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Is it possible to configured to show all events for days versus all events by month?

I found the answer. This functionality requires an add-on.

I assume you are wanting the weeklyview or dailyview addons to show events for days :)


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Hey there, great plugin!

Had a quick question I’m hoping you can help with. It seems that my search isn’t working like it should. I clearly have events created, however results aren’t being populated when I enter some obvious search times ie ‘RIVER RUN CENTRE’. If you could have a look or let me know.

Thanks in advance

If I go to that page and search river on browser content search it doesnt find anything. So the search you have on month calendar will only search within on those events. If you want to allow searching for all of your events you can use the search box (refer to shortcode generator for proper shortcode for this)

Hope this helps :)

Hello, we’re testing out a version of EventON that came with our purchased theme. For the Get Directions section of the events, is there any integration with the Google Places API (to autocomplete addresses)? If so, how can we enable it? Thanks!

Which theme is this?


I use the theme Woffice, the theme uses your plugin, I search the French language files, do you have the .mo .po files please ?

You would need to contact your theme developer regarding this


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Hey, is there any way to export event ticket data via XML or csv?

You can export event data as CSV. if you go to myeventon settings> general towards the bottom of the page you will see export events.

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Hi, Interested in buying this plugin. Does it follow which is suggested by Google itself for faster listings with Google?

Yes it does, we have proper schema data and JSON-LD data for each event in every calendar you create with eventon :)

Is there a way to include Event Type Categories in an ICS Import?

You can try this to add support for additional fields


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I’m facing problem in automatic update Can you please help :)

sure whats going on? Also if auto update does not work please use FTP method


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hi there, we have some trouble with the user management. we are trying to add eventon to the editor role of the wordpress user management. unfortunately without success. only the admin role has access the eventon. any ideas or suggestions. we tried the plugin admin menu editor to solve the problem but without any luck. please let us know what to do and how to solve this issue. thank you in advance best steppko

Hi there, by default only the admin have the permission to edit eventon settings and you can use our actionUser addon to control lot more of the permissions for eevntON access by each user or user roles. This addon also comes with several other great features :)

So if I want events to have multiple photos I need to buy the photo addon for $35?? I can only add 1 image to an event with the standard plugin? Can I add custom buttons (with links) to events with the standard version?

Can you show me an example of an event with multiple images? I couldn’t find one. Can the images be in a slider or thumbnails with popups?

Are event titles customizable like changing “EVENT DETAILS” to “AUCTION DETAILS”?

if you go to create a new event and inside event detail (the main text editor) insert images those will show in event details :)

Yes you can easily customize the text for section headers via eventon language settings :)


Is it possible to have this plugin on a site with two languages? I Mean two different calenders, one for each languages. I’m using WPML.

Thanks in advance! :)


We had issues with WPML and they were non-responsive in our attempts to work with them. So I would suggest qtranslator as an alternative that works with eventON :)

Thanks! Is it possible to have two calenders, one per languster? This of course “the same event” will not have the same ID in Wordpress.