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we are offering different paid training programs both Public session/e-learning. will this plugin will help us to display public training events dates for coming 6 months. Will the visitor be able to pay online. if you think we might need some other relevant pluggin please let us know. further, will your team assist us to install, will the design will be the same as appeared on demo.

Sorry if that was confusing. So considering your situation you would need tickets addon for eventON and the main eventON plugin. Please let me know if you have any more questions

When user buy the training online will there be registration form where visitor will be filling some information required by us…. as i mentioned earlier, we are offering online trainings as well, for online trainings we dont need to mention the date/time, will these both plugin to address this bit as well. actually i had this question and on your confirmation, i will buy both.

At the checkout it is handled by woocommerce, So what this means is you can use other software that will intergrate with woocommerce to alter or modify checkout process. You can google search for these


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I am having issues with the GPS google for events its off. I’ve checked the lat long and its correct but it’s displaced incorrectly in eventOn. Also the plugin doesn’t work properly after I upgraded to the new Eventon via FTP so that i would not loose pre existing events. Please help. I purchased multiple add ons on your website. not sure if that would be one of the reasons for these issues.

Sorry to hear this, please submit a ticket for us via along with your wp-admin information and one of our admins will be happy to help you


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does the wp admin access need to me admin level yes?


Wondering if I can use it with formidable pro, a front end form editor. It’s similar to gravity forms and can map custom fields. I am using it to allow users to add info on my site and want to keep the look consistent. I’m sure you understand because your plugin looks meticulously designed. Well done!

We have not tested with this plugin, You are more than welcome to test on tester:pass


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Hi! Is it possible to add new event if I am not an administrator? I need to create an editor, but this person can not add new event and this is a problem for the management of the site. Thanks!

Yes you can however in order to do this you would need the actionUser addon


Is it posible to show the price without any purchase? For informational purposes. Is it posible to add a contact form with the possibility to sign in? Can I use contact form 7 for this purpose?

Thank you.

You can use custom fields to show price.

We had users that had issues with contact form 7 AJAX. as long as you place a link to contact form inside event details that should work fine.


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Hi there, we are working on the test site and would like to test all the features of your brilliant plugin. To do that we need to activate the licence. So the question is if we activate the licence on the test server, will this licence be still valid after we transfer everything to the live environment; or it is limited only to one installation under one domain?

Thank you

So what you can do is test on your test server once ready to move deactivate on test site and then activate back on live environment.


Does the “CSV EVENT IMPORTER” Add-on allow you to export from OTHER Calendar plugins and import into EventON? Does it work with “Events Manager” plugin?

If I buy your CSV addon, can I export all events from Events Manager and import them into EventON? The reason I’m asking is because I’m switching my clients calendar from Events Manager to EventON and she has thousands of events that I need to import.

This addon is only compatible with eventON sorry. However, if you are able to export events from another solution as CSV file you would have to customize column names to match that is required in CSV importer – once thats done you can import those into eventON. There is a sample.csv file that comes with the addon and you can use that as a guide to how the CSV file should be structured.

can you create a simple text link that when clicked opens a lightbox with the event details? is that possible? thanks

That is a good question, what you may be able to do is use single events addon and that allow you to drop a single event box. It would look like this and then you can use CSS to hide the stuff you dont want.

Hi, is it possible to have this plugin work with payment gateway CyberSource? Thanks

Hi there, so if you use our tickets addon you can sell tickets and that is powered by woocommerce. And WC handle the payment process completely. In order to use cybersource you would need another plugin like this one – and with that you should be good to go.

HI , i am having an issue with tabs , i get the following error

TypeError: caller is undefined vc-tabs.min.js:1:3575 i tried disabling all plugins but the error is not going away

doesnt look like you have purchased eventON from us. So please talk to your theme developer


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I have seen your new product, Event API Addon and It has emerged me a question.

To use Event API Addon in external, to see ‘Show Calendar on External Sites’, is necessary wordpress in these external webs or not?

I know that you have a JSON data format with all datas but in these case, we need develop a new design. The question is when we want show the calendar EventOn’s without wordpress.


Nope you dont need wordpress in external site.

I’m looking for a plugin that will accommodate 3 scenarios:

1. my client teaches multi-session classes through several organizations – those classes should be displayed on a calendar and contain a link to the organizations for registration and payment. The org controls the number of students. Easy, right?

2. my client will also be teaching some multi-session classes, not through an outside organization.
  • Students will need to register and pay through her own website, so they should be able to register for a 4 session class, once.
  • Number of students will have to be limited through the software.
  • We already use woocommerce to sell artwork.

Still easy?

3. This is the one that’s critical and may be harder: she also offers studio time for people who want to work on their own projects, only on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings.

  • Participants will need to be able to purchase ‘x’ number of sessions
  • and then register for sessions til their “punchcard” runs out
  • and be notified that they need to buy a new punchcard.
  • The number of sessions can range from 1-50 (not critical).
  • Once they’ve purchased a session, if they just don’t show up with inadequate warning, they get no refund; but if they do give 24 hours, then their session can be added back to their “punchcard”.
  • Punchcards run out after, say, a year (not critical>.
  • Additionally there is a max number of students per session.
As this is not a huge operation (yet) some of this can be managed by hand using reports generated by the software, but the reports would have to contain user-specific information to track use.

Will Eventon and any combination of add-ons accomplish all three of these tasks?

Ok hmm lot of stuff let me read this first…

1. you can use the tickets addon to do this. Accept payments and limit capacity for events

2. So I am guessing you can rename events as classes and set those up for registrations. And each class session can be made into separate event of use variable tickets and allow students to buy sessions.

3. with punch card limit that has to be customized. This is not something supported out of the box for eventON + tickets. May be you can find a solution for woocommerce. Because with tickets addon, it handles the adding to cart part of the process and after that checking out, paying and my account for orders is handled solely by WC.

Hope this helps you!

While the EventOn calendar looks and functions great, I am very disappointed in the formatting of the email confirmation. Center justified italics with no other formatting?? Come on. You have a beautifully formatted calendar, but the email confirmation just sucks. Yes, I understand it can be customized, but I expected a nicely formatted email right out of the box.

The RSVP addon

This RSVP email confirmation:

Oh eee yikes that does look really bad. Thanks for your concern over this I will make this look better in the upcoming updates to RSVP addon. Thanks my friend!

Can a visitor add a new event in my front page with this plugin?

yes they can however they would need the actionUser addon

You can send appointment by email? Even if you are copying and pasting?

I am not sure what you mean by appointments, but if you mean share events via emails, then yes. But you would need the single events addon for this.