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Hi there! I just updated Visual Composer, and It seems I have a problem with EventOn, in Backend VC editor, when I click the editor of an element, it behave like move element and it just sticks with the mouse pointer. ( see images Image1Image 2) Any idea? I have tried the patch but didnt work Thanks for the help Regards

Hi there please go to our helpdesk and there is a patch file you can use to fix similar issue if that doesnt wokr please post a ticket in helpdesk thanks!

Hi! The patch file didnt help I have tried it already. I did post a ticket #23610 today. Thanks for checking!

ok thanks we will follow up in there

hi dear, how can i have left border lin in teil view?

well you can but that would take some time but please feel free to send us a ticket via and we can take a look and see what we can do :)

thanks dear :)

you are welcome


ligend Purchased

I have an issue with featured images of the individual event page. By admin, editor of the event, a box appears on the right “event image” but it does not appear that standard “featured image.” When I open the front-end side of the page, the theme, does not recognize the image as featured and generates me a header without image. I do not understand if the problem is eventOn or theme. However, I need some suggestions for resolving the issue. Thank you.

I am sorry little hard for me to understand what exactly you are talking here would you mind sending us a ticket via and please send screenshots thanks

If i have two types users with different rights. I would like show to VIP users events where they are registered (list) and only VIP users can create events. Is it possible?

yes, that’s what I am looking for. Thank you

ok great :)

Hi again, I bought eventON addon, but I can’t login AJDE help desk. Im using my theme purchase code, but still can’t login.

Are the events marked up or able to be marked with Structured Data for Google Search Rich Cards?

Events contain schema SEO that help with google SEO tracking.

Hi guys, any way to contact you directly? (It’s not a support request :P) I am trying to get in touch for some time…

Kind regards, Kuba

I get “Mail delivery failure” :(

I see your message sent via profile page i will reply to that thanks

Thanks man, please do :)


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Hello! First of all, I want to congratulate you, it’s a great product, works flawlessly and looks very nice.

One small problem we’re encountering. We’re using PageBuilder by Betheme to develop our home page. When we place eventon shortcode using the PageBuilder code elemen is not working :( Have you encountered this issue before? Can you give me some tips? How to resolve this problem? I can send you in private the link of a demo page Thank you!


buscofen89 Purchased

I fix the problem! Best plugin ever!

Great!! I am glad you were able to figure it out and thank you very much for your kind words about eventon! Would greatly appreciate if you could leave us a review when you get a chance :) cheers!

Hi – planning on buying plugins – wanted them via CodeCanyon but understand it’s just through your website. Can you tell me what the charge will be under on the credit card when I look at my statements? (IE..something like $29 – EventOnInc) I have to inform my accounts department. Thanks!

THe main plugin eventon is sold exclusively in codecanyon. Addons for eventon are sold in We are only accepting paypal payments for addons at the moment

Yes, I understand that. I mean, what have you set the charge name on Paypal? IE…. Ashanjay-paypal etc. It’s the thing that shows on someones bank statement when they pay via PayPal.

AshanJay Designs LLC

Hello, i’d like to have a demo for the back office, it is possible ?

sure thing

Hello – We purchased your theme several years ago now and are trying to update however I can no longer see the purchase within my downloads and there is no auto update available via my theme.

How can we request the updated version without this info? Is there a way for me to find the license key via our currently installed plugin?


You would need to contact envato about that. You would need a valid purchase key in order to download the latest version sorry

Hello Ashan Jay, first of all, thanks for building such a beautifully designed and functional plugin.

And now for my question:

1. Is it possible to link directly to an open eventcard in a lightbox (not a single event page)?

Thank you very much.

Hello ashanjay,

There is a bug which preventing “Sort/Filter” events option from appearing on calendar page.

If we select atleast one method under sorting option, then it appears on calendar page otherwise its hidden. See here:

In previous versions it was still showing without selecting any additional option from 3 listed.

Im having problem with event_type sorting. Im using following shortcode:

[add_eventon jumper=”yes” jumper_offset=”2” hide_past=”yes” exp_jumper=”yes” exp_so=”yes” accord=”no” fixed_year=”2016” event_type=”203, 204, 280, 282”]

So I assume that calendar sorting should show only events from Event Type Categories with ids 203, 204, 280 and 282 but this doesnt work. It shows in sorting dropdown all event categories. How could I fix it or e.g hide in dropdown event categories that are empty?