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Hi, I like the plugin, good work. I think I’d like to purchase this, but have a question: is there functionality for a timetable or schedule within an event? I need to create an event schedule for 4-days conference, and I need to input an hourly schedule for each day, with organizer name and speaker(s). Can your plugin do that?

so we actually have a paid addon for eventon that does schedule and speaker profiles you can see the demo at

Hi guys, I’m a photographer and want to let clients book in for portrait shots where they pay per person attending. Can Eventon allow people to select specific times on different days? Can they indicate the number of people attending each time slot? And will the system add all this up so they are charged the correct amount? i.e. Person A wants to book a session between 9.30am-10am on 12th July for 3 people, and between 3pm-3.30pm on 26th July for 2 people. The cost is $50 per person, so they are asked to pay $250 (5 pax @ $50).

sorry unfortunately we dont have a a booking type feature for eventon at the moment we are however planning to add this in the future.

How can I put the fields to register an event, along with create a post? And a post will be created along with the event

i still have no idea what you are trying to do but with our actionUser addon you can submit events from frontend. And this suport custom fields for events.

ok, thanks!

you are welcome :)


Is there a way to switch the event calendar to show the whole year events in one column?

you can create a shortcode like a event list to show all the events for a year


Rather than have an event calendar. I just want to have tickets for sale on one page. How can I bypass the event listing and just have a single page with all the info and the cart instead?

In one of the videos it sounded like there was a forum but all I can find is this message board. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time so I apologize in advance


have you not checked out our official main website? which has other ways to get support from us over this board :)

But from what you are requesting it seems like you would need to do custom work to achieve this. You can send us a customization request via

I’m also running into the following problem. I have created my Variable Product attributes as “One Day Pass, VIP Pass, Kid Pass” and saved the variations.

When I then go to variations drop down menu it does not let me pick each ticket type individually. It just chooses has “Any Ticket Type” and ””One Day Pass, VIP Pass, Kid Pass”

Lastly, I keep getting an error message on the google map for the event. “Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” But the address is in correctly.

Hello, I have the same question as mikefederali above.

I’m making a website for a conference and they want to sell tickets.

1) Is is possible to display the total price as people are selecting the number of tickets?

2) Is is possible to have variable prices? Only 1 option It will be the same price for everyone but with a small discount if they buy more than on ticket.

1 person – 10 $ 2 persons – 15$ etc etc

3) Within the same event, I want to give free tickets to an expo, is this possible? People don’t have to buy the conference ticket to got to the expo, this is very important. Or is just easier to create 2 events? One for the conference and another for the Expo? I still need to display them on a onepage website

So you want to display total price in eventCard as people increase quantity?

Rest of it also seem like that need customized to meet your need and at the moment tickets addon can not do that. But we can certainly help with customization :)

Also did you purchase evneton from us or is this a presale question?

Hi there

I have an issue with the filter function. I am looking for a way to hide a category on a page but on another page I want it to show. How can I hide a specific category? In this case I want to hide category EXAMS Please check printscreen, thank you for your help!