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Hello, I’d like the user (via the Action User add-on) to be able to define a “level” to the event he is creating; and I would like it be be displayed in the form of an icon on the EventCard afterwards, any idea how to do this ? (even if it involves some coding or a shortcode from the user). Thanks

THe easier way would be to use event_type 3 or 4 and set defined levels and then allow customer to choose one during event submission on the form.

And BTW, this message board is mostly for pre-sale type questions. If you have any more issues in the future, kindly send us a ticket via and our admins would be more than happy to solve your issue!

Ok thank you !

Hi I want buy this plugin , but i need know is it possible in your plugin For Mutli pages events ?/ for ex: i have 30 events and want show only 5 events in main page , and show 5 events in next and …like screenshot :

please go here and from right side click on #13 or 14 that is the version of pagination we have for eventON.

Thanks for answer. Is it possible to That newest events always on Top by data? (sorting: show events new to old) for example:

- 17 may

- 16 may

- 15 may


You can certainly do that, and you can use shortcode generator to set sorting. You will see more options in shortcode generator once you purchase our software :)

Hi – love the look of this plugin. Have been using Event Calendar Pro for years but looking now to freshen things up. I have two questions before I buy:

1. Is it possible to create a view of what’s on ‘this weekend’ or ‘this school holiday’ – which could be a week or 6 weeks?

2. I am also looking to freshen up the listings part of my site with GeoDirectory. Would it be possible to include a short code filtering a tag for a particular listing e.g. ABC Museum with a filtered shortcode that returned all events tagged with that location so that when viewing the listing you can see upcoming events. That would be really powerful. Especially if coupled with actionUser.

Thanks Rob

Hello Rob, thank you for your interest in eventON

1. So you can use the event list version and show several months worrth of events.

2. You can use the eventtype filtering to filter events any way you want. here is a better guide on that

Hope this answers your questions :)

Thanks – that’s great.

Out of interest, what displays if there are no upcoming events?

Also, do you have any examples/showcases of websites using your plugin. I have seen the demo site but it would be great to see it in real life.

Thanks again Rob

here is one way to show upcoming events list

and we do not have a list because people change domains and stuff. we had a list but when we try to send it to customers those links would give error pages.


I’m thinking of buying your plugin. Tried a bunch of others and always stumble upon something that can’t be done or doesn’t work as it should. So, hopefully you can answer a few of my questions before I buy your plugin, and the best way is to describe what I need.

I have an website for river cruses. And I want to post an calendar with few daily cruses options (day cruise, night cruise, sunset cruise)

Every cruise is going to have a few ticket options plus a few meal options.

And every cruise will have a limited number of places on the boat.

1. I need the plugin that will show the number of the available places of boat (that will update real time on the calendar), with option for the 4-5 ticket types and meals (without variations of product because it would be an long list and with a drop down “number of” beside the ticket/meal)

2. With all that, I need it to in two languages.

3. Is that all possible with your plugin, and with the extra add one (if I’m not wrong I will need the ticket add on aside the EventOn one..anything else?)

4. And do you have refund policy, because I stumbled upon few incompatibility issues with some of the plugins in the past.

Thank you for all the answers and your help.

Keep up the good work.

Hello there, you are asking this question right in time, because I just released our newest addon variations & options that pretty much allow you to do exactly what you need, without messing with WC’s crazy variations.

please check it out So with this you can create 4-5 ticket types as normal variations and then meals you can add as a ticket option.

So check it out and you can certainly do multiple languages. Here is the link to our refund policy

Thank you for the quick response. Can you just just confirm that I can add multiple tickets for different kinds of..lets say adult, kid, senior all on that one page (because on the Demo I can either choose kid or adult, and I would need to choose for e.g. 2x Adult and 2x Kid With three different menus on top of that)

And do you do refunds in case it doesn’t preform as it should, either because incompatibility with the website or because it just doesn’t do what I need it to do.

Thank you for your time and your answers in advance, just wanted to be sure about everything because I didn’t had pleasant experience with some other plugins and their authors.

Thank you one more time.

Please read more on refund in the link i sent about under refund seciton.

And you are correct you can only do one variation. (either kids or adults) however if u are not keen on collecting names of guests, you can use ticket price options as ticket ticket and allow multiple purchases on any type.


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Hi, is the plugIn compatible with the GDPR (EU-DSGVO)? Regards, Markus

With regards to GDPR, our software goes in your website, so you are the owner of all the information and data, not us. If you use our basic eventON plugin it does NOT collect any data or personal information from your customers.

I set up WooCommerce product bundles (2 events) where I want to allow user to purchase tickets for both events. Can eventON Ticket add on allow user (buyer) to enter name individually on each different event?

