like the EventOn Calendar, specifically the Tile View and I’m seriously interested in buying it. I just need to know, whether it is possible to make two design changes (see image):

1) there should be an info about what day of the week it is, perfect location would be above day number, 2) second day of multiday event should be of same size as the first day.

Is this possible? I suppose that this is not possible to set in admin area, so the question is: is it possible to make such changes in plugin code?

I have some PHP coding skills, so if the code is easily readable, I can modify the code myself. On the other hand I have experience with some plugin code that is (on purpose?) so hard to read that any changes are almost impossible. Which way is it with your plugin? Are there templates for each view?

Thank you in advance for reply,

Matous M.

Hi Guys,

Interested in your plugin and have a few questions:

Have a site that I am working on that needs both a booking and event calendar.

1. Can I run two separate calendars, one for booking and one for events?

1. With the booking part its for a campsite so will need to be able to firstly select type of site then date range. is this possible?

2. With the booking would need to see first if there is availability on the campsite first is this also possible?

3. Based on campsite requirements either powered or un-powered will have two different price points. This could be set up so user see’s price for intended stay?

4. With the event side is it possible just to show event name and event details with image etc. No booking required for this.

I know this is a lot of questions but trying to find a solution for the website I am setting up.

Thanks in advance.

Kim Howell

Dear Eventon, with the wishlist addon. Can I show the wishlist in the userpro profile page? And would it be possible for people to see other peoples wishlist? Cheers

Hello, Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce Product Vendor?

One of the greatest plugins. Thank you for that. I have a question. I have a page with game events and there are no fees or tickets to buy. But I want to have a list before the game night starts how many participant will come. Is there a way that visitor can submit an event by enter their email?

Hello, Can the shortcode generator be viewed only by backend admin users or user with admin roles?