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Hello. One question, can insert just one Video (YouTube, Vimeo) inside a post along with Text (explanation about the video.?


Yes, you can also insert just one video ( Youtube, Vimeo, self hosted…) ,



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we have a little problem with your plugin, when we use self hosted pre-roll ad with autoplay on, the ad starts and then in a second it starts again and continues normal till the end. When we turn the autoplay off or dont have the add at all it works like it should, the problem is there only with autoplay on.

Can you please suggest anything to help?



will check, i suggest to turn off autoplay, because it’s not supported on mobile and should work fine on play button click.


hi, Pretty good plugin. just wanted to know 2 things before i buy – 1) A self hosted video example – Can i put one normal and 1 Hd resolution video link for the same video so that when i user plays a video, he can decide to play normal or Hd version in the player ? Similar to what happens in youtube.com , although it uses streaming url.

2) in your ‘hide self hosted’ live demo, main video link is visible when checked with chrome developer console. does this function just disable right click functionality or actually disable link visibility?

pls let me know, thanks. b regards harkirat


1. when it comes to self hosting videos, you can have only one video quality of your mp4 video, per video. (You can use high quality or normal quality videos, basically you only need mp4 format). If you want to have multiple quality levels, you can do that by uploading video on youtube and use custom youtube player.

2. That functionality does two things, disables right click functionality and hides src attribute from video tag. (<video src=” ”></video>)


Presale question ,I would like to buy your plugin,but it’s really hard to roll forward option on mobile.Will you consider this or is it possible to customization?


how do you mean ‘roll forward’? Everything is possible to customize,


I mean fast forward,for instance it is hard to go to 3:45 on mobile


will be improved if possible, thanks for suggestion,


Hello friends

Are they working to include google cast (chromecast) in the player?

It would be important before buying, as we are all indications that google cast will continue to grow.

It is indispensable that you insert it in your player and more ahun being paid,



not at the moment, but surely will check this possiblity for the future, thanks!



Your player is amazing and I have really enjoyed using it.

I have one (hopefully small) problem. I have a single page with a large number of self hosted videos on it. Your player preloads just a little bit of each video (maybe 10 or 15 seconds). This can consume the entire bandwidth of a user and if they try to play another video, they struggle until all of the other videos have finished preloading.

Is there a way to disable the preloading feature completely so nothing is downloaded until a user clicks on play?



thanks, glad you like it. I’ll test this feature and let you know,


Thanks. I appreciate you checking into that. FYI…I checked through the php and css files for this plugin to see if I could find a quick fix, but either it’s not there or my php/css abilities aren’t up to this job.

Hello, is it possible to set-up unique banner ads for each video?


yes, that’s possible. Each video can have own ads.


Hello : Please answer my questions
I’ll buy multiple regular licences for my multisite wp for our company
1- Is it possible to add change quality buttons like youtube ? not SD & HD
2- Is it possible to customize Youtube Video Player Layout & Colors ?
3- Is It Possible to make the playlist horizontal bellow the player ?
4- Is It Possible to add my own logo instead of youtube one ?
5- Is It Possible to add Cover Image For Video Player ?
6- Is it possible to embed google folder videos as playlist like this plugin ? http://bit.ly/2iINxOp 7- Is it possible to embed about 2000 players allover my site on vps server with 2 GB Ram or it will take more resources …
8- Is there categories to categorize players in admin panel ?
9- Is it possible to add videos directly in post page using visual composer ?
10- Can it generate video thumbnail with neilo content plugin ?
11- I mean to add my own logo like channel logo not to replace youtube one
Finally ….
Is it possible to enable translate video button for youtube videos ?
Cheers :)


i already answered on jquery version,

1. Change quality option is available only on youtube videos (youtube custom player). Self hosted videos doesnt have quality switch, on self hosted videos quality depends on quality of your mp4 videos (if there was multiple quality levels on self hosted videos, there would be much impact on your server, so we decided to leave it as is).

2. Yes. Youtube custom player can be fully customized, regarding colors and layout.

3. Horizontal playlist is ready for update, so yes, it will available.

4. Yes, you can insert your own logo, that can redirect page on click (as option)

5. Yes, you can add cover image for the player.

6. Haven’t tried that :) but should be ok.

7. No categories in plugin admin, but it’s very easy to use, you can name your players so they are easy to find and recognize.

8. You can use google drive videos, just by using link to google drive videos. Playlist of google drive videos needs to be made manually.

9. Videos (players) can be put in posts/pages by shortcode Elite_video_player

10. Not familiar with neilo.



The best video player plugin ever…

I only have 1 problem with the plugin:

I tried post a 1 MB video hosted in google drive and elite video can play it. But when I posted a 36 MB video which also hosted in google drive, elite video was not playing (black screen).

Any suggestions?



thank you :)
Please check FAQ how to use google drive videos.