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Can you please let me know if your calendar can support the look I am after out of the box.

I am assuming you are talking about the fullCal image that is in your website is what you are trying to get. And if so yes you can do that. You can show the events next to calendar grid—that is an option within fullCal you can find in the shortcode generator.

Thanks for the quick answer. So do I just need to purchase FulCal or do I need to purchase the EventOn and the addon separately?

FullCal is an addon for eventON so yes you would need both


itsHamid Purchased

Hello, I purchased the Daily view add on, and it seems like the decrementing button does not work. Both clicks of next and back buttons move the calendar forward.


Yes, so shouldn’t the arrow to the left make, say, day 24 go back to day 23, and the arrow to the right make day 24 go to day 25?

hmm well i suppose you make a good point but the way we built it was the clicking on left would make the days scroll to left. Which for us makes complete sense.

If that really is the case then why is there both a back and a forward arrow? When really they’re both doing the same thing? Is there someone else I can talk to about this? this is honestly ridiculously illogical.

Hi, The RSVP guest lists shows only the admin user on the guest lists. It counts other RSVP’s but they are shown not in the list. Can you please help?

please submit a ticket for us via and please send wp-admin access to your site one of our admins would be happy help you solve this

I can’t find where is the “sample.csv” file of “CSV Event Importer” addon…. please show me the link, thanks!

actually if you look at the CSV importer zip file you download from myeventon should have the sample.csv in the main folder. :)

Are you planning to add featured image in ‘single event view calendar’?? In that case I would definitly buy it!

Thank you