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Hi, I need the lists & items shortcode. Can you help me? Thanks, Francesco

which theme is this?

Woffice from themeforest.

Ok Woffice is one of the guys we have allowed to include eventON. so please contact them directly regarding this. They should be able to help.


MelMcGee Purchased

Scripts in addons are requested via http instead of https

Information is below (from chrome inspect)

Mixed Content: The page at ‘' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ‘'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

(index):1 Mixed Content: The page at ‘' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ‘'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

Please update to latest single events addon version 1.1.5 and you should be able to get this issue solved with that


on a site in development, jump walked month before the last update.

Now it no longer works.

And I also “TypeError. $ (...) Is not a function mousewheel <Anonymous> eventon_script.js: 230 n.Callbacks / i () jquery.js: 2 n.Callbacks / j.fireWith () jquery.js: 2 .ready () jquery.js: 2 K () jquery.js: 2

I do not manage to create an account on your website to get the support.

Thank you


thanks for pointing this our my friend please try this patch fix

I am seriously pissed I have to buy an extension for the event to be on a separate page!

Bud, I did not buy it off your demo site. My buying focus is on your codecanyon page, let’s be honest, you squeezing extra bucks for something you know people would want. It’s not a bad thing, but is that banner on the item’s page?

Thanks for your message. We had that banner in the main site and envato made us remove all graphics that mention anything about addons.

However we do have the below banner in eventON item details page.

All good, I purchased it anyways.

Hello , i bought addon “single events” im trying to translate it to another language. When im changing language for example to l2 its not changing just in sample page . Please help.

Hi there, my friend so when you go direct to individual event page using single events addon the URL need to pass …/?l=L2 at the end. If you create a calendar with the below shortcode it will always open events in single events page with correct language. If this does not solve your issue please feel free to drop us a ticket via

[add_eventon lang=’L2’ ux_val=’4’]


admin4con Purchased

Hallo, I updated WP and the switch months and change months (forward and backwards) function is no longer working.

on JS I found the following error message:

eventon_script.js?ver=2.4.5:230 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).mousewheel is not a function

// Jumper scrolling if($(‘body’).find(’.evo_jumper_months’).length>0){ $(’.evo_jumper_months’).mousewheel(function(e, delta) { //$(this).scrollLeft -= (delta * 40); OBJ = $(this);

Please help; we are about to launch a new product and a functioning calendar is ESSENTIAL!!

thank you

please submit a ticket via and we can continue this troubleshoot over there.


admin4con Purchased

problem solved after all. Thank you very much for your help!!!

Oh ok great to hear that! Have a great day!


nvanthof Purchased

RSVP Events : email body : event detail field has a bug: when updating this fields Event details and Confirmation email subheader, the value of the subheader is used for the Event Details. Not possible to change the Event Details field. In addition some typos : (in settings) Event Nmae (instead of Name) and Contact us for quesitons (instead of questions)

can you please send more details with screenshots and link to your site via and we are more than happy to take care this for you


nvanthof Purchased

Ok,done. Ticket 9637. I am unable to change the template at this moment, which could have been a work-around.

thanks we will follow up from there

Have just added on the weekly view pack to my purchase and the shortcake isn’t working properly as per the below link;

Any suggestions?

Also the grid layout seems to be pretty hit and miss as to whether it loads properly or reverts to the list format and I cant seem to figure that issue out either

please ignore – turns out my cache wasn’t properly flushing! Love the plugin!

Ah dat cache haha

Hello, I would like to check how the payment process work ( i have understand it is with paypal ) but want to see all the process when someone will book an event. There is not way to see that in your demo.

Hello ! I have creat an event with Ticket but when i purchase ticket and click on view cart, nothing happens :

Also, the eventon plug-in include paypal payment or do i need to purcahse ticket add-on to enable payment ? Also, i get the information of the client via paypal or does the user enter his name somewhere ( i’m still unable to see the paypal process payment )

Someone had deleted the cart page thats why it was not redirecting correct.

eventon include basic paypal. It is whoever that the money goes to has to use their email for paypal. in each event edit page you can enter this information under the third party settings.

Hello. I have few presale questions:

With the extended license, can my theme buyers use the plugin? As I see the plugin can be used only by activating it. Note that the plugin will be delivered with an WordPress theme, on ThemeForest.

If yes, how to do this?

Looking forward to your reply!

First of all, you will need our writte permission to include eventon in a theme as mentioned in (under for developers) which you can do so via PM from profile.

So please send us a PM and more information about your theme and we can take it from there.

Hello @ashanjay. I’ve send you a private message with required informations.

Looking forward to your reply!

Best regards!

Hi, I bought Eventon and registered on your support forum about a month ago. I just tried to log in again and it says there is no account with my email address. When I tried to re-register, it didn’t recognise my verification code which I used previously. Please could you look into this for me so I can access it and email me with a solution. I want to find the response to a query I posted a month ago but can’t find it. Many thanks, Fiona

Please kindly PM us via profile page along with your purchase code, and email address and we can look up your account and get you back on the

Hi. Is there a way to disable all google maps? Iv looked throug hte options and cant seem to figure anything out

If you go to myeventon settings > google maps API you can disable the maps .

Hey There, I currently have this code in my calendar: [add_eventon_list event_type=”10” cal_id=”eat” hide_past=”yes” show_upcoming=”1” number_of_months=”100” hide_empty_months=”yes”]. is there a way that i can show a message when none of the months have any events in them? something like: “Check back for future Events & Promotions”

Unfortunately no. perhaps you can add a message above the calendar saying if there are no events check back later.


word2media Purchased

Hello ashanjay,

I think, there is one more small bug with eventON v 2.4.5

if you expand the Jump Months menu and move to other months with arrows, Jump Months menu buttons does not change, same problem with the Current Month button.

Ah great catch my friend thanks for letting me know of this we will get this resolved in the next version update.

You’re welcome,

New bug;


line #101

div class=’ajde_evcal_calendar eventon_single_event eventon_event boxy’

I think, you should remove “boxy” class, or give more options for tiles option, because same interactions does not work with boxy class.

Is there a shortcode to show the events only of one category or one tag ? ( instead of showing all event of the month ) ?

I have found out

Hi Ashanjay,

Already have CSV and EventOn but i’m looking to RSVP AddOn.

Do you have a demo somewhere? Cause I don’t see it on demo.myevent..

What I need simply : CLick on event to slide or pop up Display a contact form with fields that show event data, like dates, titles .. Send to my mail, that’s it.

I don’t need all the other thing for number of people etc, so I’d like to know if I can desactivate everything and just have a simple form.

Thanks for the infos!


Ps: By any chance, is it possible to add email from guests directly to mailchimp list ?

please check take a look at the site and see if what you see meets your needs.

ANd not possible to add direct to mailchimp sorry

Hey Ashanjay,

Thanks for the answer and the access, I took a look and have the following questions:

- Does the form has to go fullscreen like that ? Or is it possible to integrate it to the EventCard or maybe a popup ?

- Is it possible to activate the RSVP and fill custom fields via CSV ?

- I could not manage to get the confirmation of registration mail, both as event creator and as guest. Could you send me one to see what it look like ?

Seems it could do the trick. But basically all I need is a form in the Event Card so it seems to be a bit too big for what I need.

Thanks again,


Hi, I have 2 short questions:

1. is there a way to remove the background color? just have a simple text without background or anything?

2. how can I remove the month titles?

Thank you in advance

What other add ons are available for this plugin?

you can find all the addon information at :)