EventON - Report

EventON - Report

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This is an addon for the EventON calendar plugin.

It provides information related to ticket sales ( Ticket Addon ), RSVPs ( RSVP addon) and others like the number of past and upcoming events. It will show number of times the event were viewed by visitors and number of times individual event was clicked on calendar and viewed in single detailed page. Quick and easy way to know how your business is doing if you are using EventON and it’s addons. No need to open every event to find out how many people have RSVP’d. With Report addon, you can quickly view the stats and information with helpful charts and values generated programmatically. You can learn how your events are performing through presented organized data.

RSVP Report
See events in a list and learn how each one is doing in terms of RSVP. Switch between weekly, monthly, and yearly view and quickly learn the performance over time. Download RSVP data in CSV format. Have the report emailed automatically.

Tickets Report
See ticket sales by day, week, month, and year. With number counter, find out about sales easily. System automatically marks events that are doing well in terms of sales. Download the data for each event or by day, week, month, and year in CSV format.

Search Log
Find out what keywords/terms are being used by users to search in your site. ( This feature will be expanded in future updates )

Sales Insight

Organizer Submitted Events Report


Intuitive UI Visual Presentation: Charts, Graphs Auto email reports Switch report views by day, week, month, year.

Changelog = 1.0 =
  • Initial Version.
= 1.2 =
  • Added Tickets Report
  • Added RSVP Report