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We´ve bought this plugin for our wordpress website, and we want to expose our very big problems with it:

The support service is not serious. We have email a lot of times and when they don´t find the solution for their bugs, then they don´t answer you.

Caution with this plugin because it has some bugs that, in our case, have not been solved.

With Safari on Mac you cannot use the fullscreen mode because it adapts to your body wide so if you have one background image or your body is centered, then you loose the right and left side of the screen where you watch the video behind of this margins. We have written to the creators but they don´t give a solution to this big problem. Safari is a very used OS (Mac and iOS)

The fullscreen mode is not native with iPhone, iPad, Safari on mac, etc. This is one problem if you want to launch this videos with an AppleTV for example.

Another problem is that the images banner you insert in the videos are not responsive, so if you play the video in an iphone, the banner is bigger than the screen, it cover the screen, and you cannot close it because of the close button is outside the screen.

This plugin does´t have a simple counter of clicks for example, so this is one problem if you want to sell the advertisements. This is simple and necessary.

Another problem you have is that all the configuration you have to do inside the player. You have to configure one player and put al ads, and configuration inside. So if one customer, wants to update one advertisement, you have to enter in the video and change it. You don’t have one gallery or library where you can change ads or images. I think is very bad designed, because they can put one table where you can select a lot of videos and change the ads or parameters.

You can put one cue of ads for one player, but only one link for all of them, so you cannot mix different customers, because all have to share the same link.

The videos don´t adapt the resolution to your device like youtube videos, or with your bandwidth, so this is a very big problem, if you want to show HD videos and anybody wants to watch in one mobile device with 3G/4G. I think they have simple methods, one to do the reduction of the traffic or another the possibility to upload 2 or 3 different resolution and then you can select int the player the resolution you want like youtube.

Another button necessary one for launch to the AppleTV or ChromeTV device.

I think this plugin could be a very good plugin with this simple things, and would be a professional plugin that now is not. The creators have to improve a lot of things and bugs, because now doesn’t work, and they have to give better support.

Are you going to test the link we sent in this last post? We have to solve the problem with the fullscreen mode on Safari browser. http://www.golflick.com/super_web/madera-y-titanio/ Thank you

Yes, i’ll try to check again,



i just checked fullscreen in Safari on my MacBook and everything works fine here. I will send you video so you can check. Improvements coming in the next update, thank you.


Is it possible to display the video in a full screen mode, with an audio toggle button, so that the viewer can choose whether to listen to the music or not? I was hoping to do this with a youtube video.

Many thanks!


yes, you can display video in fullscreen (youtube). Audio toggle button can be added as small customisation work, just email me here after purchase https://codecanyon.net/user/_creativemedia_#contact,



Great looking plugin, I’ve got a couple of pre-purchase questions -

Is it possible to remove the player options on a mobile so we just have a video thumb and play button?

Also, if we were to upload a tall .mp4 how would your player respond to the video dimensions, would we get a black area to the left and right side or would the player be tall instead of the typical 16:9 perspective?

Thanks in advance


We’ve found this demo but the play button on mobiles (iphone 7) seems to be cutting off at the bottom of the video thumb.


yes, you can use player without control bar and with just play button and optional logo.

No matter which aspect ratio your video is, Elite player will automatically resize video to fith without black bars (margins).

Also, you have option to set any video ratio you need in player settings.

Hi Zac, I recorded a error with video player. I had person go to my site and they tried playing the video player and it would not play. He said he click on the video play and nothing would happen, we tested the player and it did the same thing with us. Here’s a link to prove it. https://www.kncb.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/20171009_143402.mp4


please email me the url of that website so i can check, thanks!


We like to do this another day, ok! I will contact Zac! Thanks

is it working on iphone or android phones?

Yes, works on any device.


hy , presale question, 1. i”ll buy this plugin for Google Drive, unlimited view /file or 100 view/file? because gdrive at TOS just 100view/file

2. at Google Drive Files not public file but just file sharing , can you give demo ? 3. if 3 menthod not work , can you give another menthod, like sample ” drive.google.com/hhhjjijffftjjknnjkloojbgfsdgij/sharing”

sorry my English bad thanks


should work with any google drive video, if any issues please send email,



seowebbs Purchased

Hi, I hosted some videos in a directory on my server. I would like to show them as playlist with your wordpress plugin. Is it possible to show automatically all the videos in a directory without create every single video manually from the plugin panel? Thank you


you’ll need to insert each video url to the mp4 input field in the plugin admin.



kemoton Purchased


I have a problem with showing adds on video which is on YouTube. How to set time properly? Textual and image adds don’t show up. Also, I can’t play video from Vimeo. Your documentation of this extension is really poor.


To use Vimeo select video player type Vimeo.

Or you can select Mixed videos sou you can combine youtube and vimeo.

Same as youtube, for vimeo to play you need Vimeo ID of the specific video.

To set time when to show popup ad use this format:

00:05 – to show popup on 5th second 00:15 – to hide popup on 15th second

To setup video ads:

Preroll ad will show before ‘main’ video and you dont need to set time for that.

Midroll ad will show up inside the ‘main’ video, for that use this format 00:15 to show it at 15th second of the main video.

Postroll will show when main video ends.

If you have more questions let me know,



i heard back from your client, please read documentation again carefully, every detail is explained, thank you.