Discussion on Ephesus - Creative Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Ephesus - Creative Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

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Is there any chance that you can make the Contact Info fields accept markdown/HTML input? I’m not using the standard Address/Phone/Email layout and instead changed the Phone Icon to Discord and added a Discord link to the Phone Number field (also hiding the other two columns). It looks great on the flyout, but I’d prefer if the Discord link was a clickable URL.

I’m not available for customizations. Sorry!

I wasn’t asking for a personal customization; I was making a recommendation for the betterment of the product I just purchased. Seems odd to not include markdown/HTML support for those aforementioned fields in 2023.


Please add title in header zone


you did a great job with this plugin, but you can’t understand a simple thing. You added SEO > Site Title , Site Description but you forgot to output the variable site_title in template/index.php You put only the site_description

It’s included in codes. But, I’ll check if it works properly soon.

You must enable “Social Tools”. Otherwise, if you want to use a custom site title you can use it.


Great Work, GLWS :)



dwired Purchased

Sent a PM with the WP login info (set as admin)

I updated the plugin. You just need to remove & reinstall the plugin. Your data won’t be lost.

Hi, I’m sorry, I wrote you an email requesting assistance.

Please, PM me your site WP admin login info! And, make sure you’ve full admin role in WP.

Hi. I’m starting a new site and would like to ask if it works on wp 6.x

Do all your WP coming soon pages work the same way and just look different or are some more maintained and recent than others? I see this was made in 2020 and some others a few years earlier. Any difference? Cheers. Matt

It works with latest version of WP and updated on 2 March 2022 as you can see.

Hi, I am teeling you that I have this message after uploading :

Installing theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.


Because, it’s a WORDPRESS PLUGIN. Install it by Plugins / Add New!


Since new version, the clicks to Contact Info, Menu,... no longer open. Only on Firefox 94.0.2

Thank you

Because, I updated it to Bootstrap 5.x and changed some CSS-JS codes. You can clear the browser cache if you installed the latest version.

Yes, that’s right, Thanks

Ok. Thanks!

Hello, I have the Ephesus plugin mostly working on my website (

My main problem is that when users arrive and click on the navigation buttons on the right side first, then the pages never appear (no matter what is clicked afterwards, even the main button).

On the other hand, if you refresh and click the main button on the left before clicking anything else (“What is Releasing Purpose?”), then the pages appear like they should, and no matter what buttons you click afterwards, they always work correctly.

So, half of the people coming think the website doesn’t work.

Is there anything on my end I should change so that all the buttons always work, regardless of the order in which the user clicks them?

(This was experienced in Firefox; you are welcome to try it out.)

I use Firefox as my default browser. I couldn’t see an issue on your site.

Only thing, you should add line break to the sentence starting with “The world needs…”. Because, it goes on until the right side of the screen.

Also, main text with animation has 2 lines. It makes the site look bad on laptop scene.

Hello , Thank you for the quick answer, unfortunately, as a beginner, I probably incorrectly made changes to the file, because after deleting the indicated section, an error appeared as below: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’, expecting end of file in /home/itsmplus/domains/ on line 300”

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Greeting Thomas

Please, buy it for the latest version!

Hello, I am asking for help in the following problem: You cannot turn off social icons – the settings table says “Field social_link could not be displayed. Field type social was not found”. I would like to get rid of the tweeter, facebook and instagram icons from this site Thank you for your help


If you can’t remove social icons from plugin options, open Plugins / Plugin Editor. Select Ephesus plugin. Open template/index.php and go to line 287 or search for ”<!- Social ->”. Remove the layer below it.

I fixed admin panel social links issue. But, you must buy for the updated version.


i have yesterday paid for your plugin but i can’t install it, through cpanel and through wordpress plugin, you have two zip files, what should i do, sothat the plugin be installed on my website, there are no informations about how to install plugin

thank you

You need to unzip the main zip file and install

Hi friends !!!

I have a problem with the plugin, when you hit the subscribe button or the send message button, it doesn’t do any command, the button doesn’t do any execution … can you help me? What could it be?

Thanks. Greetings.

Attached image

Please, buy it for support!

I bought the plugin its working pretty fine except one thing i filled in my mailchimp requirments but nothing is happening when i submit ?

There was conflict error with jQuery 3.6. I fixed it. You can download the latest version.

i installed it but nothing changed for me tbh

You just clear the browser cache & purge CDN if you use. Because, I updated a JS file.


When I tried to install your plugin “Epheus”, I got this error message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Can you please show me why this CSS is missing from the plugin zip file?

You should install in the main zip file.

[25-Oct-2021 19:39:00 UTC] PHP Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in C:\...\wp-content\plugins\ephesus-wp\template\php\contact.php on line 27 Please Help, dont work send mail form. Thanks!

the form is now working! THANKS!

I fixed it by removing. Because, it was useless since PHP 5.x.


For information, the form does not work with PHP 8, because it contains this function:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_magic_quotes_gpc()

wp-content/plugins/ephesus-wp/template/php/contact.php:27 (and :34)

Function get_magic_quotes_gpc is removed from PHP 8


Thanks for notifying me about it! I use PHP 7.4 and I didn’t see that error. But, I updated & removed deprecated “get_magic_quotes_gpc” function which was useless since PHP 5.x.

Thank you very much for your work, the form is now working!

Ok. Thanks!


Since the last version, for Ephesus (and Arnica) in mobile version, the windows that open are no longer centered but shifted to the left, so they are unreadable. I’m back to the previous versions. This also happens when we go to see the demos on your site with a mobile.

Thank you,

Thanks for notifying me about that issue. I updated it to Bootstrap 4.x and some CSS style names changed.

I re-checked it for responsive design & fixed issues.

Thanks, it’s perfect now!

Ok. Thanks!

I uploaded the zip file via plugins and it failed…am I doing something wrong?

You should unzip the main zip file and install

hey, when I click on plugin mode button (Coming soon mode) in main option, it’s get blue and then i save it, but nothing works then I refresh my page and see that button is not working

I don’t provide extended support without buying.

the button is not working on my other device also

I can do nothing about it. Your WP installation gives the problem. Device switching doesn’t help!


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