EventOn Rest API

EventOn Rest API

EventOn Rest Api Overview

We created the “EventOn Rest Api” addon to allow users to consume and manage events created with the EventOn plugin from anywhere. In it’s most basic form, a rest api separates the content from its presentation, freeing developers and users to use their data as they would like. The rest api is provided in a simple to use and understand json format.

Example usage:

More responsive and faster interactions and content updates as the WordPress admin ui flow is by passed.

More control over how your events, locations/venues and organizer data are presented to your end users, as plugin php functions are not needed.

Display content in an external website or intranet not using php or WordPress, in this case WordPress would server more like a content management system.

Mobile application built for IOS or Android would be able to use your WordPress backend to manage events and present the data in the mobile apps in a way that fits the audience.

Integrate data with process automation platforms such as,, and, to create compelling and robust business automation scenarios.


  • EventOn Plugin
  • WordPress installation with Http_Authentication enabled on said server

Discover Our Powerful Features:

EventOn Rest API - 1

Various Repeating Event Options

Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, repeat by days of week or custom schedule can be set easily for events to repeat.

EventOn Rest API - 2

Events images

Get or Set featured images for events easily.

EventOn Rest API - 3

Excerpts or Full Description

Show an excerpt of the event or get the full description.

EventOn Rest API - 4

Location/Venue Latitude and Longitude

Get address and location data for venues for mapping in external systems.

EventOn Rest API - 5

Single and Multi day Events

Get data on events that last one or multiple days.

EventOn Rest API - 6

Event Categories Based on Custom Taxonomies

Filter by categories and show only specific events.

EventOn Rest API - 7

Custom Meta Fields

Surface the data from custom data fields.

EventOn Rest API - 8

Filter and Sort Events

Users can easily filter to find exactly content.

EventOn Rest API - 9

Event Organizer Contact information

Get the information for organizers of events.

EventOn Rest API - 10

Past and Future Events

Filter event data based on past or future date.

EventOn Rest API - 11

Show Data on External Sites and Apps

Display your data in your systems of choice.

EventOn Rest API - 12

One Event

Get any single event on an external system.

EventOn Rest API - 13

API Parameters

Pass various supported parameters to Rest API.

EventOn Rest API - 14

Filter API Calendar Events

Effortlessly filter events to show only certain events on an external site, using our event category filters.

EventOn Rest API - 15

Unlimited External Calendars

Create unlimited external calendars with different variations and supported parameters.

EventOn Rest API - 16

Get JSON Data

Get a JSON event data link to use with your mobile or 3rd party application to show event data.

EventOn Rest API - 17

Easy to Use and Customize

EventOn Rest API - 18

Effective 24/7 Support

Our skilled support team will expertly handle all your questions ensuring that everything works properly.

EventOn Rest API - 19


Find the details about our plugin’s functionality in our comprehensive write up.

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= 1.4 (2018-12-06) =

  • Removed default Events limit from filters

= 1.3 (2018-10-24) =

  • Added Rest Api URLs for Categories, Event location, Event organizer

= 1.2 (2018-10-04) =

  • Fixed featured image issue

= 1.1 (2018-09-08) =

= 1.0 (2018-07-19) =

  • Ability to GET, POST, PUT and DELETE data with external systems.
  • Ability to establish authorized connection with username and password
  • Add dynamic data to your parameters to make flexible request
  • View all or Single Events by using REST API in json format
  • Write Simple or Recurring Events to EventON
  • Delete Events from EventON