Hi, does the Ticket add ons works with WooCommerce product bundle (2 different events in a bundle)?

I have not tested with products bundle exclusively. So I can not tell you 100% if it would work as normal tickets.

But tickets addon itself will allow you to collect additional guest names during checkout.


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I just bought EventOn plus the ICS importer and now found that categories are lost. Thus the purchase of EventOn + the plugins is futile for our workflow (Outlook). Unfortunately, the description gave no hint that categories are not supported. I feel sad, lost time & money and have to look somewhere else.

You can use this to add support for categoeries (event types)

And BTW, this message board is mostly for pre-sale type questions. If you have any more issues in the future, kindly send us a ticket via and our admins would be more than happy to solve your issue!

If somebody looks for a good events plugin – all my suggestions for EventON. It’s a strong product with lot of functions. If you need to sold tickets, manage the big catalog of events – you need it. EventON support working hard. If you worry about the support. My unswer: there is a support on every business day.

Thank you very much!


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I just purchased EventOn and so far so good. But I have a question. I am trying to set a template in the event-directory page and it isn’t working. Can you please guide me?

Thank you!

for event directory, you can create a new page (call if event directory) and use a tempalte from your theme and simple add eventON shortcode in there :)

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Hi, i just purchased your plugin but it comes up as an error when installing, NO valid plug in’s were found is the error log, can you help me with this. thanks!

Thank you for your message. However this message board is mostly for pre-sale type questions. Kindly send us a ticket via and our admins would be more than happy to solve your issue!

Hi, We are going to buy the plugin and some adding, but first we have to be sure that we can do one thing…

We organize different kind of events and all of them are for free, but we need people to be subscribed to the event before ir stats, so we know more and less how many people is going and also we have their data to be able to contact with them.

Is it possible to do it? How?

Thank you so much

Yes sounds like you are going to need the RSVP addon. That will be a perfect fit for you. so you can collect who is coming and who is not. :)

Pre-Sales Question: I would like to auto create a user in EventOn and expose them to a specific list of events when passing the user from my other website (user session info captured- name, email,etc.) to the EventOn website. Is that possible? The EventOn page will appear in an i-frame on my originating site.

Hmm interesting, I mean if u can create user and predefine which event types they can see, dynamically you can create a shortcode for eventON that will show only those event type events on that page. But more of less, lot of this depends on the way you create user and how eventON is accessible to that user.


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Hi there!

My main plugin and add-ons do not seem to be getting any automatic updates (or even notified that there are updates), despite having fully paid and active license keys. This has been going on for a while, but I think it’s time that we get these updates applied. With the current version we have, it won’t even let us deactivate and delete the plugin, so clearly some error had occurred in a previous EventON update.

What version of EventON – Full cal and EventON – Sync Events should we be up to?

I assume we can just update through FTP to override the stalled version?

There was an error with eventON that didnt allow deleting while back but we have addressed this in version 2.6.9 also please refer to our news articles on certain updates and procedures on those updates

And BTW, this message board is mostly for pre-sale type questions. If you have any more issues in the future, kindly send us a ticket via and our admins would be more than happy to solve your issue!


1. Is it possible to sync the sign-up form (via the RSVP add-on) to a CRM like Active Campaign? If there is no integration, could I use Zapier to get access to the form submission data?

2. Is it possible to use a Gravity Form for the event sign-up? This would solve question 1 above as the form data could then be synced to Active Campaign via Gravity Forms Add-on or Zapier.


Have you already purchased our software or are these presale questions?


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is there any way to load the images in the background or have them image load for the lightbox popup window user interaction only when that item is clicked? I have a page showing many items/tiles all with the lightbox option – this makes the page heavy to load as all of the lightbox images are loaded as well… can those be loaded asynchronously or only when the item is clicked?

Hi there, please read on this doc so an option you can try is, have the events open in single event pages, so that way all the event content will not load on the initial load.

And BTW, this message board is mostly for pre-sale type questions. If you have any more issues in the future, kindly send us a ticket via and our admins would be more than happy to solve your issue!


rulley Purchased

Yes switching the ux_val=’4′ will address the lightbox images and not load them. But I do need the lightboxes to load on my site with ux_val=’3′. I will continue to look for a solution to this – if we can just get those images to load via ajax as each event is clicked that would greatly improve the functionality… Ok will do going forward.. thx..

Hello, I was looking on the comments and I think its possible but to be sure: Can the user purchase different event tickets and pay once? like a shopping cart? , and if so, does it use woocommerce cart? or has its own?. Thank you.

Hi, is it possible to pay ticket by “order” or “cash”? So the user will just registrer but not have to pay at once.