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WPML Translation – does the plugin support WPML for translating events? or how would I do it if I would like to have the same events in 2 different languages? (english & spanish)


EventON works fine with WPML for some extent I have seen issues in the past with tickets addon and WPML. You can also use our built in language correspondent events to set up events based on different languages.

Is a receipt generated after purchasing this plugin?

I think so if not please contact codecanyon about that.


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Hi. I get this message: EventON Tickets is disabled! – Tickets need EventON version 2.6.15 or higher to work correctly, please update EventON. EventON plugin is not asking to be updated.. What should I do?

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I have a compatibility issue after the last update of wordpress and eventon: the scrolling bar flashes when you use the wordpress visual composer (classic tinymc editor). I mean, if I move the mouse on an icon of the tinymc (hyperlink, paragraph justification etc.) the bar jumps. Any experience about this? Thank you!

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Have a question before I buy the plugin to see if this will work for what I need. Creating a website for a racetrack. Want to use this possibly on the schedule page. The client needs multiple price categories and would be nice to see them on the the scheduled events front screen without needing to click the details button. Is this possible? Also they run different classes and on the demo it says “dress code” that would be easy to edit to say “class” correct? Thank you, if I can do these I would love to buy the plugin.

Yes so you can have the events calendar show on load as eventcards open evc_open

Absolutely you can change the text easily to whatever you want. :)


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Hi there – just wanted to check that this plugin is going to be updated for WordPress 5.0 ?

We are running our sites on wp 5.0 with no issues and we will release an update to eventon soon thanks for your excitement to try wp5 with eventon :)


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Fatal error 500 with every plugin touch… can not update, can not disconnect…

Thank you for your message however this message board is for pre sale questions. Kindly send us a ticket via

On “Tile Design”, how do i disable name of month, arrows and all text on featured images?

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Interested in purchasing this, however I may have a few questions first. Can you allow registered users to post events, or can this only be done by an account with specific permissions through the admin panel?

Also, say I wanted to separate the events into pages, by like City or county names, is this possible?

So if you are using the actionUser addon you can allow users with registered accounts to submit events and not allow for anyone that is not logged into your site.

At the moment the separation of events based on city, count can only be done using the event type filter system Here is how you can do that.

Presale questiones: Is it possible to sign up to an event, and make available a predefined number of seats? Is it possible insert e-mail or buying a limited number of tickets to subscribe to the event? Thanks

Hello there thank you for your message however that is not possible at the moment with eventON. Sorry bud.


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Quck one. I want to display only future events in the present month not the events that have passed. I cannot seem to find the right shortcode for that. Can you please be kind enough to provide to right shorcode ?

Hi the plugin page does not mention the ticketing feature. Are visitors able to buy tickets with this plugin and a registration form and if yes what are payment gateways that the registration form integrates with? Paypal/Stripe?

Does the registration form integrate with Mailchimp?

Please help me in choosing the right solution: Q1: We have Ultimate membership plugin and we want to sell tickets for our events. The price should vary based on users’ subscription plan. Does EventOn support such feature? Q2: If I purchase EventOn am I able to sell tickets using current Stripe gateway that is already being used in Membership plugin? What are the other costs? Thanks

Hi, I have a few pre-sales question? 1. Is it possible two or three ticket type, like standard ticket, group ticket( minimum 5 tickets), early bird ticket? Is Event Ticket addon enough for that? 2. How Advent Calendar works ? Is that send emails at pre-defined dates? Regards


I have one more question: When purchased addons, is it possible to download them unlimited for updates for one web site- lisenced? Because, they are purchased out of envato. Regards

Hi, I would like to know if there any way to have an event schedule list like this, is there any addon or can the plug in be integrated with any other to get this result ? Thanks