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Can customers add their own events through the front end?

Yes however you will need actionUser addon

Hi Ashan Jay!

This is a really great feature set you offer here! I have a few pre sales questions:

1. With the “Event Tickets” add-on, do I have to create a woocommerce product for every ticket first or how is this managed?

2. In the “Ticket Variations & Options” add-on, how are ticket add-ons handled in woocommerce? Do I need the “Woocommerce Product Add-Ons” Plugin as well? I need to know that because I have to transfer this data into our CRM.

3. In the “Event Tickets” Add-On it says “Compatible with WC Products Addon”. What does this mean?

4. Any updates on the Elementor integration?

I am very much looking forward to your reply! Thank you.

Best, Stefan

1. you just enable tickets for a ticket and add price etc in the event edit page and it will create associate woocommerce product for you :)

2. No the variations and options addon is an alternative to the expensive WC products addon :)

3. Actually I need to correct it thanks for pointing out. It is no longer compatible. Since we have our own tickets options now :)

4. We are working on it :)

Hello, I am implementing EventOn on behalf of a client with a license.

We have created a new Event Type (Category).

This category has hierarchy: America (Parent) —New York (Child)

Child categories do not appear in the filter. Even if we select New York for Event A, and filter for America, Event A does not appear.

Is there a way to make the hierarchy for custom Event Types work?

Thank you.

Unfortunately child category do not work as hierarchical filtering sorry

For some reason my calendar wont let me jump months. I feel like I’ve tried everything including deactivating all my previous plugins, checking the javascript, including an API key. What else can I do to get this thing working?

Thank you for your message. However this message board is mostly for pre-sale type questions. Kindly send us a ticket via and our admins would be more than happy to solve your issue! Grazie!

Can you easily export your eventon calendar from one WordPress installation and import it into another WordPress installation? Thanks!

You can, via CSV. CSV export is build into main eventon plugin but importing can be done using our CSV importer addon


Zvezdochet Purchased

I see the middle of the Language tab. Can I somehow automatically change the language to Russian? Or do you need to translate all the items manually?

You will have to do this manually sorry.

I’m really happy with the plugin and thinking of buying the bookings add-on!

So a few questions about the plugin:
  • 1. On the official demo page it seems that the event called “Event with booking addon” is expired so I can’t see the customer side functionality of the add-on. If the problem is not on my side (somehow) could you fix the end date or give instructions how to proceed?
  • 2. Does the bookings add-on (or some other add-on) give a “verify your booking by email” functionality or something similar?

A bit more context for my second question. The need for a email verification is because I can’t request the users to purchase with a bank transfer since the billing is in cash.

sorry about that—I have added more future dates now for you to try :)

We do not have a verify booking. But with booking addon you select a slot and pay for that. So once someone pay for the spot, they will want to visit the event :) or their money will go to waste.

You can look into email verify purchase for woocommerce. Because booking addon is an extension to ticekts addon and that is powered by woocommerce. And WC take care of cart and checkout process.

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for?

Hi. I am trying to create a Birthday ecard website where users are able to create their own birthday events with a RSVP capability. I’ve been looking through the add-ons and am wondering if the ACTION USER add-on will accomplish this.


Yes, you will need actionUser addon to allow users to submit events from frontend and then RSVP addon to allow the RSVP capability for the event. WIth ActionUser addon the users who create the event can also check in guests at the event from frontend :)

Hi Ashan, how do you migrate the license to another website?

First deactivate the license from old site. And then activate it back on new site :)

Great work!!! Are there already plans or maybe a release date to add nested filter event types?

There are plan certainly :) but we do not have expected release date sorry

Hi there,

I would like to buy this for a website listing sports events and marathons, will this work for this?

Also, once i buy the singel site licence for $24, is there any extra addons that i should buy to have all the functions listed on the item details page?

Thank you in advance.

Whats listed in here is what you will get with the main plugin. But thank you for checking :) also show what is all included in main plugin.

Does this send out email reminders a few days before the event to those that are interested in it?

It does not, however our Reminders addon works with RSVP and tickets addon by sending reminders to those who RSVP or bought tickets to an event.