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Is there a way to add an entire series to your calendar? We are using the “Future Event Times in this repeating Event Series” and the clients want to be able to add the entire series to their calendar.

I see what you mean, unfortunately you can not add all repeating events into calendar at this time. Please feel free to send us a feature request via


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Hi. I am using EventOn with “full cal”. When I select a day, it shows all events that include this day sorted by start date. There is one of my categories that contains long-term events and if there are many of them, they are placed at the top of the list and prevent those that only belong to the specific day. I would like to be able to put the events of that specific category, which contains long-term events, at the end of the list. That is, I want all events to be ordered chronologically minus those in that particular category, which I want to be at the end of the list. How can I do this? Thank you.

Please send us a ticket via helpdesk and our admins will be able to analyze your situation and provide a solution :)

Hi is it possible to integrate to the regular calendar also the Jewish Hebrew dates? so we we can have both? Maybe by using an API such as if yes before i purchase the product i wish to know if possible and how. I found your plugin great.

Unfortunately not, however you can use custom data fields and hebrew date as an additional data field that would show for events.


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just wondering if event on supports wcag 2.0 accessibility

Sorry we have not complied with those guidelines per se.

is there anyway to produce a compatible version… that removes the errors found in the WAVE accessibility test tool?


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are multiday non adjoining events supported ie every tuesday / thursday 8:00-9:00PM from 1-20-18 – 2-20-18?


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nevermind.. found the answer in previous comments…



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Hello, Can I sync google calendar to my site using your plugin

Jabali, I am really sorry I totally forgot that you need need the sync addon in order to do this and it is not a part of the main plugin. If you need a refund for eventON because it is not part of main plugin, i completely understand. Again really sorry for completely lapsing that you need Sync addon.


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Is there a demo on how the google calendar will look on the front end, I just need to know how the look and feel will look like ?

Those events added using sync addon from google calendar will look exactly like the rest of evneton events.

Hi, some presales questions: - is the eventon compatible with wpml? - is it possible to insert events calendars and events search as shortcodes in my theme’s editable area, thus keeping the overall image of my website? - is it possible to have the event page according my theme’s layout page? Thank you. Rogerio

Some users are having issue with tickets addon and WPML but otherwise general eventon works fine with WPML. However we have been recommending qtranslator and locotranslator as better alternatives because of we are not able to work with WPML for 100% compatibility.

Thank you for your reply. Can you answer to my other questions? I’m between two solutions and i need to decided with a bit more information.

sorry, basically right now the single event page will look like this and you can customize the code to make it match you theme.

HI, im looking for a event plugin that in the list view can show: Image, excerpt or some event text, dates, place of the event and price. Is that possible with your plugin?

Thanks and best regards

you can check the demos on how eventon show information on the list view You can also use pluggable functions to show other event informations on eventTop


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I bought ticket bundle directly on the page but it does not activate me because I do not have EventON main plugin, how do I get it? please help me!

You will need to purchase eventON main plugin from codecanyon on this page

Pre-sale questions. (Hi, I just need to make sure the plugin is right for us) 1. Would I be able to search by location? 2. Once installed the main plugin, the sell tickets add-on and WooCommerce, would customers be able to make changes on the tickets they’ve purchased? Thanks!

1. At the moment the location filters will only allow selecting listed event locations.

2. I am not sure what changes are you hoping for?

Is it possible, with your plugin and the RSS feed add-on, to set up an RSS feed that MailChimp can read? We want to automate emailing our mailing list a feed of our upcoming events.

yes so with RSS feed addon you can get a URL for the RSS feed which you can incorporate with 3rd party plugins and I have not fully tested on how mailchimp correspond to this. that would look something like this


When the user adds an event via the frontend, he enter the address – will the added event appear on the map (EventsMap addon)?


Yes, when the event is published. By default the submitted events are saved as drafts but can be set to publish up on submission without having to manually approve events.


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Do you offer other payment integration besides Paypal for the paid add-on.

Such as Credit-card or my own cart??? Thanks

If you use our tickets addon, this addon is powered by woocommerce and that allow you to use other payment methods for selling tickets to events on eventON calendar :)

presale question: i am looking for a plugin that can do the following: my client sells travel packages which are limited to eg: 40 participants. Some sort of RSVP is needed , we need to be able to publish the amount of men and women plus corresponding age who are subscribed/bought ticket (without names). So, for every package/event a list of men/women + age for the attendees. Can your plugin do this?

Are you hopign to collect the gender and age whent hey RSVP or is this a restriction you are hoping to set for potential RSVP guests?

we need amount of men and women plus their age to be published on frontend

Hi there – just a quick one wanting to know if your Event Tickets add on has the capability of allowing for recurring events to be created and sold as event tickets? thanks!