Reviews for Eventer - WordPress Event & Booking Manager Plugin

Reviews for Eventer - WordPress Event & Booking Manager Plugin

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for Documentation Quality

very poor documentation quality, for example, there is no example of import file so you practically can't use this important feature. support doesn't help and even the owner doesnt answer comments on invato.

for Code Quality

I dont know whats worse, the code or the support. I will move away from this plugin and replace it. Its a shame because the advertised functionality is really good, however after over a month the devs where not able to fix a basic functionality. My ticket did not get a new reply for 10 days now... no updates nothing. IDK why i payed extra for support.

for Customer Support

I had a project that was a bit different from the plugin functions and for a week I used the support and they were really fast and performing.
I recommend the plugin and the support

for Other

First of all plugin works, not good not too bad.

1. If you sell tickets trough WooCommerce Paypal gateway it works , without error. Mails sent, tickets sent. All perfect.

If you use Plugin as payment gateway then even if plugin receive IPN from Paypal it sets Booking on Pending. But it sends Payment Confirmation mail, but no tickets. When you update status to Completed it sends again confirmation mail and ticket mail. Sometimes booking is set to Complete but tickets are not sent. So each time when you set to completed it will spam customer again. Or you need to create tickets and send it trough Booking section ,for each client separately. Probablly bug.

2. If you sell with WooCommerce you cant use Eventer App to Check in guests with QR code.

3. Ticket mail is sometimes just half size, half is missing but it still shows QR code.

4. If client does not complete payment , on booking section it will show order but Pending, thats ok. But if client change it's mind and want to order tickets again it shows " You have already ordered tickets" . That means admin need to delete pending order.

5. Someone mentioned Mail Title. Yes there is section to edit email Templates. It works for payment verification mail.
But even if you change title trough translate plugin, it sends your mail template again with same template just original name "payment verification". That means client receives 2 same mails just different Title.

Ticket email Template :

Email with ticket attachement can't be changed, you can write in what ever you want it will always be same Hardcoded Title "Your Tickets" and same text inside email.
One way to change this is trough translate plugin.

If you use just Wordpress email then you bet some mails will not be sent . I use MailJet to troubleshoot which client gets tickets and which not.

It has great potential, just that. Support : sometimes after 24h you get answer, sometimes after 72h.

for Bugs

Does not work with woocommerce

Author response

Hi there

Please open a support ticket, if you are getting any problem with using Eventer with the Woocommerce plugin.


for Customer Support

The customer support on this plugin is the absolute worst! I've waited DAYS between responses on support tickets - up to 16 days in one instance - with still no resolution to my issue in sight.

I've yet to be able to get any emailed ticket, downloadable ticket or QR code functionality to work - which was what drew me to this plugin in the first place - and support has been useless in even diagnosing, let alone resolving my issue.

The plugin looks great on the frontend but there are clearly obvious issues with the functionality. My recommendation would be to look elsewhere if you need anything more than basic event viewing and registration.

for Customer Support

Customer Support is the absolute worst.
Then there's the fact that the product does not do what they sell it for.
Then there's the bugs... so many bugs...
And customer support does not support. No, they don't. It takes ages and ages for them to get back to you, and then they haven't even fixed the problem. They ask a question, you answer and you wait ages and ages for them to come back to you.
And bad comments and reviews do not faze them at all.

for Bugs

The concept of this plugin is good but it is let down by bug glitches and inconsistent customer service. Most recently, the plugin has caused the website to crash every time a booking is made but after 3 days Customer Service have still not reacted to the urgent request for help.

for Design Quality

I've used a lot of different calendar systems, and this one falls short on several facets. Most notable is that extra functions of other systems are lacking. Also it's taken a week or more to respond to most of my tickets - which were far more than normal due to sparse documentation. It's usable, but not flexibly or easily.

for Code Quality

This plugin seems to have started out well, but gone down hill around 2 years ago.

There is no error handling in the email sending, at all. None.

There is no logging. Anywhere.

Emails fail to send, with no notification and no way to audit them.

The email sending relies on WP-Cron - no state reporting flag is passed to the scheduler instruction, and these can fail, also silently.

Some functions will call additional functions directly, some rely on filters, and in many cases, these mixed standards happen on consecutive lines.

Variable naming is inconsistent, which makes it all the harder to debug when (not if, WHEN) you find problems.

Many of these issues are simply careless programming and I can only assume result from inadequate testing.

Functions which return a bool will run an if clause on a variable - if it is equal to 1, return true, if 0, return false. This shows a basic lack of understanding as to how PHP works, which for me rings alarm bells in a plugin responsible for organising bookings and taking payments.

Then there are the irritations - if you set a total count for all tickets in an event, you still get individual totals against each type.

The "Register" button on the purchase form shows "Register" until you select a ticket, then it shows "Proceed to PayPal" - why not hide it? It's not hard.

There are so many corners cut, and I do not trust it, at all.

I have lost weeks on this plugin, trying to diagnose lost tickets, lost emails and missing bookings.

If you intent to process payments for your events, DO NOT USE this plugin.

It is not reliable enough, and if you are not a programmer with a decent understanding of how booking and payment processing systems should work, you will struggle to make this work reliably.

Also, why do the support team need admin access to my site when I have sent reproduction steps with images and full instructions? It's absurd to even ask!

for Code Quality

Awesome plugin : no bugs, easy to use, nice design, just perfect. Thanks.

for Customer Support

I could not be happier with the support and Eventer plugin from Imithemes.

We requested some customisations to the plugin and they were done quickly and at a great price. Some minor bugs were fixed as soon as I raised them

Great service, thanks guys

for Customer Support

We are using this program to plan and schedule classes for our 1000 member woodworking guild. We needed help making our Google Calendar links go directly to Signupgenius where we maintain our signups. Support was quick to provide help and made it work.
At some point we may move signups completely to Eventer.


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